White Knight Chronicles II: Update on U.S. Release This September

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White Knight Chronicles II: Update on U.S. Release This September

White Knight Chronicles II is the sequel to White Knight Chronicles: International Edition, a unique role-playing game that combines an expansive story mode with strong multiplayer elements. Created by LEVEL-5, the acclaimed RPG developer of Rogue Galaxy and Dragon Quest VIII, White Knight Chronicles II offers a new chapter in the epic fantasy RPG and even includes a remastered version of the original game as a bonus!

The tale continues one year after the events of White Knight Chronicles: International Edition. Leonard, the pactmaker of the White Knight, and his team are the last hope to save the world from the Yshrenian Empire, which has set its eyes on dominating the three kingdoms of Balandor, Foria, and Greede. While the first game mostly focused on the love story, White Knight Chronicles II features a grander vision that unravels the truth behind the Incorruptus through 10,000 years of history, culminating in a true finale to the epic saga that may leave you touched by its conclusion.

White Knight Chronicles II for PS3

The extensive multiplayer component enables you to tackle unique online quests with up to six players. The extensive Georama feature also returns, enabling you to build your own town where you can unlock materials to create powerful items to use during your adventures. Some materials can be collected only from the Georama and will give you an advantage in the story mode.

White Knight Chronicles II boasts various improvements based on user feedback regarding the original game. The battle system has improved dramatically over the original, with enhancements including new skills and spells that make combat more strategic, as well as a faster Action Gauge for speedier battles. You can also earn AC (Action Chips), used for transformation and combos, much more easily in White Knight Chronicles II. A new Auto-run feature helps you search a vaster area of maps. Finally, for the first time, you will also be able to create and upgrade a unique Incorruptus for your player avatar.

White Knight Chronicles II for PS3White Knight Chronicles II for PS3

The North American version will include a fully localized version of the Japanese game with additional on-disc quests that were originally released as downloadable quests in Japan in January 2011. In our North American version, players can start from White Knight Chronicles II without completing the original game — an important point, as the Japanese version requires players to clear White Knight Chronicles: International Edition in order to play the sequel.

We are currently targeting September for a North American release. The gameplay time will easily go over 100 hours. Prepare yourselves, folks!

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  • Hello, thanks for posting this. I look forward to a demo

  • FINALLY!!!! i cant wait to continue the story !!!! what about the psp version ?

    • We are thrilled to be releasing White Knight Chronicles II this year but currently have no plans to release White Knight Chronicles: Origins for the PSP.

  • is there a reason why i cant buy nothing of the store is it my credit card or something can someone at sony plz answer my question

  • Great a game I might miss out on, been wanting to play this one but I got Bleach order for that month an no money.

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/61634486@N07/5940814446/in/photostream < My brithday cake, got to go PS3 style.

  • Great post! I’ve been waiting for some new info on WKCII! Looks fantastic, and will be a launch day purchase for me. I personally didn’t care if you needed your completion data because I still have it, but still going to go through the first WKC on the disc for fun.

  • cool, love to get it but never play it be4.

  • Awesome, I’ve been keeping my eye on this! I have a question about “includes a remastered version of the original game as a bonus! ” Is this in reference to the graphics, or other modifications made to the original game? Can you elaborate on the changes that were made to the first one?

    Also, is the US getting Origins for PSP?

  • I’m seriously disappointed to see the Georama lobbies and Geonet itself return. It was a broken system in WKC that made finding anyone wanting to do a specific quest outside of Big Red ridiculously difficult. Honestly, a list of rooms, like what FPSs do would be better than taking the 30 seconds to enter a room and hoping that someone wants to do your quest.

    And even the automatching system was poorly developed. Sure, you COULD start one up a quest from the map, but no one would know you were there unless they just happened to try to automatch on that exact same quest. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Is it too muich to ask for a little exclamation mark showing that I’ve started an automatching session?

    But, of course, this is just a localization. The die have already been cast and the mistakes already made. After the last one was released, Level-5 just walked away. To this day, the Announcements page is the same as it was day one.

  • Looking forward to a demo!

  • A game I will certainly check out

  • Are we going to see the PSP game released here in North America as well? Or will we be stuck importing the European release?

  • Not really a fan of turn-based RPGs

  • I put over 200 hours into the original. I enjoyed it but saw a lot of room for improvement, especially within the combat system, which had a great foundation but lacked small refinements that kept it from being special. I truly hope the second game addresses the concerns I had about the original.

    Couple of Questions:
    1. Can your character from the 1st game(original) be imported to use in the 2nd?
    2. Is D3 bringing the PSP game to the US (its already localized to the west for the EU release!)

    • Glad to hear you are a fan! When you carry over the save data from WKC: Internation Edition to WKC II, and start playing from the second part, the character’s name, gender, appearance can be carried over, but the level will be reset to Level 35.

  • oh man, and I was so looking forward to August 2. at least it’s definitely coming, I was worried there for awhile.

    @9 it’s not really turn-based…

  • Aw i thought it would be this August, oh well im so getting this game, loved the first

  • im looking forward to this game

  • Any news regarding the PSP version coming to US?

  • Will the first game be on the same disc remastered with the new combat and graphics engine as rumored?
    This is the determining factor in my purchase.

  • Yay, Loved WKC but please please please make beating WKC a requirement for WKC2 dont help western gamers get lazy!!! Also the fact that I can make a custom incorruptus for my avi is awesome.

    Also about the included WKC is this the Original Version or the WKC:IE version of the game?

  • Can you please remove or do something about the GeoNet code that is region specific? There are a lot of players with R3 or Asian accounts and they can’t play online due to this stupid code.

