Four New DLC Packs for Worms 2: Armageddon This Month

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Four New DLC Packs for Worms 2: Armageddon This Month


We have some exciting news for all you PlayStation 3 Worms fans out there – over the next month we have got some action-packed DLC packs for Worms 2: Armageddon set for release. The first DLC pack we released last year was the destructive “Battle Pack”, which had a nice mix of worm-y goodness, and was very well received by our passionate fans.

We also know that different Worms 2: Armageddon players find different features of the game appealing, and people do have their favorites. For example, some players like to spend time wracking their brains over the fiendishly-designed puzzles; others really enjoy demonstrating their ‘leet’ (their word!) heavy weapons skills in fort games, while others still prefer racing each other, or against the clock, using the ninja ropes and jet-packs. We are also aware of the fondness that many fans have for the older titles that got people addicted to the wacky world of Worms in the first place. We are proud that our fans like the breadth of content that the game offers, and we hope that with these four new DLC packs we have something that will appeal to players of all tastes.


It is my pleasure to give you a rundown on the new DLC packs. The new DLC packs are as follows: The “Puzzle Pack”, The “Forts Pack”, The “Time Attack Pack” and The “Retro Pack”. As I said earlier, each of the DLC packs draw inspiration from the most popular elements of the game, adding new single-player puzzle missions, forts and fort-based missions, time-based racing missions, and reworked retro missions with really cool retro-modern visuals (check out the screenshot) respectively. Each pack also has a new landscape theme, 12 new Trophies in each pack (!), and even more customization elements into the mix, with themed hats, speech-banks and gravestones making up the content!

  • The Worms 2: Armageddon “Puzzle Pack” and “Forts Pack” are both set to be released digitally in the SCEA regions from PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3 on Tuesday, August 9th and the price will be $4.99 for each pack.
  • The Worms 2: Armageddon “Time Attack Pack” and “Retro Pack” are both set to be released digitally in the SCEA regions from PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3 on Tuesday, August 23rd and the price will be $4.99 for each pack.
  • PlayStation Plus subscribers should keep an eye out for exclusive discounts too!


That’s it for now, folks – hope you enjoy the new DLC packs, ‘armageddon’ out of here…… (Sorry, we can’t resist terrible puns here at Team17!)

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  • Please, please, PLEASE for the love all things gaming bring the 3D worms games to PS3 with move support! Those games were amazing!

  • Worms Ultimate Mayhem will be coming to the PS3 later this year.

  • never got any support for Worms 1 so never got Worms 2…shame i love those guys just not going to keep buying stuff that gets dumped on soon after.

    • Sorry to read about your experience with Worms 1. We are very serious about continuing support on our titles, it’s something that since we moved to self publishing we really want to do more of.

  • Fantastic. I was thinking we wouldn’t see anything else for this game. I wish there could be a way to discourage online players from leaving when they are losing. People dropping out all the time is why I gave up on multiplayer. I don’t get it. I’ve let plenty of people beat me. If they got me, they got me. But almost every time I start winning the other player will disconnect. I hope the next game has a solution for this. Let the stats show that the one that didn’t quit won the game or something.

    • Rage quitting is a real issue, but we don’t want to punish people whose net connection has dropped or some other genuine reason for not finishing a game. There is already a punishment awarded to those who drop out of games, but if anyone has suggestions for how we can manage this fairly without opening up more cheating then we would genuinely love to hear your suggestions.

  • Or list at the beginning of the match how many times each person has disconnected so that I can leave the game and not waste my time.

  • Maybe even let AI take over for the disconnected party so the winner can still earn his win.

  • NeoHumty thats perfect, MK does that too aswell.

  • Comment #5 meant in the lobby, obviously. Sorry. Wouldn’t help if it was just making me drop out of games. lol.

  • Worms is the funnest little game in the world. I love it. I can play it for hours with my friends. I been playing worms since worms. All my worms still have the same name they always have had.

