Scribble Shooter Comes to PlayStation Home + Weekly Update

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Scribble Shooter Comes to PlayStation Home + Weekly Update

Boasting addictive top-down, shoot ‘em up action and an incredibly unique art style (hand-drawn by one of the developer’s 12 year old sons), Scribble Shooter received accolades on the 2011 E3 show floor from the likes of IGN and left players that visited the virtual E3 booth in PlayStation Home begging for more. This Thursday, July 21st, Scribble Shooter will finally be released into the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home and we’re inviting YOU to come get your hands on this game and see what the buzz is all about. Visit PlayStation Home’s Central Plaza to play the first level of this awesome retro-style arcade game. Then pick up the full game as an arcade cabinet for your PlayStation Home personal space and defeat each level’s boss to unlock special rewards. It’s one of the most fun casual games you’ll play all year and it’s only available in PlayStation Home.

Lockwood Publishing releases their new line of Delirious Squid items this Thursday, July 21st. From rapping squids to bears in dresses and girls with tentacly faces – nothing is too bizarre for Lockwood’s latest clothing line. Also available this week from Lockwood are four new companions: Bunsen and Spike are two hard-rockin’ lizards who get their kicks head banging to loud music and swishing their tails to smashing guitars while Al Cabone and Mr. Ska Bones are more mellow fellows, shambling around with a spring in their skeletal step. Check out this video for a sneak peek at the new Delirious Squid content, available this Thursday from the Sodium store in the PlayStation Home Mall.

Also available this week from the PlayStation Home Mall: Lifeguard outfits (courtesy of Lockwood Publishing), tons of Billabong clothing items for the guys and the gals, an assortment of MyDeco furniture, and even a Cole McGrath costume from inFAMOUS 2!


This Friday, July 22nd, we will be hosting a special “Game with the Devs” event with the makers of F3AR. Head to PlayStation Home’s Gamer’s Lounge between 3:00pm and 5:00pm PT (6:00pm and 8:00pm ET) to meet the Day 1 team (just look for the following PSN IDs: FEAR3DevAndyK, FEAR3DevBrad, FEAR3DevBrianM, FEAR3DevBrianL, FEAR3DevZach, FEAR3DevTJ, FEAR3D3evDeadFred, FEAR3DevLeo, FEAR3DevAnthony).


The PlayStation Home Community Theater will be updated this Thursday with a ton of new, exclusive videos. First up, LittleBigPodcast returns with a video showcasing the three final finalists of their LBP2 level-creation contest. Next, Gamer Indepth takes a look at Scribble Shooter and introduces the Who’s Who of Home. Finally, Platinum’d releases episode 7 where D-Edge and BZBee’s epic final battle draws closer and Jess reveals a secret of her own.

See you in Home!

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