Section 8: Prejudice Drops into PSN July 26th With Extra Weight

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Section 8: Prejudice Drops into PSN July 26th With Extra Weight

It’s been a long time coming, but Dropping, Jetpacks, Overdriving, Deployables, and every other kick-ass Section 8: Prejudice feature are making their way to the PlayStation Network starting July 26th in North America for only $14.99 and July 27th for our European friends for £12,99. While it was a difficult decision to delay the PS3 release for three months, we knew it would be worth the wait in order to take the time to optimize the game for the platform. We’ve also added new content to the PS3 version, including two additional multiplayer game modes, Assault and Skirmish, as well as exclusive content for PlayStation Plus subscribers. If you’re not a PlayStation Plus member, no worries, we have some free content for you too!

  • For the first week, anyone who purchases Section 8: Prejudice on the PlayStation Network will receive the Blitz Armor Pack and Overdrive Map Pack for free! This includes two armor skins, early unlocks, and two additional multiplayer maps.
  • Free Exclusive In-Game Hunter armor for all PlayStation®Plus subscribers
  • The first 1000 PlayStation Plus subscribers to purchase Section 8: Prejudice will receive the exclusive in-game Hunter Armor as well as a free copy of the original Section 8. a free copy of the original Section 8 via *XMB message
    *Free game offer ends 8/2/11, original Section 8 game will be sent out via XMB message by 8/12/11.

Section 8: Prejudice

Of course, all the free content we are offering during launch week is just a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of content in the base game. Section 8: Prejudice features a five-hour story-driven campaign, four multiplayer game modes (all of which offer offline bot support), Dynamic Combat Missions, highly customizable weapon and equipment loadouts, deep level progression and unlockable content systems, and last but not least, jetpacks (I probably should have put that at the top of the list). Below is a more detailed look at the various game modes PS3 players will encounter in Section 8: Prejudice.

Section 8: Prejudice

Campaign: The campaign follows 8th Armored Infantry, or Section 8, as they defend the Earth against the tyrannical Arm of Orion. In the campaign, you play as Captain Alexander Corde, the leader of an elite group of soldiers, and throughout the campaign you learn more about Alexander Corde, Section 8, and the mysterious Arm of Orion.

Conquest: Conquest is a multiplayer mode where you and up to 32 players play as either 8th Armored Infantry or the Arm of Orion and you fight for control of the battlefield. Each team competes to complete objectives and score Victory Points (VP). When one team earns enough VP to meet the Victory Point goal, they are victorious and the enemy team is defeated.

To earn victory points, players must capture and hold control points. Victory Points are awarded at fixed intervals for each Control Point your team holds. Teams can also earn Victory Points by completing Dynamic Combat Missions (DCMs). There are a number of DCMs that occur during a match. Successful completion of a DCM provides significant Victory Points that can turn the tide of battle.

Skirmish (NEW!): Similar to Conquest, Skirmish is a multiplayer mode where you and up to 32 players compete in a Team-versus-team death match where Control Points cannot be captured and Victory Points are awarded for kills and completed Dynamic Combat Missions.

Assault: Assault is a team-versus-team game mode where teams race to capture all Control Points in the fastest time. While in the attack round, players must work together to capture all control points. During the defense round, players defend their bases for as long as possible. It’s a fast-paced mode that encourages close cooperation with your team and unwavering focus on the goal of capturing or defending the base!

Swarm: In Swarm, you and three other friends defend a single Control Point against an overwhelming number of computer-controlled Arm of Orion enemy units. To attain victory, your team must protect the Control Point from being captured by the enemy before the 15 minute time limit is reached.

Swarm Mode consists of a limited number of enemy waves. As soon as you capture the neutral Control Point, the first wave begins. Every five minutes, an Airstrike will bombard the enemy, eliminating them until the next wave begins.

Section 8: PrejudiceSection 8: Prejudice

Again, we’d like to extend a huge thank you to the PlayStation community for patiently waiting for Section 8: Prejudice. We are extremely excited to share this game with everyone, and hope that players enjoy all the free content!

To learn more about Section 8: Prejudice and get access to exclusive tournaments, giveaways, and our stats portal, join the community at You can also follow Section 8: Prejudice on Twitter and on Facebook.

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  • This may actually lure me to play it! Will have to check out the demo, though…

  • Looks great! I played it on the other system but I’m looking forward to seeing it on the PS3 as well. AND all those bonuses? I think I’ll be purchasing it for sure :)

  • GOTY! Finally something worth playing on the PSN.

  • I’ll be one of the first 1000. I’m ready.

  • looks really great cant wait to check it out

  • Does it support sharpshooter Move?

  • Thanks for the update but is their any update for resident evil 4 on playstation store
    any info will be helpfull

  • Yes, I am planning on being one of the first 1000 people as well. I am going to have to rush once I get off of work or let my wife buy it for me. I would also love to know how much this is going to be? Man, my wallet is getting light with all these PSN purchases…. Borderlands, Brotherhood and now this. I am very happy.

  • Nevermind I found the price.

  • Awesome….this is what we need more of, these timed offers with awesome bonuses really draw in the consumer. I’m sold!

  • Defiantly going to be one of the first 1000 to buy it as a Plus member. This should be a great companion to Killzone 3 as my go to competitive online game. Having to not put in a disc will probably make me play it more. Looking forward to it.

