Available Today on PlayStation Store, Free for Students and Educators

95 0 Available Today on PlayStation Store, Free for Students and Educators

At this year’s Game Developers Conference we unveiled, a new software application that runs on the PS3 system and gives researchers, students, and programmers access to PlayStation Move’s technology for developing apps beyond traditional gaming — physical therapy, sports rehabilitation, or education. enables anyone with a PS3 to experiment with PlayStation Move and create new applications using a PC, the PlayStation Move motion controller, the PlayStation Eye camera, and the PS3 system.

Later today, will be available as a complimentary download for members of Academia including Academic researchers, faculty, staff, and students. Interested participants can apply for the Academia Program here. For all other users, will be available later today on the PlayStation Store for $99.99.

Move.Me for PSN

We’re already seeing a tremendous response to in the academic community. Some of those developers with early access to the application recently gave us an inside scoop on their work. Check out the video above for more details.

We encourage any of you interested in developing applications to check out the webpage and the new forum on the community page. This forum will serve as the hub, giving researchers, students, and other programmers a place to share ideas and discussions, as well as to post video demos for showcasing the applications they create.

Do you have a great idea you’d like to share? What are some of the applications you’d like to see? We’re very excited to make this application accessible to you all and we’re looking forward to seeing the great applications you make with

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  • 99$… wooow that expensive for normal user that want to play and try the paint and other program move me got…

    to bad is so expensive…

  • Academia link seems to be broken.

    Awesome idea.

  • Sounds like a great idea.

    The Academia Program link is broken though

  • I am very interested in the student/teacher version, but like #2 said the link is broken!

  • For EU to ?

  • linebeginstoblur

    I looked at the link to Academia and figured out what the real link is, but it wouldn’t accept my email address. It ends in .edu though. Is it a problem since my email format is “” and not “”?

  • Update…. Found it!

    use this link, and scroll to the bottom to fill out for student/teacher version.

  • @Fear_Me_All Sorry guy, but that’s really NOT expensive. It is a development tool, not a game.

    I’m a programmer, and though I’m not in the US (I’m Brazilian), I’m seriously thinking about buying this, so I can try my first steps in game development!!!

  • Requiring a .edu address is not a great way of validating academic users. For example, Canadian School boards cannot sign up under your academic program. Is it possible to allow Canadian School boards or any other academic organization without a .edu domain to sign up?

  • Swedish-Gangster

    link is broken, so just use the website link, you can apply on the home page

  • @j_amethyst

    It has no practical purpose as a dev tool for home users, because the device is tied to the PS3. I was interested in as a hobbyist, but I wont invest $100 into it. I’m not sure who is doing Sony’s PR, but I think they should have mentioned that the tool wouldn’t be free to all when it was announced. They are going to get hammered by the hobbyist community as selfish and greedy, and any kind of negative PR is not good for Sony right now.

  • im trying to register with my .edu email (its not the same email as my psn id abviously) but it says i dont have a valid email entered. i know this email is valib b/c ive used it to make accounts for other student programs like for adobe and some other programming applications.

  • @linebeginstoblur I’m having the same problem.

  • Same problem here. Trying to sign up using my valid university email address ending in .edu and it keeps asking me to enter valid email.

  • The link to apply & the link for the community page are both broken. I help teach an animation class at Syracuse University, and would love to see if we could implement this into the syllabus. I see many great ideas to come out of this in the near future. I’ve seen people do some amazing things with Kinect at the University. I personally think Move has many more applications than Kinect though. This was a really smart move on Sony’s part. Get it? Humor is not my strong point…

  • Academia link broken.

    I want in… I’m a student in CS at Texas State, so do I get in free?

  • I found the academia form, but you can’t use e-mails with periods in the username because they’re rejected as incorrectly formatted. Please resolve this issue. I really want to try out as soon as I get back to the dorm tonight.

    To everybody who’s having issues, go here and scroll down:

  • Maybe it has the tech demos they showed at E3 last year.

  • Playstation guys: this is awesome, really! As a developer, I’m very excited with this news. But I must agree with some of other users, 99.99 is way to expensive. Just for comparison, this is the price for registering as an Apple Developer (iOS). The difference there: there will be a monetary return (and I know there is :-)), so 99.99 is nothing (it practically pays itself). However, (as far as I can see), aims the ones who want to experiment / create their own games / etc, without being paid for that. Right? (Correct me if I’m wrong). I don’t see problems with this approach if it wasn’t 99.99. As some said, is way to expensive… Well, at least could you drop the price for Playstation Plus?

    In any way, this is freaking awesome, and I mean it! Thanks.

  • I am a Canadian University student currently going for a degree in computer science, and this sounds PERFECT.

    “Academic Program is available in U.S. only.”

    Oh, well this is a big middle finger. Maybe I won’t go into game development then. Thanks for crushing my soul a little bit. Not paying $100 for something I could spend on books and software.

    Also, I’ll NEVER buy another Move controller, or any other motion device that Sony releases. Not really planning on buying any Move games now either, as obviously I was hoping this was going to be free, and not the price of 2+ Move games.

    Not even going to say thanks for this lovely smack to the face.

  • When will voucher codes be sent to .edu addresses?

  • liquidocelot1984

    I have been having problems signing up with my edu email as well. It keeps saying to enter a valid address and I’ve had that address for quite soemtime and know it is active since I have just started going back to school. Any solution from anyone???

  • It’s saying that my address is not valid. Maybe just high traffic at this time.

  • I’m a senior in highschool but i am in a computer and software engineering program, wish i could get a hold of this.

  • @20 If you’re not going to become a game developer just because Sony doesn’t give you a free program, you shouldn’t be considering becoming one at all. Way to overreact, can someone say entitlement.

