UPDATED: Public Service Announcement – Claim Your Free Games Now!

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UPDATED: Public Service Announcement – Claim Your Free Games Now!

UPDATE: The Welcome Back offer has been extended until 9am Pacific on Tuesday, July 5th. If you haven’t had a chance to download the offerings, please do so before then.

Welcome Back

Just a friendly reminder: Your complimentary Welcome Back games are waiting for you, but they won’t wait forever.

To welcome customers back after last month’s outage, we’ve made a selection of PS3 and PSP games, as well as a 30-day subscription to PlayStation Plus available for free download via our Welcome Back program. This offer expires on Sunday, July 3rd, so please make sure to claim what’s yours before then.

For more details on the Welcome Back program, please click here.

Now start downloading, and thanks for being a part of PlayStation Network!

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  • Thanks, I was pretty satisfied with the free game selection

  • hey this is nice but why i dont see the uncharted 3 beta on ps store ? and i have ps plus plz i want help

  • Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i loved the games and hope to get at least one free game when PS vita launches (cheapy app like game)

  • its was fun thing & hope to see some new games like final fantasy 13-2 in 3D. And work with PS Move too.

  • Added to #3:
    for the PS vita

  • i plan on getting the PS+ for 3 years top but i need to get my ps3 in for repairs or buy new one with bigger GB’s like 750GB’s or 500GB’s. HOpe to see 1TB or 2TB in 2012 soon in 2.5 and work for ps3.

  • I personally thought you guys didn’t owe us anything, but the quality of these games blew me away. Thanks again Sony!

  • Ugh, why can’t i access the Free PS+ thing from my psp?

    My PS3 is sent in for repairs and won’t be back soon enough.

  • @TomHoang
    Exactly how I felt as well.

  • Thanks for the free games ^.^ much appreciated.

    Hey Jeff,

    I’m a PS+ member already. If I pay for another year off the store will I get the 15 months or will it just tack on another 12 to my original 15 months I got back when PS+ first started?

  • One thing free from the PSN would have been more appreciative..Giving us games that no one wants, while your console breaks from poor manufacturing is kind of…let me say…rude?

  • I downloaded my two games but my system shutdown after getting the yellow light of death. Is there any way I can re-claim my free games? It would be deeply appreciated if i was messaged back by a Sony representative. Thanks

  • Seriosly, why can’t I get my free Playstation Plus?

  • @emmanuelben10 Have you tried going on Playstation store and scroll over until you see new releases.? It should be the 1st or 2nd game under new releases. If you still don’t see it there go under the Playstation plus tab on the PS Store and it should be one of the first things that come up. It will say Uncharted 3 Beta.

  • thanks for free download 2 games

  • Already purchased 2 ps3 games and 2 psp games from welcome back last month. I want to thank you for hard working during PSN outage. Keep working in the future SONY’s platform. :)

  • @ 11 go pound sand, freak.

    TY Sony. You rock the you know what!!!

  • @KazeEternal

    The 15 months will stack onto what you already have. The only thing you have to do is renew the license of your free games. I’ve done this before, so ask me if you have any questions.

  • Yes, I appreciate the 4 games I got. Anybody who is still asking where something is or why they can’t find something are obviously unwilling or incapable of reading and clicking, so no use trying to answer them anyway.

  • Do I have to? I don’t want any of the games offered. Not 1 of the 9 appeal to me in any way. :(

  • when is the new playstation update coming up the one where you get cross game chat like how xbox360 has cross game chat oh yea and thank you for the free games i have all 5 so thank you very much there all good and to everyone who thinks the games are cheap you should just be happy you got something

  • i have already downloaded wipeoutHD+fury.the thing is that the games that you are offering for free doesnt appeal to me,i’m not complaining just saying.oh but i took the plus thingy.all in all i’m waiting for a good rpg/strategy game to hit the psn :0
    (yeah a non-psone game at that)

  • @cdub71121
    If you already got your two downloads from the PSN market then you’ll be able to simply download them again when you access PSN. If they were PS3 games then all you have to do is access PSN through a working PS3 with your PSN account and click on “Downloads” to re-download them.

  • I only received one of my two free games.I can’t access the second get a game free.Is there anything anyone can do so I can get my second game?

