PULSE 7/12 Edition: Ape Escape, Warhammer, Eufloria, and Top 10 E3 Trailers

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PULSE 7/12 Edition: Ape Escape, Warhammer, Eufloria, and Top 10 E3 Trailers

As we head into the heart of summer, PULSE returns this week with hot news on cool games and videos available right now. Join Christina Lee as she previews new game releases PlayStation Move Ape Escape, Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, and the upcoming Eufloria. The Top 10 list features the best game trailers from this year’s E3. Can’t believe it’s been a month already since these were revealed! We also have info on the big Summer Sale 2011 kicking off in the PlayStation Store.

As for new video releases, check out the new Syfy series Alphas and the animated western adventure Rango featuring the voice of Johhny Depp.

So watch PULSE right here, and in PlayStation Home, or download in HD to your PS3 (SD to your PSP) when the PlayStation Store updates later today.

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  • I’m looking forward to Eufloria. I’m also wondering how Warhammer will translate to console.

  • I still need to get myself a Move package , i wanna try ape escape for sure XD

  • Ape Escape is not the classic one we know and love… What happened to a basic game that introduced the dual anolog sticks?????? I don’t need another shooter for the move.

  • I will say this, it is extremely nice to wake up and see the gorgeous Christina Lee on my monitor :)

  • Pulse should be a biweekly TV show , you guys have so much in house developers , 3 consoles on the market and 1 coming out soon , third party support , it would be kool if you could do it and invite ps vita developers each show , for example you could start with Naughty Dog and Uncharted 3 together with Sony Bend and Uncharted Golden Abyss on the same show then you could get Insonmiac Games and Resistance 3 with Nihilistic and Resistance PS Vita and so on , im really tired of watching failtrailers and their bias , come on sony is a very powerful company in the entertainment industry

  • When are going to be news about Cross Game Chat……sigh……

  • not the Cross Game Chat request again……sigh…..

  • @6 be care ful with those kinda commnet. she has die hard fans who will rip you apart.. faster than envelope stacked with 100 bills..

    Ill take looking at ms lee over looking at jeff of sid all day. ( no offfense jeff or sid”

  • NeoPhantome you do need to get a move controller i have 2 now and it is simply amazing 1:1 motion control. And ape escape is really fun.

  • Christina Lee is soooo Hot!

  • We need more Kevin Butler commercials >_<

  • I agree with remanutd5. The PlayStation Network has so much awesome original programming, there should be something with Christina, Veronica, or Meridith on TV.

  • Hmmmmmm………..its seems like Sony is releasing all the Sega Genesis games that are already on the game called ‘Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection’. I not trying to bash Sony for what they are doing, I just wanna let people know that hey, they are charging $5.99 for each Sega game, and the collection is $20 maybe even less now since it cam out in Feb 09! Just trying to save you guys alot of money!

  • But i get them for free…

  • @ Zaike

    I know, by the time you bought 4 of the Sega games on psn, you could have bought the “Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection” for the same price, which includes 49 Sega classics.

  • So Warhammer is coming soon. It releases on XBOX tomorrow. So once again we get to play the waiting game. But hey, we did get the Scott Pilgrim game before them once upon a time. I won’t forget. That was our one “we got it a couple weeks early”. Seems like a distant memory. The good ol’ days

  • The Pulse is great show. but the only way to watch it is on a PS3 in HD on a 60″ TV :)

  • @Kegsy…Thats exactly how i watch and play my PS3 lol

  • I always like Pulse. Miss Lee is very easy on the eyes, no disrespect intended. Also, can someone tell me if they are planning on bringing back ModNation Mondays? That was one that I looked forward to before. . .

  • lol, whenever Christina Lee has a rough day, all she has to do is head to PS Blog.

    Anyway, kinda disappointed with Ape Escape Move… I need an Ape Escape 4 announcement in a really big way.

  • Ah Christina, in glorius HD! I can’t think of a better use of the technology.
    Of course, I only watch for the information, the beautiful, lovely information, lol !

  • Asian_Girls4Life

    @Butters360 I agree with you, Christina Lee FTW!

  • Eufloria looks great!
    Warhammer for sure.

  • Did you guys notice that at 3:01, they misspelled Dust 514 with Dust 451.

  • I also vote for weekly editions of an expanded version of Pulse. Too bad this isn’t a democracy, lol. There is a tremendous amount of content available which could significantly boost sales for PS. I really like @5’s idea for developer interviews. It’s like the commentary tracks on movies–we all love learning the background info. I watch any/all Naughty Dog videos over & over like a pathetic geek, lol. I appreciate the content on this blog, but more please. More and deeper video content, please. I know it’s not cheap, but it will pay off big time.

  • I look forward to see Christina’s legs every month.

  • On the Top 10 Game Trailers they labeled Dust 415 wrong. It should be Dust 514.

  • Ape escape was such a good game. Now its ruined.

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