Coming to PlayStation Plus: Golden Axe and Guerilla War FREE, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

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Coming to PlayStation Plus: Golden Axe and Guerilla War FREE, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

July is packed with amazing PlayStation Plus content – including Assassins, Fighters, Guerrillas, Axe-men, and much more – all coming in two publishes on July 12th and 19th. Don’t miss the July 19th update when the hot 2K Summer Sale starts. A Special Offer for PlayStation Plus users includes the Borderlands full bundle for $14.99 (sale price $19.99). This bundle includes the full game, and all 4 pieces of add-on DLC. Purchased individually these items would add up to more than $65!

Check out our highlighted offers below, along with the full list that follows:

golden axe ps plus

Free Games and DLC

As a reminder, the free monthly games for Plus were released on July 5th, so the next set of free titles will be on August 2nd and announced on the blog on July 20th. With that said, Plus is still offering the SEGA Genesis classic title Golden Axe for free (and early) to Plus on July 12th!

Get ready to battle rebel soldiers and rescue hostages because Guerrilla War, a PS mini from SNK, is also available for free starting July 19th! This mini title is being offered as a bonus for the month of July in celebration of all the SNK minis releasing on PSN.

Huge Discounts

Speaking of SNK, PlayStation Plus is offering the following SNK minis titles each at 20% off their regular store price starting July 19th:

  • Baseball Stars 2
  • The King of Fighters ’95
  • Athena minis
  • Hal 21 minis
  • Ikari Warriors minis
  • Marvin’s Maze minis
  • Ozma Wars minis
  • Sasuke vs. Commander minis
  • Vanguard minis

Plus is offering One Epic Game mini a month early to its release and at 50% off starting July 19.

Exciting Exclusives

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Full Game Trial comes free and exclusive to PlayStation Plus on July 12th!
As always be sure to check the full list of new items as well as items that are being taken down from the PlayStation Plus storefronts below:

PlayStation Plus Highlights for 7/12:

Full Game Trial

  • Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (Free and exclusive to Plus)

Featured Games

  • Golden Axe (Full game) (Free and exclusive to Plus)

Featured Themes & Avatars

  • Dino Crisis 2 – 10 Avatar Bundle (Exclusive to Plus for $0.99)
  • PlayStation Plus Anniversary Dynamic Theme (Free and exclusive to Plus)
  • Summertime Static Theme (Free with Plus – a $0.99 value)

PlayStation Plus Highlights for 7/19:

Featured Games & DLC

  • Guerilla War minis (Free with Plus, a $2 .99 value)

Discounted Games

  • Borderlands Bundle (PlayStation Plus price $14.99 – a $65 value)
  • Cuboid (PlayStation Plus price $3.99; a 20% discount)
  • Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos (PlayStation Plus price $3.99; a 20% discount)
  • Magic Orbz (PlayStation Plus price $3.99; a 20% discount)
  • Sky Fighters (PlayStation Plus price $3.99; a 20% discount)
  • Smash Cars (PlayStation Plus price $5.99; a 20% discount)
  • Wakeboarding HD (PlayStation Plus price $3.99; a 20% discount)
  • Hamsterball (PlayStation Plus price $3.99; a 20% discount)
  • Richochet (PlayStation Plus price $3.99; a 20% discount)
  • Baseball Stars 2 (PlayStation Plus price $7.19; a 20% discount)
  • The King of Fighters ’95 (PlayStation Plus price $7.19; a 20% discount)
  • Athena minis (PlayStation Plus price $2.39; a 20% discount)
  • Hal 21 minis (PlayStation Plus price $2.39; a 20% discount)
  • Ikari Warriors minis (PlayStation Plus price $2.39; a 20% discount)
  • Marvin’s Maze minis (PlayStation Plus price $2.39; a 20% discount)
  • Ozma Wars minis (PlayStation Plus price $2.39; a 20% discount)
  • Sasuke vs. Commander minis (PlayStation Plus price $2.39; a 20% discount)
  • Vanguard minis (PlayStation Plus price $2.39; a 20% discount)

