Free inFAMOUS 2 UGC Vehicles Pack, Search Function Available Now on PSN

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Free inFAMOUS 2 UGC Vehicles Pack, Search Function Available Now on PSN

The very first inFAMOUS 2 User-Generated Content Pack is available now on the Playstation Network, and it’s completely free! In the coming weeks and months, we will be releasing more free content updates that will add new objects to User Generated Content (UGC). In this first of many UGC updates, you’ll gain access to a number of vehicles from the single-player missions of inFAMOUS 2: Bertrand’s Limo, Bertrand’s Semi-Truck, the New Marais Police Car, the Ambulance, and a bike. Heal injured pedestrians from the flipped over ambulance and protect them from the swarm of enemies. Help the New Marais Police department from incoming attack from the Vermaak 88 Ice Soldiers. Or hunt down that pesky bicycle thief.

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Over 50,000 user-created missions have been submitted to inFAMOUS 2 and you’ll need a way to find the missions you want to play. We are happy to announce Missions Search: Simply pause the game, bring up your UGC menu, and search by any term you wish, including PSN user names.

New to UGC? Be sure to check out the inFAMOUS 2 UGC tutorial videos that guide you through the tech and concepts behind great UGC missions. These tutorials will help guide you in creating missions, understanding how logic boxes work, setting waypoints, implementing triggers, and more. Take a look at the first video in the series, Getting Started with UGC.

Stay tuned to and the official PlayStation.Blog for future updates on inFAMOUS 2. Also follow us on Twitter, @SuckerPunchProd, and check out our Facebook Page.

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  • Wish I had the time to make levels, I’m struggling just to finish my games because there are so many coming out!

  • YES!!! Thank you sucker punch! What new stuff will you be releasing throught these dlc’s? Just vehicles? or new types of enemies also?

    • This is the first of many content packs for inFAMOUS 2. Look for more free content packs in the coming months.

  • Very cool, made a couple levels and got the plat too.

    inFAMOUS 2 is a great game!

  • Infamous 2 is a great game……. but it falls flat on its face with UGC.

  • I like free!

  • Oh, great!
    Now I have to purchase inFAMOUS 2 in order to have even more fun than ever. I loved inFAMOUS 1. Keep up the GREAT work.

  • Yeah, I was most excited about UGC but felt like it needed more so I’m happy to see this. I hope you continue to expand on the game a bit more too.

    I’d love to see a dlc pack that is the Origins of Nix and maybe some missions following some other Conduits so you can play as these other conduits a bit and expand the world more. Adding them into UGC as characters would work too but I prefer a Suckerpunch made story for those the most :)

  • InFamous 2 rocks!

  • Maybe we can get some stuff from the first inFAMOUS?

    Like some reapers or first sons?
    Giant robot Alden?

  • Hell yeah!!!!!!!

  • When do we get helicopters?

  • @9 or some of the conduits

  • I can’t find it

  • Nice dog.

  • I’m playing I2 and love it. I tell myself, ok, just an hour & then get to bed. 4, 5, 6 hrs later, uh, oh.

    Have played a couple of the UGC so far. Not great, but still give everyone props for trying.

    And actual dlc from Suckerpunch would be delightful, pretty please.

  • This is so great! I got on Infamous 2 the other day just to run around and blow some stuff up. I got stuck playing UGC for about 3 hours. I’m not that great at making levels. But playing other peoples levels is super fun.

    • Glad you are having fun with the UGC missions. There are some pretty fun ones out there. I’ll be updating the Sucker Punch Picks every Monday.

  • infamous 2 i officially the best video game of 2011!!! Great job PlayStation, Sucker Punch, and everybody and anybody that helped make a great game like this…. I wish PlayStation had more games that are as good as this, only on psn, and worth pre-ordering. the free ugc dlc is just like an icing on a cake(It makes it much better)

  • Free? SWEET!!!! you guys rock!!! and I should take a look at the levels that were in the video, they look like a lot of fun.

  • will there be any skins available as dlc anytime?

  • Sweet! Keep up the good work guys. Cant wait to see the new stuff that will be added!

  • I hope there’s some way Sucker Punch can raise the amount of objects in the missions. I’m trying to get a cool looking tower but due to the restrictions I can’t.

    Another thing I like to see is more refreshes of the Featured missions. Unless I play them they will stick on my map which is slightly annoying because I don’t want to play certain missions, so i’m missing out on the newest Featured.

