ModNation Monday: My Name Is Mark. How May I Help You?

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ModNation Monday: My Name Is Mark. How May I Help You?

ModNation Mondays

We’re seeing loads and loads of new tracks popping up every day with all the recent DLC releases, but where will you find the time to browse them all? Good question. Why not let us do the “shopping” for you? For the next few weeks, Top Tracks will feature some great tracks we’ve collected using the new DLC. We’ll be searching for tracks featuring new content like Arctic, Western, Big City, Prehistoric, Alien (see below), and more. Who knows what we will find? Maybe we will locate a mashup of an Arctic Alien Waterpark! *fingers crossed*

Let us know if you find any recent gems using the new DLC worth promoting by visiting our forum post HERE.

Take a look at a few we found this week…

ModNation Monday: DLC showcase


Alien Invasion Mini Theme will be available to purchase in the PlayStation Store on July 5th for $6.99!

ModNation Monday: Alien

Let’s be honest here. If you’ve ever even attempted to build a track in ModNation Racers, you know that little nerdy 7-year-old inside all of us gets geeked up seeing his dream track come to life. Well that inner child may need to bust out the pull-up diapers when he sees the words UFO, Rocket Launcher, Slime, and Tractor Beam!

We expect to see some flat-out ridiculous tracks using this mini-theme. Remember that Mini Themes come with a lot more creation parts than Parts Packs do, so grab the Alien Invasion, put a track together, polish it up and let us know about it HERE. If it’s “out of this world!” (so sorry for that) maybe it will end up the DLC Showcase or even Hot Lap.

Upcoming DLC

Gladiator Parts Pack will be available to purchase in the PlayStation Store on July 12th for $4.99!

ModNation Monday: Glad

Medieval Mini Theme will be available to purchase in the PlayStation Store on July 19th for $6.99!

ModNation Monday: Med

– We will pause the blog here for a second until we all get done drooling –

Recent DLC

Big City and Arctic Career Extension Packs are available for purchase in the PlayStation Store NOW for $9.99 each! Backburn Mod & his Kart are also available in the PlayStation Store. Mod & Kart are $1.75 together or $0.99 each.

The “Moddys” Celebrate “The Best Of The Rest”

This is the last week of the “Moddys” celebration. It’s been fun to look at some of the best creations of the past year; you’ll kick yourself if you don’t find the time to check them all out. Links to this week’s “Best of the Rest” and previous week’s winner can be seen HERE.

ModNation Monday: Moddys

ModNation Racers Player Profile: wipeout_god

This week we feature one of the top racers in ModNation. His determination, passion for racing and desire to beat the best make him a staple of the Hot Lap leaderboards. Check out his story Ivo’s Snowboard Cross by IvoYaridovich
Modasaurus Rex by prob_alex

ModNation Monday: Track of the Week

Hot Lap Tracks

Monday: Ivo’s Snowboard Cross by IvoYaridovich (an awesome track in every way! Check out the ski lifts. BRILLIANT!)
Tuesday: Modasaurus Rex by prob_alex (not just an EPIC dinosaur but a great designed track. One of prob_alex’s best IMHO)
Wednesday: Gridlock’d by atheistsw (fun, fast race through the city)
Thursday: Undergrowth by Blade133 (love the concept. In my favs list)
Friday: Bayshore Boulevard by PH1LThy31 (a classic tight race through a bayside city)
Saturday: Prehistoric Times by PH1LThy31 (felt like I was on a prehistoric movie set)
Sunday: Northgate Ski Resort by John31269 (we’re getting closer to my dream ski resort here)

Kart of the Week:

Bear Farting Rainbows by Yika (you had me at “farting”)

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  • Hi Mark, Could we have more ModNation in the future, like a Modnation Sports or Modnation Battles (Super Smash Bros Like) ? Because I think that the Modnation Universe is underexploited and also San Diego Studios have already experience in sport games (MLB series).

