Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team Hits PSN August 2nd

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Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team Hits PSN August 2nd

Ready to get a dose of intense combat action and destruction? We have good news! Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team is coming to PlayStation Network and will be available August 2nd in North America for $9.99.

In this third-person arcade-style shooter, players take on the role of an elite Space Marine team sent to assault a giant Ork Kroozer en route to an Imperial Forge World. Do you have what it takes to take out the Warboss and prevent the WAAAGH!?

Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team for PS3 (PSN)Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team for PS3 (PSN)

Kill Team allows players to choose from four unique classes, including ranged specialists the Sternguard, Veteran, and Techmarine, as well as more melee-focused classes like the Vanguard Veteran and Librarian. With two-player same screen co-operative play, multiple weapon upgrades and six iconic Space Marine chapters to select from, Kill Team is a must-play for fans of Warhammer 40,000.

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  • I’ve got a few questions for you Chris.

    1. Will there be a demo on release.
    2. Does it offer online co-op?
    3. Does it support Voice Chat
    4. Does it support Cross Game Invite?

    Thanks you for your time, and this looks like a great game to play with friends.

  • @Chris Mancil
    10 bucks, good deal.

    @PS Blog
    When are we gonna hear about Valkyria Chronicles 3?

  • YESSSSS!!!! been keeping an eye on this for quite some time now

  • this nice

  • Since it’s only 10 bones I’ll give it a play. Might as well since I won’t get into R3 beta :(

  • For $10 Dollars it’s a day one buy for me, any trophies ?

  • Modern Yorkster, a glance at the description would tell you there’s no online co-op, rendering your other questions moot. Except the demo question. I recommend watching the quick look of the game on Giantbomb.com

  • The game looks nice from the trailer. I’ll give this a shot.

  • BallisticZz, all PS3 games are required to have trophies now, and have done for quite some time.

  • Very cool. A nice appetizer for the big release in September!!

    @ Dark Yoda—I believe since January 1, 2009 it has been mandatory (trophies in all new releases), but without fail someone asks every time.

  • Guantlet anyone lol

  • Yes, but does it have trophies? ;) (Kidding)

  • Pretty much anything warhammer 40k is a must for me, can’t wait for Space Marine and Dark Millennium. Hope this will tide me over untill those two come out.

  • Kinda reminds me of a 3rd person Contra.

  • Must have… will it have a platinum trophy?

  • no online co-op … :(
    this games need it… :(


  • Ok so August 2nd for the US, but what about the rest of the world?
    Besides I thought the US would be broke come Tueday anyhow :P

  • I’m more interested in learning if Once Upon a Monster will see a PS3 release, and if it will have Move support!

    re: this game; local co-op is the main draw for me, but the graphics looks like an upscaled iPhone game :( does it have HD audio assets, at least?

  • For $10 ill get it day 1, looks like it will be fun

  • Ah Just spotted – 10th August for the EU on Playstation.Blog.EU

    Should look before I speak up

  • well now, at that price that’s a deal and I’m all down for any W40K games!

  • I picked up kill team up on my 360 a few weeks ago. Definitely no online co-op. It instead provides leader boards to compare friend scores. based on what I saw from my other console their probably will be no plat trophy. I play at home with my wife and the local co-op is outstanding.

  • Even though it’s running on the same engine as Red Faction: Battlegrounds, this looks MUCH better.

  • What happened to this coming out in JULY for ps3?! I gave up waiting last week and bought it on XBLA. I know it’s no skin off your back as the developer, but Sony really dropped the ball on this one. I will be buying the WH40K : Space Marine on the 360 as well now. Hey Sony. . . any word on a PSN date for From Dust on PSN? Or should I just buy that on XBLA also? You guys could at least keep us informed about these dates – I’d rather be playing this on ps3 than my crumby 360, but I’m always glad I have the option!

  • This one is no online co-op I think.

  • Same here Vertex, that’s my only reason for a 360, well that and gears of war

  • wow that looks a lot better than fire warrior.

  • @ Vertex

    From Dust is held up by the developer alone. Sony and PC got screwed because the dev decided to get paid by xcox for making it a part of their “Summer of Arcade” crap. I’m pretty mad at their studio at this point and I’m not sure if I’ll buy it now that they pulled this. You know they delayed the PC version Tuesday and it was supposed to release on Wednesday. They haven’t said a word about their PS3 release except Summer 2011 which is anytime from now until Sept 21 if you’re going by the calendar version of summer. Go to their facebook page and join the mounting pressure to give us a date, if you’d like.