Featured Themes & Avatars

  • Fast Draw Showdown Dynamic Theme (Free with Plus, a $2 .99 value)
  • Amazing Earth: Volcano Dynamic Theme (PlayStation Plus price $0.90; a 70% discount)
  • Apache Gunship Dynamic Theme (PlayStation Plus price $0.90; a 70% discount)
  • Divine Light Dynamic Theme (PlayStation Plus price $0.90; a 70% discount)
  • Destination: Japanese Temple Dynamic Theme (PlayStation Plus price $0.90; a 70% discount)

Last Chance, Get Them While You Can – Coming Down on July 12th

Featured Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers

  • Streets of Rage 2 (Free with Plus, a $4 .99 value)

Discounted Games

  • Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 (PlayStation Plus price $7.99; a 20% discount)

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  • haha it’s like u and @Digital-Big-Boss.. huge sounded like a 50% or 70% off but these games some of them i think they plan to put for free on ps plus download on next months :( ..instead of real games… on EU just burnout paradise as a free game on ps plus for a month tempted some ppl to get the subscription.. but unfortunately some presents arent avaiable for all

  • I didn’t even notice the boderlands bundle discount!


  • How about getting some PS2 games on the PSN store. Now that would be cool.

  • Still no Crash Commando??? Come on…

  • I bought ps plus when i got my ps3, and ps plus blows soooooo bad. I pay for xbox live as well, and getting ps plus i thought it would atleast be on par with xbox live…Golden axe? got that on xbox live years ago. PSN Doesn’t even compare or even want to compete with xbox live, waaaaaaay more content on live, faster downloads, no lengthy install once you download a game, better multiplayer connections…oh got a update live takes seconds not half hour.

  • and the psn network servers blow too

  • @Kirkpad
    yeah i bought borderland the first day it was released on the PSN.

  • and 1 week after, the GOTY borderland edition droped to 29.99$ at walmart, best buy, ebgames…

  • mastorofpuppetz

    @32, give me a break, on xbox you have to pay 60 a year to play any game online. Its only for used games. Places like gamestop charge ridiculous amounts for used games, (Often only 5 bucks cheaper), maybe this will drop the prices so it evens out.

    Playing online on servers is costly to maintain.

    Many companies already have an online pass.

  • mastorofpuppetz

    @56, get your PS3 connection fixed, i have an Xbox, PC, PS3, barely any difference between live and PSN for Downloads….. Content is about the same….

    Live is mandatory, Plus is optional.

  • well, so much negative comments from you guys, it makes it sad to read since I have been a Plus on day one and bought games disc and downloads on the PS3. I really don’t agree with you guys at all. Would you rather pay for the 60 dollars a year instead just to get online? Or would you rather have some sort of different stage of Sliver or Gold to go with that online service and you don’t get no free game at all with that. They offer the Deal of the week for just one game or just deal with Playstation’s sale of games that ranges up to 70percent. Be nice, play nice and I am a happy PlayStation fan and gamer. Thanks!!!

  • lol to the complainer trying buyina those snk games. they run about 80-200 usd on disk. If want them working correctly..

    Ps plus is good if you on a budget,. if get it free then whats to coplain about.. And all online passes is just thing companies are doing becuase of redbox and amazons and gamestops are selling games used. I has nothing to do with sony..

  • Online Passes are a big deterrent, that notice about an PSN online pass for Resistance 3 was like a slap in my face.

    I dont want Sony become a rippoff company like ACtivision or EA

  • Ahh yeah… >_>

  • I was wondering when I got to see my old school favorite game Golden Axe ahhh I can’t wait to download it and Altered Beast is coming soon awesome.

