Sideway: New York Gets First Trailer, Hands-on at Comic-Con

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Sideway: New York Gets First Trailer, Hands-on at Comic-Con

Oh dear, sweet PlayStation.Blog, how I have missed you. When we were last snuggling under the covers in the fall, I was announcing Sideway, our upcoming action platformer based on the in-development cartoon series from the wonderfully twisted minds at Fuel Entertainment. I then spent hours (which turned into days) hanging out in the comments section, waiting for somebody to ask me about my dogs or that time I met Kris Kristofferson.

But no. No, all you wanted to talk about was the game.

And what a game it has turned out to be! If you don’t believe me, CRAM THESE INTO YOUR EYEBALLS and I dare you to tell me I am wrong!

Sideway: New York for PS3 (PSN)

Sideway: New York for PS3 (PSN)Sideway: New York for PS3 (PSN)

Sideway: New York for PS3 (PSN)Sideway: New York for PS3 (PSN)

Oh, did the screenshots convey that we have hours of mindbending levels full of danger and challenge that will make the paint run from your veins? Or that we support drop-in, drop-out couch co-op so you can play with your friends or that the bosses in the game are unlike any you’ve come across in your gaming life before?

Did the shots at least convey the basic conceit of the game: that you painted over the wrong dude’s tag, and that you, in fact, are now a moving 2D painting in a 3D world?

Regardless, if you’re interested in seeing what all of the above is really like, we’re juuuust putting the finishing touches on a demo for Comic-Con this week in San Diego. Oh yes, my friends, that’s right—when you come by Sony Online Entertainment at the Con (Booth #4436), not only can you check out the awesomeness that is Sideway, but you can also win some cool Skullcandy headphones and earbuds when you come by and play the game. Perhaps most importantly, as a bonus, you’ll get to hear me kvetch about the heat and how much more crowded and sweaty Comic-Con gets every year and that Patton Oswalt really should be the next Robin.

“But whoa there, champ…What about me? I’m not going to be in San Diego this week. How do *I* get to experience this magic of which you speak?”

I am glad you asked, friend. Because if you read the headline at the very top of this blog post, you will learn that immediately following it is the Earth’s very first look at the teaser trailer for “Sideway”. See? Reading can be fundamental *and* rewarding.

Hope that wets yer whistles, folks! You can come by and play it with us this week at the Con!

As always, you can always follow us at to get development updates and upcoming giveaways as we get ever-so-closer to the release of the greatest action platformer…of all time…

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  • Ok, I’ll bite: tell me about your dogs.

  • Idea is cool, gameplay looks fun but the art style makes it look like a cheap flash game.

    • When I first met you, Neil (halfway through your first sentence), I thought we could be good friends. But lately (after the second half of your sentence), you’ve *changed*, man. What happened, man? You used to be so cool…

  • Fez: New York.

    And yeah, the art style looks cheap.

  • When I first met you, Neil (halfway through your first sentence), I thought we could be good friends. But lately (after the second half of your sentence), you’ve *changed*, man. What happened, man? You used to be so cool…

  • Sorry, Scott. I’m not saying it can’t be a great game!

  • Very interesting concept. I have no qualms with the style. It suits the game.

    • Thank you, Anddo, you classy and sophisticated individual.

      The art style is based on the upcoming cartoon series, BTW…

  • That was tricksy :)

  • Scott, for some reason , half the videos on the blog won’t play on my iPADD, so can’t watch yours right now. Good luck & best wishes @ CCon.

  • Whoa! I’m sold. That looks amazing. Everything, including the style. Day one purchase. How many hours are you looking at trying to hit and how much?

    And Scott, while no offense is intended to other developers that post on here, just seeing how peppered this comment section already is by your replies marks you down as one of the coolest developers that’s posted on here.

    • Sweet! Dunno if SOE has set price, but $9.99 sounds fair to me (a bargain at twice the price!)

      Hours depends on how much you suck at platformers, I guess…

  • Scott Simpson WELCOME BACK to the BLOG! :)

    I remember last post you were not only funny, but you answered everyone’s question! Even if it wasn’t a question about the game, LOL. Now that Comic-Con is here, and I know more about this game seeing trailers on YouTube, IGN, and now here, you can color me excited, or spray-paint me excited! :)

    Few questions:

    1. Confirm or Deny: This game will sell for a low price of $9.99? If Not will Plus Members get a Discount on Day 1? The only reason I am asking about the $9.99 price is because I read on IGN that it will go for $9.99!

    2. Around when can we expect this game? I really hope soon, Cause I want to play this beautiful looking game

    3. Since NEW York is the setting for this game, will we see my hometown Los Angeles next? Please say yes :)

    Thanks and I am now following you guys on Twitter, and will be looking forward to this game! This game is on top of my PSN list of games!