    • Now that’s dedication, funny isn’t it how you can get attached to something like that and take it personally when someone goes for your fave worm. :)

  • I would just add that I have always like Team17, its more of principle than anything. Why would I purchase a sequel to something when I had already purchased the predecessor only to be let down. I remember getting Worms 2 (the original worms 2 on PC back in the day) and fell in love with worms. I may pick it up i just am very wary i suppose.

    but keep it up. let future generations experience the awesomeness of worms. :)

  • I would be tempted to get this game if I hadn’t already purchased Worms Reloaded for Steam. To be perfectly honest, the game was an utter disappointment, especially given the fact that when it launched it was riddled with so many bugs and problems that it was literally unplayabe for quite some time. I was expecting a proper sequel to W:A and WWP, but instead I ended up getting a console worms game that was on the PC. Worms is best enjoyed on a PC. The ninja roping is crap in Worms Reloaded, and since Worms 2: Armageddon is essentially the same thing, I guess I could expect that. However, it would be fun to play on my PS3 since I’d know to expect that ninja roping wouldn’t be a huge part of the game, like it is in Worms Armageddon. I’ve been playing W:A on the PC since the day it came out and I am still an active player. I’m not interested in the DLC packs at all, but I WOULD like to have the main game itself so I could school some noobs. I just don’t feel like paying for the same game twice.

    • Sorry you didn’t like WR but a lot of the changes were made to make the game more accesible for new players and we know the Ninja Rope is something especially WA players are very precious about, but to be honest Worms is about more than the Ninja Rope, it can ruin the game for some players and forgets just what Worms is all about. There is no fun in playing a normal game of Worms and someone being able to get anywhere on the map because of their amazing Ninja Rope skills. Having said that, in racing and rope specific game styles maybe we should look at having different values applied to the Ninja Rope in those settings. With WR and W2A we have long term plans and will continue supporting and improving them.

  • If people quit a game without surrendering, their disconnects should be logged and shown in their player info, and they should also be unable to join a game for 15-30 minutes. That should keep people from getting salty and disconnecting the moment they are losing. Worms isn’t a game that one should expect to master overnight, and losing only makes you a better player because you can learn from your mistakes.

  • I also want to add that I thank T17 sincerely for keeping the Worms Armageddon servers up and running after so long. There’s a lot of people that are active players, and if the game ever went offline, I really don’t know what I’d do with myself. I’d sooner trade W:A for my PS3 and all my games. It has far more replay value than any console game.

  • I used to love Worms on the Amiga, and I would really love for a great Worms experience on PlayStation, but something about Worms doesn’t translate too well onto the dualshock controller for me.

    My dream Worms game would be…

    *Cross platform*
    It should work on Vita and on PS3. I should be able to play on my home PS3, and then take the game with me… or have Vita players playing against PS3 players online. I also think that Worms’ turn based play would translate very well onto cross-platform play.
    Hell… if this game had cross-play and worked on all PlayStation Certified devices (Xperia Play, Sony S1/S2 tablets) then Worms could re-build its community and become a major franchise on PS-Certified devices.

  • *New input methods*
    Again, I enjoyed Worms on the Amiga more than PS3, and I found the Amiga controls much faster and less awkward than dualshock.
    I’d really like to play Worms with PlayStation Move, or the PS Vita touch screen. Touch screen controls in particular would be intuitive and interesting. You could even add some new weapons that are fired “Angry Birds” style with the touch screen.

    *More Customisations*
    Just a few more ways to dress up our worms before taking them online… like LittleBigPlanet and Uncharted 3

  • By the way, I love the idea of the AI taking over.

    Really, the game should say “Player has left game, would you like to continue playing against the AI, or leave the match as a draw”

    Even though my comments above might look like they are complaining, I still think that Worms is an amazing game. I like Worms 3D too, but for very different reasons… I wouldn’t want 3D to replace 2D, but rather co-exist alongside it.

    Still, with consoles and portable devices being so popular, I think Worms needs some slight changes to make it popular. At its core, it’s an amazing game that could be hugely popular again with the number of PlayStation Certified devices coming out in the near future.

    • Thank you for taking the time to write your feelings down, we really appreciate feedback and while I can’t promise that we will be doing anything that you mentioned, I can promise that they will be read and discussed.

  • So what about the people who Paid for and downloaded the Puzzle Pack when it was available for one day the other week. Are we s.o.l. with any discounts on the puzzle pack?

    • I honestly don’t know about that. It was a mistake that the Puzzle Pack was available at the wrong time.

  • I’ve been a big Worms fan since the ’90s – On the original Playstation (!!!) … spending countless hours battling my cousin for bragging rights. I was turned off by the 3-D makeover years ago, but glad that Team 17 has brought the game back to its rightful glory (in 2-D). I already have the Battle and Puzzle Packs – Looking forward to the other DLCs. Keep it coming!