  • Cool

  • cardinalsfan1122

    Cool looks like the free games on PS+ are slowing down, maybe its just me. And by the way guys sony confirmed the PSN pass its just like the EA online pass, just if you buy a used game you have to buy the online pass to get full access to the multiplayer some access or all will be restricted prior. It just ensures that sony makes money off of the used copies sold because they do not otherwise. Gamestop or any other store that does trade in’s makes 100% profit. Noo big deal they are usually 10$ so it’s usually still cheaper than new.

    • We’ve stayed consistent on the free game flow with our most recent additions for July being Bomberman Ultra, MediEvil on PSOne, Me Monstar, and Alien Zombie Death. Golden Axe is just the cherry on top for this month =)

  • no outland discount again? it was promised to us before the outage. will we ever get the discount?

  • is there ever gonna be NFL avatars or themes??? id love a dallas one

  • where’s Limbo

  • When is Galaga Legions DX coming to the PS Store?

  • so far most of the sega games that are free or 5.99 are already in the segas ultimate sonics collection disc. that only cost 15 now at the store. its crazy people still dont know this and can literaly save hundreds. 50 games on one disc. but ppl are paying 5.99 for 1 game from that disc.. haha wow

  • @Cyb3rfr34k-iso

    I can’t tell if you’re being serious…they are telling you a week and a half in advance for the Borderlands deal

  • I repeat myself, EU psn + birthday was far better that US version.
    Sign up for a 12 month Plus subscription and get SEGA Rally Online Arcade for free and to keep forever.

    And finally, to say thanks to everyone supporting Plus, we are going to hold a prize draw that all Plus members are in with a chance to win. Here are the prizes you could win, just for being a Plus member –

    1st Prize – Sony Entertainment package, including 46″ 3D Bravia TV, extra 3D glasses, a PS3 320GB, a PSPgo, PlayStation Move starter pack with extra controller and navigation controllers, a selection of 10 PS3 games, PlayTV and a 5 year PlayStation Plus membership.

    That’s a prize package worth almost £4,000!

    2nd prize – three people will each a one years Plus membership

    3rd Prize – 100 people will win a 90 day Plus membership
    Not great but damn more good that the only 3 month free with nothing else.

  • It kind of sucks that I spend a lot of money on brotherhood, and now your giving the game for free. Do you guys have something I don’t own, or a better option. I feel like I just got burned or suckerd, I love PS3 but you need more options for people who already own these games.

    • AC Brotherhood is not being given away for free; it’s now a part of Full Game Trials, which Plus owners have access to. You can download the game and have full access to it for one hour. Kind of like a free rental, basically.

  • kind of lackluster but it’ll keep me busy between games :D.

    BTW whatever is goin on with this PSN Pass thing. If its for real and coming to the US and mimicks EAs online pass (ie required to play online) it would be nice to see PS+ members have free access to all Pass material.

  • @Masterofpuppetz

    You’re logic is flawed…Xbox Live is indeed an overrated mess of a system that sheep seem to enjoy paying for regardless of the fact that PSN and Live operate pretty much exactly the same.

    However, Sony advertises the PS3 as having “Free Online Gameplay,” this is what makes the PS3 and Steam a much better alternative to the 360. Their networks play the same as Live, they offer downloadable titles and yet they are free-to-play (or Steam is). Sony can no longer advertise as having “free online gameplay” because they are instituting the pass system forcing those who buy second hand games to have to pay $10 extra (the equivalent of one month of XBL).

    I see this as also damaging to the size of the playerbase. Resistance 3 and Twisted Metal aren’t exactly getting the same hype as Uncharted 3, so what is Sony trying to do here? Resistance 3 and Twisted Metal are most likely going to sell less than Killzone 3 (1.5 million) and that was a greatly hyped online FPS for Sony, the online community will be halved.

  • I forget to say: EU save 700 euro/ 1000$ and us 800.
    200 more that US. PSN US FAIL

  • I really don’t care about psn plus and the playstation people should make trophies points so we could get our own free stuff instead of games that I would never play and plus it will keep gamers with sony instead of leaving for xbox 360

  • playstation plus from day 1 an a year later i must say a really big dissappointment cant wait until my subscription is up but u keep giving me free months ugh dont want it dont need it dont know y u bothered.

