Coming to Home: Alien Casino, Scribble Shooter, Deus Ex Contest & More

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Coming to Home: Alien Casino, Scribble Shooter, Deus Ex Contest & More

Before we get to our regularly-scheduled weekly update, I wanted to give all of you Home-people a quick look at two new games that we will be releasing soon into the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home. First up is Ooblag’s Alien Casino, a game made specifically for the PlayStation Home community as part of our Welcome Back package. Enter this interstellar casino and try your hand at Ooblag, a multiplayer game of craps…with a twist. Winners will be rewarded by being transformed into extraterrestrial high rollers while losers will be punished severely by Raaksu, the casino’s ruthless Pit Boss. As an added bonus, players that access the Ooblag Alien Casino space will be rewarded an active item version of the Ooblag game that can be played in their personal spaces. Check out the trailer for a peek at this exclusive (and 100% free) game – coming soon to PlayStation Home!

Next, I’m pleased to announce that the highly-anticipated top-down, shoot ‘em up game, Scribble Shooter, will be released in just two weeks! This charming arcade-style game (which was hand-drawn by a developer’s 12 year old son) will take over PlayStation Home’s Central Plaza on Thursday, July 21st. Play the first level and then purchase the full game as an arcade cabinet for your personal space. Those of you who played the demo of this game in our virtual E3 booth are familiar with Scribble Shooter’s addictive gameplay and unique style, but what you haven’t yet seen are the collection of awesome rewards, which will be granted to players as they beat each level’s boss battle. Mark your calendars, my friends – Scribble Shooter will be in your hands before you know it…

This Thursday, July 7th, we will be updating the PlayStation Home Mall with a ton of new items – from Sodium “Abyss Trooper” costumes to new LOOT space furniture and more. Here’s a short video that highlights some of the new content that will be on the shelves this week!

Speaking of new items, Codeglue releases a new batch of items under the Mesmo line this Thursday – including what may be my favorite companion to date, the hilarious Hamster in a Ball!


Konami launches their B’loons line of balloon weapons and costumes (with custom animations) this week. I foresee Central Plaza being full of B’loons this weekend – what do you think?


nDreams’ is bringing Barbarian back into style with their latest Fantasy Fashion costumes. Check ‘em out!


Our friends over at VeeMee are bringing some of Billabong’s most popular designs into the digital realm, with the first batch showing up in the PlayStation Home Mall this Thursday morning. Here’s a quick taste of what to expect:


Finally, Mass Media launches their hotly-anticipated “Brimstone Dancers” this week. Sure to turn up the heat at your next Home party, Lilith, Layla, and Brigette come as both active items and companions and will be available this Thursday from the PlayStation Home Mall.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is bringing the world of 2027 into PlayStation Home through the QR Missions Contest. Here’s how it works:

1. Download the QR Missions App from the APP STORE on your iOS Device (with camera).
2. Register and select “PlayStation 3” as your console of choice.
3. Using the App scan QR Codes like THIS ONE.

For each code scanned the community earns more points, reach 1 million total points as a community and earn your exclusive PS Home Companion VTOL Chopper! You can only get the VTOL Companion by participating in the QR Missions, so tell your friends and gather together for a piece of exclusive Deus Ex: Human Revolution content in PlayStation Home.

In addition, be one of the first 1000 people to scan 10 codes and get a free Deus Ex: Human Revolution Dynamic theme for your PlayStation 3! The contest ends August 23rd when Deus Ex: Human Revolution launches, so join in now for your exclusive content.


Of course, the PlayStation Home Community Theater receives a huge update this week. Join us this Thursday, July 7th as we air the latest episode of Platinum’d, the popular live-action comedy series exclusive to PlayStation Home. Next up, Urgent Fury returns with host Jack Delhouse covering the exciting new FPS, Brink. Next up, LittleBigPodcast returns with three more of their “Mind the Gap” contest winners.

See you in Home!

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6 Author Replies

  • looks cool 1st btw

  • alien casino!! cool cant wait to try it!! Scribble shooter looks fun also.

  • How about fixing the Waterfall Terrace space, the inFamous space leaderboard, and returning missing reward items like the Criss Angel Coffin Couch and Minis Lamp.

  • Looking forward to alien casino. Scribble shooter also looks nice, I just hope its not an active item. We could always use more arcade cabinets, that give rewards & are non active items ;).

  • Decent update. Looking forward to the 2 new games.

    ANY news on when the Waterfall Terrace will be functional again?

    Can you just start deleting “1st/First” comments?

    • Hi,

      We’re working on Waterfall Terrace and inFAMOUS now. We will update everyone on the PlayStation Home forums once a fix has been put in place.

      Thanks for your patience.



