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The gaming release schedule is still in Summer Mode, but events season starts to pick up this week. We’ll be holding a media event in New York this week, so expect some updated previews to come from that. San Diego Comic-Con kicks of Wednesday night; we’ll have a full rundown of PlayStation panels here on the Blog tomorrow, as well as a preview of the booth. Don’t worry if you won’t be down in San Diego – we’ll be filming the panels and bringing highlights to you.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of July 11, 2011)

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  • Thanks Jeff! I can’t wait for Comic-Con and PlayStation! Are you Sid, and Rey attending?

  • “The gaming release schedule is still in Summer Mode.”


    Summer mode apparently started in April. :)

    I’m just hoping for a couple psone games in the next while..

  • Will there be more summer PSN sale like the one we had this past week or is it just one time only? i loved the sales and bought like 4 games from the list, would love to see more of the summer sales

  • “Why is Demon’s Souls so F@#$ing Amazing!” lol Dark Soul is gonna be beastly! Thanks FromSoftware.

  • Jeff , any playstation vita news coming soon ? i hope sony announce a release date at GamesCon , are you guys from the blog attending the show ? if so , please get more info on vita

  • wat about resident evil 4

  • Hey Jeff, the event you mentioned in New York this week: is that going down at the Playstation Lounge by chance?

    Just curious because I’m actually taking a day trip up there this weekend, and the PS Lounge is certainly on my list of places to visit while I’m there.

    • No, it’s in a hotel, I think… It’s a cool venue though, I think you’ll enjoy it. Themed rooms and whatnot.

  • Jeff Rubenstein,

    Perhaps the recent promotion for Qiriocity, which offers a free 180 day basic trial membership is creating traffic on the dedicated servers. I am experiencing a great deal of lag & buffer on my premium subscription. I can assure your tech team the issue is not localized.

    I am not one to squander my capital. I enjoy the service & would be sad to let it go.

    Thank you for any and all efforts the staff may exert investigating &/or resolving this issue.

  • I feel a bit sad for U3 beta, I also feel regretful for not playing much.

  • Can we PLEASE get a Vita release date?
    It would be great to know if it is coming this year or not.
    I am leaning towards assuming it releases in November, but need confirmation. LOL Come check it out! :)

  • When will we be getting the search feature in Infamous 2? Also when will there be DLC for it?

    • We’re working with Sucker Punch to get regular features focusing on UGC. Could have a post this week.

  • theres only one thing i want to read on the web and thats a release on a jak and daxter hd collection for ps3


    You guys should remake RE4 on HD for the PS3 i love that game!! <3, its my favorite game in wii, ps2, and the gamecube :D.

  • Really excited about the Resistance 3 previews, can’t wait for the beta!

  • @ 10 it will be out on decenmber 31st last i checked

  • Predators1234567


  • Awaiting Champions of Norrath HD, its a Sony game right? Do it, the genre is nearly dead. Dungeon Siege 3 was a major let down. The restless grinders are in agony, crying for some epic loot and endless level caps. We got no Torchlight, 2 is still far away and we’re unsure if we’ll get that too. Sacred 2 is all we got and who know when 3 will come out.

    WE NEED MORE CRAWLERS MORE DIABLO CLONES! Champions of Norrath HD would do well, its already a classic and the playerbase is begging for anything on the consoles at this point.

    All we get is teased with crawlers such as Dethspank and and Dungeon Hunter. Decent games but they only offer a faint taste of the genre gone as fast as the last Oreo.

    Bring Norrath to the next generation!

  • Hey Jeff? We all are aware that the numbers of times we can use our accounts on Playstation 3 and PSP (Five and Three respectively). However, if we use the same account from PSP to PSV… will the rule still apply? I mean, let’s say if I use one account on my PSP- I have two left. So, using the same account on PSV. Then that means I have one more account left? Or what? I wanted to know… Thanx!

    • It’s a great question, and I’m not sure how PSVita will fit in with that policy. I’m sure we’ll have an answer prior to release.

  • sony should make a dev kit for the ps3 i know that their are a lot of garage developers that would like to make games for the ps3.

  • I have said this in the past and I will ask again. We keep getting all these HD remakes, why not just release a USB thumb drive with the Emotion chip on it. Charge 50 bucks, and bam!!! Every one who uses it can have backwards capability.

    I understand they cut it for cost reasons before. But don’t let that fact stop it from working now.

  • Other interesting news:

    Infamous 2 and LA Noire (PS3 version) sold out like crazy in Japan. Both make top 10 sales in Japan as in Infamous 2 is #2 and LA Noire is #1 on Japanese game sales of the week.

  • interesting news there mikedo

  • @17

    How about Diablo III for PS3 with Move support? the intrawebz will melt, I tell you that right now.

    ****Monthly Spam not relating to the article****
    Okami HD remake w/ Move support Sony!!!!

  • Any update on the identity protection program for Canada or the PS Podcast, Jeff? Also would love to see some PSP games featured on the Summer sale! Bought me some Pixeljunk last week :)

  • sony support for indie dev is smart move
    Sony trying to be close with them using PS vita
    PS vita could be the next big thing if developing games for it is easy

  • Yay, you’re filming ComicCon stuff! Can’t wait!

  • Thanks for the response, Jeff. I’m really looking forward to going there this coming Saturday. I’ve been wanting to go back to New York ever since the Lounge was announced here on the Blog, and now its finally going to happen very soon.

  • To be honest, the only thing i care about and a huge fan of is R3. I love how its not the old classic carry 2 weapons deal. Whereas, you have a weapon wheel which I thought was cool and better.

    I just got 2 questions

    1. Are there any other betas besides the one with Battle:LA Blueray or is that it?

    2.Is it possible to make alien resurection to the ps3? Because i thought that was a really good game for the ps1 back then i would love to have it again

  • I’d also be pissed off if there was a xbox handheld. Never liked xbox and i never will.
    (Except when all my friends had one and i didn’t have a ps3 yet :D)

  • any sight of a dead island demo??????!!!! I WANT IT SO BADDD

  • only 32 comments? jeez slow comments

  • This Bioshock detail is old. please give on more details on the vita title.

  • hey jeff, any word on NFL team avatars and themes?

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