Starhawk Panel Puts the Finishing Touches on Comic-Con

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Starhawk Panel Puts the Finishing Touches on Comic-Con

Hey guys! Comic-Con 2011 just wrapped up this past weekend so for those of you couldn’t make it to the show, I wanted to share a highlight reel from our Starhawk panel discussion, which took place on Sunday in San Diego. The panel, titled…”The Evolution from Warhawk to Starhawk: The New Universe that is Starhawk and the Characters Behind the Conflict,” detailed the creative process that LightBox Interactive and SCEA’s Santa Monica Studio have gone through to make Starhawk a reality, including the development of an all-new story and the establishment of main character, Emmett Graves.

Under the expert moderation of’s Greg Miller, the panelists included: Starhawk’s Creative Director — Lars DeVore (LightBox Interactive), Senior Producer — Harvard Bonin (SCEA Santa Monica Studio), Studio Director — John Hight (SCEA Santa Monica Studio), and Starhawk’s Writer — Koen Wooten. You can watch the video of the full panel – nearly 50 minutes long – courtesy of Here’s also a great write up by Kevin Kelly of G4 who was on-site with us.

Thanks again to everyone who attended the panel, we really appreciate your support! Stay tuned for more Starhawk updates as we get closer to Gamescom and PAX.

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  • 2012 belongs to Starhawk.

  • Can’t wait!! Now show me some Space combat right NOW!!! If you can’t that’s cool just send me a beta invite.

    • We are showing our space combat at Gamescon in Germany, Aug 17. Look for more info around then! A new vehicle reveal too!

  • I played the demo at Comic-Con it was sooooooooo FUN

  • Starhawk, my most anticipated game of next year. Sorry to all the other games I won’t get a chance to play.

  • StarHawk YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This game needs more recognition

  • i hope theres a good collectors edition for this game….it deserves it…or atleast we deserve it :p STARHAWK 2012 FTW!!!!

  • Starhawk=Awesome

  • starhawk is a must have with no doubt…the protagonist is a beast…starhawk already own 2012

  • Starhawk looks like its gonna be an awesome game, I sure know Warhawk was, because I still play it every once in a while, but theres really only one thing I would complain about for Starhawk and its the melee system. I really really really am bothered by the fact that melee in Starhawk is changed to a button to knife (clicking R3). Warhawk was unique-ish and really fun for having the knife as an equipable weapon, and they have taken that out. I used to love sneaking around with only the knife, it was lethal if I got close enough but made me vulnerable. I also had a lot of fun Knife battles, and I got the GGL tournament knife for participating in the tournament. If only I can ask the developers to reconsider their melee changes, maybe have click R3 to hit another player with the butt of the gun, and maybe make that 2 hits to kill a person, and have an equipable knife for those who want to use it, and make that a 1 hit kill.

  • Starhawk is gonna be AMAZING, no doubt about it. This may be unrelated but where the hell is Sorcery!? Was it cancelled? There hasn’t been any info on it since last E3. Could we get some info sony?

  • STARHAAAAWK!!! I want the beta! And a Starhawk statue!

    • Ahhh the Beta….yes, we’ll have one and we have a target date window…but I cannot tell you…

  • HURRY UP!! ,………….. but take your time. XD

  • I think the camera man uses Pro Flight

  • This game looks amazing! Can’t wait for a beta/demo, even though it may be a long ways away.

  • So many kind words of support here! Thanks everyone! We really appreciate it!

  • Can you tell we fanboys & girls really ‘preciate exclusives? Keep up the great work, it’s why we love our Playstation, Psp and hopefully soon, Vita. I know, you can’t talk about that date either ;-)

  • @ Harvard:

    Can you tell us fanboyz & girlz really appreciate exclusives?

    Keep up the awesome job, it’s why we love our Playstations, PSP, & hopefully soon, Vita.
    I know, you can’t talk about that date, either ;-)

  • I hope this game sells better than Warhawk did, you guys really deserve it.

