ModNation Monday: Show Us What You’ve Got!

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ModNation Monday: Show Us What You’ve Got!

Hey ModNation, no time for putzin’ around, let’s get this thing going!

– Changes to the XP series of races
– Week three of the “Moddys” Celebration
– Our “Missing In Action” report

… and let’s not forget that gorgeous new DLC!

Brand-New DLC

backburn water

Backburn Mod & Kart are available to purchase in the PlayStation on June 28th! Mod & Kart are $1.75 or each piece separately for $0.99.

Mod: Fire Jacket, Fire Helmet, Fireman’s Pants and Fire Boots
Kart: Backburn’s Kart and Emergency Lights

Water World Parts Pack is available to purchase in the PlayStation Store on June 28th for $6.99!
Summer is here and now is your chance to build that rad waterpark you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t forget to overcharge for admission to your park!

Creation Parts: Dome Tent, Inflatable Hoop, Inflatable Wave, Inflatable Slide, Pipe Slide, Dip Slide, Plastic Block, Plastic Block Stack, Two Platforms,

Dynamic Props: Inflatable Log Roll, and Trampoline

Track Props: Inflatable Shark and Buoy

New Theme DLC

Big City Career Extension Pack is available for purchase in the PlayStation Store NOW for $9.99! Click HERE for more details and screenshots. You don’t want to miss out on this new DLC. It’s smokin’ hot Big City style!

Recent DLC: Arctic Career Extension Pack

theme dlc

The Arctic Career Extension is also available to purchase in the PlayStation Store NOW for $9.99!
Click HERE for more details and screenshots. Who said “glad winter is over”? Not us. Check it out!

Both extension packs come complete with five new tracks, seven new trophies, new tokens to collect, and over 100 new items to unlock, race, and create with.

The “Moddys” Celebrate The ModNation Track Creating Community

moddy main

This is week four of our anniversary celebration, which brings us to the proverbial geniuses of ModNation – the Track Creators. Many of this game’s track designs rival the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, Daedalus, Mike Brady and Nimrod (considered the creator of the Tower of Babel). “Dude said Nimrod. Saaaweeeet!”

But seriously, if you have ever tried to make a track, you will appreciate how much work and passion goes into these creations. Only three words are needed to describe this group of creators Brill-i-ant”!
Take a look HERE

Next week we close the “Moddys” with our hodgepodge of categories such as “Cutest Mod Couple”, “People’s Choice” (creations chosen by the community), and other favorites from the ModNation Monday blogs. Lots to see next week. Be looking for it!

XP Race Series Track Changes!

That’s right racers, the wait is over! Starting this week you’ll be able to race your little hearts out on the Arctic and Big City Theme tracks. Get in line now because these ain’t your grandmother’s XP races. These are them “new fangled” “city feller” XP tracks! Booyah!

More Recent DLC

Pirate Mini-Theme Style Pack and Western Mini-Theme Style Packs are available to purchase in the PlayStation Store NOW for $6.99 each!

Construction Parts Pack, Prehistoric Parts Pack, and Moon Colony Props Packs are available to purchase in the PlayStation Store for $4.99 each!

Late Night Mod & Kart set and the MC Mod: Mod & Kart set are available to purchase in the PlayStation store now! Mod & Kart are $1.75 per set or each piece separately for $0.99. Remember… and all these Mods and Karts come with new parts for you to create with!

Pixel Pixie Mod is $0.99

collage dlc

Creations of The Week

Track of The Week: Snowdrop Slalom by EvilPinata


Hot Lap Tracks

Monday: Snowdrop Slalom by EvilPinata
Tuesday: Ancient Persia by marusarusa
Wednesday: Dashing through the Snow by manlius10a
Thursday: Sacred Snow Temple by manlius10a
Friday: A Frosty Frostbite by StealthReborn–
Saturday: Arctic Odyssey 2.0 by apricot-jam-IS
Sunday: Glacial Drift by Batterfly

Missing In Action!

