Puzzle Dimension Hits PS3 Today With 3D and a Discount

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Puzzle Dimension Hits PS3 Today With 3D and a Discount

We are thrilled! Our first PS3 title, Puzzle Dimension, will hit the North American PlayStation Store later this afternoon! Doctor Entertainment is a small indie studio from Uppsala in Sweden and we have worked hard to bring “aha!” moments to you PSN gamers. The moment when the solution to a problem hits you is called an “aha!” or “Eureka!” moment. It is a feeling of satisfaction and the brain dances… that is the feeling that we want to let you experience with the 100 puzzles in Puzzle Dimension.

The rules are very simple. You control a ball that can jump and move in four directions. Your mission is to roll the ball on 3D structures, pick up flowers and reach the exit. It sounds simple enough, but the puzzles get more complex and new types of blocks are gradually introduced to constantly give you new challenges.

Puzzle games can easily become very static and that is why we decided to create a more interactive experience. By exploding the pixel graphics when the player moves we achieved two things, the game got more interactive and you can see the path you have taken – which assists you in solving the puzzle. And it also creates a game inside the game to remove all the pixel blocks, which can be quite hypnotic while playing. Music that blends between chip-style and normal added another layer to the interactive mix, giving the game a richer sound.

Running a puzzle game in full HD at 60 frames per second might seem like overkill! But in order to give the player the best possible basis for solving the puzzles we did not want to compromise on graphics. High-resolution graphics and fluid motion was a priority during development to guarantee the best possible game play experience. Supporting 3D stereoscopic vision was a simple decision since Puzzle Dimension is very 3D by its nature.

Look for Puzzle Dimension later today on PSN! Be sure to pick up up now — we’re offering a 10% discount for all PSN shoppers during the game’s first week of release.

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  • b-b-b-boring.

  • Looks quite cool. I’m sold!

  • A 10% discount turns out to be basically nothing. No buy for me.

  • It looks quite interesting! How much is it going to cost? Do you have plans for a demo?

  • it’s so simple there r no something special something make you play it. thats why I agree with cyb3rfr34k-iso..

  • @1…..not everyone has the same tastes in games, why even bother posting if it is something you are not interested in…….like my momma always told me if you can’t say something nice keep your mouth shut. It is better to let everyone think you are an idiot versus opening your mouth and proving them right

    I agree with @4, demo and price?

  • This looks interesting, but how much “game” is stuffed in this game? What types of play modes are available?

    How do you advance in the game? Obviously you solve puzzles, but is the completion of one level needed to progress to the next or are groups unlocked after reaching a set point?

  • Meh, not my taste. Still waiting on Gatling Gears. Is the full game coming out today?

  • For most it takes well over 20 hours to complete the game.
    Levels are unlocked in groups to reduce the risk of getting stuck.

  • What time will it come out today im thinking on buying it

  • Looks exactly like Cuboid, or whatever its called.

  • @6 I agree with you, I hardly post on the blog but I reead it everyday and it’s beyond me why ppl such as 1 need to post negative comments. If this isn’t your cup of tea don’t drink it. I’m sure the developer put a lot of hard work and personal interest into this game, so for ppl to feel the need to insult this game or any game that they feel isn’t their type of game is beyond ignorant. I’m happy to see games like this and Okabu on the psn even if it’s not my type of game.

  • Jesper, thanks for the reply. It didn’t post the normal way, but I see what you wrote.

    I like the art style of the game.

    People, if you aren’t going to discuss the topic in the post, please don’t write anything.

  • This looks promising….!! Probably a day 1 buy for me….!! Will there be an editor (just curious)….??

  • Very cool looking. Two questions (I read your post but did not see my answer so if it’s there I apologize): is it move or sixaxis control and is there a level creator? Neither question will prevent me from buying it, I was just wondering.

    On a side note, you negative pricks are on my last nerve. I’m sick of reading your stupid comments day after day.

    @ beastslayer85- it’s not map “sharing” or game “sharing”, it’s called piracy and theft. Not too bright, are you? Go get a job or grab 15 bucks from your mommy’s purse.

  • @marlyt, I had the same thoughts about this game regarding both control schemes and a level editor. While I doubt anything will be released with a sixaxis control scheme since the release of the move, I would actually prefer that. While I do own a move controller, I actually think this would work better with the sixaxis controls since you wouldn’t be pointing at anything.

    Also, I agree with you about the non-related posts and the “game sharing”.