  • Haven’t played much of Worms 2 though do own the bundle. Like it thus far but I think some of the original trophies are a bit wacko and would love an update on them, esp less concerning multiplayer given the difficulties associated with that. I prefer to play with this game locally than online.

  • has the game been patched on the jetpack glitch? (if you quit a replay while a worm is using a jetpack the sound will loop forever until the end of the match) we need to see your support for the game and not just trying to get more money out of us please

    • I thought that issue was fixed, if it still happens we will look into it when we do another update. We are very serious about continuing to support our titles and W2A is no exception to that.

  • First, great to hear you’ve taken publishing into your own hands. So many indie developers want to do patches, but get their hands tied by lopsided relationships with external publishers.

    Second, it’s great to see this title supported! New DLC is great, and I also agree with other commenters that Move support would be a huge win since the dualshock-mouse emulation was never great. (Same goes for Lemmings, SOE!)

    I like the idea of AI taking over when a person drops out, especially if they can drop back in and take over from the AI as well. It would also be cool to see more “puzzle” levels DLC, like Critter Crunch and BioShock 1 had.

  • I nth NeoHumpty’s comment (# 6) on AI taking over! That would be great.

    I purchased Worms 1 on PSN when it came and was disappointed by the technical (esp. network) issues, but I still got Worms 2 on release day. It worked somewhat better, but I was disappointed yet again by some network issues/players disconnecting, and after following the facebook thread on PSN for a while and not really seeing much in the way of patches/etc, I pretty much abandoned the game to ‘once in a blue moon’ affairs.

    Look forward to more post-release support now that you’re self publishing — and can you please get a real forum — the facebook thing is really kludgy.

  • I’ve really enjoyed the Worms series and look forward to picking up these addons. If you could fix it so it doesn’t lockup my PS3 after every 3-4 local games and fix the audio repeating bug that happens sometimes when you stop a replay I’d be super happy.

  • Can we custom soundtracks please? The game has no music, let us listen to our own. It would be perfect for this game.

    • I’m not sure as to the technical ramifications in doing this, but I will certainly raise this as a wish list item for the next update.

  • I was not expecting this at all. I was thinking the game was abandoned once I heard about the 3D one coming to PSN. I was hoping for packs like this from the beginning. Thank you very much for granting my wish! I totally agree that you guys should patch in custom soundtracks though. That would be absolutely awesome. Hopefully these will have tons of customization bits. I love those. Hopefully you guys do a weapon pack including the weapon creation feature from Battle Islands. Would love to be able to have some of those features. I imagine you will be doing a Vita Worms which will be awesome. Hopefully that gets cross console multiplayer!

    • It’s true, we are a little bit late with the extra content, but this hopefully shows that we have a long term support plan for our titles.

  • i like worms but its getting old

  • If the player drops, let the AI take over, as mentioned before, but let the remaining player score an automatic win and the dropper is left at a draw or no record.

    Also, awesome for ultimate mayhem! Move support would be a natural fit for that game! I’ll be anticipating that!

  • AI takeover must be done… please Team17

    The player who drops out should get an automatic lose. The player who stays in and plays against the AI should either get an automatic draw, and the chance to fight AI to get a win, OR get an automatic win, and have the chance to fight AI for some kind of bonus points.

    In other words, don’t punish people who are the victims of rage quitters, but also give them an incentive to play on.

    • I will be asking about this as it seems to be a popular idea, I expect the coders will be able to tell us if this is possible or not. :)

  • Have Team17 ever thought of adapting Worms with basic “Play Create Share” functionality a la LittleBigPlanet or ModNation Racers?

    You could provide more in-depth tools to create levels and characters, perhaps with Move or Touch controls for creation and editing, and allow them to be shared online like LBP

    • User generated content is something we talk about a lot and we are looking at ways we can encorage more players to do it and how they can share what they have done. For example on Worms Reloaded on the PC players can make their own soundbanks, schemes and levels but we need to look into how sharing these can be made easier.

  • Thanks for taking the time to reply, Mark

    Sharing custom soundbanks could be a little dangerous though, don’t you think ;)

    By the way, I also think that custom soundtracks are a must. It is a basic feature on many PS3 games.

    I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate being able to play their own saved music in the background.

  • Thanks for all your replies Mark, there are many developers that post here and just ignore everything. Have a nice day :)

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