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Happy July 4th weekend! Happy Canada Day weekend! Anything I missed?
See you Tuesday.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of June 27, 2011)

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  • No mention of the two PSP games Aksys announced for localization yesterday? Siliconera has an article up for each. I’m looking forward to the both of them and in Fate/Extras case will be the first time I’ve bought a UMD in over a year.

  • The best part of having dual-citizenship between Canada and USA is that it’s just one long weekend of drinking/BBQ and fireworks :) Thanks Jeff!

    Lots of great PlayStation stories this week. Most proud of Kazunori Yamauchi, UNCHARTED 3 beta, and Journey.

  • PomPom Games FTW! Their stuff keeps getting better.

    Really looking forward to Resident Evil 4 HD. Still wanting on Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath too. PSN is getting good. I hope you keep offering more disc games on the store.

    Get some more MP games. I would love to have Killzone 3 on my HDD at my fingertips ; )

  • Can u tell us if Parasite Eve 2 will come to the US PSN as a PSone Classic?

  • happy 4th of july to every fellow american out there.happy canadian day to every fellow canadian gamers as well.
    yeah the games announced by aksys were a huge surprise. since i’m a fan of the fate extra series i cant hardly wait to play this game.hope its good :0

  • Some good articles this week. That rapid angel ps1 import looks fun. wish i spoke japanese, but for 3.99, might buy it. Hoping to finally see some ps1 rpgs today on the drop. ff4-6 or chrono trigger. That way you can eventually get to crono cross and my most wanted dragon quest 7. Either way I broke down and bought legend of mana off the ps store because I really needed to scratch my rpg itch. I looked at videos of it on youtube before and it looked kinda boring, but it’s actually pretty fun. So if you take another week, fine by me!

  • Have you red about PS3 features that users have been asking for so long?

  • I’m hoping for some PS1 rpgs too. Is Fate/Extras really going to be that good? I know nothing about it other than the youtube videos I just watched. I’m still hoping for someone to localize Last Ranker.

  • Happy 4th of July!

    I REALLY would like the release date for the Vita to be announced soon.
    Please, when can we expect to see a release window?

  • My reaction to Lightbox with what they are doing with starhawk is postive. Give them what they want. Just make sure I can still play the game in single player when PSN is down or in LAN configurations.

  • rabidninjamonky

    Surprised to see the confirmation of limbo coming to psn not on this list of articles. I can’t wait to play this game and it’s coming july 31st! Definately a day 1 purchase here, especially if it’s only $10.

  • StealthReborn--

    Hey Jeff, any news on when the Resistance 3 beta hits? The game is only two months away!

    On a side note, enjoy your 4th of July long weekend. Already had Canada day up here on Friday. =)

  • LMFAO at the Andy Murray and Rafa Nadal Article.

    Huzzah at the Kaz Article. Quite possibly the most appropriate headline to an article in the annals of Gran Turismo.

    Yay Kaz! ;-)

  • I just read the psv beats wii u and a comment on there said psv is the same thing as psp and there is no reason to buy it. Well he’s WRONG! Does psp have have touch screen, touch pad, and 2 analong sticks? No! Does psp have 3G and sixaxis technology? No! So there is a reason to buy it! (a dang good one too) So if he things psp is same as psv he obviously doesn’t like to Make Beleve.

  • Where is TOMBA/TOMBI??????!!!


  • I am sooo exited to replay my favourite Resident Evil game in all it’s HD glory! But im kinda scared that Capcom took the PlayStation 2 port to make the HD remix instead of the obviously better looking Gamecube version. Happy Canada day to my fellow Canadian, even though i live in Québec!

  • xH3ADHUNT3R360x

    hey i have just recently bought Playstation Plus for a year with the 3 bounus months very happy about that! I was also wondering if there are going to be any sales on 4th of July, besides the Movie sale? thanks! have a great 4th of july weekend Jeff!

  • How about you read about the features we have been wanting for 3 years now? Lik maybe Party chat. Just like the one on Playstation Vita? PLEASE REPLY TO THIS Jeff Rubenstein. THANKS AND GOD BLESS

  • Damn no ps vita bioshock detail?

  • Jeff! You should’ve added that the Store is reopening its door in Japan! Huge news here, but the freebies aren’t very impressive. You guys at PlayStation America have the best selection. They (at Sony’s headquarter in Shinagawa) should readjust our Welcome Back freebies, after all, we waited 2.5 months! Keep up the good work!

  • Black_MagicWoman

    HAPPY 4th of JULY EVERYONE! :)

  • Can you make kingdom hearts 2 final mix up to ps3 ?
    I really like this game and it’s better be a collection like Sly.

  • cant wait for resident evil4 thats going get when it comes out n how much is it going to cost Jeff Rubenstein

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