The PlayStation Recap – Perfect Storm Edition

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It’s been a fairly quiet week, all things considered, despite the rush of EVO 2011 coverage, a lucrative new PSN PLAY annual promotion, and word that Sucker Punch Productions is officially joining the SCE World Wide Studios family. I’ve also been hearing considerable interest in PlayStation Home’s new Dead Island zombie survival quiz. Have you tried it?

Eagle-eyed readers may have also spotted the news that Resistance 3 has gone gold. To whet your appetite, be sure to watch Rey‘s new Resistance 3 dev diary that details passive and active abilities for multiplayer.

What are you playing this weekend?

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Most-Watched Video of the Week: RAGE: Uprising Trailer

The 10 Most-Viewed Posts of the Week

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  • Best news of the week for sure is tied between Resistance 3 going gold and Sucker Punch Productions FINALLY joining SCE WWS!

    I’m Playing: Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta, Prince of Persia 2008.

    I’m Watching: Inception, Source Code, and Crazy, Stupid, Love.

    I’m Reading: The Dresden Files Book 14: Ghost Story by Jim Butcher.

    I’m Listening to: Rise Against and Funeral For A Friend.

  • are you guys going to stream the gamescon event?

    anyways, i’m playing: grandia 3
    i’m watching: tears to tiara
    i’m reading: this blog, yahoo news

  • I’m playing: lost planet 2, resistance 2, fat princess
    I’m watching: all resistance 3 trailers and videos
    I’m reading: bleach soul resurection reviews

  • no news of resident evil 4 or the ps vita

  • I’m playing: Uncharted 2, Mass Effect 2, Super Street Fighter IV
    I’m watching: SF III:3S videos(EVO Moment #37 included!)
    I’m reading: Video Game news & reviews

  • this game looks good..

  • Playing: The Sly Collection, Mortal Kombat, Marvel v Capcom 3, MAG
    Watching: Any news on TM I can, and ATHF.
    I’m reading: Any news on TM, and The Lord of The Flies

    Can’t wait for gamecom, hopefully we’ll be seeing good TM footage.

  • I’m playing: Resistance 3 Beta, Brink, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 5th Anniversary Edition, Marvel vs Capcom 3, and Mortal Kombat.

    I’m watching: Upcoming game trailers, random Youtube videos, and older Harry Potter movies.

    I’m reading: Stuff on this blog.

    Is there any new news on the Playstation VIta?

  • call of duty better

  • I’m playing: Parasite eve (psone classic), 3rd birthday, And One epic game (mini). I’m watching My soul to take, Jumping the broom and Mortal kombat. Reading this blog. Hey sid any news on the ps vita? I was disappointed to learn the U.S. won’t get it this year. Man i want this thing now! I really hope you guys reconsider.

    • Nothing new to report, but I’m working on a couple of interviews that discuss upcoming games. Should be good reading!

  • do u guys have any news about the patapon 3 dlcs coming to the us store,tnx!

  • Come on Sid beat Arkham Asylum already! lol BTW, when does From Dust come out on PSN? I have been looking forward to it ever since it came out.

    • For Arkham, I’m trying to play slowly so I can drink in all the detail (and find all of the Riddler’s trophies!). I do the same with BioShock games, it often takes me weeks to get through them. Just a weird habit of mine. :)

  • Im playing: DA 2, MvC3 and MGO

    Im watching: That 70’s show

    Im reading: The newspaper

    any news on Castlevania Harmony of Despair? me and my friends are really looking foward to it, i just hope its released before i start school, cuz im gonna be really busy and i wanna played so bad lol

  • Hay Sid, first off I would like to thank you for responding to my earlier posts, and second does blog.share and the page to request does not support Google chrome, because I have been submitted ideas a bit after PSN got back up and none of them have been posted which is making me worried that my request to did not make it because I still do not have a code.

    • You should be good on both accounts, your Share idea may just require moderation on our end. I’ll look into it!

  • PSN PLAY capped off a really great week. Really excited for those games.

    Playing: Crysis 2, LIMBO, OMG -Z (best Mini ever), Secret of Monkey Island: Episode 5

    Watching: Qore, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

    Reading: PS Blog, NeoGAF, Twitter, NFL articles (so excited for this season!)

  • Answer this question PLEASE!!

    Bleach: Soul Ressurection Came out on tuesday of last week. I’m in Canada and Cant find a single copy of the game at any local bestbuys stores! why??

  • I just platinumed Assassin’s Creed II !!!
    What an incredible game that was. I never played these games before until last june and I’ve been really impressed by them (especially part 2). Just picked up Brotherhood and got the hidden Raiden outfit :D
    Can’t wait to see where this game is going to take me.
    On another note. I downloaded the Resistance 3 beta. Am I the only one who is having trouble matchmaking? I believe Insomniac/SONY took the servers down for repairs or something. Any word on when they’ll have it back up. It would be much appreciated! I haven’t played a single match :(

  • Question! Can someone tell me if street fighter is a good game i not sure if i should buy it. I have M vs C 2 and its awesome!

    • Street Fighter II is /way/ awesome, but it’s a different style than Marvel vs Capcom. It’s more focused on the fighting basics and less on the crazy partner assists, but I think you’ll really like it.

  • (street fighter 3 online)

    • Ah, Street Fighter III is a unique game because of the Parry move (tap forward or down to deflect attacks) and the lack of all recognizeable Street Fighter II characters except for Ryu and Chun-Li. It plays well, though.

  • Im playing:gran turismo 5, crash commando!!!!!!!

    Im listening:sum 41, walking disaster!!!!!

