Limbo Comes to PSN on July 19th

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Limbo Comes to PSN on July 19th

It has been one year since LIMBO originally launched, and that year has been an incredible time for everyone at Playdead. We’ve gotten feedback from many people around the world, and it’s been amazing to hear about the experiences people have had with the game.

So we are happy, on the mark of LIMBO’s birthday, to bring the experience further and share it with even more people. We will be releasing the game on the PS3 through the PlayStation Network on the following dates:

  • US – July 19th
  • Europe – July 20th
  • Japan/Asia – to be announced soon

Since we have gotten a lot of requests for the LIMBO Soundtrack, we are also making that available starting this Monday, July 11th on iTunes. If you are interested in more infrequent updates about the game, please feel free to sign up for the newsletter on our website So, with less than two weeks to wait to get LIMBO on PSN, we hope everyone will enjoy the game and the little extra secret we have in store for you…

We look forward hearing what you think!

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  • Ha eat that xbox

  • look great

  • Very nice, was hoping it would come to PSN. What’s the price going to be?

  • Looks great. How much will it be?

  • Thank you so much for bringing this to PSN. I am a loyal PS3 owner, and I been wanting to play this! I will buy this day 1, and I hope everyone else does too. I hope more devs. take note, and bring their games to the PSN. Just one question, how much will it be for everyone and will Plus users get a discount?

    P.S. I already signed up for the newsletter! :)

  • hehehehe…xbox what?


  • I’m glad LIMBO is coming to PSN. Any plans for PS Home support? On 360 you offered a free shirt and creature item as an unlock for Xbox avatar. Thanks.

  • Sony when will you stop taking alot of games from Microsoft? lol its getting to the point were my PS3 might run out of hard drive space and I’m using 500GBs.

    Keep up the work.

  • 360 who??? lol :)

  • off topic but i am getting mad at sony my old psp broke i could not deactivate it then they tell me that i have
    4 activations left but i would like all 5 of them because i can not deactivat my old broke system and sony does not want to do anything about it and i have been talking about this back and fourth for a month its nice that the network was down so loong and they could not do any thing about it this will be the last thing i buy from sony again

  • Ever since it was released on Xbox I was hoping to one day play it on the PS3. Now that day will finally come. SWEET!

  • Very nice, i shall get

  • Not sure why you guys are bringing up the 360, as if this is some victory over them for getting a game(s) a year later.

  • Any word on the price? It doesn’t matter either way i will be purchasing it!

  • Sharingan_itachi

    Would be nice if you guys can bring to Android as well. Would buy it twice.

  • Heard great things about this game… Throw a Playstation Plus discount in there and ill buy this on day 1.

  • It will be $15 for this indie game that doesn’t have a story and loses direction/interest after the first 1/3 of the game…which is only a total of 2 hours long.

  • Awesome. I got 100% for this on my 360, now hopefully I can do the same with my PS3. I love this game and can’t wait to see what this “Secret” is.

  • @7 Emerald_Swords

    The secret is you have to make up the story for the game.

  • Now wheres ms and mr splosion man

  • reasonable price and I’m sold!

  • Thanks. It was one of the only reasons I wanted a 360. Glad to see it make the jump.

  • The only game 360 had that I wanted. Thanks

  • Anyone want to enlighten me as to WHY people in my friends list still have the PS+ symbol on their names when i know for a fact they ALL got it the day we got the 30 day free trial and haven’t purchased it?? Only 2 and my self have it for real…

  • @BlindsideDork : The story was that a boy woke up to find that he had lost his sister, so he goes out to find her. Not sure how or why you didn’t understand that if it’s so simple. Maybe you’re just slow?

  • Nice one Dino and Playdead.

  • Sweet game. Hope it’s $10, $15 would be a bit much

  • Someone could create an exact duplicate of LIMBO on LittleBigPlanet. Please prove me wrong, because I would need quite a bit of convincing to buy this game. Does it have a solid storyline?

  • I own Limbo on the 360, and it is an excellent game. It’s great that PS3 owners will finally be able to play Limbo.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Maybe when it’s on sale. I do not pay full price for year old ports.

  • YES! This and Alan Wake were the only reasons why i bought a 360, but after beating Alan Wake i sold my 360 and never actually got a chance to try Limbo. Finally i get to buy it. :D

  • Day one purchase for me been wanting this game since the day I saw it on 360.

  • Awesome… except I wasn’t a fan of it on the 360.

  • Wonderful! Would we have a demo or a trial? (PSN+)

  • nice, i hope that shadow complex is the next game that they’ll try to get on the ps3 ^^

  • All I gots-ta say is: FINALLY!

  • I would be more than overjoyed at this news, if I wasn’t disappointed…I’d followed the game for a couple years before it came out and was so much looking forward to it, but when I asked, the developers made it clear it would never come to anything but Xbox. So just recently, when I got to borrow an Xbox for a day, I bought the game, knowing that I’d lose that copy forever once I was done. It was an excellent game, but I rushed through it so I could finish it on time. It was worth it for me, because I knew it was the only way I could ever play it without buying an Xbox. Now I hear I could have bought it to keep, and taken my time so I could savor the experience! Well, that just sucks…oh, I’ll probably buy it again sometime. My main regret is that I had to rush through it.

    But I don’t want to sound like a whiner. This is a GREAT game, and it definitely deserves all the praise it’s gotten! I highly, highly recommend it. One of the very best indie games to come out.

  • Awesome! I love this game.

  • never heard of it , Biut. i like the avi of the dead crow will please put t a few for sale on psn..

    I wish you thr best of luck with this and hopes to see more from you..

    vp-psn legionairee group

  • @1 my thoughts exactly. I will most likely pick this up at the end of the month

  • I already played this on the XBOX 360 but for those that didn’t, it’s a pretty good game. Pick it up if you can, but be aware that it’s only about 3 hours.

  • Great news! Might just have to pick this up now. I wonder what the secret is…

  • Cant wait looks awesome

  • has to be 10$$, caz thats what it was on xbox, ps+ discount ???

  • hopefully PS+ will get a discount

  • We have a date, we just need a price. Im guessins same price as the 360 version, $15.

    Im probably going to pick this up on steam.

  • good date but here what everybody wants to know sony:

    “what is the price for LIMBO?” and is it going to be free or have a discount for PS+ users?”

  • BossmanCCrowder1

    Thanks guys! Definitely picking it up soon. I really wanted to play it when it was released on the 360.

  • We can’t talk about the price yet.. I’ve heard a bird sing about a PS+ discount ;)

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