NBA 2K12: Jordan, Magic, Bird, and PlayStation Move

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NBA 2K12: Jordan, Magic, Bird, and PlayStation Move

Ronnie2K here! I have been a contributor on the PlayStation.Blog many times, and I am back again for the yearly NBA 2K news cycle. Today I am extremely excited to announce the cover for NBA 2K12, the latest game in the unrivaled basketball video game franchise that sold over 5 million units last year and garnered over 20 ‘Sports Game of the Year’ accolades.

As a kid, I remember watching basketball religiously. Looking back, there were three icons in the basketball world that stood out for me, all for their different strengths. I imagine you late 20s-early 30s gamers know exactly who I am talking about.

Fast forward to 2011. Yes, this year we have not one, not two, but three cover athletes! And not just any three players. We’re talking about three of the NBA’s greatest legends: Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

NBA 2K12 - JordanNBA 2K12 - MagicNBA 2K12 - Bird

As you can see, the new stylized NBA 2K12 covers are a unique, one-time departure from the traditional 2K Sports brand artwork and spotlight each legendary athlete on his famous team: Michael Jordan on the Chicago Bulls, Larry Bird on the Boston Celtics, and Magic Johnson on the Los Angeles Lakers. The Bird and Johnson covers will be available only at launch while supplies last for PlayStation 3 so you’ll have to jump on the game early to make sure you get your favorite.

I thought that we couldn’t do things bigger and better after last year’s first-time inclusion of Michael Jordan. But by putting three legends on the cover, we’re really speaking to fans across all generations and celebrating the legacy of legendary ballers, past and present. Larry Legend with his unmatched jump shot, Magic with the unstoppable Showtime Lakers, along with the incomparable Michael Jordan are players that gamers of all ages can appreciate. From a marketing point of view, this will be an unprecedented year for things we can do to bring the only basketball simulation game to your homes.

In the coming months, we will be discussing the various countless features and modes that make NBA 2K12 unrivaled. In the meantime, for those who missed it, please feel free to check out Kobe Bryant showing off NBA 2K12 using the PlayStation Move at the Sony Press Conference a few weeks ago at E3. Yes, the PlayStation Move will be back and better than ever in NBA 2K12 so more news on that soon. Also, below you will see the first screen shot from NBA 2K12.


As always, thanks to the great people at PlayStation for giving me this time to talk to you about the NBA 2K12 cover. And of course, thanks to you passionate Sony fans who have helped us make the NBA 2K Franchise what it is. Make sure to follow us on Facebook to see exclusive info for the NBA 2K Franchise in the coming months or hit me up personally on Twitter anytime.

I’ll be taking questions below so feel free to ask any follow-up questions. I am sure I will be posting another blog in the coming weeks. Thanks for reading!

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  • Cant wait to pick this game up!

  • Looks impressive.

  • Dirk shouldve got the cover

    • Dirk’s accomplishments speak for themselves and he would have been a worthy selection, especially after getting over the hump in his quest for a NBA Championship. But with the opportunity to bring the three greatest legends of all time and pay homage to them, it was a opportunity we couldn’t pass up.

  • Ronnie2K can you tell me if in 2K12 will we be able to play with Classic teams in online exhibition and in private team up games?

    • Hi Rome, that has yet to be announced. Many features like that will come to light over the coming weeks.

  • Hey guys, I am here fielding questions. Hit me with them!

  • D-Rose should have been on the cover!

    • We have a great relationship with DRose, I had the pleasure of meeting him last year. After his MVP season, another great candidate. But how could we possibly pass up the opportunity to have the three legends?

  • I love these covers… and the continued legends approach.

    Shame that the Bird and Magic covers look off. The smoke behind the player should be their team colour. Green smoke behind Bird, yellow behind Magic.

    It looks great for MJ though

    • It’s funny you say that because I know that was attempted. Two things… how much different do we want the covers to look? Don’t want to confuse people to buy what they think are different games when the game is the same. And red is our brand color over here at 2K Sports, Green and Yellow would clash against those.

      I think the end result made for a brilliant cover, even transcendent. I would argue that this is the best sports video game cover of all time, no question.

  • Ronnie2k are all three games the same? or will each game have a game mode specific to the player on the cover? for example the magic johnson cover will only have his game mode instead or michael jordans or larry birds?

    • Good question Sc0pe. The cover is the only thing different. The game disc will be the same and the modes will be the same. As time passes, it’ll become clear what we do with bringing attention to the legends a la the Jordan Challenge mode from 2K11. But the modes will not be specific to the cover you get.

  • Also… I’m a long time NBA 2K player, but I have a beef.

    Why did you guys remove Rucker Park and the other outdoor areas for the 2 v 2 pickup games? I used to love playing there.

  • Ok thanks for the response Ronnie one more question are the Bird and Magic cover going to be available on the 360?

  • BTW, I would be remiss to say that we appreciated so much your guys efforts in “unlocking” the NBA 2K12 cover over our social media. We have been trending most of the past 24 hours, really a testament to you guys and the quality of our game.

