MotorStorm Apocalypse Week-long Multiplayer Demo Live on PSN

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MotorStorm Apocalypse Week-long Multiplayer Demo Live on PSN

MotorStorm Apocalypse

A storm is coming to PlayStation Network! The MotorStorm Apocalypse multiplayer demo arrives on PlayStation.Store in today’s Store update and will be available to everyone for one week only. Here’s an overview of what you can expect from the demo of Evolution Studios’ latest adrenaline-fuelled action racer, which is out now on the PlayStation Store.

Seven days of intense action racing

Get ready to experience the simultaneous challenge and excitement that comes from trying to win races while a city comes crashing down around you! You’ve only got from Tuesday, June 28th until Tuesday July 5th to get in on the action, so make the most of the opportunity by taking part in this special week-long demo event while you can.

Incredible visuals

The action looks stunning, especially in high definition if you have the set up. To really bring every race, crash and explosion right into your living room, try to experience the game with a mind-blowing stereoscopic 3D setup!

16-player online races, including two-player split screen

Face down the competition in brutal races against up to 15 players world-wide. Go in alone, take a split-screen buddy into the action with you or meet up with your friends to form a party online.

You’ll earn new Ranks and rewards for surviving the carnage, beating opponents and racing with style. Boost your rewards from every race by wagering on any rival you think you can beat; There’s a healthy bonus awarded if you beat them and you can choose whether to add it to your career earnings or risk it all on the next race for an even bigger reward!

Three of the full game’s 35 online races to survive

You’ve never seen races like these…

MotorStorm Apocalypse: Skyline - MileHighClub

The Mile High Club
Smash through offices and across the sides of downed skyscrapers in a lunatic adventure over the breathtaking rooftops.

MotorStorm Apocalypse: Off The Rails

Off the Rails
A gigantic rift has ripped the subway system open…and MotorStorm is holding races in it! Barrel through the fiery subway tunnels and into the rifts themselves as crazy looters attack and trains bail straight into the station.

MotorStorm Apocalypse: Docklands - ShipShape

Ship Shape
An abandoned shipyard is the perfect playground for intense, high-speed action-racing, where there’s little room (but plenty of opportunity) for costly mistakes.

Five of the 13 vehicle types from MotorStorm Apocalypse to customize and race

Stamp your unique identity on the Superbike, Buggy, Supercar, Racing Truck and Big Rig and then equip your preferred performance boosting perks to give you an edge when you go out to battle in the concrete jungle.

You’ll earn better body parts, customization designs and perks as you race and improve with each vehicle. Make use of the kit you are awarded to modify your vehicle so that you stand out from the crowd!

…only Seven Days?

The demo will be available for download on PlayStation.Store for 7-days only, however online play will be possible until Thursday July 7 at 02:00 PDT, so you will have extra time to run a few more races before the free demo runs out.

If you didn’t already know, the full game is available now and has just been updated and expanded with the free After Party update, which introduces an all new day-and-night track, Weekly Challenges, multiplayer playlist updates and more. There are also regular community events taking place in MotorStorm Apocalypse: check the MotorStorm community space to see what’s taking place right now.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about the demo, please visit the MotorStorm community space on

To keep up to speed with the latest MotorStorm news, keep it locked to the blog, follow @PhenomEvolution on and follow the official MotorStorm Apocalypse page on facebook.

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  • So, I will race people who own the demo only? Or anyone including the disc owners?

    • This three track playlist is separate from the game, so you’ll race with other players who have the demo.

  • The code that comes with every new copy if the game says it comes with a free Dynamic Theme, but when I used it the theme was nowhere to be found! How can I get it?

  • Great!! Hopefully this will make more people buy this game!!! Really is an awesome game especially online.

    Oh and will all the demo gamers play with us full game owners?

  • I get the impression that the games delay/PSN outage adversely affected your game, and its sales. I hope I am mistaken, but if I am correct, I hope that this Multiplayer Demo helps. I personally have always enjoyed the MotorStorm experience!

  • awhh yeahh! xD
    but when’s this up for European playstationers?? ( my own word x’D)
    please say it willl be up o_o

  • Well since the UC3 beta is crashing like hell AND naughtydogs website, this will hold me I guess.

  • Oooh those track maps are purty.

    I may just leave the full game to reign havoc on the demo users, show em how its done :D

    But then I`d miss out on the awesomeness of the rock at night!

    • An additional 33 races online, all 13 vehicle types (and the reward vehicles for each class), Weekly challenges, Special Events, 4-player split-screen races offline… you’d be missing out on a lot. ;-)

  • Cool.. thanks for letting us try this game :)

    • Thanks to everyone who takes the time to give it a try. It’s best racing with friends, so please invite them to the party too, before the opportunity passes!

  • Great for people who are eager to try it out. The game is flat out fun.

  • I platinumed the game sunday morning. Good stuff, good stuff.

    “16-player online races”

    Never had one of these. Got close a couple of times but people dropped out as the race was starting or sometime during it. :|

    Do you have maps for the rest of the races? The ones posted above are great :D

    • Huge congratulations from everyone at Evolution Studios for earning “The Big One”! It takes a great amount of skill and dedication to earn the Platinum, so really well done from all of us. We hoped you enjoyed yourself along the way. :-)

      The servers were recently upgraded after the PSN down-time to improve the online experience for everyone, so you should find that there are fewer drop-outs (and more 16-player races).

