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Today is the final day of San Diego Comic-Con, which continues to become a bigger and bigger gaming show. As we publish this post, Dylan Jobe and the Starhawk team are presenting their panel in front of a crowd of fans and media. Of course, we’re filming this, and will show you highlights from it and other panels this week.

Oh, so have you tried Global Resistance yet?

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of July 18, 2011)

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  • Hey Jeff, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed my visit to the Playstation Lounge yesterday, that I mentioned last week. It’s a very fun cool place for anyone to check out some of Sony’s latest and greatest PSP & PS3 releases. I loved the look of the themed demo rooms for GT5, Killzone 3, and Singstar. Playing Gran Turismo 5 in the chair with the wheel was a blast and makes me wish I had that kind of set up for myself at home. Also, Killzone 3 was phenomenal in 3D, which makes the wait for the 3D TV Bundle that much harder. Oddly enough, the Singstar room was packed, so I didn’t fool around in there, but that isn’t my type of game anyway.

    Overall it was a really great place to visit and an easy recommendation to anyone in the NYC area that’s a big Sony fan. I’d like to thank everyone involved in making the Lounge a reality because its fantastic!

  • Can’t wait for Battlefield 3! Might pre-order it next month for my b-day. I also can’t wait for RE4 and Code Veronica HD! Resident Evil 4 imo, was the best game of last generation, among many others! As you can see by my avatar, im a big fan of everything RE, i have all the classic RE games aswell downloaded from the store and i am still enjoying them!

  • Hey Jeff,

    I have tried Global Resistance, and I must say, it is pretty cool! I am on the HUMAN Team and we are getting a butts handed to us though. Still a great side game for the Resistance Franchise.

    Also it seems there are a lot of problems with this blog the last few says with comments, avatars, etc. When will this issue be ironed out?

    • I’m human too, so keep up the fight! Hopefully it’ll balance out.

      You’re right about the tech issues. I’m yelling at people as fast as I can! ^_^

  • Hey Jeff… I gave myself a chance to test out Resistance Global website and it was quite addictive (as a matter of fact, IT STILL IS ADDICTIVE). I was wondering if first party titles from Sony and third party titles from different company work together to give it another run like what Isonamic did with its website? Nice way to get around to unlock several goodies for medals and in-game unlockables. Thank you for that awesome opportunity!

    • We did an inFamous Facebook game as well that’s proven to be quite popular. I personally enjoyed what EA has done with Dragon Age on the web, and Ubisoft has done stuff in this realm as well. I don’t know of any specific plans for 1st or 3rd party titles, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see more such web games tie in to their console versions.

  • hey Jeff, do you think it would be possible to put some playstation 2 games on the store?

  • That 3D article is really interesting.

    Also, when can we expect to get an ACTUAL release date on the Vita?

  • yeah i agree with kingstarbuddy
    PS3 can reneder amazing 3d graphics and you guys say “it only does everything”
    The PS3 fat does the slim “does everything” except PS2 games
    please add an update to play ps2 games on slim or put some on the sotre,jeff!

    and thx

  • Who is attacking the article ratings?

  • Does anyone know if Rovio is fixing the angry birds problem?

  • Oh, lol nvm.

  • @10,11,12.


  • Right now the only thing that has me on the fence about which version of battlefield 3 to buy is Move support. Thats assuming I can shake that feeling about the differences between KZ2 and KZ3…. Which was the lack of dust, dirt, and over all “OMG MY LUNGS SHOULD BE BURNING!” and the feel of an actual warzone. Turbines displacing smoke was a big thing for me in KZ2 as it made me feel like I’m there. Seems like the Differences between Battlefield 3 PS3 and PC are pretty much identical to my concerns I had with KZ2 and KZ3…… I think its time you guys consider a new console if this sort of thing is going to be a continued theme.

  • @PS Blog
    Good move on the HMD’s, you’ll change my tune on 3D eventually I’m sure. I have a lot of issues with 3D and I know I haven’t been exactly silent about it either. Though it does seem that we’re on the same page as far as improvement being needed.

