UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Beta: New Content for Week 2

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UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Beta: New Content for Week 2

Welcome to the second week of the UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Beta!

We’re exceptionally excited as today is the day the UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Beta becomes available to everyone on PSN! By the end of today, anyone and everyone with access to the PlayStation Store should be able to view and download the UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Beta – no codes required!

As we head into the second week of the UNCHARTED 3 Beta, we’re updating the available gametypes to the following:

July 4
July 9
Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Team Objective, Hardcore, Co-op Hunter
Airstrip, Chateau

You’ll notice Team Objective and Co-op Hunter as new additions for this week. I’ve been liking the Co-op Hunter gametype lately – the twist of adding in human players into what seems to be a Co-op mode is quite intriguing. You can catch some clips of Co-op Hunter in action in the video below, or on our YouTube channel:

Along with the update to the available gametypes, we’ve updated the video playlist for UNCHARTED TV to add one awesome fan created video. We’re always on the lookout for great fan created content – if you’ve got something in the works, drop us a line on the UNCHARTED 3 Fan Created Content forum on NaughtyDog.com.

You’ll also want to check out yesterday’s IGN article as they caught up with Robert Cogburn, our multiplayer game designer, to get a temperature check on the first week of the Beta – and what’s the deal with players leveling far beyond the level cap of 25 originally mentioned back when the Beta started. Robert also revealed the astounding 600,000 unique players that participated in the first week of the Beta – we’re looking forward to seeing that number grow quite a bit now that the Beta is available as a public download!

If you didn’t catch the patch notes last week and were wondering what was contained within the UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Beta 1.01 patch, we’ve listed all of the updates below:

Relevant minor updates prior to 1.01

  • Temporarily removed Plunder gametype from matchmaking
  • Added in Free For All to replace Plunder
  • Temporarily disabled Facebook integration


  • Removed Yemen from map rotation in Free For All. Yemen will return during its regularly scheduled week.
  • Temporarily removed Cursed from Power Play rotation.


  • Fixed issue where a crash would occur when backing out of multiplayer.
  • Fixed frequent slowing of framerate that could lead to the Beta freezing.
  • Fixed a crash involving Emblems.

Don’t forget to leave your feedback on the Beta in the UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Beta Discussion forum – we want to hear your likes, your dislikes and any issues you have experienced. We’re counting on our community to be extremely vocal to help us shape the UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer experience to be one of the best!

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2 Author Replies

  • obiadekanobi1980

    good work on the beta guys and its noce to see one of the blogs keeping us up to date with current news!!!

    USblog 10/10

    EUblog -10/10

    piss poor effort EUblog!!!!

  • Lovin this beta. SAS 12 shotgun needs to be powered up!

  • I’ve liked every mode up until this point…. Co-op hunter not only makes little sense when starting…. it made me feel vastely out numbered when I had to deal with dumb AI and Human opponents at the same time. I was constantly trying to pick the players out because they were a world more dangerous due to higher reasoning capability only to get shot in the back buy a randomly spawning heavy with a shotgun……

    I’ll try to give this another go, but balancing really needs to be applied and something needs to be done about the mode.

    Also is it just me or is the amount of money needed per level taken a sharp turn up once I hit level 24? I don’t like levels that take 800 years to reach. Fix this.

  • Ok ima go try to play if it Freezes again im going to be so pissed.

  • play it the other day and no freeze up but it did happen once only. May need to buy new PS3 and replace my PS3 Slim with new model slim. Sony you guys need to make PS3 with better design to work better called it PS3U then making PS4, with PS3U you can make it more better slim model with power brick. And add more memory ram to it like 800MB or more. This would be the time to increase the PPE to 2 or 3 and SPE to 18 or 21. And make it 22nm, if you did ur PS3U would be more powerful then the PS3 in everywhere possible.

  • Thanks a bunch ND! Great game so far :)

  • i love it its beast

  • But does this mean that since I didn’t get a chance to play certain game types that I can’t get those bonuses mentioned in the download info?

    • You’ll be able to play all of the required gametypes for the rewards – it’s only games of competitive and games of co-op, there’s no specific gametypes beyond that.