  • wow! a PSN Pass… so much for free online gaming with Sony. instead why don’t you focus on not letting hackers steal our credit card info!!!

  • I am hoping that Brotherhood will be 39.99…HOPING. (That’s how much it is at basically every store right now for me) Either way, I’m getting the trial, I always wanted to get Brotherhood. And is there any chance of Assassin’s Creed 1 going on sale on the store again? Because I got AC2 on sale for 9.99, and I couldn’t get 1 in time before it ended.

  • To dokoganryu,

    Just to say my friend, I don’t think it is even remotely possible to compare the Japanese ps plus to the North American one. I have been a member of the Japanese one for about 9 months now and all I have to show for it are about 3 dynamic themes and a bunch of old ps one games. It is just my opinion, but I think that in Japan Sony really takes its customers for grated and doesn’t really give them anything special. I mean did you see the welcome back package we got. The psn store just came back two days ago and we still got a crappier deal than the rest of the world. For example, the games we were offered are, again in my opinion, as good as the NA ones, and also, current subscribers to the Japanese ps plus only received a one month extension as opposed to two in NA. Finally, after subscribing to the NA ps plus 4 months ago I have to say that North Americans are enjoying a much more interesting situation. As for the Europeans, I don’t really know.

  • EA, err Sony…… Please drop the stupid online pass, your not losing any money, someone had to buy the game new for it to be used, so why punish people who want to buy used, you’ve made your money…

  • Great update. Going to get Borderlands on July 12. Any chance it could be my birthday gift as it falls on the same day. lol

  • So in the next few weeks we will be getting some cool stuff. UNFORTUNATELY!!! I will not even go to the playstation store until I know that THE LEGEND OF THE DRAGOON, is available for download.

    Thank You Sony,
    Love ACE_ME

  • I also feel stabbed in the back with this PS Pass or what ever it’s called. Makes me want to never buy a game for my PS3 again.

  • PSN PASS………PSN PASS?!?!?!?!

    after putting up with the identity theft what we get is a PSN PASS?

    so disappointing

    after all it shows, Sony is just another corporation willing to screw over the consumers (the so called bloodline) because this online pass WILL NOT INCREASE PROFITS!!!!!!

  • I prefer discs games for my collection but Borderland’s discount is sooo tempting… >_<

  • I have a question: I already own Borderlands on disc and I’d really love to get all those dlc packs for an amazing price, but will my character saves from the disc version be compatible with the download version of the game? If so, this is a day one purchase for me! I’m continuing to love PS Plus!

    • You should be ok here, but if you really want to be sure, you may want to reach out to 2K customer support.

  • Well its not appering for me for some reason an i am a plus memeber is there anything i can do th fix this Please reply i want to play bomberman ultra and medevil

  • PSN Pass is not a good idea, Sony. You’ll lose more players than during the hacking fiasco!

  • Nice try Sony but the summer sale on STEAM is much much better.

  • Please Sony don’t do this horrible mistake that xbox did.The reason I bought the ps3 is because the free online…But that doesnt bother me that much because when I buy a game like Uncharted I will get the pass?!

  • Some pretty good deals.

  • What happened to all of these free avatars we were promised?

  • $15 is a great price for Borderlands GOTY Ed. I spent the entire PSN down time on my first play through, and I haven’t even got to cracking on new game +. I recommend it to anyone who likes games like Fallout with more humor and minus the horrendous crashing.

    Also, I’m glad to see brotherhood on digital, but I’m sad that ps+ only gets a full-game trial and no discount there. As soon as it does, though, I’ll jump on it like Ezio!

  • I’ll pipe in again to say that I agree with the others that I’m against the online pass. Business is business, but an online pass feels downright dirty. Will definitely NOT be buying resistance 3 used or new.

  • Borderlands Bundle here I come!!!

  • Just renewal plus this week I’m good to March 2013 :D.

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