    Also Collin Moore, I love your avatar. I hope you’ll post more blog entries in the future!

  • Been meaning to create something with the UCG tools and hopefully now, I will have time to do so. Though I hope that it isn’t grueling since level editors on PC have the advantage of a mouse and keyboard and this one doesn’t.

  • Thank you for the update! I tried posting another comment but I guess it didn’t came through.

    Keep up the good work, Sucker Punch!

  • Also is that your dog, Collin Moore? He looks very cute!

  • Is Infamous 2 a good game?


    watch the video! Mission name: Glide and Electro Jump! by ompong1993 THATS ME!!! i made that mission during the UGC beta testing! I was looking for it when i bought the game but i cant find it lol

  • I was sorta wandering, are we those who didn’t preorder (( cause we to lazy or had no money at the time XD)) gonna have the preorder dlcs soon??? I want to run around New Marais as kessler :3

  • Awesome news! I’ve barely played any of the UGC missions….i still havent beat the storyline thanks to all my college work. Alot of those missions look real fun.

  • Loved the game, beat it, but never played a single UGC Mission. I never even thought about building my own level either.

    Adding a LBP type feature in a awesome game makes no sense, atleast it’s wasn’t another rushed multiplayer.
    Not being negative, the game is awesome and already has replay value.

  • Will there be characters and items from the first game in future DLC packs? Also, AWESOME!

  • What about the rest of the crap we were supposed to get? Where are the helicopters, Improved tools, more environmental objects since we cant use 1/3 of whats in game etc? We were supposed to have this update over a month or 2 ago according to SP and they only add this much? I guess they were paying the UGC creators any mind… Sadness… I guess 100th of what we need or ask for is a start?

  • Its really nice of you guys supporting the players with dlc kudos to suckerpunch!!!

    a quick question would any of the upcoming dlc include stuff from inFAMOUS?





  • inFamous 2 = game of the year in my opionion i mean you got regular mission, you got UGC and plus DLC coming up

    what more could u ask for in inFAMOUS 2

    Huge kudus to PlayStation and Sucker Punch Productions :)

  • DLC Idea:

    I like how you can set up a mission with some dialog. Unfortunately, without sound it’s kind of flat.

    My suggestion to take a page from The Sims, and have a jibberish language. Have a frightened on, happy one, sad one, angry one etc…. I think it would really add to the polish of the UGC.

    Just finished game… I loved the new powers!

  • Please make a Dynamic theme with the start of infamous 2 when you choose your karma with infamous 1 save. That would be very nice.

    and if you are making infamous 3 ;) put more “comic” cutscenes than infamous 2. Infamous 1 was awesome because the story rocked and cutscenes were very nice.

  • holy wow i got to make my stage soon then. I’ll make one so hard to beat it will take true game player to beat it.

  • yes baby, this is why i got Hero edition of inFamous 2

    Sucker Punch rocks!!!!!!

    awesome, so pumped

  • yoyo909hhhhhhhhh

    Looks like im buying infamous 2 now.

  • 50 thousand UGC missions…wow thats a lot! can’t wait to play all of them :D

  • This is sick I love this game

  • my vote for game of the year goes to……this game…inFAMOUS 2….yes i know…i know, there is uncharted 3, MW3, BF3, batman, and all these upcoming games, but still i don’t care this my opinion, my vote goes to inFAMOUS 2, thank you sucker punch for this outstanding game!!!

  • inFAMOUS 2 meets LITTLE BIG PLANET! This is what I’m TALKING ABOUT!!!

  • inFAMOUS 2 should be on the news saying its the best game ever because it just took leap over step up your game. To Step Up your Hardcore Play.

    Well if someone got better phase for this then go head and post it. I am unable to make it work right.

  • Are there any DLCS for first inFamous ? And could Sucker Punch make some of them free like infamous 2?

  • like too play so bad but nothing pop up on my downloud dont no what going on with ps3 .Ever sins the outtig this has bin going on. All so downlouded duststar and other games . playstation home dont come up every thing work but does three things!

  • Sharingan_itachi

    Will any of the new DLC or packs will have new trophies? If not, I have no intention of going back to play.

  • Any plans for single player DLC? i want me some more infamous 2 love

  • @Collin Moore, do you think cole Mcgrath could kick the x-men’s A**???
    (serious question)

  • Can we see some Single-Player DLC?

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