  • would have been nice if it was online co-op

  • Oh man I was so excited watching the trailer . Then I find out there’s no online co op . Sorry,your game looks like lots of fun but until there’s online co op I will pass on this .

  • I don’t know anything about Warhammer (though with “war” and “hammer” in the title I’m assuming violence) but this looks like a fun offline co-op game. Been playing Gatling Gears but it’s a little slow. Hopefully plays better than that last PSN Ghostbusters game which was Ghostbusters in name only.

    handofkhaine – the US is broke in many ways, but the consumer will always consume.

  • @ marlyt

    I understand the situation surrounding From Dust. I just think that if Sony was really serious about getting people like me, who would much rather purchase the game on PSN, to buy the PS3 version of the game they would try a lot harder to get a solid release date.

    Taking Kill Team as an example, when it was released on XBLA several weeks ago and Sony knew it would be delayed a bit for PSN, they could have done a blog post with the devs / publishers letting us all know what the deal was(ie. maybe an actual date). Everyone would have been happy – Kill Team gets a little exposure and PSN people that are interested get some acknowledgement that it’s still actually coming out on PSN. What did happen was there was no communication on it for weeks. I tried to be patient but all the info on the web said that it was due out in July for both PSN and XBLA. When the last Tuesday of July rolled around and it was nowhere to be found on PSN, I just figured that it wasn’t coming.

    You may be correct on From Dust . . . maybe Ubisoft has been paid off to not give Sony release date info by MS. If this isn’t the case though I hope Sony hears this and drops some info on us! :)

  • me want :D

  • why we talking about xbox360 on the playstation blog!!! This pink elephant sucks!!!

  • Warhammer 40,000 looks sick!!! Might grab this one!!

  • Can we be an Apothecary?

  • @aquastorm

    Dude, would you shut up? I see you on almost every blog entry crying about Cross Game Chat, which almost NOBODY would use or care about.

  • @39 I second that request. Just play the same game as them or grab a phone not a big deal. This game looks great and pretty shocked it’s not $15. Little disappointed it’s only 6 levels though.Hopefully they add a few more with dlc.

  • @aquastorm


    That said thinking about getting this. I am a sucker for anything WH40K, although the lack of online coop makes me question this game.

  • It’s cause these kids don’t have access to computers with TeamSpeak or Skype installed, so they need their PS3 to be their phone.

  • Pretty wicked stuff! Bout time they did a Warhammer game like this for the PS3.

    For the clowns complaining, don’t forget to read what it says right next to the comment box:
    “Open to everyone, but don’t be a jerk.”

  • I’m an older, fickle gamer now. I do not have much time to play video games… and when I do, I enjoy playing with my brother or friends. If games like this do not have online co-op, then I don’t buy. Sorry. Looks cool but just can’t do it.

  • I’m with depward (though, currently, have plenty of time to play. Looks good, would buy, but no online co-op will prevent the purchase.

    Hey Chris, I know this is off-topic, but you’re THQ. Does the Greatest Hits version of Saints Row 2 have trophies? I know it says it does on the box, but the buzz I read is that is actually doesn’t. Can’t find a trophy list for it either. Tell me it does and I shall own it. :)

  • (as a side note, I hope i hear before the next update so I can get the discounted DLC before it ends)

  • So, it is August 2nd…. Where’s the game?

  • its like F**KING august 2 already were the F**K is the game huh??? dont announcing something if u cant keep to your word psn

  • anyone able to get the game yet? I looked thru and the newest ANYTHING is still from last week, what time does PSS usually have updates avail?? Come on guys, i wanna PLAAAYYYY!

  • The demo does not launch on my PS3. It is up to date and turns off normally, but sits at a black screen when trying to launch the game. I let it sit for a good 10 minutes and nothing. Anyone else having trouble? I’ve downloaded it twice now.

  • I have exactly the same issue.
    When I launch the game, the screen goes black and nothing happens.
    Can’t say I am a happy camper.
    What happened to Quality assurance ?

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