    Just be sure that 3D doesn’t come at the cost of better graphics and other improvements across the board for the system.

  • 2 things..

    1.@9,10,11,12, and sadly 13

    how many friggin comments u gotta post?

    2. global resistance is a piece of crap, i dont gotta friggin facebook and i wont get one anytime soon
    is it u can only log in with facebook or since its a beta it will take a while?

  • Digital-Big-Boss

    For a moment there I thought 14 & 15 were the same as the previous poster.

  • @17 Digital Big Boss
    LOL ya sorely tempted to change my icon now.

  • yea boy ganna get Resident Evil 4 but one question do ya know how much is it going to cost?

  • @16

    1 thing….

    1. Please explain to me how something is “crap” if you have not tried it? Yes, I don’t like Facebook, but all you need a Facebook just to play. It is not big deal to sign up to play. I think the game is fun because I actually have been playing it. Once you play it, then come here and judge!

  • Just preordered Battlefield 3

  • Jeff, I got two question to ask ya, and (Surprise, Surprise) it’s all Racing Game Related:

    1. Do you happen to know if Codies are going to come on here to talk about F1 2011? B/C I’ve been following this Forumla One season, and even if it’s a niche/cult sport here in the US, I would really appreciate it if they would come on here and do SOMETHING so I can ask questions about the game.

    2. Have you heard ANYTHING about WRC: World Rally Championship 2 or Superstars V8 Next Challenge being released here in the US? I can understand if the former is not released here, with it having no US television contract and all that, but the first Superstars V8 game was released here on PSN, and while i liked it, I dropped it like a bad habit the second GT5 came out. I wish the game would’ve never came out right before GT5. It might’ve done better saleswise and maybe would’ve got better reviews.

    Anyway, have you heard anything about either one of those two games? B/C I know for a fact that the same publisher does both games and I’m wondering if happen to know anything about them.


    • I haven’t heard anything about either F1 or WRC 2. I remember seeing that Superstars V8’s sequel existed, so I think I reached out to them some time ago. I can follow up.

  • I don’t know, but we’ll miss you!

  • @Jeff
    “I don’t know, but we’ll miss you!

    LOL did you just flex your ban hammer muscles?

  • Jeff, speaking of release dates, any word on when we’ll be seeing more Final Fantasy XIII-2 back on the blog?

    • Maybe around the TGS time frame? I’m friendly with one of their community managers, so it will definitely happen.

  • Hell yeah Jeff, nice to see you are on the HUMAN side!


    Join the fight:

  • Sept is all about the 4.

    Disgaea 4 followed by Resident Evil 4. Good month.

  • Jeff, great week of news. I can’t wait to see more SDCC videos on the blog.

    And lol at the dude getting the ban hammer. People need to know that you can’t act like a douche and get away with it for too long.

  • Jeff, man, I’d like to believe you, but if anyone is going to get first news of the Vita release date it’s going to either be Famitsu, or it’ll be in Sony’s TGS keynote.

  • Will PSVita have a headphone jack on the bottom AND the side of it? for listening to music and whatnot.

  • Jeff, is there an update on the Angry Birds PSP situation? There’s a title update but original buyers can’t upgrade without re-purchasing the game due to the publisher being changed.

    • Not yet, but I elevated this after seeing comments and it seems Rovio is working with the PSN team on some sort of solution.

  • “Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gets a Release Date: January – Giant Bomb”

    It’s nice to see stuff on Giant Bomb are being read by people at Sony

  • a little off-topic but why isnt minecraft announced to be on ps3 yet? I really want to have it on ps3 so idont have to go on my slow pc and if u cant put it on ps3 can at least put it on the ps vita?

  • I don’t think Limbo should be $15 when it’s been out for a year on Xbox live, and it’s like 2 hours long.

  • starscreamers-19

    I dont understand global resistance, do you only get the special skins, and stuff if you pre-order the game

  • Thanks, Jeff <3

  • Thanks for the Angry Birds update, you the man now dog!

  • whats wrong with gta 4 i lost alot of money in online :(

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