Gatling Gears Pulls Out the Big Guns on PSN

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Gatling Gears Pulls Out the Big Guns on PSN

Hi there! I’m here to introduce our newest game, Gatling Gears, which is available on PSN right now! Gatling Gears is an intense twin-stick shooter in which you control a heavily armed mech. We call them “walkers” and they’re a very iconic part of Mistbound, the world you will travel through in Gatling Gears. As veteran walker pilot Max Brawley, you’re going to have to put an end to the Empire’s destructive campaign for Mistbound’s valuable resources.

To do that, you will have to master the two basic principles of walker operation: shooting and dodging. You’ll be flooded with waves and waves of enemies, so using your weapons effectively is key to your survival. The Gatling gun is useful against weaker enemies, but has a limited range. A cannon shell does more damage, but is harder to aim. Grenades can be carefully targeted and do a lot of damage, but will take a while to reach their target. If things get out of hand (and they will!) detonating your Spark Bomb will send an electrified shock wave across the entire screen.

Gatling Gears for PSN

The challenging and varied enemy encounters are a huge appeal for Gatling Gears. Every individual opponent was placed by hand so we have maximum control over how a battle plays out and how the player is able to interact with it. Encounters almost feel like fast-paced puzzles. It was quite the endeavor to craft so many unique and detailed areas, but the end result is well worth it. The same goes for all the beautiful environments the frantic action takes place in. The idea behind Mistbound is that the world is on the brink of collapse due to industrialization, but it’s still very much worth saving. When playing Gatling Gears, I’m sure you’ll experience that feeling for yourself.

Gatling Gears for PSNGatling Gears for PSN

In addition to the Campaign, there’s also Survival mode. Here’s where you’ll literally face wave after wave of incoming enemies, inside enclosed arenas and sometimes with additional objectives. Your goal is to protect certain objects and to survive the last wave with those objects still intact. Things can get pretty hectic and this mode will surely get your adrenaline pumping, especially when trying to take out explosive mine carts or tree-plucking walkers, all while a dozen homing missiles and bomb-dropping hang gliders harass you from all sides!

Snow BridgeForcefield battle Drylands

Now, I don’t know who originally came up with the now officially coined term, but playing the game with a friend creates some interesting ‘co-opetition’. What it means is that you’re working together to make it to the end of the area, but you’re also competing against each other for score. In Gatling Gears, you don’t get points for shooting enemies, but for collecting the little gears they drop after defeating them. So even if your partner did all the hard work, you can steal the reward right from under their nose and come out on top. You do, however, share the same multiplier and you’ll have to both work together to keep it as high as possible.

Gatling Gears offers recognizable and challenging retro gameplay, but we took a more modern and current approach to visuals and features. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and save the world — guns blazing!

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  • Picked this up last night. Challenging game but a lot of fun. Sound effects are great. A+ Vangaurd.

  • 2nd !

  • Aweeesome!!

  • LightningBlitz99

    Hmmm…might get this, just busy playing bbc2, but still might get this game.Im pretty sure it gonna be a good game,and man i like shooting games,and wow im first!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LightningBlitz99

    what i guess im not first

  • LightningBlitz99

    oh well, i still might get this game:)

  • Got the demo last night, still have to try it though but looks really cool

  • Cool i may get it only if i could stay logged into PSN right now i log in for about 20 minutes then i’m disconnected by some 800 error or something of the sorts and can’t log back in for a good 5 – 10 minutes >_<

  • ill have to pick up the demo now.
    Sheesh you guys ive got so many games and demos to play and so little time. AHHHHHH

    [but thanks :) ]

  • Bought this when I got home yesterday! Super fun! :D

  • can’t wait to play this!

  • awesome!!!

  • nice i might get this!!!

  • Still not sure, might as DL the Demo to see how it is.

  • One more day till pay day and this game is mine.

  • looks kool but i need to know how many hours it is.

  • definitely need to know the hours

    • There are 6 chapters, each consisting of 4 normal areas and 1 boss area. So that’s 30 areas in total. On average, it will take 10-15 minutes to complete an area. That’s just the campaign, there are also 3 arenas in the Survival mode and they take a little longer to complete.