  • good stuff.

  • i like the powered nation track it looks awesome

  • nice track

  • Very good content but what about the PSP Modnation Port content, nice to see how theirs no dlc for the psp. Thanks for making the modnation psp fans happy hope you keep up the good work when the PS Vita comes out.

  • StealthReborn--

    I made a post about this on the forum but I’ll suggest it again when I say that we need more creation slots. You’re pounding us with a great amount of DLC for mods/karts/tracks but alot of us are starting to run out of slots. We
    shouldn’t have to make a new name to publish more creations, so can we please get a slot cap increase to 100?

    I’m sure alot of us would be very grateful if this could happen soon. You want to top 3 million creations right? =)

  • Even more DLC? Keep it coming! Are there any more full themes planned for release or is it mini prop packs from now on?

  • Thanks for the Hot Lap pick! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  • Is there any chance that my Key West Chaos track will show up here! =/

    I also have a few suggestions
    1. Please remove the 3 theme mixing limit, and only apply it to the themes. Don’t apply the 3 theme mixing limit to the prop packs, because they are not themes, they are prop packs.
    2. Can we do Two tracks of the week on Modnation Monday just like this one. It gives other creators a much better chance of getting up there, and it also makes the Modnation Monday more exciting to see!
    3.(Not Really a suggestion) You mentioned that you wanted to see some of the best tracks using DLC. Check out my Snowy Mountain track, I will be posting for Hot Lap on Wednesday so you will also see it then!

    Thanks for reading the comment! =)

  • I know you’re working with limited words now, but I think you made a slight goof with:

    “This week we feature one of the top racers in ModNation. His determination, passion for racing and desire to beat the best make him a staple of the Hot Lap leaderboards. Check out his story Ivo’s Snowboard Cross by IvoYaridovich”

    Thanks for the track of the week pick though :P

    • Yeah. Had some problems with links this week. Congrats on the track though. Best Arctic Theme track so far IMHO..

  • Please update the game that includes being able to zoom in on creations that your making. Makes detailing a lot easier! Also an option to download/delete multiple creations. thanks.

  • The Medieval Pack looks cool. I just wish they didn’t always cost 5-7 dollars.

  • Best of the Rest link “HERE” is broken.

  • updates to LBP2 and Modnation? this month is going to be crazy for Play, Create, Share lovers!

  • Love the packs you guys are brining out BUT does price are way to pricy :(

    If the prices would be $2.99 and $4.99 i would buy them without an question. Hoppefully their will be a ps + discount sometime in the future.

  • Grats Ivo and Alex – 2 wicked tracks for track of the week – well deserved!

    DLC looks great!

  • congratulations mr Ivo :) wel deserved track.. n cheers mylesG for the comment…. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh more awesome DLC whoooop.. if only i new that alien pack was coming earlier!! im about 80% a track that it would of been perfect for.. grrr damn you modnation.

  • you guys are doing a great job with DLC, keep it up

  • Sigh so no track for me? im very disappointed T_T…

  • Save some content for Modnation Racers 2!!!

    Haha, this is awesome though, there is so much DLC for this game, but it’s just a bit overpriced IMO.

  • Awesome new DLC to come, congrats on the TOTW to Ivo and prob_alex, which one is better? Hmm, tough call, they’re both ace! I have to second Stealth’s (repeated) requests for more creation slots those, please upgrade them somehow as I’m close to running out as well!

    Also, any idea what is happening with the regions right now? EU players can’t connect to US and vice-versa, this is DISASTROUS for the community, please get it fixed ASAP! Thanks :)

  • …and the ridiculous pricing continues…


  • What about some more Mods and Karts DLC? (maybe more animal theme mods like wolves)

  • @23

    I like your avatar

  • I really love this game and I don’t intend to complain. But, you know the score thingy that pops up while you drift, jump, spin etc? Could it be moved off to the side? It gets in the way of the view ahead and distracts from anything in front. Maybe put it off to the side where it eventually goes anyway?

