Resistance Dual Pack Now Available for PS3, Includes Bonus DLC

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Resistance Dual Pack Now Available for PS3, Includes Bonus DLC

It’s crazy to think we are less than two months away from the release of Resistance 3! As we finish up Resistance 3 here at Insomniac, we wanted to let you know that the Resistance Dual Pack is now available at all of your favorite game retailers. For the low, low price of $39.99, you get the first two critically acclaimed games in the Resistance series: Resistance: Fall of Man, and Resistance 2. On top of that, we’ve packed the box with a bunch of extra DLC, including the Aftermath Multiplayer maps and skins for Resistance 2, as well as the rare exclusive weapon skin for the Wraith.

Even better, folks who catch up now with the Dual Pack will be able to show off their recent journey through the first two games with an exclusive Joseph Capelli in SRPA gear skin for Resistance 3 multiplayer.

Resistance 3: Dual Pack

To get you pumped up for the release of the Dual Pack, and to show those of you who haven’t played Resistance what you’re missing, check out this trailer for the Dual Pack.

That’s all for now, but we have much more to come in the following weeks as we reveal more from Resistance 3.

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  • Cool, I need R2

  • Resistance is one of my most favorite fps series this entire generation. Its so uniquely awesome and different than most other games in the genre. I love it. I highly recommend this bundle. Its a steal of a deal.
    Can’t wait for Resistance 3. Only two more months!!!

  • Give Resistance FOM trophies and I will definitly get this

  • Awesome series.

  • i wanna buy this but my ps3 got ylod and died ):

  • Nice pack, but why has to be Greatest Hits T_T

  • I think Nathan Hale should have had a cigar in his mouth on the 2nd cover for consistency :)

  • I will recommend these two tittles as well. They are the best FPS for the PS3. Good Job Insomniac. R3 here I come. I will need to pre-order my copy soon.Ohh yeah thanks for adding PS Move support/ PS Sharpshooter. I kill with the PS Move I love it :)

  • I wanted to see Resistance FOM with trophies and both of them with Move support but it’s a great pack anyway… and as a bonus it also includes some DLC, making it a must-buy (instead of buying both games separately, for a higher price and without the DLC)

  • This is a great deal for those who have not played the first two games. I got them both long ago so I wont need this, but I am surely looking forward to the Resistance 3 beta later this month and full release this September. :)

    Great deal! Great bonus DLC! Great series!

  • There is an Uncharted bundle in the works, and I assume it will be packaged like the Resistance one.
    Can we get a release date on that also?

  • Great for people who have not bought the games. But you should have gived away all the DLCs from Resistance 1 and Resistance 2 in the pack.

  • may consider getting it

  • Gonna pick it up soon, I have played them both but don’t own them both, but soon I will! And Kivi95, The DLC for Resistance 1 is free on the store and the DLC for R2 is all included in this package. Just saying.

  • Hard to believe you won’t add trophies…when any other developer like rockstar and naugthy dog took their to add trophies to their games. And yeah, it was obvious those 2 developers had their minds also in their other projects. It shows how those developers really cares about their costumers.

  • Mmm.. So that skin is only obtainable through this dual package? Not if you already played them both?

  • No trophy patch for RFOM, no purchace. Heck, I’d even repurchase both of them if it included a special version of RFOM, such as a directors cut edition that included trophies. Insomniac, I feel you should reconsideropening up the code again and do something, what a great way to promote the third title in the series.

  • Is this available in Canada? Because Canadian Gamestop’s website still doesn’t have it listed.

  • it would be cool if this were release on PSN

  • Exclusive multiplayer skin? Come on… I bought RFOM at launch (with my launch PS3) and R2 at launch…

  • Wonderful! Hey, would we have a demo or trial (for PSN +)? Thanks.

  • Would have bought these games again but no trophies no buy. It sad they said havent been added.

  • Awesome. I paid a $120 for these. Hold off, pay $80 less and here’s a bonus! But remember, support the devs.

    Well, at least it’s just a skin, and of Capelli no less. I’ll live.

  • Damn no trophies!?!?!? This irked the hell outta me for Metal Gear Solid 4, and like a lot of the people commenting it will effect my decision to buy. I’d love to see a bundle like this for Uncharted 1 and 2!

  • this is a pass no Resistance 1 trophies
    why spend $$$$$$$$$

  • To people crying about trophies, I know it’s sad, but as a developer from another game company (I’ve never worked on a PS3 games, but it’s no different), I must tell you that there’s a lot of factors.

    – Time. Big factor since time you can’t add more time without going over budget or delaying. It takes more time to add trophies than you think, especially testing and final testing (at Sony)

    – Evolution. Libraries evolves quickly. For a launch title like RFOM, the PS3 SDK probably has a lot of deprecated content. What worked before might not work anymore. That means more debugging thus more time.

    – Worth. Partly related to time. If the cost is bigger than the gain, then it’s nearly impossible to get the approval from the business people of the company. Companies are run with money, not the power of love.

    I have a lot of trophies and returned to old games once they get patched, but not every games can afford it. RFOM sales are very low compared to GTA4 and Uncharted. Also, those two games already had equivalents. The design, main testing, graphics and a lot of code was already done. I just don’t see how patching RFOM would be worth it for Insomniac.