  • @25 I lol’d

  • Wish I had the money but I will get it eventually….I have many ideas!!! Thanks for the option Sony! I appreciate it.

  • This is really cool. Glad to see Sony letting others use the tech to benefit disciplines outside of gaming. I bet we will see some really cool ideas in the future.

  • Dear Sony, Can you make some games designed for the Move? Why is the Wii better than the obviously superior tech in the Move controller. It’s because there are actual fun simple motion games for the Wii. Move has a lot of “also has Move support” games but if can use the regular controller we will. How about make some games like Sports Champions, you know those fun simple sports themed games. Motion controllers are most fun with sports. Make a Wii Sports clone and it will sell because PS3 has better graphics and the Move is more precise. Make a bowling game that doesn’t suck and is designed for the Move not the Move add-on that High Velocity Bowling integrates, that games was designed for Sixaxis not Move. Make a baseball game like in Wii Sports. In general make fun games not deep games with some Move support thrown in so you can put a blue label on the top of the box. Case in point LBP 2, you put “Move compatible” on the box but it isn’t, it is Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves. This game is fun but not Wii Sports level addicting like the Move should be. BTW, PS3 Rules!

  • $99.99. you crazy for software on the PS3 only that is way to much. Step your game down sony boys and ladys. this could help me get more better field learn how to used the ps move in diff ways, i don’t go to college or anything like that but i like to learn things on my own and i learn alot more on my own without college. I save my self alot of money and now have my own company. Why don’t you give people who want to learn 50% off this or give them week to test it out and give them 40% off deal.

    For gaming company give them 50%off this as deal, my company would love to try this software for are own video game designs.

  • Not every employee at the school where I work has a .edu email address.

  • We do PSN User have no authorized to see it on the forms? That little unfair, i am video game company i think i should be able to see the forms on this too.

  • Anyone still having issues signing up?

  • The issues with signing up are two fold:

    username: must contain no periods to be accepted. Mine is “first.last”, so it doesn’t deem it as valid.

    domain: must only be two part. Mine is “”, so it doesn’t take it.

    C’mon, whoever designed this web form needs to test a little bigger sample size.

  • If I could fully prototype on PC (Linux preferred, but even Windows would be acceptable), then I could understand charging $100 to offset staffing costs of support forums, etc. Since everything is tied to the PS3, any practical use seemingly requires an additional PS3 to be purchased *per developer*.

    Let me know when I can prototype purely on my 4- or 6-core PC via semi-standard bluetooth drivers, then I’ll gladly pay the $100.

  • Hi, this is potentially great news for me. I just bought the Move bundle & there aren’t enough good games yet so hopefully some budding geniuses here will soon correct that.

  • @34 Mine is first letter of first and middle name, first five of last name and a number with “”. Wish they would address the problem.

  • @Arksine…

    You call yourself a hobbyist, but I would call you cheap or a pirate. How do you do hobbyist development for PC applications? Do you pirate the IDE’s and SDK’s that cost upwards of multiple thousands of dollars? And don’t use jgrasp or any other freebie crap IDE as an example. MOVE.ME is an SDK basically and is not for the layman. If you want to use it you license it for $100. Try buying a Kinect SDK for that much. Unless you have a contract with M$ or Sony for academia purposes then you will be paying the big bucks. I could call myself a GIS hobbyist, but I will not go and cry about having to pay $2500 for AutoCAD software. YOur logic is falwed and you sound like a child. $100 is SUPER CHEAP for a dev kit/SDK.

  • I appreciate this program and think it’s a great step forward, especially being free for academics and only $99 for everyone else. That’s a great deal. That being said;
    1.) Why doesn’t this application support Macs * that’s not very hard to do
    2.) Why is the form not accepting emails * you’re attracting programmers with a form that has obvious flaws…. not good.
    3.) Where are the tutorials? If you’re trying to make this easy for devs to pick up… make some Youtube tutorials on the code or such. Make something like the developing apps for Iphone for dummies book.

  • @joostin

    The Kinect SDK for Windows is free of charge to anybody. It is also non-commercial, but so is this. You also don’t need an Xbox 360 to run it; just a PC.

  • Alot of people just love to complain huh, I guess I’m complaining about you people for complaining.

  • @JLP_M

    The web form is clearly using broken regex, so it’s frustrating because we’re all excited about getting to work on Move applications, but we can’t because the method they’ve given us to sign up for it is broken.

  • Ok how about you give us the software for “FREE” i’ll create games for free and pass it on to our playstaion gamers. Let’s see what people can come up with, which i’m sure most of then will come up with creative ideas.
    Give a year or two then if you (Sony) want to charge so be it. $99 is Crazy.
    thanks and have a good day :)

  • Reduce the price of this and include other OS then a lot of PS3s will be bought for collages.

  • why no reply’s people need more info then what was posted.
    people have a hard time spending $60 for a full game. but u what people to spend
    $99 on software we know almost nothing? and that vid was a bad choice shows
    nothing on how it works. srry if i sound negative but i love the move and i think it deserves
    better then this post.

  • Registered and waiting

  • It is not letting me sign up. It says my address is invalid. FIX IT Please! Thanks.

  • Hmm, it’s also saying that my “.edu” address is invalid because it contains multiple periods. Hopefully Sony fixes this issue soon.

    Surprised they’re charging for this, since MS pretty much lets the freelance (and otherwise) dev community have free reign with the Kinect… it exposes the disconnect between Sony Computer Entertainment and what’s actually going on out here in the world. Kudos to Sony for all the great strides they’ve done to correct this as of late, but there’s still obviously so much work to be done.

  • My address is not working. Are community colleges not allowed to get it for free?

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