  • @Sc0pe92

    That would be a huge letdown if each game has exclusive content… and then eventually you gotta pay extra to get it.

    Not like NBA 2K has ever done this… but its a growing trend in the industry, and I’m a cynic

    • Yes, we’re not looking to make you buy all three to get content. We know there’ll be a lot of collectors who will but we want to bring you that single “best sports game of all time” experience that we are known for.

  • Is Reggie Miller in the game? gotta be.. lol

    • We have gotten a lot of questions like this today. Not surprising. This will become clear as time passes.

  • Is there going to be more CG pre-game, half-time, and post-game videos? I liked what you did with Michael Jordan at the beginning of 2k11. I was dissapointed that wasn’t put into the rest of the game with other teams.

    • A lot of people liked that opening montage in 2K11. Some of that was discussed during E3 for 2K12 and I am sure upcoming Developer Insights will address that further.

  • The game looks great, with more and more information coming out about this game it’s hard not to get excited for it. Makes me want to fire up my association on 2k11 hah, but I was wondering has the NBA Lockout affected this game in anyway? Also are we going to be able tell this game is a step up from the last when we play it? The screenshot of gameplay looks better, did you guys work on all the character models? I like dirks leg muscles ; )

    • Good question Druw. The fallout from the lockout will become clear as we go along, but I think the cover really proves that we’re putting our foot on the gas and it’s all systems go.

      I have been blown away by the jump up in character models this year. That will also become clear in the coming months.

  • Is Charles Barkley going to be playable in the game since other players like M.J. and Larry Bird are?

  • Ronnie 2k Are you going to add more classic teams?

  • how do we know which cover we’re gonna get if we pre-order online?

  • Is there going to be a “clutch” feature implemented (similar to what EA is doing for Madden 12′), where each player’s ability can be changed based on how well they played in previous games and which teams and players there going up against?

    • We have that a little with NBA Today and our Living Roster features. I imagine there’ll be more news on that in those Insights in the coming months. Stay tuned to for the latest and greatest.

  • Hey Ronnie. You guys did an amazing job and the release wait was worth it. I can’t wait for October 4th to pick out my cover at GameStop! But a few questions. 1. What’s your favorite cover? 2. When is the gameplay, demo, screenshots and etc. coming out? 3. Is there going to be major changes to my player? If you can answer any one of these questions, I would appreciate it.

    • I hate to say it, but my favorite cover is the MJ one.
      We have our regular news cycle that’s extremely thought out. I’d imagine it won’t be too different than last year so monitor that schedule.
      My Player is a feature that blows up more and more every year in popularity and depth. I’d imagine this year will be no different.

  • Covers look great!
    When will we get more news?

  • Is the dunk contest going to be part of the All-Star weekend in season mode in 2K12?

  • ham1111111111111

    i live in Switzerland, so will all the covers come here ?

  • Are you guys planing anything to keep the players that retire these years in the game like a retirement team or roster? Example i want shaq… So if i want to do a fantasy draft i could get him..

  • Will the 2000 decade team be on the game? Or at least Allen Iverson?

  • Is there new unique voice over work by the sportscasters for each team? No offense but in 2K11 the same sideline reports came in for every game I played.

  • Also, will Charles Barkley be playable?

  • they should let you be able to spectate your friends games and are they fixing the spin dunking the back down and just regular spin dunks

    • We often get the Spectator mode request. Let’s see if this is expanded on in the coming weeks.

  • Hey Ronnie! Congrats on your new NBA2K12… cant wait to play those… S/O to Jerson as well and all the 2K staff!
    Looking forward for new changes in the game for better gaming experience… NBK2K11 was great but with little flaws especially the CPU “RUNS” (8-0 run glitch) i hope u guys fix this AI on 2K12… coz its really annoying and it spoils the gaming experience…

    —We will keep on supporting you guys! Great Job! NBA2K ALL DAY! EVERY DAY! \m/,

  • also fix the cpu defense to stop jumping so much.. the pump fake glitchers take advantage to this

  • hi ronnie,
    3 questions/opinions:
    1. i think you should pay more attention to online gaming – presentation isnt as good online, servers could be better, i have to adjust defensive settings and tactics every game (why no save for online settings?)
    2. i think 2k was very well balanced, with only one exception: shot release and three pointers in general. in some games i have 1/20 for no reason – even if i have open shots. i think 3 point shooting was balanced better in 2k10, for example hitting a three with ginobili in 2k10 was easy, in 2k11 his release time is strange!
    3. will the phoenix suns with majerle, k.j., barkley be playable this year? would be great! and please make shawn kemp look better than last year. :)

    and i hope i can contribute to the soundtrack anywhere in the future – i make good music. in the producer contest i couldnt participate because i’m from europe. :(
    greetings and thanks for these great nba games!

    • You can always submit music to Good luck dude!

      I am sure online is about as high a priority as could be. There’ll be more on that as the weeks pass. Will pass your note on about the shooting but make sure you try out 2K12 and give feedback for the patch. And as far as other legendary players, answered it a few times in this chat, check it out.

