New Test Yourself DLC Packs Incoming

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New Test Yourself DLC Packs Incoming

Hey everyone! Bill from Creat Studios here with some great news for all you amateur psychologists: The next two test blocks Test Yourself: Attention and Test Yourself: Memory will be available July 26th. As their names imply, these add-ons will measure the user’s attention and memory through a series of tests. These packs will be available in North America for $1.99.

The goal of Test Yourself is to provide users with an affordable, professional assessment of various aspects of their personalities and psychological abilities. After the release of the initial pack, we received a ton of positive feedback about this game and we are very excited to release the next part of the Test Yourself experience. Users who complete all of the test blocks will receive a full psychological portrait and will better understand the complex characteristics of their states of mind. The initial game Test Yourself: Psychology, which included test packs for Intelligence and Nervous System, was one of the top five downloaded games on PSN and is available for $2.99.

Test Yourself is a serious scientific product developed by a team of professional psychologists and counselors. The product’s affordable price is part of an effort to support increasing public interest towards psychology. By combining a scientific approach with the fun of the PlayStation platform, Test Yourself offers an accessible and enjoyable experience for audiences of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

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  • When you gonna fix the orange color in display settings! ITs the same as the yellow color! ANd will there be an option to remove app icons such as netflix, qriocity and the photo icon? And lastly have an option not to display the rectangle bar in the top right hand corner or be able to move it to other corners! THANKS!


  • A good way to test yourself…I like that. Tried it and looking forward to get some more trophies out of it plus to test my brain on this stuff. Good Work on it.

  • Memory…..egads! I probably wont remember that I typed this 10 minutes from now. That said I will likely buy it!

  • I do have the initial pack and I’m definitely buying these too. :-) Will it have new trophies? Thanks.

  • I was gettin a little worried that the other parts werent coming out since it’s been about two months since the first came out. I liked the first subjects, bring it!

  • What about privacy? Will our “profile” be downloaded and sold to third parties for exploitation or surveillance?

    • Absolutely not. Your results are your own. The only thing people would be able to see is the trophies you have collected.

  • Test yourself not buying this DLC! :P

  • Seems very interesting. Reminds me slightly of Big Brain Academy, ya know, that motion-control game for the Wii? It was a bit cartooney (as are a lot of Nintendo’s offerings), but still interesting to see that pentagon which guages results to each of your brain’s levels

    I may wait until all of the DLC is released, and possibly offered in one big bundle, before buying. As of right now, though, I’m broke (had to renew my PS+…and get that awesome Borderlands bundle).

  • what exactly is this?

    • Test Yourself lets the player get a better feel for their personality and abilities. It is different from IQ testing games in that it has been developed by a team of psychologists and based on years of studies. Test Yourself combines the science of Psychology with the fun of the PlayStation 3. You should check it out!

  • look usefull game ;)
    i have a question, is it only in english? cuz i’am canadian french, and i want french subtitles at least :) thanks in advance!

  • Oh good, I hope this can help some of our psychology student who have PS3. Also, I never though you can use video game to teach psychology. I wish they can make video game that can teach biology (specifically Biotech and genetics), that would be awesome since I’m a summer student interning at NIH (National Institute of Health).

  • Very interesting. I’m sold.

  • Maybe it will help me become a better Dolphy trainer? Or concentrate on baseball more and make the big leagues? If not it sounds like fun. What attention span? Oh Oh! ;)

  • That video explained absolutely nothing. I will be getting them though. Nifty little game. Hope it keeps getting support.

  • I want to test myself with new Cuboid puzzles ! Please !

  • sounds great need to try

  • sounds great I need to try this one.

  • Definitely want this at some point but probably going to wait for a bundle. How many more are expected to come out anyway?

  • I got this for my wife, who is disabled with schizophrenia, and the exercises are very helpful for her! Thank you for this. I, too, was a tad worried that it had been dropped, since it took a while for more. I’m glad to see you’re still chuggin’ along with it!

    Quick question: I may not have been paying attention properly, but does it only handle one person? I’d like to try it for myself as well as my wife, but I had trouble figuring out how to start a second profile. Forgive me if the option was right in front of me and I spaced.

  • Hey playstation fans this sounds great.Btw if any of you have cod black ops and u want to be in my clan send me a friend request and ill add the name of the clan is BOOM

  • Can you explain why this article lists the price as $1.99, but it is being sold for $2.99!!! If I would have known the add on would be as much as the original “game” itself, I never would have picked up the initial “game”. How do I get a refund on the original pack since this is clearly a case of false advertising?

    Also, please patch the instructions. The very loose English language translation makes it impossible to clearly understand the purpose of some of the tests.

  • I have to agree with the previous post. I was disappointed to see the price in the store today of $2.99. Yes, it’s just a dollar, but the entire game is only $2.99. Also, from the looks of the file size, this “add-on” might already be included in the game.
    My wife and I enjoyed playing the initial game, which I decided to buy after this news of the additional content. But this game will cost more than other PSN games once all the additional content shown in the game as “coming soon” is released.

  • Very cool, I will be getting this. I was just wondering when and if any new packs would come out since it always says “coming soon” on the original app. Looking forward to them all eventually being released.

  • I couldn’t help noticing that the Test Yourself: Attention pack wasn’t released on July 26…

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