  • @Harvard will the beta be for plus members?no date needed

    • That is TBD. Our first objective is to take care of the Warhawk veterans. No doubt we’ll find a way to take care of the PSN Plus members too

  • BEYOND! really looking foward to starhawk.
    can you put greg on the game over? cause i think it will really improve sales!


  • This game is going to be awesome! I am a HUGE Warhawk fan (450+ hours logged) and although I was skeptical about Starhawk from the start, all the videos and hearing these developer interviews has really gotten me out of that “well it’s not exactly like Warhawk” mindset to allow me to see the true potential behind this game. It looks like it plays phenomenally well and I can not WAIT to get my hands on the beta!

    @Harvard…any news on WHEN we’ll hear what the beta date is? I’m hoping that will be announced August 17th as well? :)

  • I`ll put down warhawk as soon as I get Starhawk.

  • I would like to have this beta right now!

  • Day 1 for me.
    Please add Clan Support!

  • Eager to play me some Starhawk. Warhawk was BEAST. I joined the party late, but still thoroughly enjoyed the hell out of that game. Keep up the great work LBI :D

  • awsome!!!! this game looks so cool, and I love warhawk and still play it to this day!!! Can’t wait to see the space battles!!!!

  • I can’t wait for this game!!! 8)

  • I have a question. Have you guys thought about making mappacks?

  • I cannot wait for Starhawk! Warhawk was the game that turned me on to the PS3! And this time I won’t join the party late.

  • Okay you wrote that for the beta you want to take care of the Warhawk veterans. What exactly constitutes a Warhawk vet? How well known one is in the community? One’s gaming ability? I’m a decent gamer at best but I’ve been playing since July 2008 and absolutely want to be a part of the Starhawk beta.

  • Can’t wait for this … and space battles 8)
    Just wondering, are those outcast guys customisable? because they all look kinda the same. Is it like in resistance1 multiplayer where your whole team is some random monster? Is this the future of the warhawk universe or is there no connection between the two (would’ve loved to get a bit more detail on the warhawk conflict)? Will there be more colorful maps?

    Anyway, keep up the good work. :)

  • Sony is such IGN fanboys using Greg as the host. But hey I enjoyed it…BEYOND! Also can’t wait for the game I am a huge Gundam and mech fan and I am so excited about the hawks turning into the mechs. But poor, gamespot, and any other site who don’t get this much playstation support.

  • SONY needs to get the word out for their games. Starhawk is going to be literally not of this Earth, but I can’t help thinking that for the commoner shooter lover (COD, yeah) it looks daunting and complicated when in reality it is not. Advertise your games Sony! Let people know there’s stuff like Twisted Metal, Starhawk and Uncharted 3 with awesome multiplayer that’s it’s a lot more than repetitive run and shoot.

  • Agreed this game seems like a cross between eureka seven and gears of war which makes it a better game and an interesting anime concept. Also I like how there’s 4 player coop even offline that’s cool.

  • Just worried about the flight modes.. they look dumbed down :/

  • BEYOND!! Can’t wait for Starhawk; it looks amazing!

  • To all of you Lightbox folks, have you thought of making a collectors edition with that fancy Starhawk gun included? That would be legit. :)

  • Starhawk is sounding good, it’s a shame matchmaking is going to ruin this game. Learn from other developers mistakes Lightbox, scrap matchmaking and bring back server lists. Or your game WILL fail, and it will fail hard.

  • I’m liking Starhawk a lot right now.
    Glad to see Light Box are making this game more balanced, fresh and unique to multiplayer.
    Single player also looks cool.
    I’ll be honest I got my ass handed to me in Warhawk a lot but still had fun.
    Hopefully with a lot of the balancing both offensively, defensively and game play wise will make Starhawk a real contender for GOTY in 2012.
    Keep up the great work guys.

  • will this game be available as a download from the PSN, or only retail?

  • I respect you guys already! seriously you don’t seem like another dev and publisher that only try to pesk us to buy new DLC in order to get the full game like EA do, and the game looks like it’s gonna be memorable :D

  • By the way I don’t know if this is up to you guys but I want a Downhill domination sequel :D

  • will there be split screen on ranked games cause that would be cool

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