MLB 11 The Show Challenge of the Week #19 – All-Star Week

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MLB 11 The Show Challenge of the Week #19 – All-Star Week


Challenge of the Week #19 celebrates All-Star Week. The Mariners Ace and All-Star Pitchers goes up against the Brewers slugging 1st baseman and National League Home Run Derby Captain.

Climb the leaderboard and get as many hits as you can for a chance to win a $250 gift card for!

Week #19 begins on Monday, July 11th at 5:30am Pacific Time and ends Monday, July 18th at 4:30am Pacific Time.


To play, simply select the “Challenge of the Week” option in the main menu of MLB 11 The Show.

This week continues the July monthly prize period which culminate in $2000, cold hard cash. Every four weeks, we’ll award a monthly prize to the player with the most Challenge of the Week points. Weekly scores will also be added from May 30th until September 18th at 4:30am Pacific for a chance to win Grand Prize #2, a trip for two to a 2011 World Series Game!

Each user can only win each type of prize ONCE. Complete leaderboards for Weekly, Monthly and Grand Prizing, along with the official rules can be found at the NEW home of MLB The Show at

Stay tuned to the comments section of the weekly Challenge of the Week post, as we will be giving away some free voucher codes for Challenge of the Week!

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  • Mlb The Show is dead. cant believe i bought Mlb 11 The Show on day 1. played it for 2 hours and never played it again.

  • I don’t know that it’s dead. I have bought every one San Diego Studios has made on day 1 too, and have not been disappointed with the yearly upgrades to “the Show.” What would have made this one more consistently playable would be to have streamlined public rooms and clear cut Play Now with with the new controls (analog) and old controls available. As well an option for multiplayer home run derby would have been great, and difficulty levels and more options to make the motion controller more discerning and accurate, though I won’t cry about it since I am able to hit massive home runs! The upgrades to the RTTS work well, but the immersion level could be made better in a few areas, in my opinion. But no other game is this real, and since there are only 2! baseball games on the market I vote to go with this one, or if you can play a game in real life, it’s a little bit better, but you can’t play at Fenway Park!

  • And I feel the weekly challenges should be split into 2 areas, one with a fee, and one without a fee. Lesser prizes or PS Home prizes for the “no fee” games could be cool. But hey that’s just me, If you have a job, or access to money to pay for the weekly entry fee then it should be no problem. But for those kiddies who have no access to money, I can’t imagine parents giving them the cash to support their efforts to beat C.C.’s nasty stuff with no success whatsoever lol!

  • It’d be cool for MLB 12 if they added MLB classics to rewrite history yankees beating the red sox in 4 instead of in 7

  • Not dead, it’s a great game!

    Still waiting for that Colorado Rockies avatar to be available in the store. I’ve been teased with all the other teams that were put in. :(

  • Where is the White Sox Avatar along with a few other teams, why do the suckier teams get supported first????

    They best be there tomorrow when i check.

  • This game is definitely not dead. Lots of people online most of the time especially weekends from what I’ve noticed and it’s got a great RTTS as well as Franchise mode.

    The best baseball game out there. I didn’t even bother playing the demo for 2K because it can’t hold a candle to it.

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