      There are two further track maps, for the newly released “The Rock” track. You can download them from the Official Facebook page for MotorStorm Apocalypse ->

  • At what time today will the download be available ?

  • @ 10 congrats bro

    @ 11 Now

    Skyline is epic, and for that matter this whole game is flat-out sick insaneness. My fave racing game ever. I’ve never finished a game in two days but I did on this. Not because it’s short but because I couldn’t put it down. And online the graphics run smooth with no lag issues. Great game.

  • This game is crazy insane!

    I know the launch was a little goofed but Evolution Studios made an amazing racer and I wish them the best.

  • I downloaded the demo, and it’s so sweet! I will be buying the game sometime next week but one of my friend told me there was a cool exotic car DLC on the store that i missed, he then told me it was on the store for a limited time only, why? I would buy it right away if it was still on the store… Any chance that we might see that car again on the store in the future? : /

    • The exotic car was the Supercar Elite. It was a rare vehicle, available for only a couple of weeks when the game was released.

      There are still plenty of stand-out vehicles to earn from online play or to pick up from PlayStation Store – and you can give them your own flavor in seconds with the simple and intuitive customization feature. :-)

  • Well, I am yet another convert from the horribly stagnant UC3 beta…. I definately wanted to try some MotorStorm too, thanks for the demo!

  • You guys are the kings of bad timing. Same time as uc3 beta will pull some people away. Looks like a good game though.

  • Ima get it now thanks

  • Another quick question for you Jamie if you have time to answer: will the pre-orders like the Italia Areto superbike and that Mazad Miata(MX-5) based supermini will be released to public? Im a sucker when it comes to car DLC’s on my favourite racing games! :)

  • i cant play it keeps freezing

  • Fre4king_Perf3ct

    im just download today the demo itss fakingg awessoome the multiplayerr iss greatt!!!
    next week gona peek the full game !! ((:

  • Game keeps freezing, and i have to power down my PS3, because i can’t back out. FAIL

  • As 2 others have already said, my PS3 froze twice on the “waitng for other racers” screen. I had to power off the PS3. Both times I was trying to play with another person who has an account on my PS3 if this helps. We didn’t DL the demo to his account, only mine, as he’s only 6 and he does’t like racing games, he was just trying to help his old man out after a go thru of the Gaitling Gears demo.

  • I’m having a problem trying to find exactly where the Demo is in the playstation store, could you tell me where it is?

  • So I’ve tried joining the multiplayer twice now and both times it has froze my PS3 :(

  • ArsenicMilkshake

    I downloaded it and all but i cant play it, it wont let me select the multiplayer option. And it appears the sign in on the square button but doesnt work :S :S what should i do?

  • I had the same experience as the comment from SebastianOwl (comment #24) the machine froze up when I tried to enter a multiplayer game. So… I went ahead and deleted the sucker from my PS3 because its a piece of garbage. Yet another failure by Sony… MAN this year is just not your year is it. First you get hacked and our private info is compromised by not providing top of the line cyber security on your network. Then you have a somewhat lousy E3 showing. I mean the handheld was great minus the name. But then Kaz had to awkwardly pause after he announced your partnership for 3G coverage, kinda like when he said “RIIIIIDGE RACEEEER!!!! a few years back. He saved it when he announce the price of it though. But other than that, it was a real lack luster show. Now this… well… I guess I had to expect more things to go bad, there are still 6 more months in the year..

  • Samething happened to me. Got it downloaded okay. I was able to customize my car (really like that part).

    But then I tried to join a multiplayer and it would say “Joining game…” and sit there. The first two times I tried to find a match, it would time out and return me to the menu. Then it just froze there and I couldn’t even press the PS button to quit the game. Had to power down the PS3 to get out of it.

    Not a good way to impress people with a demo that cannot even be played.

  • So can u customize your own car like paint jobs etc? or just modification to motor only?

  • Sooooo, people outside United States can’t play this? My account is registered in Mexico and the Multiplayer option is disabled. Also, the network icon in the bottom left side is crossed out.
    But, when I sign in with my brother’s account (registered in the US), I can definitely play.
    What’s up with this? Care to explain, Playstation?

  • Yes terrys23, you can customize the paint job. Car features like bumper type, headlight style, fog lamps, door style, wing style etc. There is a pretty good selection of stickers and artwork you can choose for your car too. The larger “body stickers” can also have their color palettes changed to you liking. It can really make your car more unique with all of the options you have.

    There wasn’t any engine customizing in the demo that I saw.

  • i just remembered, whatever happened to the TRON car dlc? i got the movie not long ago but how do we get it?

    and what about muerte’s car? i’ve looked around and theres actually a lot of dlc cars and some have been very, very exclusive. theres one that looks very much like a lamborghini diablo. my friend was kind enough to buy the patriot surger since that was my favorite vehicle of every game. my point is, i hope to see much more dlc of cars and i believe i speak for all of us by saying we’re having hopes of it being free for a new car because being limited to 3 of each class, is a bloody shame. i personally am hoping ALL the cars from the previous games make a return, and many more tracks and cars make their way to the game.

    i despise seeing the pathetic fact we’re having to PAY for the latest cars but i can’t really complain seeing the very nice and generous free dlc of The Rock.

  • UltimateSpiderDC

    Add me if y’all wanna race me. Imma Ride Yall fools with my Monarch Trophy Tourist Superbike lol

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