ModNation Monday: It’s Gettin’ Hot In Here!

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ModNation Monday: It’s Gettin’ Hot In Here!

ModNation Mondays

No, keep your clothes on, thank you very much. We meant that there is a lot going on in the world of ModNation Racers this time of year. Have a seat, grab a cool beverage and relax because YOU have a lot to do this week!


Junkyard Part Pack is available in the PlayStation Store on July 26th for $4.99.
This pack includes: Doberman, Crushed Car Cube, Car Pile, Tire Pile, Office Shack, Conveyor Belt Ramp, Car Crusher, Car Compactor, Giant Magnet, Incinerator, Oil Drum and Oxy Acetylene Tanks.

Oil Stain Mod & Kart will be available in the PlayStation Store on August 2nd.
Mod is $.99 and includes: Undershirt, Ragged Overalls, Hillbilly Beard, Straw Hat. Kart is $.99 and includes: Mark I Body and Mattress Seat. Both for $1.75


Now you can make some really “junky” tracks on purpose (I kid, I kid. I’m a kidder).

DLC Showcase

With all the recent DLC hitting PSN, we thought we would show you some of the great tracks we have found in our searches. Please let us know if you find any recent track gems like these using any new DLC by visiting our forum HERE.

DLC showcase

Recent DLC: Medieval Mini-Theme
Squires rise up, join this “scribe” and declare this the 25th morn of July in the year our ModNation 2011 the beginning of thy crusade to bring ModNation a really freaking cool olde, olde, olde school Medieval track to the ModKingdom!


Medieval Mini-Theme is available in the PlayStation Store now for only $6.99. Cometh on, the price of your very own drawbridge is worth every half-penny, mark and florin you can rustle up from between your throne’s seat cushions! check here for more details.

Special Limited-Edition DLC: Stowaway Mod & Kart
His wetsuit leads us to believe he snuck out of the chilly UFG offices in Canada and made the long, cold, watery voyage down to San Diego. This must be the case as NO self-respecting SoCal resident would be caught dead in a full wetsuit in the middle of the summer, especially one that matches their pigmentation!


*The Special Limited Edition Stowaway Mod & Kart will not be available for sale and will only be given away in small numbers during upcoming ModNation community events. Check this blog, our Facebook page and the MNR forums for ways to stow him away into YOUR collection!

Creations of The Week:

Track of The Week:
Wu Xing Water Shrine by ArgorokX – One of the best tracks I have played in quite a while. So much thought OBVIOUSLY went into the design of this track and it shows. Driving over the river (and through the falls)? Did you just have me jump into someone’s landscaped backyard swimming pool? Are you kidding me? WOW! ArgorokX you made my day(s)!

Track of the Week

Hot Lap Tracks:
Monday: Wu Xing Water Shrine by ArgorokX
Tuesday: Desert market V 1.2 by lop330
Thursday: Triple Threat Kingdom by GAMEPLAN_412
Friday: Eerie Mineshaft by grey_jeep
Saturday: Big Chill Descent by MylesG
Sunday: Sham’s Desert Oasis v1.1 by ShamgarBlade

Mods of The Week:

Mods of the Week

Another great, Great, GREAT week of creations! Keep em’ coming! Please keep them coming!

Love ya,
Mean it,
Mark (ModNationSD)

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