‘The Tester’ Casting Call for Season 3 is Now Open!

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‘The Tester’ Casting Call for Season 3 is Now Open!

We’re very excited to announce that PlayStation Network’s exclusive hit reality series “The Tester” will return for a third season and the online casting call begins today! This is your chance to get on the show!


We are holding an online casting call and competition inviting gamers from across the country to submit a profile for a chance to become a member of the 12-person cast of “The Tester 3.” While the producers will be looking at every profile, remember that one lucky gamer is voted onto the cast by you! And, last year, you guys voted Mickey Paradis (aka “8bitmickey”) onto the show.

We’re not only looking for competitive, seasoned gamers, but we also want to see your personality and passion. Here’s a look at some past video submissions from folks you might recognize.

“The Tester – Season 3” promises to be bigger and bolder than last season. For starters, the winner of the third season gets a production job at our world-famous Santa Monica Studios, home of the God of War franchise, working on an undisclosed PlayStation 3 exclusive title.

We’ll be providing more information in the coming months about Season 3, but for now go to our casting site and create a profile that includes a photo and video about yourself.

The deadline for “The Tester 3” cast submissions is September 16, but don’t wait to enter; community voting starts on Wednesday, August 24. You won’t want to miss the chance to start acquiring votes!

Season 2 of “The Tester,” produced by 51 Minds Entertainment, premiered exclusively on the PlayStation Network on November 2, 2010. To catch up on the intense competition of the first two seasons of “The Tester,” visit the PlayStation Store for free downloads of all episodes in both high-definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) formats, or visit www.thetester.com.

So, create a profile, upload a video, and get your friends involved. We’ll all be watching!

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  • Meh. No subtitle… Why would I want to waste my time by watching that show…? Also, words of mouths that this show is… crappy… Perhaps is that true…?

    • Well, millions of folks watched last season. You should check it our for yourself. Episodes are still available on the PlayStation Store and on thetester.com

  • Season 1 was much better than 2.

  • hey i got my plus back at my avatar:)

  • I loved Season 1 and 2, and would love to enter but unfortunately you guys don’t like Canadians :(

    • You don’t need US citizenship to take part. You need to be a legal resident of the United States…and be 21 years old as of September 1, 2011

  • i watched the last 2 seasons faithfully, and i seriously considered submitting to see if i could of made it..now that i know season 3 is in effect…i think..i..wanna…try…this : ) with some of the early contestants that left early, their lack of video game knowledge…killed me, lol. i was looking at all the puzzles, like i can do this!

  • sweet :)

  • “The Tester – Season 3” promises to be bigger and bolder than last season. For starters, the winner of the third season gets a production job at our world-famous Santa Monica Studios, home of the God of War franchise, working on an undisclosed PlayStation 3 exclusive title.”

    Another god of war game perhaps? =)

    Where can I pre-order? =)

  • I still have to get through season 2. Still excited though.

  • Very nice, looking forward to watch it

  • Let me guess, it’s not open to Canadian Residents.

  • I guess I’ll try my hat again in this season. Got over looked in the last season. Hopefully I can show my stuff and get on this go around.

    PSN: TheRealHades
    Tester App: TheRealHades

  • I’ll bet it will be even more staged than Season 2.

    Just kidding. That’s impossible.

    Or is it?

  • And so it begins!! Can’t wait to make a video!

  • sweet! love this show!

  • eeehhhh….

  • There should be a way that we could make a video on our PlayStation Eye cameras and submit them directly via our PS3s. Oh well, pipe dreams, I suppose. There’s always next year, right?

  • Let me get this straight… Sony is going to hire someone into a production role, who possibly has no business experience, just because they won a contest? Why not hire someone who is qualified for the job rather than someone who just games… I sure hope this “production” role is just making copies and getting coffee. What a joke…

    • Have you seen the previous seasons? The show tests these gamers on skills necessary to work in the industry, in a fun and entertaining way for the rest of us. And, we’re looking to really ramp up the challenges and competition this year because Santa Monica Studio is, as many of you know, one of the best studios in the world.

  • @16

    I totally agree.

  • i would like 2 audition n become the first 13 year old on da show but u guys dont accept teens!!!

  • Worth a shot :) Why not?

  • I Would Love to work for Sony That would be a great job!

  • Aw, I really thought this would be my year to become the next Playstation Game Tester. Just a few months too young. Well, I love the show and I’m sure I’ll have my opportunity next year

  • Can’t wait for season 3! The undisclosed title will probably be revealed on the final episode…

  • Season 1 and 2 were awesome but I like season 1 better. Can’t wait for season 3! Also, do I have that plus symbol too?

  • Durr, these people… they didn’t even watch the first two seasons and they show up here bashing the whole process. Canadians are NOT allowed, as usual. It’s funny to hear a reply that we could just move to the states for the duration of this contest. Unless being a US Citizen requires a student/work VISA, which I think it does.

    Also, can Canadians even vote? Yep, thousands voted for 8bit last year. If a Canadian can get into the finalists, he’ll pretty much win with combined voting power.

