PlayStation Plus Celebrates its 1st Birthday with Limited-Time Bonus Months Offer

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PlayStation Plus Celebrates its 1st Birthday with Limited-Time Bonus Months Offer

Hello, PlayStation fans! We’re excited to announce that this week PlayStation Plus celebrates its first birthday! Over the past year, we’ve given PlayStation Plus subscribers access to a number of great deals, including free games, huge discounts, full game trials, early beta access as well as additional exclusive features like online game saves and automatic downloads.

PS Plus Anniversary

To celebrate, for a limited time, we’re offering “Birthday Bonus Months” for PlayStation Plus. Starting today, lasting through July 11th, when you purchase a PlayStation Plus 1-year package, you’ll get 3 additional months, and gamers who sign up for the 3 month package get 1 additional month. That’s 15 months for the price of 12 (just over $3 per month) or 4 months for the price of 3 (less than $5 per month). There’s no better time to sign up for PlayStation Plus and take advantage of these birthday savings!

So just what are the benefits that PlayStation Plus subscribers have gained that you won’t want to miss out on? In its first year alone, PlayStation Plus has offered access to:

  • More than 50 Free Games
  • Over 100 Free DLC Items (Add-ons, Avatars, Themes)
  • 170+ Discounts
  • Over 100 Exclusives and Early Access items
  • $800+ in Savings

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since we launched the program, providing subscribers with offers like the full PSN game WipEout HD, a number of PSP minis and PS One Classics, such as Age of Zombies, and more recently, the highly anticipated early demo of Mortal Kombat. Subscribers can also get early access today into the multiplayer beta for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.

Thanks again for all of your feedback and dedication to the program. Here’s to more birthday celebrations as we continue to evolve the service for users to expand and enhance their gaming experience!


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  • Maybe I should try it…

  • @1 ? Me? First? =0

  • Anything for veteren subscribers, Ive been signed up since the month it lauched. Pretty satisfied but a home ps plus hoody would be much appreciated.

  • I thought these games were on sale for the WELCOME BACK program??


    • Everything that Plus offered, including the games, was a part of the Plus program, which in turn was part of Welcome Back!

  • Signed up day 1 and have loved it ever since.

  • Yeah, I’d actually like something that tells me how much months I have left (+bonus months I’ve received) in total somewhere in the store or under the Accounts section in the XMB.

    I’m for sure getting another years subscription. Could you guys this time announce (at least) the PSN Game and PSOne Classic a month or two in advance so I can plan my purchases without buying something that’s going to be offered real soon for plus members.

    Other than that, I’m satisfied.


    TWD #86 Thursday!!

  • Definetly worth it, I myself will be renewing in the coming months, Love you Sony.


  • I’m shocked you guys didn’t talk about PS+ at the E3 press conference.

  • Remember awhile back when you said you were going to go back and make a list of every single PS+ deal over the first year? Considering how there are about to be tens of millions of PS+ accounts expiring in a week now might be a good time to write up that list. Might be able to convince people to stay on the service if they can see just what it is they’re getting.

  • O boy, where we go again. From some strange reason now, the PSN has been signing users off their account in & out. I hope its not 1 of these stupid “Hack Attacks” again

  • I think they should give an extra to veterans indeed.

    Well…early demos and discounts are very attractive to me..
    Free not, cause they expire…

    Does free avatars and themes expires as well?
    Other than Beta Invites, Plus get any other priorities? =0

    • Free avatars and themes don’t expire. Only playable free content needs a Plus subscription to continue to access.

      In addition to the Beta invites, Plus activates features of PSN like Online Game Saves (save to the cloud) and Automatic Downloads (Ps3 automatically downloads the latest system updates and patches when you’re not playing it)

  • $800.00 in saving on your normal “”over priced”” items. downloadable content should never be regular retaiI, NEVER.

  • PS+ is great! I recommend it to every active Playstation user.

  • i cant sign in to psn on ps3 and when i was signed in only like 3 of my 90+ friends wouldnt show up

  • Same here @LegacyofAngel

  • I should hate you because all that content offered on the 1st year
    was the reason i was forced to upgrade my PS3 HDD & my game
    backlog is the hugest ever…but the fun i had with all those free games
    make up for that minor hassle ;)
    Thanks and Happy 1st birthday!

  • i’m a day one subscriber and i have seen some cool stuff like cloud saving files, but apart from that i’m not interested in free games, i have played some of them but i want more service based features which was promised to be part of the full playstation network experience from the ps plus subscription

  • here’s an idea how about allowing PS+ members to buy those PSP titles in the Duo Packs individually at 7.50

  • I bought two yearly subscriptions before you took away the 15 month deal. Thanks anyways though. And also this “discount content” is just old EA deals.

    Still waiting for people who got it for free to have their sub’s end so we get some real content. Me Monstar is a start.

  • And holy moly I can’t agree with KazeEternal more.

  • really is THAT it for the 1st birthday wow that sucks where is the celebration.why not have a special where you have the top 20 ps+ items or what ever

  • I can’t sign in on PSN. Is it down again? :)

  • RelinquishedVoid

    I’m also having issues with psn, I got disconnected and now I cant log back in.

