R3 @ Comic-Con: Join the Global Resistance Right Now!

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R3 @ Comic-Con: Join the Global Resistance Right Now!

Greetings from San Diego and the International Comic-Con. Hopefully you caught all the cool Resistance 3 coverage from last night’s episode of Gametrailers TV. All-new and exclusive footage from St. Louis, a new cutscene showing Charlie Tent and the Remnants, and the re-imagining of the classic Breach mode that is a huge-fan favorite.

Last night, IGN Editor Colin Moriarty moderated a panel on Resistance 3 featuring Creative Director Marcus Smith, Art Director Grant Hollis, Animation Director Kevin Grow, as well as voice actor Robin Atkin Downes (Joseph Capelli) and Crispin Freeman (Charlie Tent). The panel covered the Resistance universe, showed some of the new St. Louis footage we debuted on Gametrailers TV last night, and we discussed the St. Louis level, along with its mysterious story implications about Charlie Tent and his ragtag group of rebels. And from there, we gave the audience a behind the scenes look of the motion- and performance- capture that we used to bring the characters to life in Resistance 3. Since you all couldn’t be there with us, check out this highlight video of some of the best moments from the panel.

We also announced a new online strategy game complementing Resistance 3 that will live on www.myresistance.net/global.

Global Resistance is a free-to-play online strategy game set against mankind’s final stand in the Resistance Universe. Enlist as a Chimera or Human commander and take over the world to unlock exclusive Resistance 3 multiplayer skins, in-game titles and XP boosters. Customize your base, build and deploy your personal arsenal alongside thousands of other players, or attack on your rivals directly in head-to-head skirmishes. Will you join the Resistance… or crush it?

We also have a trailer for Global Resistance! Check it out below:

The game is live now – though you have to sign into MyResistance.net with your Facebook or PSN Username in order to be the first to check it out!

That’s all for now – hope you’ve enjoyed the coverage this week, much more on Resistance 3 to come very soon. For all the latest, be sure to Follow Insomniac Games on Twitter or Like Us on Facebook.


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  • Neat! I am going to check it out soon! Hope you deliver on plenty of goodies up on the front!

  • By the way, I KNOW you say you only have multiplayer goodies for pre-order… BUT NO PRE-ORDER GOODIES FOR SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGNS??? How shame… :-(

  • I can’t wait to buy it.

    When are you guys gonna show footage of the co-op campaign and some more multiplayer modes?

  • That game look nice, I hope you dont need facebook to play it because I want to try it!

    By the way, Canada is still part of that resistance! Put it on your site or at least north america it would do too.

  • I don’t see a way to link my PSN to Global Resistance, I can only login using facebook. But I did play around with it yesterday (before the servers became full), and it was entertaining. I love how I get to level up, which unlocks more of the game.

  • cant wait to play it !!!!!! loved the demo !!!! Resistance is back

  • any Resistance playstation vita news ?

  • The web game is nice… just mildly confusing to learn

  • I can caz moar Resistance beta plz?

  • I don’t see a way to log in with my PSN credentials…

  • I saw the camera man in Gamespot’s video lol.

  • @dragon your facebook account is probably already linked to psn, there is an option under account settings.

  • lol @ the end.

  • Hey is the resistance 3 survival edtion coming to the US?

  • Is there anyone better to host a Resistance panel? I DOUBT IT!

    Great job Colin, BEYOND!

  • Very interesting panel! The game’s shaping to be GOTY material for me. Can’t wait. 9/6/11 can’t come soon enough. A little sad about the lack of a US survival edition but oh well…. :(


  • that-acmilan-guy

    Demo on the PSN? :'(

  • Can Anyone Tell Me When The Beta Will Start .Know It’s A Slim Chance Seeing no Questions Are Being Answered Here

  • Hey its Togusa from GITS! I didn’t know the VA’s name, but as soon as he started to speak I instantly recognized his voice. Cool stuff, I wish there was more interviews and stuff like this for VA’s in games, cause to me the VA’s are an extremely important piece of a game, and seeing them in person is kind of like meeting the stars behind the curtain.

    Because lets face it, the VA’s make the character, and since there is no real characters (because they are animated of course) the VA’s are the real stars of the show.

  • The Global Resistance game is very addictive. I was playing for about 3 hours but got kicked due to
    maximum capacity. When will you add more player capacity?? I Can’t wait for R3!!!!!

