DC Universe Online at Comic-Con: “Fight for the Light” DLC Revealed

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DC Universe Online at Comic-Con: “Fight for the Light” DLC Revealed

Greetings from San Diego Comic-Con! Here on the show floor we’re happy to be showing DC Universe Online’s first expansion pack – Fight for the Light. Light powers have been a huge fan request since before launch, and we’ve created an entirely new power set from the ground up with new abilities that deliver on the power fantasy of wielding light constructs in combat. We’ve put way over-the-top weapons that you could only imagine right into your hands! We’ve worked hard to build on the existing gameplay mechanics that players love, and to apply them in unique ways that give the new powers a look and feel all their own.


Exercising your creativity and bringing your imagination to the fight is a huge part of being a Lantern, and we wanted to bring that feeling to our players. With light, players will now be able to combine weapon-based combos and superpower abilities in way that just feels right for a Lantern. You can create things like hard-light boxing gloves and use them as a new “on the fly” weapon that comes complete with its own combos. Not only that, these combos can also link to other abilities and hard-light weapons. This allows players to create their own unique sequences of attacks as well as react to the changing face of the battle. These abilities don’t even have to be loaded out to be combo’d into! Open with a huge light whip to stun your enemy, call in the boxing gloves to work them over at close range, and then finish them off with the rumbling charge of a locomotive to mow them down. This is the stuff that Lantern lore is made of, and so far at Comic-Con, the smiles have said it all. There’s nothing quite like rolling in an Apache Gunship from your full super charge to make a Green Lantern fan happy, and I can tell you after three days of not-stop use it still brings a smile to my face.


In addition to the new Light Power set, players will also be able to experience all-new adventures that take them from Coast City to the Sciencells on Oa. Deep inside S.T.A.R Labs, players will gain more insight into the disturbance with the Power Rings. With light powers, players can create a new character where they receive their Lantern Corps reservist ring and begin to unlock its set of pre-programmed constructs, or to re-spec an existing character to experience the new controller class. With the depth of the combo linking, we feel like most players will want to explore this deep new power set from the beginning, but we wanted to give the players the option of jumping into the deep end straight away with the new content. We’ve seen fans light up when we tell them they’ll be meeting long-requested characters like Vice and Atrocitus from the Red Lanterns, see Lyssa Drak reading from the Book of Parallax, or hear the wise cracks of Guy Gardner as they fight back to back.

For a taste of the action, check out the brand new “Fight for the Light” trailer above

“Fight for the Light” will be available for $9.99 later this summer, and is the first of many downloadable expansions we’re preparing for DC Universe Online. The decision to go with a series of smaller expansions released periodically allows us to get new things to players faster as well as react to requests and the live game in a way that a more traditional larger expansion would not. We know that our players have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of light powers, and we had to get it right for our incredibly loyal community. We hope that you will feel that it was worth the wait!

If you’re lucky enough to be at San Diego Comic-Con this year, please stop by and say hi to us at the SOE BOOTH #4436, where you can be among the first to play through a hands-on demo of the new “Fight for the Light” DLC Pack. We’d love to have a chance to show you more and get your reactions. There’s nothing like being able to spend some time talking to our players face to face and to hear how your hero or villains have evolved, and we’re excited to do even more at our fan event on Saturday night. This will be live on Stickcam.com and the DCUO Facebook page…and I promise we’ll get those Facebook questions I didn’t get to in my last late night marathon Q&A in there, too.

We thank y’all for playing, and for making this one of the most rewarding experiences I can possibly imagine. We’ll see you in DC Universe Online! As always, be excellent to each other.

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  • So Apart from the monthly payments we the players have to pay to play DC Universe Online, we also have to pay an extra 10 dollars for DLC for the game? Doesn’t seem like a good deal for players.

  • ^^

    If that is true, that is so lame.

  • @1 I’m glad u said that. So true. Any DLC should be free for this game!! Whats the purpose of paying monthly for then?

  • this is great news, though I’m not a Green Lantern fan, I dont really care much for controller role powers, but I might try it, are there any news for a new Tank power or Healer power?

