PlayStation Move Ape Escape Hits PSN Today

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PlayStation Move Ape Escape Hits PSN Today

I hope you had a great July 4th weekend. Did you all get to try the PlayStation Move Ape Escape demo last week and experience catching monkeys with the PlayStation Move motion controller? I hope you’re ready for even more mayhem, as the full PlayStation Move Ape Escape game hits the PlayStation Store today! We’ve put a video together introducing the full game, so please take a look.

Let me tell you a little bit about PlayStation Move Ape Escape. There are a total of 15 levels and you will cross between the past and present in pursuit of Specter, the leader of a monkey invasion. At the end of each mission, a review of your performance will display regarding how many monkeys you caught, your score and the details of any bonuses you have earned. You have a chance to compare your scores with players around the world, so try uploading your score every time you complete a mission and check the online leaderboards! Don’t forget to earn trophies as well.

As you progress through the game, you will unlock mini-games. Each of these use the PlayStation Move motion controller in a unique way and provide a fun change of pace from the story mode. So take a well-earned break from your pursuit of Specter and enjoy those mini-games.

PlayStation Move Ape Escape for PS3 (PSN)

We are very eager for Ape Escape fans old and new to try out the PlayStation Move version of the franchise. Pick up the full ape-chasing adventure today for $19.99, grab your PlayStation Move motion controller and start capturing those mischievous monkeys!

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  • This is the game of the year!

    • Congrats to be the first to comment here, Neil. You will love this game, so check it out and let me know what you think! : D

  • Can’t wait, my family loved the demo. We played it over and over. Great way to spend family time. That adults love too. Will be buying asap..

    Can you leak the price please?

    • Glad you and your family enjoyed the demo. Have fun with the full game as well. It gets super crazy, so good luck capturing them all!

  • o nvm.. 19.99..

  • I can’t wait to play. I have been waiting for this game for quite some time. I was a bit envious of Japan getting it so early, then Europe not so long ago. Now we finally have our chance. Hurrah! :D

  • Yikes, that’s a pretty steep price for me. I was expecting 14.99 at max. I’ll have to wait and read some reviews before I make my decision.

  • I am buying this game, but I wish there were more games like this for the Move. I have had the move for ages, and I only played Darts and Kill Zone 3.

    • Thank you for your comment. I agree we need more games like this for Move. It’s something we should work on. Meanwhile, I hope you will have fun playing this game!

  • Thanks for the demo, my kid loves it. $19.99 for a DL took me aback though. Not used to seeing that price on a DL unless it is accompanying a full retail disc release. We’ll be waiting for the 50% Plus+ discount.

  • Any chance of making a HD collection with this as the control scheme(and the navigation controller moving and jumping?)
    The game looked and felt nice, but being on rails made it a lot less fun

  • How can you guys be complaining about the price, its perfect. Also you guys do know it is a disc release but here in NA were getting it as a download which is perfect for me since it means faster load times. Like I said PERFECT price and I will be getting this game.

    • Thank you so much for your support!

      To add to your comment, the game has a solid volume with average gameplay being around 10 hours.
      There are over 500 monkeys in the game and you can keep track of them with your “Monkeypedia”. So get ready and capture them all!

  • Damn $19.99 for Ape Escape! I thought it was going to be like $14.99 or $9.99 don’t have enough to buy it I love that game.

  • $19.99 is way too much for what essentially amounts to a Move-enabled Mini-game collection.

    Also, attaching the Ape Escape franchise to this game is a travesty, and anyone who’s played the old Ape Escape games would agree. The Ape Escape series’ foundation was based on fun, precise 3D platforming with innovative dual-analog control, not on-rails waggling. So sad.

  • A BIG LOL to all you Americans. $19.99 is a good price meanwhile we in Europe gets the game as a retail game which makes the price more expensive.

    Well well that’s what you expect from most people in usa.

  • Platinum Trophy? I only play games for trophies

  • What happend to it was going to be availble in spring 2011 and now it is summer 2011?
    ape escape looks like a neat game.

  • Love it since Ape Academy For PSP!

  • WOAH! $20? I can wait for a price drop. My guess was $15, and even that had me reconsidering the game.

  • Getting it Getting it !! No Matter How Much It Coasts Or When Its Coming, Do You Know Why !? Because I Really Love This Game !! And Thanks.

  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    This game looks cool but having little kids in the trailer kind of turned me off. I’m not a little kid and it made me think this game is aimed at them.

  • Yeah, the $20 price-tag knocked this off my list. I remember back when people were incensed with $15 games. Especially since the demo was a “level” and it took less than 15 minutes. Plus, no multiplayer options. (I have a second Move controller and surely you can add more monkeys to keep it crazy. Come on!)