      Throughout the campaign you’ll be able to upgrade your walker and you can go back to previous areas with that customized walker. So you can replay earlier parts of the game packing a lot more firepower and try to improve your scores or collect remaining upgrade tokens.

  • I think the demo says 10 hours of gameplay.

    Either way, I found the demo pretty boring — going to pass on this one. Waaay too many of these Everyday Shooter derivatives.

  • to busy playing Uncharted 3 BETA. Might get it after i BETA finishes.

  • Will try it out but it’s a shame you guys stepped away from Greed Corp. It wasn’t a great game, but it had the potential to be and I think if you guys kept working at it you’d be able to make a truly great strategy game. I loved the way the world would fall away, it’s just a pity that that was pretty much the only mechanic. A few more ideas in there and it would’ve been amazing.

  • looks like dead ops arcade from black ops

  • I don’t play much games, One game I really Like is Call of Duty: Black Ops and I’ve been wondering why does Xbox get there Annihilation Map Packs First? Yes I know we get our DLC one month after it is released on Xbox but what I need Clarification on is Why? Most of my friends at school have an Xbox 360 and I’ve had enough of getting laughed at for having a PS3 and not an Xbox 360. I’m beginning to think that their right and I should get an Xbox 360, Please take this in consideration and Answer my question because I really think PlayStation 3 is better than Xbox 360.
    Thanks Matt.

  • @22: Err, I’m pretty sure Nikki can’t answer that for you, but…thanks anyway.

    As for this game, I did see a lot of style similarities to Greed Corp before I even noticed they had the same parents, and while I haven’t played either game (Greed Corp had no demo *whimper*) I am really interested in this. The art looks amazing, brights and detailed. While I do love Dead Nation as my current Shoot ’em up, I cherish the vibrant and livable steampunk environment of Mistbound. I’m definitely glad we have a demo this time around. Now, if only I could get my PS3 back from the shop before the sale ends…:-(

  • @22: Very simple: M$ pays big bucks for that one month of exclusivity, trying you to pursue you to buy an xbox 360 instead. It’s all about the money, you know..

    About Gattling Gears: Looks like an old-school shooter with big guns and lots of explosives. I like it already! Definitely will check out the demo, and decide on the full game after that,

  • Are there any unlockables for having a Greed Corp save/trophy?

    What graphical and audio improvements have you made to your engine/production pipeline since Greed Corp?

    also, what’s the native rendering resolution?


    • @plaztiksyke

      Greed Corp and Gatling Gears have no technical connections for saves and trophies.

      We made many changes to to our engine and tools for Gatling Gears. From the top of my head, the most important ones are the additions of normal and reflection maps and the new special effects that can show tens of thousands of particles per frame.

      All of this fancy new stuff comes at a native rendering resolution of 720p.


  • @22:Funny story i gotta tell ya…1 and a half months ago I bought an Xbox 360 for $319, it just sat, and sat. didnt even play it. i sold it the other day to a game store for $97. lol. Playstation beats the xbox in my opinion, im talking game wise, ps3 has more interesting games. although Xbox has some nice front end features, you essentially have to pay to use them. (Facebook, Netflix, etc.) unlike the Ps3 where u can use the browser for Facebook and an app for Netflix (which u only need to subscribe to) with free online.

    As for Gatling Gears, i bought it yesterday, its really good, although the difficulty can get tough, i believe its worth it, good graphics, explosions, and gameplay.

  • I played the demo was was really impressed! I’ll be picking this up. The graphics are top notch and set it apart from other shooters. Gameplay is you’re typical shooter but I’m glad they kept that part simple. It was a blast and I can see where it would be very addictive.

  • an issue i wanted to discuss is the qriocity music unlimited service.why is canada the only country that doesnt get it?i checked on my psp and there wasnt a canada flag in the i find this very sad.there are A LOT of ps3 users in canada,i can guarantee you that please fix this issue,i was even considering paying for the service.

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