    Oh, I’m back from the dead..and who do I ask/call to be able to use this account on the PlayStation Forums?

  • I’ve noticed there are A LOT of whiners here about price, don’t play if you dont want to worry about price, I think it’s price is good where its at…(although I would like for them to at least lower the price to a reasonable $5.99/month…)

  • I don’t have a problem with price, but when other MMOs add-on it’s done without an extra charge. The updates are part of the subscrip[tion fee. A few expansions have been done on this game at no charge. Why should this be different? Subscribers paid for Cataclysm (sp?) but that was a huge chunk of material and that’s not what this is. Please tell me where I’m wrong and I will be corrected. I know, I know, if I don’t want to buy it don’t. I agree. But I do want to. Can we get a demo like the one you’re doing this week at comic con to see if it’s worth it? That might sell it to people. Ya know, test it for 20 minutes.

  • Well, I can say without a doubt most and foremost that the reason they are complaining about the MMO and the DLC content presented here is because they are just not in abundance with what they see free within the game vs. having to pay both attributes in a way that doesn’t meet their obligations.

    If that is how they feel, then they will not pay-to-play against their own will. Simply put, the more they here about this article regarding the content, the more likely they will become skeptical of any ideal pay-to-play MMO based game like DCUO.

  • Wow was totally in love with this game from the beta, but after the first month I stopped playing it because I kinda “finished it” <-shouldn't happen in an MMO. Was really pumped for the new expansion (GL one of my favourites), but now we have to pay?!?!? For something that should in all honesty be a free update? Even WOW and GW have the decency to create full blown expansions before charging us more. This just seems like an update, but with a price tag.

  • @8 I am the exact same way. I was so hyped for this game for years and even paid the $30 for three months, but I stopped playing after the first free month. I also agree that this xpan should be free especially when it’s only adding a power that should have been in the games release. Oh, well maybe in another year they will have enough content to bring me back. Maybe SE will fix FFXIV and release it on the PS3. Dreams…..

  • This game doesn’t have a huge player base like the other MMO’s that give out free DLC which is why you have to pay for this. Not to mention it’s only $10. If you can’t afford $10 then you honestly need to think twice about paying a monthly fee to play this game.

  • Exactly why I’ll never own a subscription based game…RIP OFF 101

  • Will there be a mission where Major Force kills someone and sticks them in the refridgerator?

  • Hey anyone want to fill me in on why sony wants me to pay a fee on an update when i’m already paying the p2p fee, i mean you think they’d give us this free and use this press to bring back some of the players to all the dead or just about empty unused servers…..you know just a thought..

  • dc universe sucks after getting past level 30 i think sony should give me back my 60 dollers back and send me a box so i can send the game back for a refund since the store cant refund it becuase of the personal data saved on it which sucks and i dont care what there policy is i should have the right for a refund on this game

  • @10 OK, and why doesn’t the game have huge player base? If you don’t know it’s because most left after the free trial when we had reached lvl30 and got tired of doing the exact same things everyday. Anyways I also don’t think anyone is saying $10 is expensive, this xpan adds an additional power, which is a power that was supposed to have been in the game from the start. It wasn’t and now because the game doesn’t have the huge player base they are making the few remaining players pay for what was supposed to be free.

  • @ 10 & 15.. i think you guys should look at he player base it well over 1.4 million. You can sit here and say every onleft hich is th furthest fromt he truth. a expansion pack of green latern was probaly piad becuase of the movie going on and pay to get him.. But this exp[nsion pack is way bugger then wat Rdr put out .. you donthave to pay fro them all. So stop with untruthful comments. this is good for the brand .. it s only 10$ not 15$ like co d doing. also with psn plus it might be cheaper so hold on to your hats

  • Price seems fair if it adds more than a content-update’s worth of stuff to do. It’s only $10, and you don’t have to do the stupid search for a retail copy of it like MMOs of past times also.

