PixelJunk Shooter 2 Patch is Live Now

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PixelJunk Shooter 2 Patch is Live Now

PixelJunk Shooter 2 for PS3 (PSN)

Hey everyone!I am happy to announce a patch for PixelJunk Shooter 2. We’ve changed a few things. Read on for the full list:

  1. There was a bug where some enemies would spawn right on top of you giving you that awesome “insta-death” you really don’t want in a game… well, we fixed it!
  2. The online connectivity has been tuned to allow you to hook up with other players much more easily. Try it out!
  3. If you get matched against a higher ranking player you get a nice large cash bonus (Q space bucks of course) if you win! This gives you a big incentive to challenge yourself more when you get matched up against someone who seems better than you. Hint: stay calm and use strategy, you can definitely take them!
  4. We added an option to the pause screen that lets you take a break in the middle of a stage and come back later to finish it off. So when your mom calls you to the dinner table just choose that option, go eat your dinner *and* be nice to the environment by switching off your PS3!
  5. Even if you kill a few survivors and get a game over screen you can “continue” – your score will be reset, but if you are just exploring and trying to get as far as you can this feature stops you from being thrown back to the start of a stage just because a few puny survivors happen to have gotten in the way of your missiles.
  6. A message on the pause screen lets you know if there are any diamonds still hidden in the current screen. This is very handy when you are searching out that last diamond in order to unlock the awesomely cool secret last stage!
  7. Acid walls aren’t as nasty anymore – we gave the giant alien whose insides you are exploring some antacid and he’s feeling a lot better now!

We have another PixelJunk announcement or two for over the next few weeks, so stay tuned…and enjoy the new-and-improved PixelJunk Shooter 2.

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  • When will we see this and Shooter discounted for Plus members?


  • Day one buyer… still have yet to play, but glad the big problems are out of the way. I’m still really excited about playing this game, but its just been so hard clearing through the Bluray titles to get back to my downloads.

    • Ariel Angelotti

      Thanks for the support, and with the Shooter 2 patch now released, there’s never been a better time to hop on board the Shooter 2 train!

  • Very interesting stuff, I’ll have to check this stuff out later. Thanks Dylan!

    (This is @K1rkpad from Twitter by the way ;) )


  • Great updates, especially the continue option.

  • sweet, change #4 is one i have been waiting for.

  • @ # 2 & 5 Alkazaar777

    That’s funny……It’s not working for me, either…..:-(

  • Been waiting for a PixelJunk sale for months now. And bundle up Monsters and Encore. Just waiting to spend the money until the time is right. :)

  • this sucks it aint letting me sign in!!!!!!

  • PSN down again???……please NO…

  • cuz i can sign into PSN…

  • CAN”T*

  • Me neither. It’s down for everyone I know now.

  • craaappp obviously this wasnt scheduled… :/

  • im haveing problems i was downloading my games from plus i came back and found chris in my room without asking me he tesspassed and was on another user and i can use the internet but the psn network failed and my acoute is active and i need to deactive it becuse i have 1 more sytem active left i normaly try the free game then deactive it and its not my sytem but on my acount i have over 900 games fully paid for

  • PSN is up….

    Lovin’ the Pixeljunk. I have every title thus far, and am very much looking forward to the next two….

  • Is PSN back up, i wouldnt let me sign in about an hour ago; and i havent had time to check if it is back up. I hope PSN didnt get hacked again, because maintenance was not announced for today

  • PixelJunk has always been great about post-release support, and it’s awesome to see that continuing.

    Now, where’s Pixeljunk Dungeons??? I need to get my Nethack fix, but with co-op and on my PS3! :)

  • Thanks Dylan, looking forward to going and collecting all the diamonds as I don’t I previously would’ve been able to find them.

    PS: Your presence was missed in the latest episode of PixelJunk Radio, so get well soon if you’re still sick.

  • *as I don’t previously think I would’ve been able to find them.

    Sorry had a typo.

  • Might have to get back to this game and try to get the last of the diamonds.

    • Ariel Angelotti

      And now your quest for treasure will be made a bit easier with the addition of feature #6! Happy hunting!

  • I loved the first one, 100%’ed it in two days. This one feels like more of a chore that I’m not too keen on going back to because the game was made a bit too challenging (as in; hard just to be hard), bordering on unfair, but many disagreed with me so I guess I was in the minority.

    Patch seems to do some tweaking for difficulty, so will try to complete it again.

  • I cant sing up to psn

  • If you see me online don’t run! I play fair and don’t use purchased weapons against new players! Looking forward to the surprise in a few weeks Dylan and Ariel ;)

    • Ariel Angelotti

      Hi, Kassatsu!

      Well, I don’t know about other people, but I definitely won’t run. You have my express permission to kick my butt.