  • i was looking for-word to this game coming out. finally it is and it is cheaper then the first one. the first one cost me $30 dollars.

  • Now that is a nice “preorder” perk. Would be nice if you bumped that up to everyone who buys it in the first day or two, because I’d hate to get knocked out in the rush.

  • I’ve played this on PC, need to play some more to finish up for my review. Overall though the game is fun and multiplayer is fast paced. Great pickup for $15.

  • Excellent bang for your buck (pun intended). I love being able to drop in on someone’s head…so satisfying. New trailer looks great!

  • I thinkt hey need to bring back or allow gamers to pre order games ahead of time. Thats a great idea. It can be done.

    All gamer has to do select a up coming game and buy it and atuo download it. This very good way to bring revenue for devs as well as psn. If the release date change then the the buyer still has it locked on..

    The game looks great.. I may add

    vp-psn legionairee group.

  • Will the game have split-screen multiplayer?

  • I totally agree with tacotaskforce! (Never thought I would say those words in my life). Is there any way you can make the free copy of Section 8 available to PS+ users who buy in the 1st 24 hours? Or will we at least know when making the purchase if we are in the first 1000?


  • Space Marines? The price is reasonable so you have me interested.

  • How can they get away with charging $15 for this?

  • Nice, SOLD!!! 8)

  • Sweet. Finally something worth playing this summer. I heard there were many improvements made so I’m excited to see this.

  • Man I hate the first game so I doubt I’ll even WANT this!

  • Wow, guess I’m sold. I always like the art direction is Section 8. Going to buy ths, for sure.

  • EpiC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Finally! have been wondering when this game was finally going to come out on PS3.

    I thought the first game was mad fun and played it for many hours. Will definitely be buying this game upon update of the store.

    A LOT of game there for only $15 if you like multiplayer mayhem.

  • I JUST BOUGHT THIS ON PC!? ARGHHHHH It can barley even run on it so PSN win!

  • is the screen tearing fixed from the first game?

  • Cross Game voice chat will come when the Vita does…. keep your pants on…lol

  • $15 means count me in! I need a bigger HD due to PS+ I have about 9 GB left… 120 GB is not enough lol…

  • @UNIT-TRB I’m pretty sure that cross game chat will not come to ps3. Some one correct me if i’m wrong but for cross game chat to work they would have to some how put it in every game up to this point. Like you can say cross game chat from this date on but sony would have to make it a part of the standard for making games work on their system. Since every game up till this point has not had cross game chat they would have to somehow figure out how to back port a system for it for every old game. So if sony had said “No game release unless it supports cross game chat” from day one we would have it. If sony said we are going to do cross game chat, all the devs that didn’t put that in their games would have a game with no cross game chat support. Which would make their game look inferior, and cause a drop in sales on their end. Like i said, correct me if i’m wrong sony (anybody).

  • very good deal, will definitely check it out.

  • Awesome. Definitely checking the game out.

  • Finally, god i hate timed exclusives for xbox360, sony needs to start earning these titles exclusive to PS3 first then other platforms later on, thats just my opinion

  • Just wanted to say i loved the first section 8, buying section 8 prejudice on day 1!

  • I’m interested, but I only have $12.50 in my PSN wallet. Hmm…

    Does this have a platinum trophy, or is it the standard small set of trophies most PSN games get?

  • I’ve always been interested in getting into Section 8, and now is the perfect time!

  • That “first 1000 PS+ subscribers” thing sucks. I tried to get in on the Killzone 3 beta was online & actually saw the update come down & still didn’t get in.


  • @31 I have a 500gb and feel it is not enough. I am already under 200 left. I got lots of rock band songs tho.

  • Never played the original but looks great!!!!!!

  • Looks great kinda sad i won’t be part of the first 1000 ps+. Busy when they update the store, but love the look of the game.

  • @BWQ3A you’re right and even if you do try to purchase the first day psn might might kick you out.

  • The ancient chinese secret is to be home when the drop happens. As for the cross game chat its all speculation but if the Vita has it there is some hope that the PS3 will get love as well. There are only a few games where I could stand people yammering at me about unrelated things anyway. I mean most single player games have stories which we can’t just rewind. Cross game is fine for racing games except MNR.

  • @ 43–I thought the ancient chinese secret was Calgon…tee hee. I hope you get the reference. There’s no way they could make that commercial in the PC world we live in today.

    Cross game chat is for losers.

  • About time Section 8 is a awesome game been waiting awhile for the Section 8 prejudice edition its a must buy for me especially since Socom 4 let me down good update!!!!!

  • The game looks gorgeous… but having played the first S8 game on my PS3, I’ve decided I’d much rather the KB/M control and will just get it for the PC (steam) when I get some time and a few bucks to drop on it :)

  • look like halo

  • yay finally… xbox has had this for over 2 months, i thought it was suppose to come out for both systems the same day but the psn was down at the time and store did not work

  • $14.99 for a game that;s better than Call of Duty and Halo… is worth it. NO DOUBT.

  • I think all Playstation Plus members should just get the original within the first week. A bit more fair than just making us rush to buy the game in hopes of getting the old one.

    This isn’t trying to get into a limited beta, this is just trying to force us into buying the game :/

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