Puzzle Dimension Hits PS3 Today With 3D and a Discount

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Puzzle Dimension Hits PS3 Today With 3D and a Discount

We are thrilled! Our first PS3 title, Puzzle Dimension, will hit the North American PlayStation Store later this afternoon! Doctor Entertainment is a small indie studio from Uppsala in Sweden and we have worked hard to bring “aha!” moments to you PSN gamers. The moment when the solution to a problem hits you is called an “aha!” or “Eureka!” moment. It is a feeling of satisfaction and the brain dances… that is the feeling that we want to let you experience with the 100 puzzles in Puzzle Dimension.

The rules are very simple. You control a ball that can jump and move in four directions. Your mission is to roll the ball on 3D structures, pick up flowers and reach the exit. It sounds simple enough, but the puzzles get more complex and new types of blocks are gradually introduced to constantly give you new challenges.

Puzzle games can easily become very static and that is why we decided to create a more interactive experience. By exploding the pixel graphics when the player moves we achieved two things, the game got more interactive and you can see the path you have taken – which assists you in solving the puzzle. And it also creates a game inside the game to remove all the pixel blocks, which can be quite hypnotic while playing. Music that blends between chip-style and normal added another layer to the interactive mix, giving the game a richer sound.

Running a puzzle game in full HD at 60 frames per second might seem like overkill! But in order to give the player the best possible basis for solving the puzzles we did not want to compromise on graphics. High-resolution graphics and fluid motion was a priority during development to guarantee the best possible game play experience. Supporting 3D stereoscopic vision was a simple decision since Puzzle Dimension is very 3D by its nature.

Look for Puzzle Dimension later today on PSN! Be sure to pick up up now — we’re offering a 10% discount for all PSN shoppers during the game’s first week of release.

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