Qore August Episode – featuring Resistance 3, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Dead Island

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Qore August Episode – featuring Resistance 3, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Dead Island

The season for big games has arrived and August’s Episode 39 set sights on mankind’s last stand, a prequel sequel in the future, and a tropical island…filled with (surprise!) zombies.

The lead feature is Insomniac’s Resistance 3. The Chimera have really made a mess of planet Earth, but with a co-op partner, and the return of the weapon wheel loaded with some pretty cool editions, there just might be some hope left for mankind. Veronica Belmont travels back to an alternative mid-century USA to meet up with one Joseph Caplelli to preview his daunting adventure.

If you’re into the Mod-scene, as in cybernetic body Mod-ifications in the future, then you’ll enjoy Eidos’ prequel sequel Deus Ex: Human Revolution. From Montreal, the Qore team dives into this immersive world of the future to preview the ‘mod’ upgrades, variety of styles of play, and discuss creative decisions made by game director, Jean-Francois Dugas.

While in Montreal, Veronica also checks out the local geek hangouts such as the Biosphere and Foonzo in another installment of ‘On the Road with Qore.’ But, that story can’t compare to the holiday experience on the Island of Banoi – the setting for Dead Island.

Zombies in paradise prevail in this survival game and Qore learns about the character choices, story, and dynamic changes that occur as you try to survive another zombie nightmare.

Resistance 3 theme: screen

And finally, annual Qore subscribers also receive an exclusive Resistance 3 theme as we begin to count down to the September 6th release date.

We hope you enjoy this month’s Qore.

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