  • I have to agree, for the amount of content, $20 is simply not worth the value. I will have to wait for a discount personally.

  • Thanks for bringing this to North America finally. Ape Escape is seriously one of my favorite original IPs from Sony, and this is the game that made me invest in a Move.

    Any news on a proper Ape Escape 4 (with Dualshock controls, hopefully) coming out during the PS3’s life cycle?

  • Someone needs to update on how Ape Escape 4 is going, Ape Escape is my favorite PS Franchise and I just want to hear something about it!

  • Oh wow… this just ruined the origanal ape escape… :/

  • $20 seems ridiculous! def will be waiting for a PS+ discount or price drop. I also agree that seeing the children in the trailer makes me thinks this isn’t aimed at mature gamers.

  • I downloaded the demo last week, I was playing it and my 2 year old nephew plays it too, its his first game hes ever played. Ever since, he’s been coming over and asking me to put on the “Silly monkeys game”.

    I’m definitely getting this game, been looking for something to get him to play games, not too childish games.
    Sad thing is, I’m making this sound like a gift for him, but in the end its a gift for me…

    • I’m glad your nephew had fun! It’s a great game for everyone, for all ages. Thank you for getting this game! : D

  • Yikes… the review scores for this game are really abysmal. I’d be inclined to give SCEA the benefit of the doubt here, but I find myself unable to connect to PSN (which seems to happen almost every day now). If the problem resolves itself soon, I still may find myself within the “Impulse Buy” zone, but with a game that’s averaging lower scores than Duke Nukem Forever, that might not last too long. *sigh*

  • SOLD!!! 8)

  • EmperorLawlight

    Why even waste your time developing such a bad game? And even if you do, put some effort into it.

  • Wish I could say I’d be buying it, but after trying the demo I decided it’s just not for me. At all. Here’s hoping you decided to take this series back to it’s roots someday and make another traditional Ape Escape game in the vein of the original three.

  • I was looking forward to this even though I was extremely disappointed that it wasn’t going to be a ‘true’ Ape Escape game.

    Bad reviews, very minimal trophy support and a $19.99 price point equal no purchase for me. I’ll pick it up when it’s on sale for 50% or more off but other than that I just can’t justify it, as much as I want to…

  • Why is a PSN title that has 12 trophies and is basically a move mini game with ape escape in the title 20 bucks?
    I was really hoping for 10 or 15 bucks, l’II wait for a discount to get this.

  • @25 Its okay no one will no “Uncle, my turn?” “Wait Junior, I have to collect 380 more monkeys!”

  • sigh never gonna be as good as the original ape escape glad i watched this b4 i bought it…

  • Any way you could put the origonals on the psn store?
    And do you know if there will be another Ape excape similar to the origonals? Just loved the story line and the platforming on those.

  • On-rail kiddy spin off, can we get a real Ape Escape game that can catch up what made the first ape escape so good?

  • Are you guys thinking of making another Ape Escape with the original characters (Spike, Jake, Natalie, Professor, & of course brat Specter)? I bought games 1, 2,& 3 but the first one was a perfect mix of kids/grown up game, #2 was good but was to much for kids and same for 3 as well. Will you PLEASE make a full Monkey Soccer game for dowwnload or on disc I spent many hours on Ape Escape 2 on that mini game?
    Also wouldnt these games look fantastic cell shaded?


    An on rails boring mini game collection for kids? Sure for 5 bucks I can’t say n……Wait it’s 20?…

  • I am a big Ape Escape fan, and I hope this game can really bring the franchise back to North America.

    I was disappointed at Sony for not releasing Million Monkeys, Saru Saru Master Moves, Piposaru Racer and Ape Academy 2 to North America, but seeing this game finally being released here brings hope for this under-rated franchise.

    As a big fan, I have two questions about the Ape Escape games.
    I recently heard that Tomoko Kawakami who is the Japanese voice actress for Natalie/Natsumi and Casi/Charu for the Ape Escape games just passed away last month. I do miss her and her voicing acting in the games. Do you guys have any plans to find a replacement for her?

    Now that Playstation Move Ape Escape is finally on PSN, is it possible to bring over サルゲッチュ ピポサルレーサー, Ape Academy 2 and サルゲッチュ ー サルサル大作戦 to North America? They are huge hits in Japan, and I will love to see them to be released outside of Japan before PSP retires and gets replaced by the new PS Vita. I also played the demos for サルゲッチュ ピポサルレーサー and サルゲッチュ ー サルサル大作戦 and I had a lot of fun with them.

    Thank you very much.

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