Dead Block Hits PSN July 19th, Brains Needed

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Dead Block Hits PSN July 19th, Brains Needed

I’m writing for our small game development start-up Candygun Games based in Hamburg, Germany. We’ve just finished our first original game: Dead Block – A 1950’s Horror B-Movies inspired action defense game. I’m very happy to bring Dead Block to PS3 gamers via PSN on July 19th in the U.S!

Dead Block is a zombie game set in America’s 1950s during the birth of rock ‘n roll music — a music so bad, so evil that it summons the dead from their graves to eat brains! Luckily, you are protected inside a building and you know how to defend yourself with blockades and traps. The game is a third-person action strategy mix with an old-school B-movie horror theme and cartoon-inspired art direction. Dead Block doesn’t take itself too seriously; humor is a big part of the game’s presentation.

Dead Block for PS3 (PSN)

During gameplay, you’ll be trapped inside the building and you can use everything you find in order to build blockades and wicked traps. If zombies break in, players fight the intruders with smart bombs and rock ’n roll music. Single-player and up to four player split-screen is supported.

Candygun Games was founded in 2010 with a few friends. With the concept of Dead Block, it was easy to get the team together and to make our vision come true – being an indie studio that focuses on innovative downloadable games for consoles. Dead Block is our first title as an indie studio and we’re very excited! If you want to know more about our studio, please visit our official site. And if you want to know even more about Dead Block, read our huge developer Q&A on!

Finally, we have prepared a special Dead Block dynamic theme for PS3 owners, and it will arrive alongside the Dead Block demo and full game tomorrow. And keep an eye peeled on this blog post: Over the next few days, our Lead Designer Jens Jankuhn and I will check back here and respond to your questions. Please let us know all the questions you have about Dead Block!

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  • Yay it’s finally here (almost)!!! If anyone wants to co-op let me know. I call the fat cub scout though.

  • Can’t wait to play this game tomorrow. How much is this game gonna cost on the PS Store? Anyways, it looks awesome.

  • It looks really amusing. Color me interested. If I can, I’ll give it a go. I’m always up for supporting indie developers when I can!

  • Single-player and up to four player split-screen is supported.

    Wait, I read an article at a different website that I swear it said it had online co-op. Is this wrong? I’m still going to buy it but that’s kind of a bummer.

  • Can’t wait to play this game! Been wanting a new zombie killing game. It’s around a good time too. I’m slowly getting tires of deadrising 2, but Dead Block can occupy my time till Dead Island Comes out.

    I do have a question, is there some kind of scoring system in the game that adds some kind of competition in co-op?

    Also, does each playable character have their own special set of skills that you can level up along the way?

    @ marlyt:
    The fat scout looks like he has some kind of skill hidden within that belly of his.

  • Also, doesn’t the scout remind you of the scout in the movie UP?

  • @vince8502
    Ya he looks straight out of UP! LOL But I think his special ability is nose picking, yummy!!!!

    One last question I swear. Who’s the fourth character? (4 player support) Does one just repeat? Any plans for future DLC characters or maps??

  • Looks interesting.

  • NO ONLINE CO-OP … :(

  • The reviews for the 360 version were overall pretty sub-par. Not awful or anything, but I certainly am not going to spend money on this when Limbo comes out the same day.

  • WHAT!!!

    No online co-op…isn’t it 2011? You would think by now these people would learn.

    Make the game $15.00 if you have to and add online co-op, then we can negotiate…

  • ez_____ez_____ez

    Got to have online co-op cause I dont have anyone else to play with. I’ll buy it as soon as they make a patch for online.

  • looks interesting but how many hours is it ? also what exactly is the price ?

  • +1 for ThatCarlosGuy… I am shocked that for another indie company to go all Joe Danger.

    This is another great opportunity limited by lack of PSN features. To me this is equates a 4.99 price point like Elefunk. Not 14.99 or 9.99 even.

    For this game to sit well it would need to be patched with:

    + Ability to play online co op
    + Abitlity to video record and upload to youtube
    + Abitlity to listen to on own Rock and Roll songs via the XMB
    + Complimented HOME Space right next to Burn Zombie Burn…

    Roger Joswig/Jens Jankuhn: Your zombies look great! The humor is there and the contraptions and game mechanics look fun. I am going to pass on this title for a while as its more bargain bin then zeroday purchase. I would like to ask what you think you might be willing to inform us on for the future. As a indie company that focuses on innovation, where do you think you innovated with this title? What am I missing to change my mind…

  • Sharingan_itachi

    I’ll take it as a present if you’re willing send to me for free on my birthday which is on the same date….tomorrow :p

  • yes agree with everyone else looks great but will be a epic fail without online co-op add patch n I’ll buy it see you in month

  • This actually looks pretty cool. And there aren’t nearly enough splitscreen games out there. Fie on all this whining for online co-op.

  • Price better be extremely good for this to move with no online. $14.99 is completely out of the question and even $9.99 would really be grasping. No online severely hurts the value of this game being that even though it looks decently fun, there’s certainly nothing fantastic or unusual about it.

    If it’s priced for a fool, then it’ll definately be a 6 month later and half -off sale purchase if at all.

  • It looked amazing, i was really looking forward to buying it but i was thinking it was a PS3 exclusive.. but its not. That really sucks i dont want to buy it anymore.

    its just going to be another late port arcade game that arrive on PS3 second so the devs can make more money.
    not interested.

  • Must be 9.99$, the XBOX360 version is 800ms points.

  • super corny its COD WAW zombies but cartoons who buy junk like this is a noob..!!

