ModNation Monday: Alien Invasions Are a Good Thing

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ModNation Monday: Alien Invasions Are a Good Thing

I recently discovered a fun user-created track Meteor Base Attack by OnePoppa) only days after the release of the new Alien Invasion Mini-Theme DLC in which the following happened…

  • I jumped through the rear end of an alien space ship (always fun)
  • Avoided an alien ship shooting its destructive laser beam at me in hopes of frying my kart (succeeded)
  • Had a disembodied glass-enclosed alien head shooting fireworks at me from an Army tank
  • Escaped yet another alien spaceship trying to warp me up into its belly for who knows what “scientific reason” (this also happened in my early 20s)
  • I leapt over the planet Jupiter (always been a dream of mine) and drifted around the rings of Saturn!

And oh yeah… all in the first lap! INSANITY I say! Good, clean, insane INSANITY!!!

ModNation Racers: alien

If you don’t have the Alien Invasion Mini-Theme yet, make sure you get it soon to guarantee that aliens won’t swoop down and harvest those loose “better judgment” cells from your cranium. We are always here to help! You’re welcome.

Get it now in the PlayStation Store now for $6.99!

Here are a few other DLC Showcase tracks we found this week:

ModNation Racers: dlcshowcase

Please let us know if you find any recent track gems like this using any new DLC by visiting our forum here.


Medieval Mini-Theme will be available to purchase in the PlayStation Store this Tuesday, July 19th for $6.99!

It looks like it’s time for some of the MNR D&D (not D4D) clan to come out of hiding. Bust out your harps and lutes, polish up your suit of armor and grab that tunic out of the laundry because it’s a Renaissance Faire ModNation style!

ModNation Racers: medi

Now you can place that drawbridge over your moat, surround your fortress with trebuchets and cannons, or just hang out at the local tavern’s banquet table. Any way you set it up you’ll truly become the “king of da castle”. (Note – ModNation not responsible for any damage inflicted to nearby villages through unsupervised use of your town’s trebuchets or battering rams). Check it out here.


Gladiator Parts Pack is available to purchase in the PlayStation Store now for $4.99! Like we said before, “why buy this? Two words Trojan Horse!” Done and done! :-)

ModNation Racers: glad

Creations of the Week

Track of the Week: NOT A Tie!
Sham’s Desert Oasis v1.1 by ShamgarBlade

ModNation Racers: totw

Hot Lap Tracks:
Monday: Sham’s Desert Oasis v1.1 by ShamgarBlade (I am going to be looking for more great tracks to come from ShamgarBlade. You made what I consider a quintessential desert oasis track. wOOt!).
Tuesday: Downtown Derby by EvilPinata (Possibly my favorite Big City DLC track do far. It felt like a living, breathing metropolis, realistic, yet fun at the same time).
Wednesday: The Arctic Chill by StealthReborn– (“Q: Hey Mark, I’m all about the racing. Who will not disappoint?”… A: StealthReborn—).
Thursday: Elite Hidden Tsina Temple by RockToonz (I’m starting to understand why his tracks start with the word elite!).
Friday: Exotic Expressway (Fixed) by VintageOctopus (the title worried me but the track delivered a very fun race through and through).
Saturday: ALIENS VS DINOSAURS by RADBOYROB (I honestly did a spit take when I saw a dinosaur chewing on the Rings of Saturn!).
Sunday: Ice Age by flathletics102 (Loved the Woolly Mammoth but especially liked the campers in the campground. Chuckled every time)

Kart of the Week: Flame Thrower Joe’s Jeep by Shelbot3001

Mod of the Week: Flame Thrower Joe by Shelbot3001
I was actually frightened for my fellow competitors in races when this Mod would lean over the side of his Kart extending his flamethrower directly in my opponent’s face. Shelbot3001, what’s next for gosh sake? You rock!

ModNation Racers: cotw

More goodies next week people!

Until Monday, Earthlings,
Mark ModNationSD

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  • Come on Mark Modnation Monday is starting to get a bit Boring, Sorry but its tru,e any news on anything but minipacks?