Ok ModNation, we know you are camped out in your “crib” creating new tracks with all this great new DLC but we need to see some new Mods and Karts! Don’t make me reach through my monitor and take your DualShock away! SHOW ME SOME MOD AND KART CREATIONS! :-)


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  • FIRST, anyway, i have question, sometimes my games doesn’t work, than when it does work it freeze, i guessing because its dusty right?

  • come on already when can i download sackboy!!!!!!!!!!!
    someone please tell me!!!!!!

  • Took a while for this to come today.

  • Its amazing all the effort your compant puts into this game. Kudos, more gaming companies need to follow in the same footsteps.

    • Thanks so much for the acknowledgement. We are doing all we can for this great game and great community!

  • anything free?

  • does the UC3 beta hit the store at midnight pacific?

  • All this stuff looks good

  • Can the Emergency Light change color? If not, I’ll better create a vintage/classic police version.

  • UC3 beta after midnight? anyone know? dyin here….

  • @Darkfire… the beta will be released when the store is updated. Some time tomorrow afternoon/evening.

    You can go to sleep, because it’s not coming any time soon.

  • What does MNR need?

    A section where you have ‘developers picks’ of all your favourite tracks made by users.

    It’s so hard to find the quality user created tracks, and a section like this would be incredibly useful.

  • @bigpoppaB dont know if i should thank ya or smack ya LOL. thanks.

  • max_be_friend_12

    انا مجربت العبة بس شكلة حلوة T_T

  • @10 – Totally agree, LBP2 has ‘MM Picks’, which changes every few weeks, for newcomers to the game they will likely go straight to ‘most played’ which consists of ‘Tiki Tik Mountain’, ‘100,000 drift points’ and ‘Modcoaster’ rubbish. :( Many of the best tracks on the game are buried a few pages back and I highly doubt many newcomers will bother to sift through many pages of content to find them. A ‘UFG picks’ section would allow them to showcase the best tracks of the last year, a “Hall Of Fame” if you will. ;)

  • what about the psp it needs some dlc

  • Yay, another over-priced parts pack…people really need to stop shelling out for these things until they make the prices somewhat reasonable…

  • Anyone want to look up my creations? I don’t have many downloads, but I think they’re worth looking at. If you look at them, thanks.

  • @ PHENON123
    u better clean your PS3 before YLOD.

  • Wait, when did we get snow? Is that part of a DLC pack?

  • Sackboy is probably pure Pre-Order incentive DLC.

    I kinda hope it stays like that, at this point. I like cosmetic “had to be there” content in games.

  • Do you need to buy the Big City and Arctic theme packs in order to race them online in XP races? I ask because I already bought the Arctic pack and was wondering if I needed to buy the Big city pack to race those tracks online as well.

  • @21

    No need to buy the Big City DLC to play the tracks in XP races. But you should buy it anyway cause its it really quite good! :)

  • Back to the blog eh? y u no tel me? :P

  • I really wish I could make sweet tracks like these, but All I could make is the basic track with a little spaz in it.

    • I understand, Some of these tracks are pure genius!
      Don’t give up! I’m still trying myself to improve! Watch what other do, That’s how I learn,

  • $20? this seems pretty expensive, bundle both for $10 and I’m in

  • According to the U.S store update post the Water World props pack is $4.99 not $6.99 (So €4.99/£3.99 for Europe). Please stick to this price for the mini prop packs! ;)

  • when is sack boy going to be available on the playstation store????

  • glad this isnt a dead game.

  • @20, ModNation Racers’ Sackboy mod was available to in all the ModNation Racers retail packaging when it first came out. Here’s a picture: hxxp:// www .flickr. com/photos/97524661@N00/4642394232/

  • Hi Mark

    Ey can you tell whoever is in charge of the official website that the log in is not working?, it displays to you the gray banner when the PSN is out, but it is not, I could log in here to post this, and log in my account in other psn access websites, so.. just letting you know about this issue

    Congrats for everything

  • Please tell me that more DLC is still gonna arrive

  • u guys got ps vita already?!!!!!!!


  • new dlc coming

    or is it alredy out?

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