Time Machine: Rogue Pilot for PSN: What It Is and What It’s Not

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Time Machine: Rogue Pilot for PSN: What It Is and What It’s Not

Today is the big day as we’re releasing an official preview video for our upcoming PSN game Time Machine: Rogue Pilot, and you awesome people who read the PlayStation.Blog have a great opportunity to be the first ones to watch it! The video reveals some gameplay details and is supposed to help you get some better understanding of what our game actually is and what it looks like.

But a new video is not enough, is it? That’s why I’ll reveal some more details and cover two big questions with this blog post: what this game is and what it is not.

What Time Machine: Rogue Pilot IS

Time Machine: Rogue Pilot is a Match3/hidden-object game with a number of innovative features, including unique mechanics of repainting tiles instead of replacing them with each other. I know this sounds simple, but it helps bring a fresh feel to the classical match3 genre.

Time Machine: Rogue Pilot for PS3 (PSN)

For example, the Mood-o-meter. Sounds weird, huh? The Mood-o-meter shows how your character feels. The better you play, and the more bonuses you activate, the faster your character’s mood increases. Once the Mood-o-meter is full, you get a Superbonus that destroys nearly all tiles on the screen.

We realize that Time Machine: Rogue Pilot is a puzzle game, not an open-world RPG, but we believe that a well-designed story gives every game a kind of a charisma, helping to make it unique and special. So we designed an simple but interesting story that guides you through the gameplay with nice graphic-novel-styled videos. Speaking of which, Time Machine: Rogue Pilot has some awesome visuals, but don’t take my word for it – check out the screenshots and see for yourself!

Time Machine: Rogue Pilot also packs in quite a few missions (48 in all) spread across four eras, with a variety of various extra modes. The story mode features two main characters and two points of view on a storyline, but you can also play a multiplayer mode. Time Machine: Rogue Pilot is a must-have for every puzzle lover, for everyone who’s shad a lot of fun playing Bejeweled and for everyone who wants to spend their time playing a good game.

What Time Machine: Rogue Pilot IS NOT

It’s not another Bejeweled clone. Seriously, it’s not! I’m a fan of Bejeweled myself, but not all games in the match3 genre are Bejeweled clones, and neither is Time Machine: Rogue Pilot. Just give it a try! Keep your eyes peeled for it on PSN later this summer.

So, I guess that’s all I wanted to say in this post – it’s a quick one, as we’ve got a lot of work here to have the game ready for its release as soon as possible. Will be back soon with some more news, so stay in touch! See you in the comments!

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  • It’s ” for everyone who’s shad a lot of fun playing Bejeweled” and yet, “It’s not another Bejeweled clone. Seriously, it’s not!”

    Saying it’s like something and then saying it’s not doesn’t sound too convincing, and defending a project before it’s even released shows a major lack in confidence in it, imo. I’ll probably pass.

  • I must say, this is a strangely written post. Almost as if it was an attempt to make the game seem completely uninteresting. Defending a game, rather than trying to sell people on the idea is a…unique approach.

    • Hi sydra,

      sorry you didn’t like the post – i tried to answer the questions from comments to previous post about Time Machine: Rogue Pilot in this post. anyways, hope you’ll find a couple of minutes to check the demo when it’s out, and maybe you’d actually like it:)

  • The backgrounds look cool. Good luck with sales.

  • Looks cool and fresh for a puzzle game. Why all the silly comments… no idea. Guess some have nothing better to do. Thanks for the post. Hopefully a good price and a demo. Maybe a ps+ deal of some sort.

  • not a bejewel clone. WAIT!! Holdon>> come back!!!! This summer or next summer . LOL

  • got it from the UK store, its a fun game. have had trouble getting three trophies because the level finishes just as i am about to meet the requirement. if the price is right, i say give a try.

  • i like that you seem t have put a story to the game lol. more games need stories :)

  • If I wore shades like that, my mood-o-meter would ALWAYS be full.

  • I still actually don`t really own a simple match 3 game on PSN yet… surprisingly. This looks mighty polished!

  • im happy because annihalation is almost out on ps3 and the double xp weekend on nuketown

  • You’ve got yourself a purchase!!!

  • I’ve always liked a good puzzle game, and this looks like a good one. I’ll be buying it when I see it. Thanks a lot!

  • Thanks everyone for your comments, it’s really nice to -hear- read these kind words:) Hope you’ll enjoy the game as much as I do! ;)

  • Games like this should be on PSP, not on PS3. When I sit in front of my big TV, I want to play a more engaging game, like these days, inFamous 2.

