ModNation Monday: We’re Just Struttin’ (Y)Our Stuff

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ModNation Monday: We’re Just Struttin’ (Y)Our Stuff

In April we celebrated our two-millionth user-generated creation with the uber-successful ModNation-Palooza’s keyword searches. These searches revealed some amazing creations. Last week we concluded the “Moddys”, a celebration of ModNation Racers’ One Year Anniversary in which our team took an in-depth look at the past year’s best Mods, Karts and Tracks and gave them some well-deserved recognition. Check them out here!

As you may have noticed, the ModNation delivery trucks are still unloading at our docks with lots of new DLC. What better way to show off these “new toys” than to let you turn them into some never-before-seen (or imagined) tracks. For the next few weeks, Top Tracks will feature five tracks nominated by the community of some of what they have discovered in our DLC Showcase event.

Let us know if you find any recent track gems using the new DLC by visiting our forum and posting them here.

Here is a look at a few that were found this week…

DLC Showcase

New DLC:

The Gladiator Parts Pack will be available to purchase in the PlayStation Store on July 12th for $4.99!


Trojan Horse! ‘nuff said. Right?

Recent DLC:

Alien Invasion Mini-Theme is available to purchase in the PlayStation Store now for $6.99!


If each and every member of the ModNation doesn’t have a least one memory of that outer space world you dreamed of as a kid, then you’re not trying hard enough. Tap into that inner-child (or late 30’s child) and share your “far out” track with the world. Check it out here!

Creations Of The Week:

Track(s) Of The Week: A Tie! (AGAIN!)

Douthinkhesaurus by villain29

The Ancient Future by prob_alex

Tracks of the Week

You guys are going to get me fired if you keep making these incredible tracks! My boss (yes, there are bosses in the gaming industry) thinks I’m getting lazy and can’t pick a winner (leave that alone you knuckle-heads). I’m not lazy, maybe easily impressed, but not lazy! (Btw… the only difference between bosses in gaming and the “real world” is that they wear shorts and “penny-t’s”. Oh, that may be a SoCal thing now that I think of it. Oh well, strike that).

Hot Lap Tracks:

Monday: Douthinkhesaurus by villain29 (my current all-time favorite track name!)

Tuesday: The Ancient Future by prob_alex (using Arctic, Big City, Prehistoric AND Moon Colony parts packs!)

Wednesday: Motorway Madness by Moshbag (love the insanity!)

Thursday: Construction Mayhem by StealthReborn– (Stealth just makes great races tracks. End of story)

Friday: Project Futuro Nova by atheistsw (atheistsw is loving that Big City DLC he’s always dreamed about!)

Saturday: Winter Palace by grey_jeep (would make UFG’s theme designers proud!)

Sunday: Snowy Shrine Speedrun by dane9261 (dane9261 has been on a submitting frenzy lately and this is his best so far)

Kart of the Week: Squid Cruiser by BonzaiiSheep

Mod of the Week: The Ugly Octopus by BonzaiiSheep

Mod Kart

Until next Monday…

In my shorts and disc golf t-shirt,


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23 Author Replies

  • The Gladiator Pack looks fun!

  • I need to get back in this game…that octopus thing is so cute.

  • Does anyone know if there’s a certain way to earn more creation slots? Because I’ve gotten about 55,000 more xp and still haven’t been rewarded with any more slots! Also, just out of curiosity, how are the hot lap tracks chosen? Are they randomly picked, or do the developers actually choose the tracks?

  • with all the new and upcoming DLC, I think I’ll sell my MNR copy and wait for a GotY edition or something like that.

    I cant keep up with all the releases! T.T

  • Hey Mark,

    What’s the situation with the Grand Prix that was supposed to be happening with North America vs Europe? I know the post was taken down weeks ago for re-wording, but haven’t heard anything since. Hopefully it’s still happening.

    PS: What’s your handicap? lol.

  • @villian29 Jurassic Park is one of my all time favorite movies. Great track name!!

  • when is the 30 day trail going to expire

  • when is the 30 day free playstation pluse going to expire

  • Is there a certain way to play it without looking it up?

  • I don’t have this game, it looks great, I plan on picking it up for vita.

  • @7 & 8

    30 days from whatever date you started it. :/


    Yes. But we’re not permitted to tell muggles how to it!

    Back on topic…..

    More great tracks and DLC to download! w00t!

  • Hey mark when are going to Fix the playstation pluse the 30 day trail has expired but the logoe is next to my name

  • My 30 days has expired but the logoe is Next to my name

  • @12

    From the E.U blog

    “We are working on this problem now as a matter of priority and expect customers to see this fixed over the next few days.”

  • Fix the it allready

  • What’s the situation with the slime decal? Is it a prop that was left out of the Alien pack or was it just accidentally listed as a prop when it isn’t?

    • It looks as though that was an error and should not have been listed. Very sorry for any inconvenience. :)

  • When can we expect a new Double XP Week? I missed the last one during E3 because this blog was posted on the MNR Forums and not on the PlayStation Blog site which I frequent more often.