  • also dont make this game have like 10 trophies & have a platinum its garbage…..

  • I gotta agree sorry. No online means no buy. Looks fun but I gotta have a reason to replay it, or want to play it in the first place.

  • Getting this game but not right away!! Look sick..Good thing there’s a demo!!! woo ya

  • An early to mid 20th century setting AND zombies! What i like about that is the freshness of those ideas. Aparently the dead horse game makers are beating to death has become zombified.

  • will tryout demo first and reply to other responses, i agree must have online or no buy cause who plays single player games these days mean were in 2011 every PSN user games online not single player or 2 player splitcsreen. just wanted to point that out.

  • this looks fun

  • While this game does put a zany spin on the zombie slashing genre, and it does look amusing I just can’t help but draw parallels to COD’s zombie mode. They’ve even got the characters boarding up the doorways and boxing themselves in. At least COD has expanded it a bit and infused a b-movie story into their most recent maps.

    My question to the Lead Designer would be, what sets this apart from any other zombie game? Will there be more open environments to explore outside of the housing area seen in this video?

  • LAME!

  • Zombies + jukebox reminds me of L4D2.

  • Wow this looks awful . What were you guys thinking when developing this ?

  • Even IF this had online co op I still wouldn’t be even close to interested .

  • I’m sure it’s only gonna cost 10 bucks. It will suck if it doesn’t have Online Co-Op. But i’m still game for buying it.

  • @ Tank_Baked

    What have you done with your life? Don’t hate on a game for no reason, just because you’re anonymous

    @ Phake

    Who do you think you are? Making demands on a developer? Let me know when you’ve created a game, and see how good it turns out.

  • @BigPoppaB

    Well i just checked at and the game received a 3.5 out of 10…

    So Tank_Baked was actually right about it not being a good game.

    What Phake and I were trying to say was that the game(at the time) looked fun, but no online co-op should be a given nowadays, but yeah it ended up being “a clumsy, clunky, boring game”-IGN.

  • It wouldn’t been better if it was a first-person or third-person shooting tower defense kinda game. It looks fun.

    So what if IGN gave a 3.5, people still play Duke Nukem Forever when they gave it a low score. It doesn’t matter if the score is low or high, it’s your choice if you goin buy or rent or save your money for a better game. That’s what is all about.

  • dam it when is Resident evil operation raccoon city demo coming out

  • @crowsticky1234

    Right.People “play” them, but it doesn’t make it a good game.

    IGN gave Duke a 5.5 out of 10, a score that most people would agree with. And yes, Duke was “dumb fun” but not $60.00 fun.

    To each his own i guess…

  • Hate on a game for no reason ? It looks terrible . I waste a ton of money on psn and buy cards basically every week if not multiple times a week and I wouldn’t touch this game with a 10 foot pole .

    Seriously though tell me one redeeming quality that this game has from what we see so far? Just one reason why I should buy this ?

  • I agree with Tank_Baked but some games with low ratings I like, for example Medal of Honor which got a 6.
    6 is fine but 3.5 just shows a game is bad. Especially made in these times. Rouge Warrior got even worse though which is pretty pathetic but I won’t buy this game I am burning my cash on the Borderlands bundle.

  • @BigPoppaB #37 Don’t hate, I am told I am a very nice person. I suggest we take this off-line. I was only stating feature requests to a competent developer and managing director. I also asked some good follow-up questions that I hope to get answered. Thanks for giving me the chance to re-post and plug them again. :) You can find me in PlayStation HOME and we can take it outside. Hehe, its just fun typing that.

    (We Only Do Online)

    I have two boys that would love to sit and play split screen game with me and there uncle. Alas this is 2011 where we can video chat via PSEye and I have to revert to old games like LBP and ModNation to fill my 3 local + 1 online gaming experience… Point is I forgot to mention along with online multi-player add PSEye support. I am OK with no Move support this time but I am watching you Candygun.

    Just remembered how mad I was when Dead Nation launched with out online voice chat. But we commented and they heard us! They launched a patch and then the game went viral being free for everyone and it came with a platinum too! If only every game could turn out like… better yet I will be in the Dead Nation Public Space in HOME chatting with zombies. Bring USB Keyboard.

  • Sooo…it’s Home Alone, but with zombies instead of robbers? That has my interest. I’ll be sure to check out the demo and see where it goes from there.

    @Anyone deciding to hate on the game before playing it: They put out a demo for that very reason. Try it out first and see if it’s fun or not. You really don’t have anything to lose but a few minutes of your time. The fact that they are putting out a demo and not trying to “trick you” into blindly purchase their game on faith seems like a good show of confidence to me.

  • LOL this game looks awesome xD

  • Cool, sounds fun! I’ll definitely give this a try.

  • it says 4 player split screen is there a 4 player online? if not why……

  • This style of game play with no online, wow, who has three friends over at the same time to play games anymore? With online play included I could understood split screen, but at this point to me a Split screen ONLY game just seems like a shallow effort. Have you seen how weak some online games are? I would love it if this game would kick it up a notch, it would be so fun with friends…online…yea.

    Split screen is not enough…I play ONLINE…

  • That looks hilarious

  • Looks awesome!

  • This game looks like a Team Fortress & Left 4 Dead love child. Count me in!

  • looks somewhat interesting but what turns me off is how goofy this game is for all the wrong reasons.

    Would of liked something with a more serious approach but still offers comedy example being the film Evil Dead 2.

    The traps should of been realistic things like boarding up doors, Bear traps, clutter to slow them etc.

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