  • @jose213jose it froze again omg i dont understand i got this ps3 just Feb. It doesnt freeze for any other game but this one. Awwww idc anymore ill just wait till the actually game to play it. Because i cant enjoy myself like this,

  • I’m gettin’ so sick of these maps…

  • Love da Beta!

  • can you guys give us a test of the Co-op STORY MISSIONS (like the ones found in Uncharted 2 I mean, with three players). those were really the highlight of Uncharted 2’s multi-player to me.

  • These maps can get boring but its still fun

  • Anyone else get the addicting Multiplayer feeling With this that they get with COD?

    I Do, I think Naughty Dog was focused in the right direction. Although the Multiplayer isnt very deep at all (maybe because its just a beta) Its still ont he right track. If there was more perks and unlocks and Guns in the game i think this would rival my time for Call of Duty.

    Props to ND

  • I can play the beta with no problems, but my ps3 freezes, I’d say 3 times on 4, when I try to quit the beta, it’s annoying! Anyone else has this problem?

  • The shotguns seem to have significantly decreased in power. Or is that just me?

  • The game seems amazing so far. I only have two gripes. One is in the co-op arena, the game tends to stall on s if a player(s) jump in and out during Siege missions. I’ve found that usually you have to either suicide, or drop a grenade in which all players take some damage to break the glitch. Otherwise I find myself standing around for whatever time may be left in the game, or I quit and lose whatever money/medals/treasures I may have foundt. My second gripe is the multiplayer versus modes. I’ve only played a few games of these online as the game play seemed to be very off-balanced. Two examples. I was able to sneak behind a player on the Chateau level, I meleed him 3 times before he could turn around, and then he only had to melee me once to kill me. That was more than a little frustrating. Second ex., I was in a gunfight with a guy that had a sniper rifle and I had an AK. I offloaded two clips into him before he was able to shoot me on my second reload (the only round he fired that shot it’s mark), and I died from the one round. Haven’t played multiplayer versus since then. Still, I’m looking forward to what I’m sure will be another game of the year. Thanks Naughty Dog!!

  • Been playing it and loving it!! And I had 0 freezing issues. Your messing with my Infamous 2 play time though:)

  • thats pretty kool & i’ve been having sum issues with the beta, during gameplay a DC’d symbol pops up & I can’t move my character just the camera & bcuz of this I haven’t been playing the beta as much as i’d like to

  • I like the video the game looks like a weak version of metal gear online i might give the beta a try…does anyone know how long it takes to download?

  • I love this game, but, at every end of each game my Ps3 freeze!

  • xAToMiC--GaMeRx

    Co-oP Hunter is impressive and so creative Thanks NaughtyDog Best Multiplayer I’ve ever played The Modes Are Great The Gameplay is Awesome !! Can not wait to play .. Co-oP advanture, Keep The Good Job ND and Thanks a lot !

  • i wan to play co-op arena again

  • want*

  • xAToMiC--GaMeRx

    Oh! And UnchartedTV plays of the week is really, Really great idea I like it !!!!

  • Coop hunter, Is it coop or competitive or a smoothie blend of goodness

  • Lovin this beta SOOOOOO much! I’m quickly becoming as addicted to it as I am to Black Ops as a previous reply said.

    I do have one serious issue like others though, PLEASE, PLEASE fix the restart that it does to our PS3’s EVERYTIME you quit the beta application. Everyone i have asked in game has this same issue. Every single time you quit the beta it does a hard restart to your console. That cannot be good for it.

    Also a question that Ive been to lazy to look up yet. LOL….What does the silver bargain booster do for you? I have unlocked silver level and the description says every time a kickback is used there will be a gold glow? What exactly is this doing and how is it beneficial to me?

    Also, can you be a little more specific as to what the treasure hunter pack will give us in the full game for meeting the beta requirements? Just curious. Cant wait till September!