  • Quote:

    + Hobartbob on July 22nd, 2011 at 4:26 pm said:

    The Global Resistance game is very addictive. I was playing for about 3 hours but got kicked due to
    maximum capacity. When will you add more player capacity?? I Can’t wait for R3!!!!!


    so true…so addicting but got kicked due to maximum capacity…thats wack!!!!

  • you guys working on the blog are doing a great job, huge improvements in the last 3 months.’

    thanks for the great content, keep it up!!!!

  • M1riflecarrier14

    The game looks awesome, i cant wait to get my hands on it. Sept. 6 is gonna be the biggest day of 2011 for playstation . The Global Resistance game looks like a great addition to the franchise. I just wish i could log in with my PSN username, instead of my facebook 2 try the beta. Insomniac, please fix that.

  • Is there no way to sign into myresistance.net or play Global Resistance using my PSN id, or anything other than facebook? I do not intend to ever have a facebook account.

  • Can’t wait its gonna be sweet

  • Played Global Resistance a bit today…did a fine job of pissing me off. Had a well thought out and executed plan that FAILED because the conditions for taking territory are unclear…and by ‘unclear,’ I mean not a single person know it, and what makes sense doesn’t work.

    How am I supposed to make a plan when I don’t have a clue what the win conditions are!? I’ll give it until Monday. Past that, I’m out.

    I hate to come here and just complain about stuff, but seriously…this was just bad.

  • Colin, now that you made it to the playstation blog i believe you can make it anywhere. BEYOND!!

  • I was a Resistance fan up until today.

    The “Territory Control” aspect of this Global Resistance game was ommitted leading to everyone in the community wasting hours on this game. To add insult to injury, Insomniac tells the community that there wasnt anything missing because in their minds they are the creators and therefore the game only has to work how they want it to work, not what 99% other normal human beings expect.

    And then they banned those in the community for asking when they were going to complete the game. And they asked about as nicely as you could have expected given the circumstances.

    The developers were rude and made distateful jokes to some members of the community.

    They remind me of the people in the Jackass movies. They didnt care about anyone they were just “Jackass’s” and did what they wanted. Never have I ever felt dislike for an actual company, but now I know what it feels like. I wont buy their product anymore unless they apologize for this “Global Resistance” mess and their moderators who blatantly lied and mocked the community.

  • Global Resistance was fun though until we realized it was all smoke and mirrors and it didnt actually work.

    It would be great if they fixed it and hired better PR people.

  • this is about as close as it gets to resist-con on the chimeran homeworld ;)

  • BEYOND!!

  • Way to go Colin! BEYOND!

  • This game is going to be AWESOME!!!! Can not wait! This is a day one buy just like the other games.

    I saw a similar video on the GameSpot site and I believe it was Rey Gutierrez who was recording this video and he walked right into the middle of their camera and stayed for a good minute or two. I thought it was pretty funny.

  • Will the beta only be for those who bought SOCOM 4? Or will PS+ members also be able to get into it?

  • this game is awesome and I need it.

  • @35 R3 Beta Is Only Going To Be For Socom 4 Voucher Codes And EU Plus Members Sucks Enough Being We Won’t Get The Collectors Edition.Anyway It Might Be A Good Thing I Can Put The Money Towards The Other 7or 8 Titles I Want To Get That Comes Out Behind It.Beta Will Be Starting First Week Off August

  • As a huge R1 fan, I was really looking forward to this game, but you guys had to get greedy and give us a huge F YOU and add an online pass to this, so you guys just lost a consumer.

  • You can also get in by playing their song Rock Band 3 and getting one of the top five slots in the battle

  • BEYOND, Awsome interview. PS for life. Ressistance 3 better kick ass in multyplayer, thats where most people like to spend most of their time.

  • Will this play on the ps3 browser????? I doubt it, thats why yah need to upgrade it.

  • I just checked out global resistance. Stupid. Why do we have to sign in with facebook? Why can’t we do it with psn id? If this was just (or only) a facebook game, I’m out. I don’t use facebook.

  • Playstation pass equals no go, I wasn’t going to get this boring looking piece of crap anyway, lol.

  • OH.MY.GOD!
    Global Resistance is epic! And I can’t wait to get Resistance 3 :D

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