  • Hi Mark

    Can you ask the team,when is going to be new stuff for karts and mods??, I just imagine a “horse” kart (like the dragon and swan karts style) for that Medieval DLC theme LOL. And Something like the Kratos special Kart style, but different body for that Gladiator Parts Pack DLC. A boat style, maybe galeon style body kart, for that Pirates mini theme. Etc..

    Could be awesome right?

    • Actually very cool ideas!

      There are a few more DLC releases soon, mostly some pretty nice parts packs. Check the blog for updates.


  • I really have to buy this game, why am I waiting so long?

  • I really enjoyed modnation racers, but haven’t picked it up to play in a while. Any chance we could see a discount on the career expansions in the near future? Want to try one and make sure it’s work the $10 before picking them all up.

  • That tank in the Aliens prop pack would make a nice kart….just saying. ;)

  • The Career Expansions are good DLC, tigerfodder.

    They each have five new career tracks, complete with tokens, bonuses, and payoffs, which unlock numerous new creation objects for making Mods, a new theme and parts for making Tracks, plus new trophy sets.

    Sure, it could be a couple bucks or thee cheaper, but it’s already higher value DLC than most other games offer.

  • And to be totally clear, I am talking only about the Career Expansions – Far East, Big City, and uhhh the snowy one.

    I am absolutely not talking about the Mini-Themes. I do think those are well over-priced for having no Mod creation items.

  • Glad you are coming back!

    Most of the DLC you are seeing is VERY recent. We are trying to showcase the DLC in Top Tracks (see above DLC Showcase) for players to get an idea of what can be done with the themes / packs. The Alien and Arctic themes have been VERY popular and I think the new Medieval theme will become very popular too.


  • Can you take a look at my creations? I think they’re pretty good, but I don’t have many downloads, thanks in advance.

  • @moriarty1975

    I thought that too lol, I wanted a body part like that since killzone tank kart release

  • Ey Mark, That “Kart Challenge” sounds like a very cool idea… That’s my area :P

    • hmmmm we cant run a contest per se’ but I know someone that knows someone that might be able to tell someone who picks Creations of the Week.

      Just sayin’ :)

  • Thanks for putting another of my Elite track at the hot lap ^_^

  • When can we expect the MNR GotY edition?

  • @Frejim

    MnR wasn’t chosen as GOTY last year, (unfortunatelly) so don’t expect that. That’s only for VGA’s award winners

  • Hey Mark, I guess ‘The Big Apple’ was bit too close to reality to allow as a hotlap offering after all, still, thanks for putting it up on the top tracks! :)

  • Will there ever be an Arctic Track Theme? Making tracks with slippery snow and ice just like all those great classic kart games from years before would be awesome!!

  • @16

    There is one already. But contains high tech, newfangled non-slip snow & ice.

  • Mark can you check out my creations, I dont publish many as i have high standards but they’re good so please check them out! I’m probably going to submit some for them for hotlap this week. 0_o

    I was also wondering if my old track Jungle Marsh v1.3 was on hotlap as it has lots of plays.

    onle last thing, Do you guys check out modnationonline? The people there have good ideas and are friendly.

    (Sorry for the wall)

  • Mark can you check out my creations, I dont publish many as i have high standards but they’re good so please check them out! I’m probably going to submit some for them for hotlap this week.
    —— I’ll give a few a look-see

    I was also wondering if my old track Jungle Marsh v1.3 was on hotlap as it has lots of plays.
    —— I looked pretty far back and it doesn’t seem to have been. It must be a pretty good track for that many races!

    onle last thing, Do you guys check out modnationonline? The people there have good ideas and are friendly.
    —– I check there a lot. They do a great job!

    (Sorry for the wall)

  • MNR is competing with Burnout Paradise for most DLC ever.

    Even though I already own the game… I’d probably trade it in and rebuy a ‘complete edition’ if that ever came.

  • :D Woah, wasn’t expecting my track to get track of the week! Thanks guys!

  • Hi, I am a Japanese MNR fan. Can I leave a complaint here lol
    Do you know that even the arctic and the big city themes aren’t still in store in Japan and it is said that these won’t be sold from now on.
    However, Japanese xp race also has new DLC tracks and trophy information(both in Japanese) has been added as well.
    I don’t know why Japanese fans are made light of like this.

