ModNation Monday: My Name Is Mark. How May I Help You?

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ModNation Monday: My Name Is Mark. How May I Help You?

ModNation Mondays

We’re seeing loads and loads of new tracks popping up every day with all the recent DLC releases, but where will you find the time to browse them all? Good question. Why not let us do the “shopping” for you? For the next few weeks, Top Tracks will feature some great tracks we’ve collected using the new DLC. We’ll be searching for tracks featuring new content like Arctic, Western, Big City, Prehistoric, Alien (see below), and more. Who knows what we will find? Maybe we will locate a mashup of an Arctic Alien Waterpark! *fingers crossed*

Let us know if you find any recent gems using the new DLC worth promoting by visiting our forum post HERE.

Take a look at a few we found this week…

ModNation Monday: DLC showcase


Alien Invasion Mini Theme will be available to purchase in the PlayStation Store on July 5th for $6.99!

ModNation Monday: Alien

Let’s be honest here. If you’ve ever even attempted to build a track in ModNation Racers, you know that little nerdy 7-year-old inside all of us gets geeked up seeing his dream track come to life. Well that inner child may need to bust out the pull-up diapers when he sees the words UFO, Rocket Launcher, Slime, and Tractor Beam!

We expect to see some flat-out ridiculous tracks using this mini-theme. Remember that Mini Themes come with a lot more creation parts than Parts Packs do, so grab the Alien Invasion, put a track together, polish it up and let us know about it HERE. If it’s “out of this world!” (so sorry for that) maybe it will end up the DLC Showcase or even Hot Lap.

Upcoming DLC

Gladiator Parts Pack will be available to purchase in the PlayStation Store on July 12th for $4.99!

ModNation Monday: Glad

Medieval Mini Theme will be available to purchase in the PlayStation Store on July 19th for $6.99!

ModNation Monday: Med

– We will pause the blog here for a second until we all get done drooling –

Recent DLC

Big City and Arctic Career Extension Packs are available for purchase in the PlayStation Store NOW for $9.99 each! Backburn Mod & his Kart are also available in the PlayStation Store. Mod & Kart are $1.75 together or $0.99 each.

The “Moddys” Celebrate “The Best Of The Rest”

This is the last week of the “Moddys” celebration. It’s been fun to look at some of the best creations of the past year; you’ll kick yourself if you don’t find the time to check them all out. Links to this week’s “Best of the Rest” and previous week’s winner can be seen HERE.

ModNation Monday: Moddys

ModNation Racers Player Profile: wipeout_god

This week we feature one of the top racers in ModNation. His determination, passion for racing and desire to beat the best make him a staple of the Hot Lap leaderboards. Check out his story Ivo’s Snowboard Cross by IvoYaridovich
Modasaurus Rex by prob_alex

ModNation Monday: Track of the Week

Hot Lap Tracks

Monday: Ivo’s Snowboard Cross by IvoYaridovich (an awesome track in every way! Check out the ski lifts. BRILLIANT!)
Tuesday: Modasaurus Rex by prob_alex (not just an EPIC dinosaur but a great designed track. One of prob_alex’s best IMHO)
Wednesday: Gridlock’d by atheistsw (fun, fast race through the city)
Thursday: Undergrowth by Blade133 (love the concept. In my favs list)
Friday: Bayshore Boulevard by PH1LThy31 (a classic tight race through a bayside city)
Saturday: Prehistoric Times by PH1LThy31 (felt like I was on a prehistoric movie set)
Sunday: Northgate Ski Resort by John31269 (we’re getting closer to my dream ski resort here)

Kart of the Week:

Bear Farting Rainbows by Yika (you had me at “farting”)

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