Starhawk Panel Puts the Finishing Touches on Comic-Con

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Starhawk Panel Puts the Finishing Touches on Comic-Con

Hey guys! Comic-Con 2011 just wrapped up this past weekend so for those of you couldn’t make it to the show, I wanted to share a highlight reel from our Starhawk panel discussion, which took place on Sunday in San Diego. The panel, titled…”The Evolution from Warhawk to Starhawk: The New Universe that is Starhawk and the Characters Behind the Conflict,” detailed the creative process that LightBox Interactive and SCEA’s Santa Monica Studio have gone through to make Starhawk a reality, including the development of an all-new story and the establishment of main character, Emmett Graves.

Under the expert moderation of’s Greg Miller, the panelists included: Starhawk’s Creative Director — Lars DeVore (LightBox Interactive), Senior Producer — Harvard Bonin (SCEA Santa Monica Studio), Studio Director — John Hight (SCEA Santa Monica Studio), and Starhawk’s Writer — Koen Wooten. You can watch the video of the full panel – nearly 50 minutes long – courtesy of Here’s also a great write up by Kevin Kelly of G4 who was on-site with us.

Thanks again to everyone who attended the panel, we really appreciate your support! Stay tuned for more Starhawk updates as we get closer to Gamescom and PAX.

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