    • Yes, I am glad they took that chest of drawers off me so I could get out of the house and make it to Comic Con. Thanks for welcoming me back!

      Best I know is:
      1. Probably $9.99, but i don’t know if that’s official, so…”pseudo-confirm”?
      2. You can expect it WHEN WE’RE DAMN GOOD AND READY (“late Summer”).
      3. No, Then you’d stop after two games.

      <– SMRT

  • I started watching the promo and five seconds in my mouth was just hanging open in awe. This is quite a feat as I consider myself a pretty jaded gamer. Really neat game!

    Cross platform play with PSV? Do it! :)


  • Yes.

    Take my money.

  • Hey there me again…. I would love to see you guys maybe selling some [DELETED] or some really cool and colorful looking posters!
    Let us know when those go on SALE!

    1 more thing to add, if the games plays as good as it looks, the game get a 10/10 from me! Early review is in!

  • LOL why are post comment post being moderated?

  • I like the art style but it’s really lacking in the tech/polish department judging by the trailer and screens.

    Iffy framerate, no anti-aliasing, low-res baked-in shadows and I’m guessing it’s the texture filtering method used making that angled wall look especially blurry off into the distance in the first shot.

  • The first 3D/2D transition freaked me out… my eyes were like WTF?!?! Can’t wait to try this game out.

  • Don’t listen to haters….

    If the game plays as good as it looks the game is a 10/10…There is my early review! And the 1st review of the game!

    Please tell me there will be shirts, and cool looking posters.

    I think why I was being moderated, I spelled Shirts WRONG, and left out 1 letter (r), that made it…..

    • …that made it a brown, nutty shirt. Makes sense.

      And I’m not hatin’ the haters. The game won’t be for everyone, and we think we have a really cool game, so that’s all that matters to us.

      Well, except for the money and chicks.

  • This games looks good..just gotta say if its more than $10 there better be online not too fond of the couch co-op for my friends dont know how to leave my apt at an appropriate time >:/ I was kind hoping this game would be about you stomp or spray paint- or whatever harmful fluids that fit in a spray can – your enemies in a 3d world..with a 3d character..*hint for a new game ;) ..but i guess running on walls and roof tops is fine…cant wait to get more info about this game.

    • If the game is over $10, I’ll eat…something less-than-enjoyable.

      No online co-op this time, but I’m scribbling notes for a sequel AND THEN WILL TOTALLY TAKE CREDIT FOR IT LATER…

      Hey, how about an Easter egg that turns the soundtrack to polka music? That ought chase them out of your flat…

  • Scott, you are awesome for dealing with snarky fanboy criticism with humor and grace, seriously. Now if you discount this game for Plus members you’ll be even awesomer!

    • That’s up to SOE to discount. Hey, I’m a Plus member, too, so I’m sure the discount for me will make up for lost revenue.

      Hey, wait a minute…

  • Wow is there an edit button, I need to re-read my post: Let me try again

    What I meant to say in comment 18 is:

    Will you guys be selling shirts, and posters for this game? I love the art style and colors

    *I think I know why I was being moderated… I spelled Shirts WRONG, and left out 1 letter (r), that made it…..

    • There is a potential plan in place for all kinds of crap (er…”collectibles and merchant”), some of it maybe even free around launch time…


      (especially since nothing is confirmed, yet)

  • I had been waiting for details on this game FOREVER. So much so, that I scoped the W!ldbrain website and found a description of the gameplay. I already knew it was going to be awesome. I just wasn’t exactly sure what it would look like until now.

    • Well, we’re here to help (mostly), I swear…

      Come on by and you’ll never miss another update…probably.

  • Umm… You guys should try implementing some anti-aliasing.

    Just sayin’..

  • Also please try to improve the framerate… I’ve been looking forward info on this game and I’d hate to see it fail critically.

  • I know there will be a Sideway 2, have in in Los Angeles! There are lot of spray paint graffiti all over Los Angeles, Hollywood would also be a cool level too! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

    • Maybe Sideway 2 is a municipal worker who jumps around the city cleaning up the graffiti from Sideway 1…



    • The only problem will be accessing Gaga’s cheque, as it will be wrapped in latex, chrome and spikes.

  • This game looks interesting and fun, I’ll be kind enough to add the 9.99-14.99 (Possibly) to the hundreds of dollars I’m going to spend on videogames this year! :)

  • Looks great, Day 1 for me.

  • Loving what I see already! My eyes burn with awesomeness!
    Also, I, for one, really enjoy the art style and as a cartoon-nut, I look forward to the upcoming series! (when and where will it air, if i may ask?)
    I want to see MOOOAAARRR!!! (lucky comic-con attendees…)

    • Rawk on the eye burn!

      MOOOOAAARRRR is coming!

