White Knight Chronicles II: Update on U.S. Release This September

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White Knight Chronicles II: Update on U.S. Release This September

White Knight Chronicles II is the sequel to White Knight Chronicles: International Edition, a unique role-playing game that combines an expansive story mode with strong multiplayer elements. Created by LEVEL-5, the acclaimed RPG developer of Rogue Galaxy and Dragon Quest VIII, White Knight Chronicles II offers a new chapter in the epic fantasy RPG and even includes a remastered version of the original game as a bonus!

The tale continues one year after the events of White Knight Chronicles: International Edition. Leonard, the pactmaker of the White Knight, and his team are the last hope to save the world from the Yshrenian Empire, which has set its eyes on dominating the three kingdoms of Balandor, Foria, and Greede. While the first game mostly focused on the love story, White Knight Chronicles II features a grander vision that unravels the truth behind the Incorruptus through 10,000 years of history, culminating in a true finale to the epic saga that may leave you touched by its conclusion.

White Knight Chronicles II for PS3

The extensive multiplayer component enables you to tackle unique online quests with up to six players. The extensive Georama feature also returns, enabling you to build your own town where you can unlock materials to create powerful items to use during your adventures. Some materials can be collected only from the Georama and will give you an advantage in the story mode.

White Knight Chronicles II boasts various improvements based on user feedback regarding the original game. The battle system has improved dramatically over the original, with enhancements including new skills and spells that make combat more strategic, as well as a faster Action Gauge for speedier battles. You can also earn AC (Action Chips), used for transformation and combos, much more easily in White Knight Chronicles II. A new Auto-run feature helps you search a vaster area of maps. Finally, for the first time, you will also be able to create and upgrade a unique Incorruptus for your player avatar.

White Knight Chronicles II for PS3White Knight Chronicles II for PS3

The North American version will include a fully localized version of the Japanese game with additional on-disc quests that were originally released as downloadable quests in Japan in January 2011. In our North American version, players can start from White Knight Chronicles II without completing the original game — an important point, as the Japanese version requires players to clear White Knight Chronicles: International Edition in order to play the sequel.

We are currently targeting September for a North American release. The gameplay time will easily go over 100 hours. Prepare yourselves, folks!

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