  • QR codes like WHAT ONE?

  • “Konami launches their B’loons line of balloon weapons and costumes (with custom animations) this week. I foresee Central Plaza being full of B’loons this weekend – what do you think?”

    – I just have to say; Awesome!! Also, the Ooblag’s Alien Casino outfits look very cool. This is a pretty big update – now I can’t wait!

    • Hey Soph,

      Just to be clear, AC and SS are not releasing this week (everything else in this post will be available this week though). SS will release on the 21st and we are trying to get AC out the door for the 14th.



  • Well it looks like Home is gonna be robbing me this week cuz alot of these items look great! Can’t wait to get into Home tomorrow morning =)

  • Let’s Hope we Get The Brimstone Dancers this week for sure.

    And also Hope they didn’t Censor them while we waited all these weeks… If they been censored that wouldn’t be good…

    Cross Fingers!

    By: DCS

  • Im not 1 to complaint, its not my nature, but can we please do something about the HDD and the WWW, whenever i tell someone im gonna change clothes, it takes about 3 minutes before im able to type and say, ‘im back ‘ by that time whoever was with me is gone from the long wait . Its been a long time since i ask this but 50 ITEMS per personal space its soo 2009, that needs to be raised, as well as the the amount of ACTIVE ITEMS we can have . I would also like to see some changes with Central Plaza music, same songs since 2008-2009 , as Oprah would say, we need new songs PEOPLLLLLEEEEE.
    The update looks cool , i think im gonna get the balloon costume, however i would like to have the Bunny costume they have in Europe or Mars, all i know it is not in America .
    If its Glasswalls answering comments………..Thank you, i always get a reply from you,

    : )

  • Im enjoying the influx of veemee items. Keep it up! I’d love to see the long forgotten diesel store get replaced by a billabong store or the veemee store.

  • @12

    I’d love to see VEEMEE get their own store location too.

  • So we finally getting Chuck E Cheese on PShome! lol (Come on, as if CeC doesn’t teach kids to gamble LOL)

    I want me Scribble Shooter! That’s definatley an arcade game I would play in my crib! haha!

  • As to the exotic Daners; I especially LOL’ d at the “For Mature Audiences Only”…as if most of us in PSHome are hehe.

  • Thank you L_S, for the reply. Also, thank you to the entire Home team & Indie/3rd Devs for keeping the community strong & interesting:)


    ALIEN CASINO!!!!!!!!!!!! @_@ I have to buy 2 $50 dollars PSN Card :P Im going shooping! w00t

  • Locust 1 question! We need a new Mall whit at leats 5 levels so Veeme, and other companies can open they stores. Please :D

  • This is awesome! Hamsters are happy with the new companion! squeak. And the balloons…. cant wait.
    Thank you!

  • Don’t really expect a reply to this as it’s not full of pom poms and rah rah rahs but…

    What exactly does the “Free For a Limited Time” as stated at the end of the Ooblag casino video implying?

    Is this space only here for a limited time? Is the active item reward only available for a limited time? or is it as I suspect that the entire casino will convert from free to play to pay to play?

    • The space is not time-limited and it will not be converted to pay-to-play. However, the active item will only be rewarded to players for a limited time, so be sure to visit the space when it launches.

  • Awesome update, I think I can use a bunch of these items in future games!!! Thank you for all the things that continue to come to all of us “Homies”!!!

  • weres the infamous stuff that was supposed 2 be here on june 2nd………………………………………………………………………………………..

  • Sony has to add trophies to games like Shooter! The trophy hunter will use HOME a lot more!!!

  • P.S. I meant Scribble Shooter

  • + Locust_Star on July 6th, 2011 at 1:20 pm said:

    The space is not time-limited and it will not be converted to pay-to-play. However, the active item will only be rewarded to players for a limited time, so be sure to visit the space when it launches.

    The reply is much appreciated and thanks for that clarification.

  • Thank you very much Locust for answering my comment, as i see the BRIMSTONE DANCERS ARE ACTIVE ITEMS , SO YOU CAN NOT HAVE MORE THAN 2 AT A TIME , HOW WONDERFUL !

  • So I am so confused right now…the blog is wicked cool…great work guys…Just tell me something…What is coming this week anyway…The alien casino for sure….but what else…..cuz i see things coming in weeks only…I was looking forward to this week only and not weeks to come…. :)

  • @27

    Raven – Scribble Shooter will release on the 21st and Ooblag’s Alien Casino should be released on the 14th, everything else will be released this week – See Locust_Star’s reply.

  • Fantastic update, L_S!! Can’t wait to check out the casino and play the rest of scribble shooter! Btw, for everyone to know…there is currently not a Deus Ex QR missions app for android phones (for those who do not know what iOS means…), BUT, if you own an iPad/iPad2 and NOT an iPhone or iPod (like me), you are still good!