    We do not mind having the code but at least let us play on our Primary PSN accounts without making a new one.

  • Finally some news on WKC2 (although September is quite a bit away).

    Thank you D3 for publishing. We need more RPGs for PS3.

  • Glad to hear it’s official. For the longest time I’ve only been hearing about the Europe release. I’ll definitely be preordering this one as the first White Knight Chronicles was one of my favorite PS3 RPGs.

  • does this game employ the online pass as other games have beginning to have?

  • Looks good!

  • I can’t wait.
    I loved the first game.

  • May have to try this…is Level 5 Developing for PS Vita? The community-multiplayer elements developed for WKC could bear good fruits in a Vita RPG.

  • Question: will the game support local co-op, or is it all online?

    • WKC II will support only online multiplayer. Battle evil forces while taking characters from your single player campaign into a expansive multiplayer gaming experience with up to six other players online.

  • It is about time we get an update. I am so stoked for this game. Can’t wait to see the improvements, but why on earth does it take 3 months between the time it released in Europe to when it should ship sometime in September. Its not like we speak a different language than the English and the UK release was over a month ago.

  • Question: Will this game include the a remastered version of the first game? I’m not sure where I heard it but I hope it does because I’ve been holding off buying the first one.

  • Glad this game isn’t falling victim to idiocy like certain Wii titles….. To bad Sony can’t snap some of them up for PS3 release here in the US or D3 for Wii. Thanks for bringing the sequel to the US, I wasn’t a huge fan of the original game for a variety of reasons, but I’m happy to come back to WKC again in a second game.

  • @4 Cat: that cake is awesome, with the dual shock! If it was the pink controller ,it would be perfect!

  • cant wait for this

  • I am dyyyiiinnnngggg waiting on this. Absolutely loved WKC and can’t wait to get going on this one. Please keep us updated when a release date is nailed down…..As much time as I’m gonna be spending on this game, I’m gonna need to know when to forward my mail to Balandor! :P

  • Great to see this game is finally coming out. I’m hoping you can clear a few things up for me.

    1. Please say it’ll have the option for Japanese voiceovers.
    2. When you import your character from the first game will you be able to tinker with your physical appearance before you start the second game?
    3. Does the crystal camera make a return, and if it does can you now save photos to your hard-drive?


  • WKC was good and all, but it’s no replacement for Dark Cloud. :'(

  • Alright, now I have a reason to play my copy of WKC again, sweet.

  • Is the first WKC still included with it? I remember hearing about that before being able to skip. I also believe its updated a little maybe?

    Also, Sept works bring it!

  • me and a friend are going for the plat in wkc1 and will be doing the same in wkc 2. Thanks for bringing it over.

  • Great, but I dont have any money left for this game. Looks like I will be buying it next year :(.

    I am buying all of this:

    Shadow of the Damned
    Cursed Crusade
    No More Heroes: Paradise
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution AUGMENTED EDITION
    God Of War: Origins Collection
    Resistance 3
    WarHammer 40,000: Space Marine
    King of Fighters XIII
    Silent Hill: Downpour
    Uncharted 3: Drake´s Deception COLLECTORS EDITION
    Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
    Twisted Metal
    Shadow Of the Colossus and Ico Collection
    Never Dead
    Metal Gear Solid: HD COLLECTION
    Ratchet & Clank: All 4 one
    Assasins´s Creed: Revelations

    Maybe I can sell some games in order to buy this one XD.

  • Can’t wait

  • thanks miki

  • Glad to have it coming over but why so late, I won’t be able to sink the time I want into it cause of school:(

  • Same month as Ico and Shadow of the Colossus?
    Will be getting both. Thanks for localizing it for the US.
    Quick Question. Will there be a collector edition?

    As for SONY, I just want to say FFFFFF UUUUUUU for not localizing this game like Sony Europe!!!!!

  • In WKC 2 will your created character play a bigger role in the game perhaps be the chosen one for the last knight maybe? I would like to see more improvements be made on the combat system i saw some glitches with it in the first WKC and are the graphics gonna be beefed up from the first i liked the game put many hours into it just hope this one makes the first game look like what it should have been. But cant wait definitely buying :D

  • I’m thinking of giving my WKC: Internation Edition to my nephews, when i pick up WKC II. So that they can enjoy the game.

  • Kind of lame timing, D3. This game has been out, in English, in Europe since June and, by the time it releases in NA, 2+ months… what gives? What’s more is you’re releasing WKC2, a game I’ve looked forward to since it was released in Japan last year, right when the months for game releases is going to start picking up.

    That said, by the time WKC2 is out, there will be other games out that I want even more… ICO HD Collection, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise to name a few. Here’s hopin’ this will make WKC2 drop in price all the faster, but its still a disappointment.

  • This game looks so awesome! :D
    And the fact that it comes with a re-mastered version of the original WKC makes it even more awesome! Thank you for the blog post, the game looks great!

    Quick question, is this really the final game in the series? Or COULD there be more? :O

    Also, please release WKC Origins in NA, on the PS store anyway! :3

  • @2…if you want to play the PSP version, you can import a copy from the UK and play it on your US PSP. PS3 and PSP games are not region coded. It may be twice the cost of buying a regular US PSP game, but if they’re never going to release it in the US, that’s the way to go. I had to do that with Destroy all Humans! Path of the Furon for PS3. It was a crappy game, but I’m a fan of the series and I had to play it regardless, so I got it off eBay from the UK.

  • Too late. Too bad.

    Disgaea 4 > WKC 2

  • Sounds like a good deal. I will have to get this.

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