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      go to your XMB>PlayStation Network>Account Management>Transaction Management>Services List>SCEA Promotions to complete the process.

  • @24: There are posts on the blog about it, but look at that link, that should get you taken care of:

  • At what exact time does it expire? 30 days from the day of the 3rd is a Tuesday, so I’m like to activate my family’s PS+s the day of, but if it cuts off once the date becomes the 3rd, then I’d rather they not miss out.

  • “Q: When will I have access to the Welcome Back Program?
    “A: The content offered as part of the Welcome Back Program is available for download today and will be available through July 3.”

    Ah, nevermind, then. An exact time would be appreciated, though. :>

    I’m still at ends about not “owning” inFAMOUS according to the Store, even though it’s in my Download List. I chalk it up to having an unplayed Full Game Trial sitting on my account (though Assassin’s Creed II doesn’t even have a shopping bag next to it; that one I’m guessing the version changed between when I got the FGT and what’s available now).

  • Wish the first Uncharted was included. :(

  • Thanks but no thanks Jeff. Already traded in every PS brand item I own. Got myself a fancy new iPad 2 and some other goodies. Troll me all you want, but Apple gets the game industry. AAA bromance crap AND JRPGs for $0.99!!! You can’t compete with that. Scary thing is that the iOS version of Dead Space as well as a few other games (Order & Chaos), Infinity Blade are all better than most of the schlop publishers are asking $60 for. Embarrassing, and its conceivable why I won’t be the only 20 year console vet making the switch. Plus, OnLive is coming to the iOS in the fall, for those “MOAR BUTTONZ” types.

    I’ll catch you in a decade when Sony is smart enough to swap to software publishing. Maybe then you’ll give your original fans the type of content they’d like. You know, when the market no longer accommodates consumer gouging. Still no WKC 2 post, unless I missed it, and I honestly couldn’t play the game now if I wanted to, so peace on that.

    Best of luck to ya!

  • ^
    Who would’ve thought the jerkiest post ever would show up in a “free games” topic? Ah well.

  • Christian399 is absolutely right. He is among thousands of examples of why sony failed to appeal to its “target audience”. Truth is the selection of games wasn’t that great, all older games that nearly all of the people who wanted them got long ago. This attempt at “welcome back” as you call it is very half hearted indeed. It’s day old mcdonalds packaged as haute cuisine. I dunno why nobody in Sony is listening. It’s not like either myself or anyone else hasn’t said it but here goes yet again: SONY YOUR CUSTOMERS DESERVE BETTER!

    If thats not succinct enough then time for you to move on.

  • Thank you. It was very nice of you to come here and remind people of the date that the Welcome Back program will be removed. I signed up for plus earlier today, cuz I wasn’t exactly sure when the WBprogram would expire.

    inFamous as a free game was an excellent choice, due to the fact it is not possible on any other console.

    SuperStardust was a nice choice, with 3D implementation. The custom soundtracks and trophies were first to appear on a downloadable title with updates to Super Stardust.

    Dead Nation, nice choice, tis a $15 game, and while I haven’t played it yet, hopefully it’ll be fun.

    Of course, by offering such great content for free arn’t you in effect rewarding the hackers with operant conditioning? They shut down your PSN and as a result everyone gets free icecream. I appreciate the free games, and 30 days of Plus (especially becuase inFamous 2 game trial just came out) I’m just wondering if it was the right thing to do. Doesn’t this just give incentive to other hackers to do the same?

    Anyways, thanks again Sony.

  • @christian399 i didnt know that the ipod offered jrpgs.i wonder if all the games that they are offering are ff types? i dunno thats why i’m asking :0

    also, isn’t the ipod an expesive machine rather than the ps3?i have heard that the ipods are on the 600 price tag??

  • It was a nice offer Jeff, but here’s my problem:

    After the PSN went down, I stopped using my PS3 for pretty much the entire time the network was down. Once the network was restored, I fired up my PS3 only to see… YLOD. I started the process of getting my PS3 repaired two weeks ago, but only received the FedEx notification this morning saying my replacement PS3 had shipped.

    I have two PSPs, but for some reason I can’t redeem my welcome back games from my PSP (even though PS3 owners can redeem the PSP titles from their PS3).