  • Funny thing is I’m not really into the whole user created stuff I just think the online racing on the stock tracks are fun enough. I bought 2 of the track packs, Far East and Arctic, and I bought some Mods, the Sly Cooper and Killzone packs, but in terms of making and playing user stuff no thanks. Great that it’s there for people who like it though.

  • I agree with @retro25

    Maybe this little DLC packs should be more amazing with a special Mod and Kart exclusive character

    mods and karts need more stuff as well as tracks

  • Since they’ve made a fire engine kart. They really need to make a police car! One that uses a siren instead of a horn, and has working lights!

  • Great selection of news DLC, now I´m confused about my new track ;) Thanks UFG.

    Congrat to Ivo and Alex for the winner track of the week.

    I agree with Underdisc about the themes limit, specially with the mini packs themes. You may to use 2 Themes and 2 mini packs and there is not problem, but it is not possible to use 1 theme and 3 mini packs because mini packs is limited to 2..

  • This is way off topic but; honestly when I read “My name is Mark”…I instantly thought of Yugioh the Abriged Series and what I heard in my head was “My name is Marik!” and then Bakura says “I don’t Care…”

    LOL awesome fan show XD

    Sorry about that ;)

    So any stuff for the PSP Modnation Racers? That’s the closest of me having MR :P

  • Dirk_Diggler_BF2

    Man i miss Mod Nation Racer! I had the game for a full month before i had to sell it back to Game Stop. You see i had my internet repaired by Verizon about 3 weeks into the game because of slow DL. They fixed my line and replaced my modem with a new one. The model in question is the Westell 7500 modem/router. Of course this is the only modem in the universe that does not work with Mod Nation Racer and there is no work around it seems! I winder if they ever addressed this issue.

  • LOL, just noticed that when you want to go to the direct link on the blog tagging modnation racers, this new blog entrance doesn’t appear

  • hmmmmm…

  • Congrats to the winners of TOTW, new DLC looks interesting.

    On a side note; when will region lock be fixed? We miss each others craziness in casuals :'(

  • DLC bundle. Some people are not going to pay 4x the price they paid for the game on DLC. Seriously, this game is as bad as PAIN FFS. YOU people wonder why your sales are garbage. I bought Mod for 25 bucks. I am not going to pay 100 dollars for all your DLC.

    CAN YOU DO A BUY 2 DLC Packs get 1 1/2 PRICE OR SOMETHING.. ITS LIKE $20.00 for the upcoming DLC PACKS?

  • This is awesome I wanna see all the creations that people are making with these dlcs

  • Hi Mark, any news about new stuff for Mods and Karts? lot for tracks recently


  • OH MY GOD!!! Thank you so much! My very first track to be on Hot Lap!

    By the way, nice job Ivo and Prob for the tie!

    And nice new parts coming for track-making! Man, I really need some more money…


  • The Alien Invasion pack is all kinds of awesome. However, the item list in the blog mentions a “slime decal” and it doesn’t seem to be in the pack; at least I haven’t found it.

  • Lunar mining outpost?
    Reminds me of Battlezone.

  • Nice, too bad I dont have internet on my PS3, these look so fine guys GJ!!!

  • Hi Mark! I have a question that I think has been on everyone’s mind that bought the long awaited and long overdue Arctic Track Theme. It’s a snow and ice Track Theme… but it’s only COSMETIC. Every kart racer since 1986 has had snow and ice tracks with slippery traction, hence the reason why I thought it might have taken so long (over a year) for it to be released. With all the requests to have this track theme, did you think that we were all anticipating to just get more lipsticks and eye shadow instead of a more obvious approach to this ARCTIC track theme? Any chance on changing this theme to what we THOUGHT we were PAYING for with a patch? snow and ice…suppose to be slippery Mark. Talk to me buddy. Thanks.

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