  • @Byuchaos
    Do you even think before YOU type? This is a lot of our first MMO… Seeing as it’s the first for console, they’ve reached a whole new demographic! That being said… i bought the game the day after the PSN outage… so i couldn’t play for a month… then the freezing issues made it pretty hard to get to lvl 30… and once i was there the freezing made it IMPOSSIBLE to enjoy the game! THEN the empty servers makes it even harder to wanna stay… so yeah… i think that they should offer everyone the DLC for free… bring some players back… show us they are really committed to their customers! *Giving us armor and Marks of triumph is the easy way out* But charging us after all the bull we’ve put up with… not cool!

  • Completely STUPID to have to pay for DLC in an MMO!!! It’s not like it’s some huge expansion to carry the game on like in World of Warcrap…EPIC FAIL S.O.E.!!

  • @ 20 no it s not. wow warcraft and many other pc mmo you have to pay a charge some high as 50-100$ a exapnsion pack,. so stop wit the crying. 10$ is a great value for a mmo expansion pack

    stop with your beittle ment of sony you xbox troll.

  • sorry for my typos in post number #16 i meant bigger not bugger . lol..

  • WHY ARE YOU CHARGING ME FOR THIS!? Back in this games hay day it was said all DLC was going to be released MONTHLY for free – that was one of the main selling points for why there was even a subscription fee to begin with. Fast forward to today and there have been no major updates to this game at all besides the valentines day crap and saint patties day junk. I do not support companies that lie to the consumers, next month my sub is up and you can bet I will not be renewing.

  • @23 some dlc , not all ..

  • to everyone whining and complaining, you people do realize there is a difference between a minor “DLC” and a full “Expansion Pack” right? SOE has so far kept to their word of free DLC’s (Valentines DLC, Catwoman DLC and Two Face DLC were all FREE). The Green Lantern Expansion Pack is more than a simple DLC, its adding a whole new “world” to the game. Before we just had Gotham and Metropolis. Now by the sound of it, SOE is also adding Coast City (hometown of Green Lantern Hal Jordan) with a side mission to Oa (planet of the Guardians). If that is true, than i say $10 is a very fair asking price (although a 30% discount would be even better for PS+ members).

    And stop acting like this is new. We’re all gamers here and know how MMO’s work even if we play console games instead of PC games. Are you people just now climbing out of your rocks for the first time? WoW, Star Wars and many other MMO’s have all dropped expansion packs for their gamesbefore that usually cost about $40. A $10 expansion pack isnt the real problem. The real problem is the monthly fee. I agree the monthly subscription should be knocked down to at least $10 a month for everyone, or at the very least to PS+ members.

  • I think it’s great what so ever! In the initial game offering the idea was to have DCUO conitnually expanding. That’s what’s so exciting about it now! DCUO or nothing!!!!! Notwithstanding the fact that the video looks good, opens up a completely new realm of possibilities for game play, and there’s more to come!!!


  • LOL at the people still whining about paying for a MMO. Ya’ll act like ya’ll forget that the Fortress of Solitude come out very soon that is FREE!!!!!!! This other stuff is a little expansion that is gonna expand the game for $10. Stop whining all the time about things you don’t get that we are getting.

  • @10: it’s not wether you can afford it or not, it’s the principle. DLC in a MMO should be and IS free. This is just another way to try and nickel and dime us, just like online pass and paid DLC that should be free. Companies keep trying this because there are some suckers out there that don’t care for principle and are “yes sirs” and buy any DLC wether it should be free or not. And this will become a standard if we continue to purchase DLC that should be free and not say anything to the companies. If we don’t act now things are going to get worse!

    I was going to pick this game up but poor updates and not keeping your word made me not get this game and now with charging for DLC, makes me want to get this game even less. I will only pick this up if you keep your word, support this game with quality expansions and keep them free.