  • Ronnie, any chance of any kind of DLC this year like old school arenas, more shoes, ect?

  • oh, and please no lockout-simulation – i don’t want to play without players! :D

  • One more question, will national teams be available this year? That would be awsome (especially for ‘My Player’ !)

  • It’s going to be really really hard to put down 2k11..this game will have to take it to another level because 2k11 is so good in itself

    • Well I promise 2K12 will make you put it down. I thought there was no way I’d say that but it couldn’t be more true.

  • Hey Ronnie…..

    1st off it was really nice meeting you a couple months ago a E3. I also want to thank you for replying to my e-mails (that is great customer service) I am so happy that 2K has announced 3 of the greatest Legends of All Time.

    Here are some questions:

    1. Since there are 3 players gracing the cover of the game, will there be a way that 2K has a Collectors Edition this year where all 3 covers can be bought for cheaper. 3 Cases all for $99.99 (add in some other extras too, like a new locker :). I really want to collect them all since I am a huge fan of the NBA2K Franchise.

    2. Will new Classic Teams be added? I would love to play with the 2000-2002 Lakers (Kobe and Shaq), against teams like R. Wallace’s Blazers, Reggie Miller’s Pacers, and now retired Yao Ming’s Rockets etc.

    I already have this game pre-ordered, and I can’t wait to see what you and 2K has in store for us in the coming weeks! Please have some sort of Collectors Edition!

    I will pick up all 3, but in order

    1. Magic Johnson – Lakers fan here
    2. Micheal Jordan – Greatest of all time
    3. Larry Bird – I know he killed the Lakers, bot I was too young to see those games, but I also have HUGE respect for him

    • Nice meeting you too buddy! And I don’t mind at all.

      I would love to see a Collector’s Edition (really thought we should have had one last year) but nothing to announce there at this time. Not sure what the plan is there!

      Answered the Classic Teams thing a few times, check it out.

      The Larry cover is pretty sick too.

  • P.S. Good to see you back on the PlayStation BLOG! :)

  • Is NBA 2K12 going to have MVP chants on the road and the MVP chants shouldn’t sound like a choir group it should be like 20 different voice screaming MVP MVP MVP!

  • Are you guys bringing new Michael Jordan Moments? Which brings another question to light—- Are you going to be doing this with the other NBA 2k12 cover players?

  • Thanks for the answer men thank god someone is answering :-) and one more when we are going to see gameplay for nba 2k12…………and i saw some little details on the pic with and i was really excited about these little touches that the game needed to be perfect……..

    • Doesn’t make sense to have gameplay this early. Let that cover breathe. We have our very well thought our PR schedule. Gameplay will be here before you know it.

  • I shoot forgot to mention. I hope 2K adds a on-line room where you can only pick Classic teams to battle people against the world!! That would be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know a lot of if not 90% will pick the Bulls, but I will take them with my man Magic “Showtime” Johnson! :)

  • Thanks for answering Ronnie. I appreciate it.

  • Hey Ronnie, any new team-up/my crew features?

  • Hey are these Covers only for PS3

  • In NBA 2K12 is there going to be an All-star Weekend or are we going to be in that ridiculous so called park? And if yes there should be a skills challenge, harier shooting, horse, dunk off, 3 point shootout, celebritry game and the all star game. And this should be included in My Player Mode.

  • will you be able to play your friends in ranked matches?

  • Is the crowd this time about going to be more realistic? What i mean by this are they going to react to things like how they should? In NBA 2k11 it seemed like they were cheering and out of their seats for every dunk, no matter if it was the away team.

    Are they going to holler MVP for MVP candidates?
    Are they going to shut up when their player gets posterized?
    Are they going to go nuts when they go on a 20-0 run?
    Are they going to “boooooo” the Miami Heat? Espicially if its at Cleveland?

    Sorry for all the question, but thanks for being patient! I love the game! Can’t wait for 2K12.

    • I understand the enthusiasm. I definitely think it’s going to be one of the things they’re looking to improve upon. The Insights are going to break down the exact specific so stay tuned for them.

  • NBA 2K12 Needs REAL COURTS!!! in NBA 2K11 i’m not going to lie, but every single court was wrong. Starting from the lightning in the crowd, the highlights on the floor, the name of the courts on the courts, the colours EVERYTHING! please fix that in NBA 2K12.

    • We grab the courts straight from the stadium guidelines. I’d appreciate more specifics as that’s a detail we get recognized for being so spot on with.

  • Why couldn’t all 3 legends be on the same cover?

    • You’ll see why shortly :-)

    • Also, I mean there are some people that get upset having rivals on the same cover. You may appreciate Magic as a Lakers fan but then you probably weren’t so thrilled about Larry on the Celts. So that all was considered as well.

  • Oh. Can you add in the last name Searight (See-right) or is it too late and I’ll need to wait for next year?

    • Too late for 2K12 unfortunately. I am actually looking at a way for people to submit this in an easier way socially so stay tuned to our Facebook page.

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