    So basically, the only welcome back I got was a YLOD and $100 out of my wallet to get it repaired (again!).

    So, is there any way for people in my situation to redeem our free games? Why even put a time limit on it in the first place? Limiting it to people who signed up before the outage seems simple and reasonable enough.

  • Hey, Pirate, don’t you mean it’s time for you to move on? Why would Sony move? Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. BTW, WTF is “haute cuisine”? Forgive me for not being cultured enough to know.

  • Digital-Big-Boss

    This was not a welcome back package when the majority don’t like them. Moola equivalent in the wallet would have been a welcome back package.

  • Darkedge, that suxx. You can go online and download the store app with your ID and at least you can download them when you get back your console. Just google PSN Store app. Hope that helps.

  • Digital-Big-Boss

    @33, you can get your PSP games from Media Go.

  • Sorry, forgot to mention redeem your welcome back package while you’re on said store. Also assuming you have a PC or mac.

  • Wish I can use my 2nd free game voucher but I already have the games that are offered. :(

    I really wanted Shank.

  • @ Digital Big Boss

    Thank you…Media Go. I said store and I t’was wrong. Stupid me.

  • DrummingHelghast

    I bought my PS3 before this whole outage bs (1st dissappointment) but didnt get to make a psn account till after it came back on and then i couldnt get the welcome back stuff (2nd dissappointment) even though i emailed them multiple times asking if i could get it. sorry sony but so far all youve done is let me down, im begining to thing i waisted money, i love the games on PS3, but your service down right sucks.

  • @ 32. A $589 (after tax) initial cost when the games are on average $1 (and if they’re not, get Appshopper and it’ll notify you when they are) saves you thousands of dollars in the long run, even if you get into the Apple, hardware upgrade every 1.5 year cycle. More games than you could ever hope to play with the more recent titles having production values EQUAL TO A 360/ PS3 GAME. For a dollar. Heck, I’ve bought at least 4 models of PS3s anyhow, so for people like me the hardware cost is about the same if not less.

    It’s easy to dismiss my as a “jerk” or “troll”, but again I’m a 20 year console vet who’s just had enough. I’ve had every PlayStation system ever made. I’m only writing this in the hopes that someone at Sony gets it, as their 1st party studios are among the best, but the market is – rapidly – shifting away from them. Gears 3=millions of $, many years in production, $60 tag. Infinity Blade=couple thousand, 3 months, $7. You tell me which model is more consumer/ developer friendly.

    Anyhoo, happy Canada Day and farewell PSBlog! Peace and gaming to all on whatever platforms you like.

  • I’m glad they did this. But the game selection is [DELETED]. I already have infamous and littlebigplanet, and the only game that caught my eye was dead nation. I mean really. I know that they were really generous with those games, but they should’ve given us a better selection.

  • @Christian

    Infinite Blade is the highest budget Iphone game. With them anyway. It lasts 50 minutes, costs $7. Has little replay value.

    Uncharted 2, lasts 8hours singeplayer, at least 1-2hours in co-op, and for at least half of the people who bought it another 10 in multiplayer.

    Uncharted 2s average (AAA console game) is over 20 times Infinite Blades (AAA Iphone game).

    What’s 20*7?

    More to the point, if a 1hour infinite blade is good value @ 7 dollars, then Uncharted 2 should be good value @ $140. But it’s not, it’s $60. The bargain is on consoles.

  • @DrummingHelghast – ur info didnt get hacked. thats why theres no WB for u

  • Sonic 2 shows up saying it has 2 days left, but I’ve bought the birthday bundle since then. I won’t have to buy Sonic 2 again will I?

  • I really appreciated the WB package. Still waiting on the extra gifts for Free Realms lifetime members, but I’ve been staying plenty busy with everything else. And thanks for getting me hooked on inFAMOUS! I signed up for a year of PS Plus, too. The free month was really impressive!

  • AutomaticOcelot

    @41: Good lordy son, everything’s just flying right over your helmeted head. You don’t get Welcomed Back because you weren’t here on PSN in the first place. They owe you nothing because you lost nothing. Now stop trying to piggyback on our inflated sense of entitlement.

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