Tales From Space: About a Blob – New Co-op Map Pack

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Tales From Space: About a Blob – New Co-op Map Pack

Tales From Space: About a Blob Co-op DLC

Greetings once again, opaque and bipedal earthlings! It’s been awhile since I, Orange Blob, have been in touch. You may remember me from my PSN game Tales from Space: About a Blob, where I grew and consumed your world and all its inhabitants.

I’ve been away recently, you see, visiting a strange and unusual planet in a not-too-distant solar system. I was accompanied by my good friend Green Blob. It’s nice to travel with friends, although Green Blob sometimes snores.

Tales From Space: About a Blob Co-op DLCTales from Space: About a Blob: Co-op DLC

Exploring an alien planet is not for the faint of heart. Throughout our adventures, we were often confronted by tricky alien contraptions that required BOTH of us to get past. All this puzzle solving leaves a Blob feeling pretty hungry. Luckily, we were able to sample some local delicacies, i.e. the alien life-forms. They taste exactly like chicken.

Once again, the folks over at DrinkBox Studios have been kind enough to re-create our adventures in video-game form. If you have a friend nearby, toss them a controller and see if you can put your brains together to solve these wacky alien puzzles!

The new Co-operative Map Pack for Tales From Space: About a Blob contains two new levels which require two local players to complete. The pack will be available for download on PSN in North America on July 5th for $1.49.

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