    Someone please persuade SCEJ to sell the 2 new themes lol
    Excuse me for leaving such comment here!

  • Mark, did you notice that hot lap is glitched??

    all times are at 0:00:00 , that’s not good :S

  • hey mark,
    Are there any new features coming to playstation ?
    keep up the ggood work

    • Thanks for the props (no MNR pun intended)!

      What new features are you referring to? As far as MNR from here on out it will pretty much just be new DLC. Good stuff to come!

  • hey mark,can u tell the team if they can make like a bike or motorcycle(same thing) as a new model

  • I still haven’t made a 10% ranked Hot Lap. Guhhhhhh.

    Plus no action for mods that I easily drop 2-4 hours making?

    I am still not level 30 and I am a preorder player. :P

    I guess I should have just made some pop culture icons into mods and coasted on that fame. *o*

  • Top track isn’t a tie this week?

    Someone’s batting for a gold star ;)

  • talking about aliens…how about a chimera costume and kart?? I would be freaking awesome :D

  • Mark – thanks for picking my track for Hot Lap this week! It makes all the effort worth it to see creations showcased like this. It encourages us all that there’s every chance we’ll get something publicised if we put the hard work in! Cheers!

    • Thank you!

      I appreciate what goes into making a great track and take my choices seriously. I really enjoyed your track alot (as I think lots of others will too!).


  • :/ I didn’t see my track on hot lap. Is that supposed to be yesterday or next monday? All I saw was the Snowy Shrine Speedrun with the glitched times on Monday.

  • Its all good. :)

  • Is there going to be a way I can make a track underwater?
    Also, I need tips how to make some insane tracks.

  • I love aliens need to get thid DLC now.

  • hey mark,(last question)can u tell the team if they could make like a city like to cruise around and have the garage place in story mode as the garage and the paint shop u go through it and make ur kart be randomize.if they wont make i understand

  • I think you guys should make a karts pack 5 karts , 5 unique designs ,and new parts. Ex .1 A kart that looks like a saleen s7 or a tesla

  • Great idea but we can’t use or promote IP (Intellectual Property) / copywriten items such as those.

  • Cool, but the game is getting boring.

    • Have you tried the over 500,000 user created tracks! Enough tracks to race once a day for the millennium!

  • Great new DLC and I buy as I can afford it..

    Question: Will there be any free “sponsored” mods and karts in the future such as the Progressive stuff? Seems like there would be a good market for that, and Mountain Dew has a history of sponsoring race games. That’d be a great thing all around.

    Question: Will we ever see the “old time” race trucks we see in the loading windows? Those are sweet.

  • Your DLC Showcase Forum link doesn’t work (For me anyway)

  • hey can you help me get my track noticed, hopefully for hot lap, i its “new zealand quake final”, i made it after the 7.1 quake that hit my hometown christchurch last year, since then we suffered a 6.3 that leveled the city centre, and another equally damaging 6.3.

    anyway i would love my track to get more exposure, ive even got the link to the red cross in the description in case anyone wants to help by donating :)

    thanks heaps from new zealand!

    ps freaking loving modnation!

  • dancinglights800

    Hey Mark, can u from UFG launch a full track theme? in the space!, with the space tour, with glass roads, zero-gravity triggers (or ramps), satellites and more!, or the fairytale props pack! (silly idea) with castles like the Disney’s magic kingdom, with Dragon prop spray, somethig like Shrek or Rapunzel…, this pack can be used together with the medieval mini theme, and also new things to “control the elements section” like storm with lightining and nightime with stars, sorry this text is so long, but i hope you like my ideas ;)

    PS: Please Reply!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • haha “good on ya mate” yeah thats pretty kiwi ;)

  • ive wanted a night time theme for ages! i love the idea of racing under the stars, maybe some dynamic light props too, so you can help illuminate the night setting.

  • Mark can you please in a next props part pack please put in solid, drivable glass panels, it would be soo usefull.

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