  • so why put out these games
    if your add nothing to the pot
    theres no reason to play them again

  • Resistance The Nathan Hale Pack

  • k1ll1ng5pr33-NL

    @Chase167 This package is obviously for people that haven’t played these 2.. DUH

  • so over 3 or 4 million R1 sold
    and a little thing like trophies
    would sold at least
    1 million to trophies hoes like me
    there lost

  • Resistance Fall of Man was my first PS3 game I ever had. Didn’t care for it that much actually and traded it back in.

  • its the same as quest for booty
    no trophies no $$$$$$$$$$ from me
    i my friends to see what games i played
    when they compare trophies

  • If some game doesn’t have trophies, you don’t play it??? Please explain. Is this to make up for the lack of participation in anything throughout school because you were too burned out to pick up a sport? I like trophies as well but it certainly doesn’t dictate whether or not I play something. Just like the whiners last week who won’t play Beyond G&E because there’s no platinum trophy, I don’t get it.

  • i was going 2 get it till i read no trophies thanks for the info i would of been pissd lol

  • There’s way too many games to get and not enough time! And I also want R1 trophies! lol

    I like how so many people are requesting them but Insomniac didn’t add them. Was there somewhere that we could’ve requested for them that would have changed Insomniac’s minds? Well I guess it’s too late now.

  • buying it today! never bought them but always wanted 2

  • @15
    To back up James Stevenson’s response since I’m sure he doesn’t keep up on the happenings over at Naughty Dog as some of its fans (no offense, just suspect he has other things to worry about): Uncharted was original designed with a reward system in mind. In fact when ND first got word that a trophy system was going to be put into place, it was taken in as a design consideration while the game was being developed. That is why Uncharted was one of the first games to get patched for use with trophies.

    Equally so Rockstars games also appear on the Xbox 360, while the clunker has its issues it did help 3rd parties prepare for the inevitable arrival of Trophies due to the existence of Achievements. Insomniac in the time that they were exclusive to PlayStation didn’t have either of those things to consider while working on Resistance. Resistance was a release title, PSN was a turd back then, and they churned out a release day title that has been critically acclaimed across the board.

    Nothing would make me happier than to see Resistance get Trophies as it might encourage me to finish the game. As it stands this maybe one like Heavenly Sword were we’ll just have to let it go.

  • Resistance Fall of Man needs trophies or there is no point in getting this bundle…

  • no trophies == no buy

  • PhantomOfPanton

    Great deal and all, but I own RFOM, as well as the collectors edition of Resistance 2. I believe that those who bought the games BEFORE this pack should also get the Resistance 2 DLC for free.

    You made the Resistance 1 DLC free for the launch of Resistance 2. So make the Resistance 2 DLC free for the launch of Resistance 3. It only makes sense. Your loyal supporters who bought the games long before they were even a “greatest hit” should get the free R2 DLC as well.

  • The MP DLC for RFOM were verey impressive. I really wish more people played on those new maps, they’re alot of fun.

  • I’m not one to complain about missing trophies, but I thought Sony said that all future retail releases would have to support trophies.

    I believe that specifically, a game could not be certified for retail sale without trophy support beginning in 2009.

    Are we now going to get a new resounding, “does it support trophies?” complaint on the blog. This died down as most people agreed, “They have to put in trophy support.”

    So are we to believe that this is a title from before January 2009? I do not remember an SKU for both games bundled with DLC before then.

    Are we going to have to ask this question with every refurbished game?

    • James Stevenson

      This is a greatest hits release. It isn’t bound by those requirements.

      It’s a TRC for a game to clear format that it has trophies. R:FOM has already cleared format, thus, it doesn’t require trophies to ship.

  • Greatest hits?, this sux i was interested in this bundle from long time and after i saw the image i got disapointed.

    maybe i will get the games by second hand now

  • Well i was excited when I saw this because I figured it would have to include trophies because it was a new bundle. I already own the game and have beaten it many times and was looking forward to going back again and getting trophies with it. As it stands now, I will not be buying it though..

  • I’m sick of hearing about how hard it would be to add trophies etc, etc.

    I would have bought it with trophies but I’ll just as happily keep my money in my wallet or spend it somewhere else. Half-[DELETED] re-releases equal a waste of money.

  • Why do so many people hate Greatest Hits versions? It looks cooler plus has the “better” non-spiderman text logo. In fact I bought Infamous 1 on Ebay couple months back and the guy put a greatest hits picture but it was the black label instead, I would rather have the greatest hits version.

    And have you seen the greatest hits boxes for Killzone 2 and God of War 3?!?! In the words of Kevin Butler…EPIC!!!

  • I already have both :D.

    @45: I dont like the red label saying “Greatest hits” :S It looks sooo different from all my other PS3 games; that is why I buy most of my games day 1; and if I didnt buy them right away I would prefer buying “a game of the year edition” instead of the Greatest hits, just like I did with Batman Arkham Asylum.

  • Also the red label occupies art box space, and that is something I dont like >_<

  • Come on Insomniac, The people’s voices have been heard, and trophies would be the sweet selling point for this product. Pull a Terminator Salvation for all we care – 14 or so gold trophies and a plat – how hard could it possibly be to code a series of 14 triggers into the game to make the fans happy? Remind us all why Insomniac is so great. Listen to the fans!

  • You guys should make an Uncharted dual pack also

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