      Cartoon series TBA from Fuel and W!ldbrain, but check out for news on the series as well…

  • man, it looks freaking cool . Quick question ; can you customize your character as you level up or is it all just rank based.
    p/s Props in creating a fresh new platformer

    • No customization as we’re using toons from the series, but I think in the sequel, we’ll have lots of that…

      Thanks for the Props!

  • Okay I will buy this game just because of your dedication to reply to everybody’s comments.

  • searching for secret things will be as hard as hell. :(

  • I just don’t get it! KIDS THESE DAYS pft!!!

    Whats up with the first few comments? Are they not seeing the same trailer I just saw? That was totally bad ass. The art style and concept looks SO amazing. I’ve never seen anything quite like that. I just wanted to make sure that these fellow psn’ers have had their eyes and brains checked recently. A cheap FLASH game? WTH! SMH… seriously. face palm x10…

    Anyway, can’t wait to see more. Until next time :D
    Keep it up Scott.

  • Looks great!

    any demo coming soon?

    PS: it’s great you are replying to everybody here!

    • Quick, fly to San Diego!

      We’re demo’ing all weekend at ComicCon, which coincidentally gives me lots of time to write replies to comments…

  • Now on my radar. Love good 2D platformers.
    Would like to maybe see Sideway: Athens BC. They had graffiti back then too.

    • The problem with the ancient Greece platformer is that togas lift with the wind when you’re jumping around, and we don’t want an M rating…

  • If I drive to San Diego right now will you get me into Comic Con? I will come on Sunday!

    • I think Sunday is an open day? Don’t know if you need a pass Sunday.

      Otherwise, passes go for a carton of smokes around here. Just like prison.

  • Scott Simpson, you are the man. I wish all developers answered comments like this xD.

  • It’s been a while since I’ve heard about this game. Glad to hear it’s coming soon.
    Those unnatural rabbits will taint the streets with pink fear. ^_^

    • “unnatural pink rabbits tainting the streets with pink fear” needs to go into the marketing mats, stat!

  • Looks awesome. Kinda reminds me of Crush on the PSP (in a good way). Can’t wait.

  • Ok, Scott, I came home & switched to wi-fi (shakes fist @ ATT 3G) & watched your trailer.
    Looks great & fun. Loved all the girly pinks & purples which are shamefully absent in Playstation. Hope you sell like hotcakes.

  • I actually thought this was a Parkour game when it was announced but its totally mind blowing. I can see why you guys been patient and so quiet, the game looks amazing and I can’t wait to play it when it arrives

    p.s. I think would be fabulous on the Vita with all its great control schemes. Especially the gyro’s and back Touch Pad.

  • that looks fun, too bad i dont like games that gives me motion sickness

  • This game looks insane!

  • I’ve been excited for this ever since I saw the weird Bunny-Vomiting-Other-Bunnies-Thing in October. And, if this were on Vita, I’d buy it a second time, it looks that awesome.
    Also, any news on a vague release date? Fall, end of summer, winter, 2012, last year?

  • trying to reply to every comment again like last time, I see…Muahahahaha.

  • Sharingan_itachi

    MIND BLOWING 2.5D o:

  • Scott,

    How are your dogs NOW? I know you were suffering earlier. It looks like the little dude in the trailer had some kind of special powers to turn into a ball of flames or something else red. Correct me if I’m wrong please. Does little dude have some kind of super powers? Is there a cool backstory or straight narrative that goes with these powers (if he has any)? I’m assuming that because there’s a show coming there is. You have me intrigued, sir.

    • Yes and sorta and yes. It all makes game sense, but the real canon will be the show.

      My dogs became rabid wolves two hours ago.

      Being a Booth Babe is tough. Especially wearing all this Lycra.

  • Ok I just watched it again on a larger screen and that dude is a 2D cutout-like object flowing over 3D space…Feaking Awesome!!! It like Jake the American Dragon w/soulpatch meets Echochrome with a pair of steel shiny balls. SOLD!!! And he did turn into a red ball of something while wall running. What’s the scoop on that?

  • This is Day 1 to me, my jaw just dropped

    • I thought I heard a thud.

      In related news, each reply I leave drops the rating of this page, like, 0.05 or something.

      I believe the site thinks we’re in a flame war.

      So yeah, let’s get some controversy going…DEATH TO THE SUN!

  • Ahhaahahahaah, you’re that legendary guy that replies to every comment! I love it!

    You’re gonna reply to me now aren’t you?

    Anyways, do you read NeoGAF? It’s pretty ballin’ mang

  • ZOMG, this looks AMAZING! I love the concept. I love the art style. I love the music. And I love the overall attitude of the whole package. Can’t wait to play this. It looks like a mind-bender indeed. Great job, guys!

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