  • Still have to 100% this game (and the first one too actually…) but finding the gems should be easier now. There’s this one level I have played countless times and I cannot for the life of me find where the last gem is hidden. I even found one of the secret rooms instead where I was greeted with a cruel joke! D:

    • Ariel Angelotti

      Oh no! It looks like resident artist and prankster Andy might be having the last laugh, there. I wish you luck in your quest, V!

  • Haha, I just beat this game before the update…looks like if I waited I could have had an easier time….


  • Hi Ariel and Dylan!! I am so glad you have developed such phenomenal psn games for me to enjoy. I will of course purchase Pixeljunk lifelike and others you put out. Much obliged your big fan Blake of San Diego :P

  • hey we cant download that new free game from ps plus when we try to download it it only take u to a blue screen n it says continue shopping why is that n when ever u try to go to a room voice chat u cant get it in it telll u error pls fix this ……..

  • Alright ! Now I will be able to find those last 3 diaonds I’ve been hunting for over the past several months and complete my goal of 100% every pixel junk game on the market.

    Hey Ariel, was this patch the surprise you couldn’t reveal on the last podcast ?

    • *evil smirk*

      This was NOT the big surprise we teased about on the podcast, so needless to say we have more awesome goodies in store for you in the near future.

      Happy treasure hunting!

  • Thanks Dylan for the update, looking forward to going through again and collecting all the diamonds as I don’t think I previously would’ve been able to find them some are just to cleverly hidden away.

    PS: Your presence was missed in the latest episode of PixelJunk Radio, so get well soon if you’re still sick.

  • psn work for me

  • Thank you for feature #6 !
    That’s a GREAT addition !

  • Whoo-hoo another surprise awaits us.

    Dear Q-Games,

    “If I could fly… I’d pick you up… I’d take you into the night…”


  • Every time my girlfriend sees me playing a PixelJunk game, she asks me “When are they going to make PixelJunk Monsters TWO?”

    Please, guys. Give me an answer to tell her.

    • Ariel Angelotti

      Tell your girlfriend she’s awesome and patience is always rewarded with awesome new PixelJunk games!

  • So.. was this the eternal love that I was suppose to get from you if I RT’ed your tweet? D: .Will be sure to pick up Shooter 2 soon and I am falling behind on the podcast! :(

    • Ariel Angelotti

      I guess that picture of Jaymin I posted didn’t suffice as my “eternal love?” He’ll be heart broken.

      Don’t worry, Kchow. We have more surprises in the bag.

  • Cool;) I gave up on the game because i got fed-up of spending 40’ish minutes on a level & then it saying i missed a few Diamonds :-/ GRR!!! :D Glad i can check them now while in the levels;)

  • You did take it back afterwards by saying “Oh wait, that was @PixelJunkRadio’s Jaymin Kessler. My bad!”… it could’ve counted.. maybe… possibly?… no :P how about a life sized and working pixeljunk shooter ship or a pixeljunk dog? :O. Looking forward to what you guys have lined up for us and keep up the good work both in developing and podcasting AND twittering :P

  • Oh I got it… a cheese DLC :)

  • Man… there goes my bragging rights. I found all the gems without help. It wasn’t easy and NOW! you make it easy?!? Booooo! Hissss!

  • Item 2 – don’t recommend using ” hook up with other players” to generally describe online connections. .
    Very grateful for Item 4. Got sick of having to play the levels over and over again everytime I couldn’t beat the boss and had to turn off the machine for the night. Hoping I can now beat that lava turtle boss

  • Cool! Now get back to working on SideScroller so I can give you more of my money.

  • I can’t wait to try PixelJunk Sidescroller! It’s art-style and retro galaga-esque gameplay looks like crazy fun! Looking forward to your announcements too.

  • xAToMiC--GaMeRx

    Hi Ariel, Please Tell me. So I can play online now !? And Thanks!

  • xAToMiC--GaMeRx

    I will find players more quicker ?!

  • I have not picked up PJ Shooter 2 yet, I liked the first , but I thought it was WAAYY too Easy. Please tell me the difficulty has been increased on this one? #7 on this list reminded me of this complaint. Thanks.

  • Hell yeah! Just found out this game will be on SALE for 50% off to PLUS members! Will buy on Tuesday!

  • I’m looking forward to picking this up next week when it goes on sale. I really enjoyed the first one.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the Sega Genesis game “Slime World” but it has some related, and yet entirely different ideas that are worth checking out; one of my favorites from back in the day.

  • @46 I would say it’s harder. For sure.

    Kind of irritated that it’s going on sale right after this post was made. The post got me to buy the game, so kudos to you! Guess I’ll play it twice as much this week to get my moneys worth. (Full price justification for the win!)

  • Oh actually, I bought this game just before the post. It’s awesome regardless of price :D. Thanks for the checkpoint feature!

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