    I love puzzle games, but I prefer them as a pass time in the subway on my way to work.

  • I played the demo of it on PSN (euro) and thought it was the most hilariously bad game I’ve played in a while. I had no idea what was going on, the story elements seemed utterly pointless and the odd woman gesturing to me was both funny and creepy.

    I wish you guys all the best, the world needs more international developers but I won’t be buying this.

  • can you elaborate on the hidden-picture mechanics? my husband and I really like those kind of games since they are implicitly co-op (two heads/pairs of eyes are better than one). it’s one of the reasons we got into The Shoot — one person can play the shooting targets and the other person can keep an eye out for the hidden poster pieces.

    is this game rendered in 1080p native? since it’s mostly still pictures, native HD assets would be a necessity for me. Interpol (the game) was seemingly standard-def, and it was quite difficult to find things on-screen without being really close to our 50″ plasma HDTV.


    • Dear plaztiksyke,

      To be honest, I wouldn’t say the hidden object scenes are rather complicated, although some items are not that noticable at the first sight:) There’s 12 HO missions out of total 48, so it’s not the core mechanics of the game – just to let you know.

      The game is in HD, so for that you may not worry:)

      And thanks for the idea with 4-eye play – I never actually thought of that. Will definetely try:)

  • I Dont like the story, and the gameplay but.. The music , chataracters And, BackGrounds Are almost Cool >:]

  • I love games like Mortimer Beckitt and I like games like bejeweled. I’ll take it. Just to be clear, we do hunt for hidden objects in the picture, right? My sons and I love to hunt for stuff in those pics.

    @ plaztiksyke
    With regards to your first paragraph, I completely agree with you. Try six eyes, better yet than four.

  • + devilmosh on June 29th, 2011 at 4:11 pm said:

    It’s ” for everyone who’s shad a lot of fun playing Bejeweled” and yet, “It’s not another Bejeweled clone. Seriously, it’s not!”

    Saying it’s like something and then saying it’s not doesn’t sound too convincing, and defending a project before it’s even released shows a major lack in confidence in it, imo. I’ll probably pass.

    You didn’t even quote her correctly so the point you’re trying to make is moot. She never said ” for everyone who’s shad a lot of fun playing Bejeweled” If you’re going to quote someone so you can shred them on their point, do it correctly. You also might want to consider that not everybody is from the USA and the way they say things is different, moron. Just say “I’ll try the demo and if I like it I might buy it.” Instead of being a prick.

  • Can someone help me? I’m trying to register my visa credit card on playstation network and i cant. There’s something wrong with it but i’m writing the correct information. Or i’m not able to register de credit card since what happened month ago?

  • When is it coming out? i’ve been waiting for any word. thought in spring……

    • We were planning the game’s release in Spring, but unfortunately we had to deal with a number of circumstances that delayed the rekease date. I don’t have the exact date yet, but please be sure I’ll post it here, in the Blog, as soon as I get one:)

      We’re planning it for this summer at the moment.

  • an issue i wanted to discuss is the qriocity music unlimited service.why is canada the only country that doesnt get it?i checked on my psp and there wasnt a canada flag in the options.now i find this very sad.there are A LOT of ps3 users in canada,i can guarantee you that sony.so please fix this issue,i was even considering paying for the service.

  • So wait, lemme get this straight, it’s a lot like bejeweled but it’s not exactly like it?
    What do you mean? Is there any special features in the game that make it special?

  • @marlyt

    What I put in quotes was copy/pasted from the article and they’re still there. You even quoted it again saying it’s not there, and yet there it is, third paragraph from the bottom. Learn to read.

    The English was plain enough. The author said it’s like Bejewled but then went straight to defending that it’s not. No other way to interpret that unless, again, can’t read.

    You said: Just say “I’ll try the demo and if I like it I might buy it.” Instead of being a prick.

    If everyone did that, the market would be full of nothing but crap games, because the developers would have no constructive criticism to improve upon. They need people saying if something isn’t coming across well, and if potential consumers choose to pass on a product, it’s very helpful to know the reason. How else can a developer/promoter/etc grow as they progress?

    Or they could simply tell anyone who expresses dislike to shut up, and learn nothing, continuing to put out products with no knowledge of the public opinion on it.

    These developers are not babies, needing patted on the butt and told, “Good job!” no matter what. However, I was honest and polite about it, where you resorted to immature name-calling.

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