  • Looks like Kula World! :)

    • Yes it does. :)
      I worked on Kula World/Roll Away.
      With Puzzle Dimension we tried to create a new experience more focused towards puzzle gaming and less towards platform gaming.

  • Kind of reminds me of Super Monkey Ball. Might pick this one up, looks like a good challenge.

  • @ FORMIK

    I doubt I’d use my move either but it’s cool to try things a different way occasionally. And can you believe that guy wanting to violate TOS in the open? What a nimrod.

  • Cool game! It looks really fun! Its a shame that the beta for the most epic game of all time comes out today……

    UNCHARTED 3!!!!

  • of topic but yea when is uncharted 3 beta coming out today?

  • Why are you guys always so negative?

  • Ehhh…. Might pick it up some time down the road at a much cheaper price… right now don’t really care to get it.

  • Looks interesting.

  • Who cares about this it’s the 28 when is the uncharted 3 beta coming out today sony?

  • Kinda reminds me of Marble Madness.

  • I like the looks of this. Is the music in the video similar to that available in the game? Will the soundtrack be available for purchase anywhere?

  • For all you guys asking stuff like: “When is this game going to come out today?” and “When is Uncharted 3 BETA going to be released today?” It will release when the store updates guys. Use common sense. Anyway, this game looks pretty cool and I might get one point or another.

  • The graphics look ASTOUNDING! I imagine this is one game that would really benefit from 3D.
    Don’t own a 3DTV yet, but Sony’s 26″ is rather tempting.

  • I’m intrigued, but I’ll have to wait for the demo! I hope I can try it and still take advantage of the 10% discount should I decide to purchase.

  • Yeah it would be nice to know when the ps store is going to update i’m waiting for the uncharted 3 beta uncharted 2 is what made me get my ps3.

  • i agree w/ 28 loved the music in video might have to wait til payday when i get my psn card for dcuo sub to get this but def looks interesting

  • yay uncharted 3 beta today cant wait so it could come out today yay

  • Sounds cool, keep the 3D games coming!

  • I agree with #29 gagjm

    The store updates at around the same time every week, and there is never a set time that it updates. So I don’t know why you guys are always asking about it. Please don’t be negative to these indie developers with your ignorant comments.

  • i hope is epic and better then gears 3

  • put a level creation and i’m sold

  • @killersniper224

    If your talking about uncharted 3 then the only people that would like gears 3 better is of course xbox players since it’s exclusive and people who like games that take 1,000,000 bullets to kill someone.

  • Any word on PS+ discount too?

  • I’m liking the visuals. This probably looks awesome in 3D.

    • Thanks!

      We did feel the game deserved some special treatment on the PS3 and therefor decided that we would implement stereoscopic 3D; even though it’s really difficult to reach 60Hz in 3D as you (almost) have to draw everything twice…

  • After reading the description of gameplay, I was only moderately interested. However, after viewing the video and seeing the quality and style of the textures and visuals, I went from moderately interested to *highly* interested. Well done Doctor Entertainment!

  • This looks like a hybrid of Cuboid and Topatoi. If there was split screen I’d probably try it, if not I’ve already played it before, don’t need to again.

  • Looks like the type of puzzler that will make my head spin D: Consider me interested though. Hope the trophies aren’t to hardcore to obtain!

  • I can’t wait until the 30 days free of plus runs out in the middle of Unchated 3 beta and all you freeloading whiners get the boot, unless you pay up.

    @ Jesper Rudberg

    My Scandinavian brother, thanks for your reply. Like I said, no move support doesn’t matter. Still getting this tonight. It looks really cool and I know my sons will love it just as much. And as you’ve heard from others, a level editor in the future would probably increase your sales by 2000%. People love to make their own stuff these days. Uff Dah!!!

  • It looks very interesting. And I don’t get the people who say this game is “boring”, this game looks amazing for a first PS3 game.

  • my ps3 got YLOD PSN can u send me a new one i had it for five years

  • Great buying it this afternoon, only one questiob will the game be supported with new levels ?

  • There is a demo for it on Steam if anyone wanted to check out a demo before buying the game.

  • Thanks for wrtiing “later this afternoon!” rather than “out now!” like most people write in the morning only to get verbally abused while people wait for the store to update at 9PM.

  • Looks really cool. Since you achieved 60fps in 3D, does that mean the game renders in 1080p natively in 2D?

    Are the music assets losslessly-compressed? if not, what codec/bitrate is used?

    Loved both Cuboid and Geon Emotions (which I wish had in-game voice chat), will definitely check this out :)

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