  • Thanx Sophronia…..So why didnt they post only this week then and post another one for what is coming in due time…Makes alot more sense to me :)

  • @30

    Raven – I’m sure if they didn’t talk about the Casino then users would ask when.. it’s nice knowing what will be coming out soon though. This was just a reminder/update. :P

  • OMG, Thanks for bringing Billabong in North America 8 )

  • @ Raven_Croft75 :

    There was some Q.A. to be done before release, so these projects had been postponed. L_S is doing his best to keep us in the loop. I personally appreciate the heads-up on delayed projects. Makes the greatest sense to me:)

  • I am pretty excited about the Alien Casino coming out on the 14th. I hope it’s outfits and not an avatar that we can win. But, whatever the case, I certainly will be visiting the Casino.

    Scribble Shooter is another gem. I had fun playing the demo at E3 (in Home). Challenging and exciting.

    Thank you for the news.

  • ummm … i haz no thing to read codes with .. how can i be down ?

  • Yeah yout right Sophronia :)

    I am looking forward to it all actually.

  • I’m really disappointed in Square Enix for making the Deus Ex contest iOS device owners only. Apparently they haven’t noticed that more than half of the smart device market is on other operating systems.

  • Yeah your right Aeryn_James :)

    I am looking forward to see it all come onto Home as well actually. :)

    I love the work they do and I am glad they keep us in the lopp also.

    I believe I just read it and saw it wrong thats all..It happens to the best of us :)

  • shooter scrible designed by 12 year old, thats fricking BeAsT! i bet developers son will be famous

  • Thats a lot of cool stuff. I really want all the robot arms. Its too hard to decide.

  • Hi Locust Star,
    Dude, I need help PLEASE! I asked this 2 weeks ago, and have yet to receive a response. This is in regards to the HOME personal space, THe MANSION. I bought the Mansion, 1st floor, 2nd floor And the Mansion Pool.

    Now within each of these spaces as you walk around, you find a HIDDEN KEY & a message appears saying FIND THE OTHER KEYS to unlock something special! So Iwent thru each space and I found all 3 of these keys so far.

    Now, you released the MANSION GARAGE and gave it FREE in the Welcome Back program. I walked all over the Garage, the driveway, the edges, I walked over every inch & not once did I “FIND” the HIDDEN KEY for that space.

    1. Why is there NO HIDDEN KEY in the GARAGE Space?

    2. Since it was given away FREE did they REMOVE that HIDDEN KEY in that Garage Space??

  • Haskell420 :

    You have asked this 3 (three) weeks in a row… And everytime you get an answer.

    There is no key in the Mansion Garage.
    The special surprise is the 3 (three) cars, unlocked by finding the 3 (three) keys in the first 3 (three) Mansion spaces.

  • @Haskell420, it may not have been Locust Star but Glasswalls did reply to your post 2 weeks back. I did as well, there only keys in the 1st Floor/2nd Floor/Infinity Pool. There is NO key in the Garage.

  • Can somebody help me? I got Sonic 2 with PS+ and then i bought the Sonic 20th Birthday Bundle which included Sonic 2 but now Sonic 2 has expired and know they say i have to pay $5 To get it again..WTF??

  • I bought the Game with the Bundle after i tryed it with PS+ so i should own it but now i have to pay 5 dollars.

  • What did v1.52 of Playstation Home do? Didn’t see patch notes anywhere.

  • TheUndertaker85

    Will we ever see a movie or music streaming service made available through Home? There’s multiple outlets now available on the PS3 that solve multiple problems, yet we never hear a word about it being possible…

    How about video streaming in Home via Netflix and grant viewing rights to any Netflix subscriber? They already do streaming content through the PS3 and realistically, Netflix subscribers all have access to the same content and rights to stream that content to their devices.

    How about music streaming in Home via Qriocity with the same details as my Netflix suggestion above since Qriocity users have access to that same piece of content.

  • I have to pay to play full version of Scribble Shooter? Hmmm….. I will think about it but its slim chances.

  • Why did the never actually add a real casino to home. i Would go in all the time. Plus stuff promised from day one like a trophy room. Such a missed opportunity :(

  • Everything looked good until that iOS exclusive content…..Blah. Would have been nice for some Android support.

  • Dude! this would be hilarious if a gamer playing on that casino start getting caugh swearing, then the huge tentacle takes the gamer! and throw him out of there really high! THAT WOULD BE HILARIOUSLY FUN I`D EVEN SWEAR FOR IT, OR ALSO IF SOMEBODY “DRINK TOO MUCH ALCOHOL“ :D :D :D

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