  • I have PS+ so I had this the first day it was released…Good beta so far :)

  • I was playing Co-op Hunter the other day, and my buddy and I had Gold Rush as a first mission. The other team kept killing us, and we were losing, but the score stood frozen at “Round 1 0:00” for the longest time I had to leave game and forfeit money. A weak moment indeed…

  • Fortunately Uncharted Beta does not freeze on me, but as an aside, my PS3 freezes when I connect online w/ NBA 2K11. I guess it’s strictly offline hooping =/

  • Quit comparing to BlOps you tards…BlOps is garbage..

  • Where do we post bug reports? I’ve noticed quite a few glaring bugs, such as “Unknown String” appearing at the top of the scorebox during the end of a round.

    Also, Co-Op Hunter is a nice mode, but the aforementioned clock bug (the game freezes at 0:00) makes the game difficult to enjoy.

  • After playing and having fun with Coop Arena last week, I was looking forward to this week’s Coop Mode. But it disappointed me. It has some elements of Coop, but seems much more of a Competetive mode. Also I’m still a little unsure about the Retail Unlocks. Do we have to play 10 matches in each Team Deathmatch, Free For All, 3 Team etc, to unlock the booster pack? Or is it 10 matches total that can be spread around the different game modes?

  • Uncharted 3 BETA: Naughty Dog, people have been glitching on both Team Death Match maps going outside the map. Video’s of people glitching have been posted on youtube. My suggestion is make the locatations where people glitch to get banned from the game as soon as they go under the map, MrPips…

  • Uncharted 3 BETA: As you wait in the lobby and your friend logs on you send him an invite to join you but he doesn’t know you sent it because it doesn’t pop up on the screen to inform him so now you have to send him a personal message to let him know you sent him the invite. On Uncharted 2 the invite pops up on your screen to let you know your friend invited you.

  • C’mon ppl it’s called a “Beta” for a reason lol..The feedback helps w/the initial release so calm down :)

  • Do you mind fixing the bug that causes the PS3 to restart after you exit the beta? With all due respect, I’m not going to play until this is fixed.

  • if plunder is gone how aer we gonna play that 10 times to get the reward for doing so?

  • co op hunter is crazy broken for the hero side. You have to get lucky on that first rush to score once. Then its almost impossible to cap again.

    Its just stupid playing the heroes in Hunter mode. Well its stupid in Hunter Mode to go after the objectives. Your better off just DMing.

    It might be better if the Heroes didn’t always spawn at the very back of the map while the others pop out right on top of you.

  • I am loving it so far. The only complaint I have is when playing split screen multiplayer (which is an AWESOME FEATURE btw), is that the split screen is so tiny. because of the giant logo. Will this be improved in the final?

  • that-acmilan-guy

    Loved the co op hunter and the fusion it creates between competitive and co op gameplay. Team objective reminds me of KZ3 warzone but much more frenetic pace, felt I always had a heart attack lol

  • @Mr Pips

    That isn’t possible (to ban people for going beyond the borders of the map.) because sometimes a glitch happens without intent, sometimes while dying (has to me on airstrip.) So, if the code were written that way, in a way to detect players off the map, it would be ludicrous to make the detection ban people rather than patch the hole in which they went out of play.

  • Gotta say I am not a fan of Hunter. Team Objective though is super hectic and tons of fun.

  • Fre4king_Perf3ct

    wowwww nicee, when can i download the beta today ?

  • corazndeleon1800

    I played it but didn’t appeal to me its battlefields are beautiful but i hate that u have to run then zoom in just 2 shoot by the i zoom im dead if anyone agrees replie ( oh yea first!! )

  • I’m not a fan of the Co-op Hunter mode. I’m not keen on having the AI on one team, and then swapping over to the other team for the next round. I like to play AGAINST AI, not with. It seems unbalanced.

  • Liking the new hunter mode, also noticed treasures are dropping more often which is nice. Looking forward to the new map, the current ones are ok but not a huge fan of them tbh.

  • corazndeleon1800

    game is kinda bad, great graphics but i hate running then having to press this to make me shoot and the by the time i zoom in im dead and its a repetitive cycle sometimes Kilzone 3 is better

  • So I didn’t need Plunder specifically? Was it meaning 10 total competitive games no matter the type? Or 10 games in four different game types?

  • Please fix the camera speed it’s too slow..

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