  • Anyway to have some video to make better tracks (I suck at making cool track. I can only make the ok kinds)

  • @Mark: That’s okay. Just wanted official word. The pack is great as is :)

  • When is Journey going to be released?

  • That’s pretty sweet! Thanks for the reply Mark.

  • Dear psn;

    Ive been playing ps3 for a while and i would like to change my ps3 account. my friends that have xbox are able to change theres and i want to change mine. i know that microsoft makes you pay money to change it but i would pay to change mine too! it is a way alot of gamers would like and so wil i and you guys will get more money. but i am never buying a x box. so i hope you can do all you can do.

  • MORE DLC? You guys just keep on giving! I think I’m all citied-out for now but I’m actually going to purchase the Alien mini-theme as it looks so darn cool and I have a three track story concept in mind to use it for. ;)

    Btw, thanks for picking Project Futuro Nova as hotlap, I had sooo much trouble with that track initially but glad it’s all A-ok now! :D

    • Don’t tell anyone but I think Alien mini-theme may end up being my favorite of all. Although keep your eye out for next week’s DLC. Could make it another “tie” LOL

  • Hi Mark,

    Is there a better chance of getting up on Hot Lap if I only post the track for Hot Lap instead of also posting for top tracks?

    Thanks for the Modnation Monday! =D

  • @23 – No need, just post a thread on the mod & kart section of and Mark will play your track. If he likes it enough you’ll get a hotlap selection. Simples! :)

    This will also increase the likelihood of others playing your track as well, as very few people can be bothered to trawl through the pages of the hotlap submissions thread aymore! ;’)

  • Nothin interesting here, any plans on new mods and karts DLC yet?

  • Where was the Mod and Kart posted? I looked through the most recent few pages of the submissions thread and it’s nowhere to be seen.

  • Good question. I actually found it on At this point in the game, if I don’t come across what I feel to be COTW I will search for a recent creation online or in game. Bottom line is the great mod / karts creators we have need to stop being so shy. Show me what you’ve got people!!! :)

  • Thanks for the help Atheistsw and Mark!

  • Well, I just finished creating my “Arctic Thunder” track today if you want to take a look at it, but it’s definetly not as complex as what you’ve seen from other creators.

  • I hope next month we can see more new stuff for Mods and Karts to make characters according to all the new DLC themes

  • Loving the support, even a year after release.

    Great game.

    I have some questions/suggestions on what could make MNR an even better experience:

    1) Split Screen leveling up. I’m level 15… but I play this game 99% of the time with the lady, and I would definitely be at max level for now. It’s not a game breaker, but it’d be nice.

    2) Offline Series for Split Screen. Give us the ability to create a custom/preset series of 3/4 races to be used in split screen. Make it a much more streamlined and hassle free experience. Also really fun for a tourney format.

    3) Have a ‘Developers Pick’ section. This game has EXCELLENT user created content, but unfortunately it’s extremely difficult to find the stuff. You already post the tracks and mods of the week on this blog… why not have a section in the Share part where it has all of these tracks? I just cant be bothered with writing down all the tracks and searching them. This would be awesome


  • Hi,

    Thanks for the kudos and the input!

    All of the tracks we list are either in Hot Lap rotation or Top Tracks. Both are chosen by myself and the team in some cases.

  • wow this makes me regret selling it to gamestop now -.-

  • Oh, should I be posting my submissions somewhere else? I was submitting at the uhhh..

    Wherever this place is?

  • Awesome >:]

  • it all looks good yep yep fun fun :)

  • You know what’s funny? For almost a year track creators have been starved of content whilst the kart and mod creators have been getting spoiled for choice with content and now that the track creation DLC is flowing and the mod/kart stuff has dried up those guys are complaining! You just can’t please everyone, can you?

  • PLS any plans on a DLC with actually MORE POWERUPS?? i have the game but everytime i try to find an online race it keep loading…. Anyways…. im out of the game for now… but im sure if u give me more powerups to fight during race il be on board again

  • Thanks for picking my Track at the DLC showcase but i am always aiming for hotlap hehehe

  • Powerups? Do you mean weapons? If so I am sorry to say there won’t be any more weapons added to the game but with all the new tracks, from all the new DLC, it’s like a different game every day!


  • I liked the Arctic Theme DLC the best .

  • try my track from the Arctic DLC that I created called Penguin Paradise.

  • @39

    For the loading problem, make sure you have the right ports opened for MNR or the router in DMZ, or set the time on the PS3 via internet then try it. If all else fails delete the game data & download the updates again.

  • Sorry Mark, I found a problem with one of the breadcrumbs when I raced it again. I fixed it, and renamed it “Arctic Rush (Evening)”. Sorry for the confusion I probably caused. :(

  • I thought for sure it was bug free when I uploaded it the first time.

  • LOL! Thanks for taking the time to try it out Mark.

  • @ Mark Wilson , I just wanted to be very creative.

  • As you may or may not have noticed, the Hot lap ghosts are missing. Are you going to put them back or was this an intentional change?

  • The most downloads I have on a creation is seven and I think I deserve a few more. Is there any way to get my creation noticed more?

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