  • I was just thinking to myself, “I wonder when season 3 of The Tester begins?”
    Yes, I’ll shamefully admit that I watched every single episode of the last 2 seasons. It really grew on me. I will definitely be downloading these shows soons as soon as theyre available. keep up the good work.
    I especially liked the bit about santa monica studios working on an unannounced PS3 exclusive. Yay :D

  • Wow, what an opportunity this would be! I need to get a hol dof a webcam or something fast so I can get a video uploaded. I have been a hardcore gamer since age 4 and a very loyal Playstation fan! I can’t wait to show everyone what I can offer and bring to the table! ;)

  • no need to sighn up, i already work for sony.

  • @Kevin Furuichi
    I have seen the first 2 seasons, and I somewhat enjoyed them and think it is a fun way to get people into a testing role. But now to be giving out production level roles to unproven (in the industry) people because they can run some obstacle courses and identify games based off their box art is a joke. As a programmer in the games industry, this seems like a high risk gamble to me, and the winner most likely wont have their job for long.

  • I would so love to be on this show watched all the episodes and they were def great only suggestion i could give is the episodes or season was longer =p

  • why do you have to be 21 or older to enter its not like the contestants will be consuming booze or in gent. clubs so why is the age so high plus why is it high to be a voter

  • I’d love to audition, but I already know that I’m not qualified :P

    But curious: Will there be some download & win giveaways as well as PS Home freebies like previous season?
    And what exactly do you mean by a “production job”? Are they going to land a much higher role than just a tester, or will they just simply be testing/working on the new unannounced title?

    Can’t wait for the new season!

  • Kevin, you failed (Truly) MISERABLY by not reading me correctly or to counter my answer (in my question) – NO SUBTITLE! Why would I want to watch that forsaken show if you plan not to have it embedded with subtitle with option to enable or disable it? That is the whole point and the whole reason for not watching that show… Now, do you get my drift….? Next time, READ AND PLAN TO COUNTER WITH YOUR ANSWER, NOT TO DODGE IT! :-D

    • Sorry. That didn’t seem like a question. Your comment seemed to state that you would not watch this show because it does not have closed caption or subtitles AND you heard negative opinions about the show that would also keep you from watching. Our current mp4 video format is not enabled for subtitles at this time.

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Make the show more like Season 1 and a LOT less like Season 2…..if i wanted to watch people fight while living in a small bedroom i would watch Big Brother or some other crappy reality show, but i dont want that. I want more games and contests not drama. Some is fine but Season 2 was ridiculous.

  • @ ChaseHammerJ I totally agree with you. Somebody at Sony must have paid BIG Fizzy(Or whatever his name was) to be an @$$.

  • Wow you have to be 21? That’s BS should be 18.

  • Awesome! I love the show and enjoy watching it (I rarely watch movies/TV shows because I think playing games uses your brain while watching TV I feel inactive and only do it when I’m tired). The last seasons were great and I use my ps3 for 100% of my entertainment (yes I don’t get any TV stations). The more FREE shows/movies on the video store the better! Also I do agree with the others that season 1 was better.

  • Have people actually play games please.

  • Wow I’ve been waiting for this announcement for soooo long! The Tester seasons 1 & 2 were AMAZING!!! Unfortunately I’m not eligible right now due to age, but I will be on this show some day, “Believe It!!!” Hoping to see a great cast of people like on the previous seasons. I’d also like to see more hardcore gamers like Cyrus.(kinda reminds me of myself xD.) Well anyway playstation, keep up the good work. Love the additions to the store and all the events in ps home like the EVO coverage. Loyal to the core, the #1 playstation fan cloud_jonin_1.

  • Great news! Can’t wait :D

  • @36 Exactly, I was THIS CLOSE to wanting to apply, but then I saw the 21 or older requirement… 18 is technically the legal age of majority, and the age gate was WAY LOWER in season 1(i.e. Luge, 17?)

    MAJOR SMH -_-

  • But still looking forward to watching the show

  • Oh woops, my bad, i was wrong, good luck to everyone

  • I honestly “laugh” at these so, called contestants. All this show really is a bastard hybrid between – “Jerry Springer” – and that of shows such as – “Flavor of Love” & “Rock of Love”. That is the “truth”, and the sad part is that Sony does this willingly. Personally I feel it’s a total bastardization to the whole industry and career itself. Humilation at it’s finest and I thought the show – “Ultimate Gamer” – was horrible enough to the industry, but I suppose Sony just had to one-up both Samsung, and Microsoft after that whole debacle (right?) None of what happens in that show accurately portaits what the career is about much less the supposed “trials”. All it is a total pissing contest for the immature and overly superfluous.

    Anyone “dumb” enough and let me stress just how, “dumb” you’d have to be to willingly volunteer to humilate yourself for the general public deserves to be humilated. Total disgrace. It’s bad enough that reality television has taken over as it has, but seriously this is just mind blowingly stupid, and all should frown upon this behavior.

    Might as well, start calling Sony the – Jersey shore – of the gaming industry. Talk about disgraceful.

  • Wooo! Finally season 3! : D

  • Cant wait for the Tester season 3. So when does it start.

  • Do you get paid to be on this show? I should apply for this next year lolol.

  • Can’t wait for season 3!

  • I love The Tester. It’s also one of the few shows my wife and I actually watch together. We are looking forward to the new season. Thank you!

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