    Im reading: the answer sheet of my exam(for tomorrow). : -$

  • …and watching: limitless AWESOME movie!!!!!!!

  • Not a bad week for Playstation, but that Twisted Metal delay is kind of sad, although Sucker Punch joining Sony’s WWS is good news!

    I’m playing: Batman Arkham Asylum, Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, Spyro the Dragon [PSP]
    I’m watching: Tommy Boy :D
    I’m reading: The new Playstation Magazine

  • Playing: Oblivion, Fallout:NV +70 hours, Mafia II

    Watching: Torchwood, Doctor Who, Eureka,

    Not reading anything at the moment.

  • Sid best buy Canadá just posted the vita for pre order on it’s site with a release date of April 30. Any truth to that?

    • I honestly wouldn’t know. Some retailers set up their pre-orders with stand-in/phony dates, so you can never go by them.

  • is the PS vita release date delayed? because i heard it was delayed for the us and eu

  • PS Vita was delayed until Early 2012, Spring Time tax returns.

    And so was Twisted Metal :(

  • I’m Playing: Resistance 1 Fall of Man, Prince of Persia PSP, The legend of heroes trails in the sky PSP.

    I’m Watching: Infinite Stratos, Highschool of the Dead, and Escaflowne

    I’m Reading: Unbreakable Machine Doll(manga)

    I’m Listening to: The legend of heroes trails in the sky soundtrack!

  • hey guys is section 8 prejudice anygood i want to buy it!! playing killzone 3 155 hours into mp,infamous 2,uncharted 2,and resistance 3 beta
    2.watching any gaming news and movies
    3.dont read
    4.listening to The Devil Wears Prada

  • detective-E thanks for the notice. hope the date is changed back near the holiday season! hope for the best!!!!!!

  • Hi Everyone, I’m Playing: LBP2, Killzone3, R3 beta And Warhawk. I’m Watching: Ac Milan Vs. INter Milan ! I’m Reading : 10 stoudios Sony Should Buy ( IGN article )

  • I’m playing: Resistance 3 Multiplayer beta
    I’m watching: Any and all gaming news and videos
    I’m reading: Playstation Blog

  • •I’m playing: Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta, Call Of Duty Black Ops, GT5 Infamous 2
    •I’m watching: Netflix
    . I’m Reading: Gameinformenr playstation blog

  • Its nice to see that ID Software is still making great games. I started my multiplayer career on an ID product. Doom 2, modem to modem. That was back in the days before the internet. There are several questions that I have to ask. Is Sony aware of the economic times that we are living in? Given the pricing of some of the products I would have to say no! Also, when will we see PS2 classics for the PS3 added to the PSN? After all the PS3 has been out for years now. Now that the flagship title for the PS3, GT 5, has been out for nearly a year, will we ever see DLC for it?

  • i’m playing: assasins creed brotherhood,MW2, MvC3 and bulletstorm
    I’m watching: Bioshock infinite and Battlefield 3 videos
    I’m Reading: the paper

  • Drop post come to papa @Rey it better be good one Oh and I noticed In PlayStation Magazine there Editorial Error.. They wrote that WKC II should come August 5th, 2011 but it coming no letter then September 20th, 2011 So PSM watch out…

  • btw is Sniper a food game?

  • hey sid have you had any hands(actually ears in) on w/ sony’s upcoming head set? i know its off topic but w/ al the new games being released im just curious to if it holds its on w/ the current ones which are on the market. and any idea if and when R 3 beta will be released for ps3/psn+ w/o socom key?
    ive been playing some section 8 predj w/ the dlc packs which wasnt a bad deal for the buck and it is a decent game also play some edf insect which is fun. also i really didnt need borderlands but had space on my hard drive and the price for all that content was a great pick up at the psn store and hope to download more in the future(heist). anyways deus ex is in the crosshairs, what do you think about that game?

  • @ 29 i am sorry , some how i scrolled down and missed your post, well have you played section 8? if so the game play is pretty much on par which is a good thing and as far as gameplay well if you have never played then i will say this, for 15 bucks you wont find a game( right now) which will give you as many possible hours of gaming. has a decent campaign but its the can be addictive kind of multiplayer which in my opinion is very fun and its core. if you can live with the fact that the graphics will not win you over and some of the campaigns dialogue is quirky in exchange for FUN and gameplay then you cant go wrong.. you will see once you drop spawn on some ones head,lol

  • Sid, Catherine’s trophies still don’t appear here:

    Can you guys please fix this? Thanks!

  • Man I hope PS Vita willl be released this year worldwide. I really want one… or two ;)
    And hopefully FIFA 12 will make its way to this sexy console.

  • As a new PS3 owner, I’m playing the best game of this generation, MGS4.

  • haha ty 4 answer sid, we’re all holding a $20 psn card for that game ^_^ and @41 i agree. its all about MGS4/MGO, looking foward to the MGS HD collection and Uncharted 3

  • Playing (mostly): Deathspank, Dead Space, Magic ’12, and My Aquarium (though, you don’t really ‘play’ that).

    Watching: The country self-destruct, other than that, watched Limitless and misc. things on Netflix.

    Reading: As usual, whichever magazine is in my “office”. :D

  • Any news on black ops rezurrection map pack? It would be great to know. Looking forward to getting 5 zombie maps for free! Looking forward to “moon”

  • im playing call of duty black ops , infamous2, GT5, AC Brotheer hood

  • lol spike from cowboy bebop’s voice actor is in it. This honestly doesn’t look very interesting.. fallout trying to be more like borderlands and mass effect is what it looks like.

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