  • … I seem to remember someone hinting at PS+ birthday celebrations not so long ago on the PS Blog but I really thought they meant that early adopters would be rewarded in some way for their loyalty.

    I hope you have something planned for people like myself who signed up for PS+ right at the beginning!

    • You can always use this offer to add more time to your existing subscription. The bonus months here will add to your existing subscription, so you still get to take advantage of the offer =)

  • KoldStrejke is one smart consumer. Just because you price it at $800~ of content doesn’t mean it’s actually worth that.

  • What’s going on now with playstation network I just got booted then it logged me back on for a sec and my friend list was gone then booted me again?

  • I can’t sign in either. I was in the middle of a black ops game!
    LOL. Hopefully its just a minor issue.

  • tacotaskforce is correct. I need to be convinced. Convince me Sony. Also, I was logged off too, but I restarted the system, now I’m able to log in.

  • RelinquishedVoid

    I also managed to log back in and my friend list is also gone. >_<

  • @Gogo_ZvC – if you go to account management, then transaction management, then service list, you can check how long you have left for ps plus and see when it started sooo you can do the math and see they added the 60 days for us previous members, hope that helps!

    and happy birthday ps plus! i love your service and i hope you’ll bring it ovet to the vita as well, but please, PLEASE, no more games like lilo and stitch! lol. i know the multitude of ps3 games, psone classics, and minis on there over this year, but cmon! you wanna try to win people over in their free month offer! X-D
    i just think that was a poor move, cuz alot of people are silly and will chalk up their experience to that game, i know it seems silly, but i’ve heard it from gamers.

    anyways, i love ps plus, stick around guys, it’ll only get better :D

  • Oh well I thought it started June 29th :/. Congratulations Playstation Plus! I am honored to be apart of this amazing community and features. Keep up the wonderful work playstation!

  • I have a question: What if my subscription runs out in Dec.? Can i buy this and will it add the what I have right now? I am confused, because I will definitely buy this, and I think it is a GREAT offer!!

    • DO IT! The extra months offered as part of the Birthday Bonus Months will stack on to your already existing time. You don’t have to be approaching your expiration date to get in on the deal.

  • Sony…Nintendo….Bioware….SEGA…..
    R the hackers back on Sony? =0
    Or is it just an update? =x

    Well what matters is…the friends r gone, or they never being there to begin with? D=

  • I’m a PS+ member since September. I absolutely love its benefits. I have two years and 6 months stacked :)

  • Hey I signed up for PS Plus on the first day and got the 3 months extra at that time. If I want to renew again right now (with the additional 3 months still on my account) how would I do it? Also will it add on if I renew? As in will it be 1 year and 6 months.

    Or should I just wait until the 3 months run out to renew?


  • My take on this

    More than 50 Free Games – Yeah and 50% were minis
    Over 100 Free DLC Items (Add-ons, Avatars, Themes) – Already owned the majority of the DLC before they were offered

    I think the Cloud saving was what justify Plus this year for me.


    Yes, the 15 months will stack onto what you already have :)

    The only thing you have to do is renew the license of the free games you have that are set to expire in December.

  • I’d sign up for PS Plus in a minute if they had content fo PS Home. There hasn’t been anything that I’m aware of so far.

  • and if you cant sign in it’s cuz of the ridiculous traffic for uncharted 3 beta, and everyone else is downloading beyong good and evil hd, cuz they sure have been fiending for it on the blog! lol

  • @mmaher: R U sure, did U read that from other webpage? Cause when the “Welcome Back Program” was up, there was high traffic, but the users could still sign in & stay online

  • I think it’s worth it…I can’t believe that it’s been a year already. Thanks for all the stuff just for being a subscriber. Looking forward to another great year. I just wish that there was a five year subscription…I think that would be a good option.

  • It’s already been a year? I might take this offer and stack it since my current sub is still active.

  • Yeah I was downloading the Uncharted 3 beta then I came back from getting soda and I saw I was offline , then I tried to get back online and didn’t let me go online. I just reset my ps3 and now I’m online back.

  • LOL!

  • Day 1 subscriber, im satisfied with the service so far.

  • Yeah funny lol I said soda

  • @ #6 you can check under account mgment->transaction mgment->services list
    and it should tell you. make sure to unclick renew subscription or it will roll over. that happened for me with the qriocity thing, too.

  • @KevCity89- whoops, i didnt read it anywhere, i was just chalking it up to that, lol. i bet it is the ridiculous traffic but i dont know… i’m sure it will be up soon, i’m on right now, just cant access the uncharted 3 beta and i know thats from high traffic, dont need to read that anywhere to know its true… that game is sick to say the least!

  • Oh man! I just bought PS+ a week ago so I could keep it going. Any chance you’ll reward your loyal customers who spent money showing we trust you after the network came back? I just want the 3 bonus months.

  • @mmaher: Oh ok, got U lol. I was about 2 ask where U saw that “Information”, lol. But in any event, guess I’ll try again on the PSN & C 4 myself

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