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With the MLB All-Star break looming this week, we’ve hit the unofficial midpoint of the Summer. Look for an MLB 11 The Show-powered preview of the ASG later this week.

We’ve included a story about Battlefield 3’s classes below; we actually got to go hands-on with the PS3 version of the game this week. Unfortunately, that’s all I can say for another week or so, but when that embargo expires, look for Sid’s and my impressions right here.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of July 4, 2011)

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  • many interesting game coming!

  • Any reason why avatars on the blog are not working? mine still is not showing yet ( Nathan Drake avatar ). also looking forward to the PSN sales and Catherine

    • We’ve been trying to get Plus icons onto avatars for subscribers, so it’s probably related. We should have that restored this week.

  • Can’t wait for Journey! Here’s hoping it comes soon. In the meantime, I’m sure Limbo and games from the sale (Tales from Space and BTTF) will keep me occupied.

  • were still not reading what we want to read on the web……. and that is were is jak and daxter and will be be coming to ps3 anytime to in a hd collection or their own full game for ps3

  • Yo! you guy’s forgot about the rumor of the PS4 coming in 2012. Just thought i’d add that in since you all forgot! So if it is make sure we can transfer all our saved games over to if we change HARD DRIVES! It would be a nice feature to have. Instead of having some save content and game data where you can not. But other than that Sony I am with you to the END OF TIME. Enjoyed your systems you have all brought to us so far. Thank You!

    • There is a backup program that transfers your stuff over pretty neatly. I’ve never run across a save game that couldn’t be backed up either to a USB or via Cloud Saving.

  • @razor7136 they have that option IF youre a PS+ user. Thats the cloud saves. hopefully they wont say its only possible if you have a PS+ account.

  • Yes there is thatoption but some of ther content is copyrighted so i’m not sure you can with that stuff. I could be wrong but it use to be that way and it sucked lol.

  • when will the alien casino be at home

  • Can’t wait to see the Battlefield 3 PS3 footage Jeff. Also, How about Hope Solo and that EPIC comeback today?!

  • @4. Isn’t the “we” referring to what Sony reps read? Food for thought, perhaps.

  • either you guys are blind or in some serious denial. you telling me you haven’t seen all the reports that a PS4 will arrive in 2012.

  • Men the only thing i care about its Battlefield 3 and Resident Evil 4 for the ps3 Jeff please give me more information about Resident evil 4.

  • @2 Jeff

    Lol, so that’s why. Hope it will be fixed soon.

  • Are you guys getting a hands on with Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath I read off Just Add Water’s Twitter they were having visits.

    Are you guys in?

  • Jeff, Will Atlus be on the blog to talk about Catherine this week?

  • Hey Jeff, the three tabs don’t correspond to what they say. Resistance 3 is BioShock Infinite, PSV is Resistance, and inFAMOUS 2 is PSV. Oh and Viddler still takes forever to load properly in Chrome. Besides that, the PSB runs nicely :)

  • Yo, Jeff

    Is US PSN getting “From Dust” the week of the 26th. Confirm? Deny? In the dark? I know EU is getting it that week. Those silly Euros.

  • Cashville_Moyers

    MGS1 is in the Playstation Store and I’ve had it for a while.
    Is there any plans to add MGS2 and MGS3 to the Playstation Store?

  • Would you please ask Insomniac Games if PS+ subscribers in SCEA territories will be getting access to the Resistance 3 beta?

  • LionsguardAgrias

    This is looking like a pretty light week outside of NCAA.
    Epic finish to WWC game earlier. EA really needs to get Ian Darke to do commentary for FIFA.

  • Cool, so Cole is in both the PS3 and PS Vita versions of StreetFighter X Tekken. From what I remember from E3 this year, it looked like he was only on the PS Vita version.

  • Hey Jeff can you give us a hint about the upcoming Sony surprise this Friday on gttv? Is it game related?ps3?psvita? Network related?

  • @Jeff Rubenstein
    “We’ve been trying to get Plus icons onto avatars for subscribers, so it’s probably related. We should have that restored this week.”
    Is this related to the people who had the free PS+ trial expire yet still have the +’s next to their names?

  • Are you ever going to make crash bash available on the Ps store that is one of my favorite games and the disc i have doesnt work anymore

  • FIX the playstation pluse promblem its not expiring

  • Fix The playstation pluse 30 day free trail its not expiring

  • Nothing about the PSN pass?? That note is almost everywhere!!

  • I’m sorry to bother you, but i know that the borderlands bundle is $14.99 for PS+ but i keep hearing that it will be $20 for non PS+ subscribers, is this true?

  • Reading assignment kind of boring this week. But thanks for finally saying something about the avatar genocide, and revealing that you all are fulfilling my suggestion that our blog avatars show the big yellow plus like the euro blog does, yay!

  • @Jeff i have two problems: playstation plus 30 day trial has not expired and i wonder if it is auto renewing


  • When is the search feature for inFamous 2 going to be implemented into the game?

  • Is Parasite Eve II ever going to be released on PSN? It was supposed to be up in March.

  • My ps+ logoe is next to my name but my 30 day free trail has expired


  • karate_chop_fuey

    Spill the beans on PSN Pass so our complaints feel more legitimate.

  • Alright, keep the Gravity Daze news comin! This is my most anticipated Vita game because I love action/adventure/platformers and this looks so unique.

  • @jeff i was wondering when you guys are gonna release some marvel avatars like spider man x men and etc…. i wanna see some soon and some of the marvel fans wanna see some too

  • when will PS4 hit the floor soon? I love to see it soon and hope it has everything like u can play the old ps games onto it. 256MB of ram is 512MB’s or 2GB’s at most for ram.

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