  • Me WANT, MUST HAVE….. *starts to droll*. As the trolls that are complaining about having to pay for this EXPANSION PACK (note expansion) move on. I mean this is more than just simple add on content. According to the post it adds on new areas, missions, a new class, and probably more than that. So yes this is an expansion pack, and yes they should charge for it. So if you are going to whine about the outage (which is the hackers fault not Sony), of that you feel ripped off for it keep in mind that this type of content is more labor intensive to create than what they have added on here and there, and so they need to charge for it other wise they would be lose a heck of a lot of money here. So if you have never played an MMO here is a lesson for you, you have to pay monthly and expansion packs for them (which I have seen some that add less than this) also have to be payed for.

    *End of rant*

    All trolls leave the station please.

  • Is this a paywall or could you just ignore the DLC.

  • @Mcbuttz78 It’s so popular that they had to combine the PC and PS3 servers. I’m not complaining about paying for an xpan I play MMOs and I don’t have a problem paying the subscription fee or paying for xpans. What I do have a problem with is the monthly updates that were promised and never delivered on. Like one person said the Valentines thing and Catwoman were they only ones. The Valentines thing didn’t happen until until almost March. Now they a charging for a power that was promised to be in the game. Trust me I know what I’m talking about I was following this game 4yrs before it actually came out.

  • I thought the 60 dollars I paid for the game on day one was the price of admission. And the 15 a month thereafter was to pay for content updates and server maintenance ect… Is this not how MMOs work? Yes this is my first MMO and if that makes me stupid….well then you’re just stupid.

  • buzz off troll. it’s because it’s cheap.

  • This isn’t how you MMO

  • I’m glad I never renewed my 30 day free trial. It’s very dissapointing to see a monthly fee, then on top of charging for each DLC expansion…that blows donkeys!!! Then it takes them nearly 7 months to produce the first expansion with many more to come…SOE you’re really lost your mind!!! My collectors edition will be collecting dust and pretty much rendered useless.

  • Thank you to whoever removed the all caps message about cross game chat.

  • I am ecstatic.One raid alone with 8 people that are good is literally some of my coolest moments in gaming.
    I had swore off DCUO because of no lifetime like PC folks.

    I could not erase the save data tho 50 gigs Sitting there. I knew, yes I knew..I canT ReSiSt It! ..I HaVe… tO..play…aGaIn!!….WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO OUR RINGS LANTERNS?

    Eradicating Data Bleed…

  • I love this game and I can’t wait for this DLC!! The missions are great!
    Also read the post before you jump to complain: “The decision to go with a series of smaller expansions released periodically allows us to get new things to players faster as well as react to requests and the live game in a way that a more traditional larger expansion would not.”
    This time I agree 100% with SOE , I don’t want to wait a year to get more content, I rather paying 10 bucks and get Light Powers NOW. Also If you really can’t afford paying 10 bucks for a online game, you should not be playing online, you should use your connection to get a better job.
    There is a difference between complaining and whinning. The first one is constructive criticism in which you usually suggest a solution, the second one is “complain in a feeble or petulant way”. Nobody wants to hear the second one.


    This is a great game and I’m tired of everybody complaining,belittling sony,and getting pissed…”Oh little Timothy cant spring for the DLC what ever shall I do???” Well you could save up so that you can enjoy it for yourself someday.That way nobody has to read through constant complaints but instead read about Great game as it gets talked up by it’s fans…Just Saying P.S. Cant wait to control in a whole new way and pwn me some Tanks ^^

  • Let me throw some information at you people so we can all be quite and wait with epic glee as we see the release hopefully drawing nearer.

    1. This game has been out for less then a year, and we are expecting an expansion already? this is practically unheard of! think of it guys…raising the level cap, fighting along side fellow ring-slingers…new city’s, new villains, seeing the guardians they way they were meant to be portrayed and not from that horrible movie.

    2 Have any of you who are complaining actually taken the time to read the EULA? Better known as the Terms and Conditions they make us read with each patch update? Allow me to paraphrase for you people
    “you agree that you will pay for any patch updates or expansions when they are available”

    They aren’t asking for much even…it’s another 10 dollars. that’s a pack of cig’s for some people, a case of pop, or a meal from burger king…i think we can go without a meal from burger king for a day to get this, don’t you?

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