PlayStation Around the Web: What We Read

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PlayStation Around the Web: What We Read

Have you been keeping up with the EVO World Finals this weekend? Our Sid Shuman is in attendance, where last night the talk of the town was an 8-year old Marvel vs Capcom 3 prodigy who blazed his way through to the quarterfinals. The most exciting matches will happen today, and you can stream it live in PlayStation Home.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of July 25th, 2011)

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  • Sony is the best! :)

  • 10% Ahead of 360? Nice.

  • I like the 10% being ahead. Also, looking forward to resistance 3. I am soooo excited for it

  • Joystiq announced that Breath Of Fire 4 will be hitting PSN on August 16th. Ceeelebrate good times, c’mon!

  • how you doing Jeff ? listen i have just received my official playstation magazine and in it theres a really nice interview with Shuhei Yoshida about playstation in general but one part that really caught my attention was :
    ” We have capabilities and entertainment options for vita users , which we havent really speaking of at this moment. But , as the launch nears , we’ll be showing more of the non game entertainment features as well as the social connectivity features that we’ve been talking about , so that people will see the whole picture of what vita will offer. But if we try to communicate all its capabilities at one time , its going to become confusing for people , so we’ve been primarily focusing on the gaming aspect of vita . ”

    i really hope to hear about those features at gamescon , are you guys attending the european show ?

  • the only time this will be worth reading is when they say we are getting a jak and daxter hd collection for ps3 and a final fantasy 7 remake

  • nothing about resident evil 4 but its cool ps3 is beating x box 360

  • I read on Playstation Japan’s site that the Asian version of Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds received a 3D and Move update.

    Do you know if the American version will get the 3D and Move update as well?

    • I inquired about that but haven’t yet gotten a definitive answer. If it does come here, you’ll read a story on this very site.

  • Hey Jeff could u please tell Sony to knock down the price of siren blood curse its been $39.99 since i think what 07 or 08. don’t u think its time for a permanent price cut by now. also why hasn’t raystorm hd came out on psn yet. its been on 360 for months now.

  • Yo Jeff, have any idea when/if Patapon 3 DLC will be coming to America? According to Japan Playstation Blog they’ve already received 5 or 6 DLC missions and received their first about a month ago.

  • thanks this is cool

  • MS is last place, aw shucks…lol

    That’s what happens when you only cater to one region.

  • Ok heres the cold hard facts just to be thrown out there. PlayStation and Sony are two companies (well I guess PlayStation is a branch) that surpass the expectations of quality in todays day and age, I couldnt be more proud to be the owner of a PS3, so what if we dont have THE ALMIGHTY HALO!!!?? *sarcasm* So in conclusion, PlayStation is awesome, Vita will be epic. Now back to your usual programming.


  • PS3 may be number 2 in sales soon[ish] but it’s been Number 1 in our hearts for 4-5 years now! Especially last 2-3 have been incredible improvement from Sony, especially games we got and how awesomely improved they all were (and after all, for gamers, games is all that counts).

    Only things we are missing to make it perfect IMO are:

    1) More optimised XMB. Clicking PS button in game takes like 6-7 seconds to load it. Needs MUCH better optimisation.

    2) Bring the online features of VITA to PS3! Hopefully when VITA comes out we’ll find out if those features are coming to PS3 or not (make it part of PS+).

    I’m surprised MS is still holding out, they haven’t had a big exclusive release in AGES. Next is Gears3 I believe. Ms tends to play the “all eggs in one basket” game though and sell bajillion copies of Halo and Gears while we get diversity spread throughout the year that all sell 1-2million (latter is my preferred method BY FAR btw).

  • Anything new to report on the PS Blog mobile app?

  • Well, have you checked on Superstars V8 Next Challenge yet?

  • Someone needs to get Sidhe to finally tell us what they are doing with Shatter. The update with new modes has been “coming” for over a year and a half.

    Beans need to be spilled about what is happening.

  • That netflix bit is very surprising seeing as 360 has the ability to actually watch netflix with friends and ps3 doesnt. Nice job guys. Also, StarHawk is looking better and better every time i hear somthing to about it. cant wait for that to hit next year.

  • The news of the psvita is really cool. I really hope the ps3 gets something like party because it would be awsome to chat with my friends while watching a movie or playing games.

  • When can we get a confirmed release date for the Vita? We were told at e3 that it would be out in time for holiday of this year, but it seems like we’re starting to get a little too close to that to not have a release date already. Don’t you normally announce things like that more then just a couple months ahead of time?

  • thanks for your reply to my comment Jeff and remember Manchester United will be the premier league champions once again not your beloved Arsenal ( who couldnt even beat the New York Reds Bulls today lol )

  • Any news on when final fantasy versus 13 will be released, i am excited for that game but i have read many thing around the internet, saying that kingdom hearts 3 will begin development when ff versus 13 is finished so any news on either titles? Also do you have any news if kingdom hearts 3 will be a ps3 exclusive because it would be very saddening if it wasn’t so would love to hear any news thanks. :)

  • Metal Gear at 60 fps? As if I needed more incentive to purchase it, just made it that much better, I can’t wait to replay MGS2 and especially MGS3 in HD, Peace Walker as well, but I’ve played that recently so not as excited. My ps2 copy of MGS2 for some reason has a hard time getting read by my ps2 while all other games play fine. Its ok though because once I get the MGS collection I will not be going back.

  • i’m pretty pumped up about disgaea4.i just cant wait to hold this game in my grubby hands :)

  • plz get minecraft on ps3 bcauz if u can get it on the xperia play u can get it on the ps3?

  • Cross-Game chat on Vita! Hope Sony releases it on PS3 on Vita’s launch date unless it will be quite useless!

  • no da ps3 is more worldwide, better graphics,and more fun


    Why GT Academy, the single greatest thing to happen to racing besides Ken Block, gets so little coverage boggles my mind.

  • Really looking forward to the MGS HD collection. I wish Capcom would do a DMC HD collection for the PS3 (most definetely getting Resi 4 HD and Code Veronica X HD next month). Also, good to hear the PS3 is ahead of the 360.

    *3 more months until Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception*

  • tru ps3 is the best system and peaple will prob. going to play it for years and yea ps3 is like 10 to 15% ahead right now so that is good but the only amazing thing that sony can do now is split screen multiplayer.

  • Did you guys read this article from Cnet?
    “According to gaming publication IGN, a reader sent in a flier from Blockbuster in the U.K. that lists the PlayStation Vita as launching on October 28. The flier shows the Wi-Fi-only version retailing for 229.99 pounds ($378.37) and the 3G-capable version at 279.99 pounds ($460.61).” I’m very curious to hear if there is any validity to that.

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