Fat Princess: Big ‘Ole Anniversary Bundle Sale

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Fat Princess: Big ‘Ole Anniversary Bundle Sale

It’s crazy to think our precious little princess is nearing her 2nd birthday already, so we figured a royal celebration in her honor was only appropriate.


We’re proud to celebrate this occasion by presenting a truly astounding bundle deal, offering up the Full Game (normally priced at $14.99), plus the Fat Roles DLC (originally $4.99), plus cakeloads of Fat Princess avatars for your PSN ID, and finally a brand-spanking NEW Dynamic Theme (valued at $2.99) all for the low, low price of $14.99, the price of the full game itself.

Grab it fast, since the Anniversary Bundle is available for a limited two-week time only, and the sale ends with the PlayStation Store Update on August 9th.

Happy 2nd Birthday to Princess Plump and Princess Muffintop from the entire Fat Princess team!

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  • Oooh! This will be the perfect time to start playing again.

  • i think 10$ should be more appreciated by everyones…

  • happy birthday to everyone’s favorite BBWs – Princess Plump and Princess Muffintop!
    here’s to many more!

  • All your base are belong to us!

  • I own everything mentioned there except the DLC for the game itself. Will there be discounts on everything separately? That would be great because I have been wanting to get the DLC too!

  • This game is old, it should be $10.

  • FP never really captured me, I found it too slow and controls imprecise, but maybe they’ve patched those things and I should try it again.

    But all my PSN online mutiplayer love goes to Crash Commando, which is free for + subscribers on 8/2. It’s less than ten bucks too if you don’t do the + thing, fantastic value.

  • How about the PSP version? PSP still exists. Bought the ps3 version day 1 do I don’t really need this. But thanks.

  • I already have the FP, but it’d nice to have sale on DLC separately with avatars and theme for $5 or $6.

    Oh well.. only I can hope.

  • As much as I love the game, the best anniversary present would be a patch to fix all the crashing and constant freezing for the past 13 months. Aren’t you working on one? Any new maps? news?

  • Still love this game.

  • Love the game, but we seriously need a new DLC or something to keep this game alive! Another map, those zombies mentioned in the game, something to put some breath back into this dying game.

    I can hardly find a full game anymore without coming across multiple computer players and its sad.

    Hopefully your working on this, or a version 2.

  • AGAIN, awesome deal…BUT STOP MAKING ALL SALES AT THE SAME TIME. It is ridiculous >_<

  • @Cyb3rfr34k-iso

    Complain, Complain, Complain.

  • Aw, already have the main game…

  • Still, yeah, this’d be a good bundle for anyone new. And an echo for the Fistful of Cake version!

  • Yeah! a bundle without the main game will be fine pls

  • @JLP_M

    Yeah, I think that guy would have complained even if it was free. Some people just love to complain.

  • @JLP_M & @blakseed on
    i bought that game day 1… i’m saying this for peoples who dont actually have it, to be more easy to get new players and enjoy that great game.

  • This should be $10, it is way to old of a game.

  • Ah i love this games, played the heck out of it when it came out. the wait for its release felt like forever :D

  • @blakseed Just because you don’t agree with someones opinion on a matter doesn’t mean he is complaining. :|

  • Dont be dumb guys. You can buy the game off amazon for 7.99 for the last 6 months.

  • @DaShaka9
    Arigatou gozaimasu ^^ (thank u)

  • Wow $15? I was thinking $10 or maybe even $7 or $8. As @Bredston said, Amazon has had it for half price since forever. GameStop also sales dowloadable cards for it for a lot less than full price.

  • sorry, tried the game. thought it was pretty good

    But definitely not worth $15…even at half that i would be weary. Sorry.

  • Once again, the PSP is completely ignored.

  • @27 AJBS0NIC

    What is a PSP? (j/k)

  • is the DLC needed to have offline multiplayer?

    thanks in advance

  • lol @ JLP_M… already have the game & add on but the theme sounds gr8. I hope ya’ll sell the theme seperately

  • I already bought the game :(

    Want the DLC though.

  • Disappointed that Fat Roles isn’t enjoying a sale price on its own.

  • And this game IS old. It still queues up just fine and you’ll fill a roster in a match or two, plenty of people are still playing. But it’s peer-to-peer matchmaking and if you have a good connection, you have to host the matches yourself to ensure you’re not going to lag too much. Because even on FIOS, you’re gonna lag a little.

    It is well past the time some discount love should be shown to this fame. Discount the DLC, plz.

  • Oh what the beans, I typed “fame” instead of “game”? Honestly. Who does this.

  • If you’re trying to tip people who are on the fence with this game, keeping it at $15 is not a good idea even if you are offering more content.
    To them its the same game as before, they are not even sure if they will like it so they might not even care about the extra content. Or like me they might think $15 is a bit steep, it won’t matter how much content there is for a game they’ve never played. I don’t know, this is just my opinion :P

  • If it was $10 I would buy it in a instant. $15… no thanks.

  • I wanted to buy FP when I tried the demo a couple of months ago, but now I don’t know if I want it because it’s practically the same price. And I know the game would be fine without the added DLC. What do you guys think?

  • A sale on the Fat Roles DLC for current FP owners would have been nice too. :(

    Agreed with many that FP is not worth $15, even with the addons. For $7.50, though, its a good deal.

  • And what about those who already got the full game? Would it have hurt to have the DLC itself on sale?

  • Dang. I was just playing this the other day and i wish more people were playing. You guys need a better deal then this to get the game going again. This isn’t even a sale… this is just a free DLC pack for a week. You guys need to get more people playing, with a HUGE deal. And i mean like 5 dollars. No DLC necessary… just 5 dollars full game.
    I don’t have the Fat Rolls DLC, but if more people played it, i would buy it. I’m sure plenty of people are in the same situation.

  • i LOVE fat princess <3 and i sure miss it

  • Rolled me a Fatty DLC day one but never got around to playing it… This game needs to be given away as a free PS+ download so we can fill the matches back up. Playing against the bots takes away all that made this game fun in the first place…

  • OMG this game is addictive, I downloaded it few hours ago and now it’s 4AM!!

  • No go, ain’t gonna spend $15 on the bundle when I already own the full game, all I am looking for is a DLC deal. C’mon now Santan Monica, you are smarter than that?

  • Nice! But Lame seeing that I bought this a couple months ago with no special nothing-ness… :(

  • How about adding more map packs instead of beating a dead horse?!?!?!

  • Did someone say Torgo Hype??

  • Hey a new FPS! (Fat Princess Sale!)
    Already bought it way back in the day….XD
    Isn’t it time for FP 2 yet?

  • Fat, the last bastion of acceptable stereotypes and discrimination. So glad I don’t own this rubbish.

  • there should be a new add on for fat princess i love this game but would be way better if they added another add on with more maps and new classes

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