PlayStation Network Video Content Update

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PlayStation Network Video Content Update

Summer is here! We’ve got some great new films and special summer deals to help you get through the hottest days of the year.

The Adjustment Bureau has weaved its way into New Releases. This thrilling mystery will keep you guessing until the end credits. Follow Matt Damon (Bourne Identity) and Emily Blunt (The Wolfman) as they try to conquer men of fate with their heartfelt love. Anthony Mackie (The Hurt Locker), John Slattery (Mad Men), and Terence Stamp (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace) round out the star-studded cast.

In Top Downloads, you’ll find the hottest content, including Sanctum, now available at a special low price. Follow this underground adventure produced by James Cameron (Avatar) for only $14.99 in HD and $9.99 in SD! You can also rent it now and enter the third dimension in our Available in 3D section.

Liam Neeson’s new action film Unknown hits the Movies section. A biotechnology expert has his identity taken away from him while the plot of a political assassination ensues. Neeson (Taken) is joined by January Jones (X-Men: First Class), Diane Kruger (Inglorious Basterds), Bruno Ganz (The Manchurian Candidate) and Frank Langella (Frost/Nixon) in this non-stop thrill ride. Buy the film in HD and receive more than 9 minutes of bonus material!

You’ll also find Flixster added some great new trailers for you free to download. Get a glimpse of great upcoming titles like Final Destination 5, Fright Night and The Muppets.

We have hot new releases The Eagle, Cedar Rapids and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules now available for you before Netflix and Redbox in Rent Now. You’ll find plenty more titles to enjoy anytime you want, at your command. We’ve got great films for you in SD, HD and even 3D!

In TV Shows, catch the pilot of new legal drama Suits for free until July 7. Follow the story of misguided college dropout Mike Ross who nails the bar exam without a single day in law school. Joining a high-profile law firm with a philandering partner, Ross must tackle his past demons, courtroom case nightmares and office politics.

You’ll find our summer special Beat the Heat with Savings in Collections & Sales. We will bring top films and amazing prices each week now through August 4. The first two weeks showcase amazing thrillers films, including Spy Game, Eastern Promises and Traffic for just $4.99 to buy in SD.

Finally, our Deal of the Week: Ministry of Laughs focuses on the best in British comedy. Some of the top shows from across the pond are available at incredible prices. Practice your cockney accent as you laugh away at An Idiot Abroad, Come Fly With Me, Father Ted and selections from Monty Python.

This is just a slice of all the deliciousness we have in store! Here’s a look at what else is new this week…

Just In TV
US Store: Falling Skies: Season 1, Hawaii Five-O: Season 1, NCIS: Season 8, The Good Wife: Season 2, 90210: Season 3, Misfits: Season 1, America’s Next Top Model: Season 16, The French Secret Service: Season 1, WWE: Over the Limit 2011, and more!

Canada Store: Secret Diary of a Call Girl: Seasons 1-2, The French Secret Service: Season 1, Eden of the East, Sengoku Basara, The Mentalist: Season 3, Undercover Boss: Season 1, Supernatural: Season 1, and more!

New Release Movies
US Store: The Adjustment Bureau, Unknown, The Eagle, Cedar Rapids, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, happythankyoumoreplease, Endure, Bitter Sweet, Ceremony, Elektra Luxx, Mega Python vs. Gatoroid, You Got Served: Beat the World, An Inconvenient Tax, and more!

Canada Store: The Adjustment Bureau, Unknown, The Eagle, Cedar Rapids, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, happthankyoumoreplease, Arthur 3: The War of Two Worlds, Elektra Luxx, Maga Python v. Gatoroid, Legacy: Black Ops, Bitter Sweet, An Inconvenient Tax, and more!

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  • woow great movies … thanx 4 the update grace :)

  • Dang I was hoping for first comment but I guess second is a first for my comments. Anyway When does PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3D Display come out?

  • Thanks for update

  • i hope tall are working on the problem me and my friensds are heving none of us can create accounts when we go to the psn website and click where it says i want to create a new account it always says that it is down for mainetenence i hope thats how you spell it but anyways thanks for listening and commenting back on my other comment and hopefully yall can fix it thank you


  • How come I cant buy movies or use netflix,vudu and all that?

    I live in Mexico, is that the problem?

  • why does someone always mention about being first ? is there a prize you win for first comment ? pleease let me know sony, thanks.

  • @PainofSarrow

    if you get 1st comments on any update blog article then PS Store hooks you up with $0.99 in you PSN wallet. the only catch is that it expires after 7 hours so if you didnt know about it and checked your wallet it probably expired already. i usually dont ever get the 1st comment in but i did once and i bought my samuri avatar with it…thanks Sony!

  • I wonder when will Disney classics like Lizzie McGuire, Phil of The Future and Zack and Cody will come to the store…

  • i always thought it was funny when someone uses their actual full name in their PSN ID.

  • Why do you have to buy BATTLE LOS ANGELES? That should be a rental. its not like its that great of a movie from what I hear. BUT I REALLY WANTED TO RENT IT FROM SONY. Why do they do that with certain movies?

  • i think the people that post “first” just want their names to be known since everyone will read their comments right after they finish the article. some people dont even post a comment they just post “first” lol. another reason i think is cause they show that they are really into whatever is posted on that particular site since they are the 1st to read and comment on it.

    thanks for clariying…lmao

  • @Son_of_Ghost…Naaa they are just attention deficient tards lol

  • I never got the “first” post. Obviously if your the first to post your the first. Why announce it like a moron? Thanks for pointing out you where first Mr Obvious.

  • @Wez455 by responding to people saying first,your not any better.i usually just ignore them,its no big deal.let them say it as long as they dont spam it or exaggerate.

  • another issue i wanted to discuss is the qriocity music unlimited service.why is canada the only country that doesnt get it?i checked on my psp and there wasnt the canada flag in the options for which i find this very sad.there are A LOT of ps3 users in canada,i can guarantee you that please fix that issue,i was even considering paying for the service.

  • do you earn 99 cents if you comment first. @ Son_of_Ghost

  • Would love to use the video services of my playstation, but still can’t. It’s cool. I guess Hastings will just get my movie money then. They’re the ones that have got it for the last year or so because I can’t get SONY to help reset my stuff. It’s cool. Started to not read certain disks the other day. Think I might just leave it broke and switch to xbox. I wonder if their customer support is just for show too.

  • @11 BATTLE LOS ANGELES was actually pretty good. I figured it would kinda suck too but I watched it anyways and I really liked it. I can’t say it’s worth buying but still pretty good.

  • When is the playstation store going to get Sons Of Anarchy in canada

  • holy……..that seems AWESOME!!!!

  • BTW, the censorship by deletion isn’t just uncool, its very unproffessional, shame on you!

  • Off topic but I keep getting signed out of psn every 5-10 min I’m on ps store. Why is this? I just downloaded the update too. Please respond

  • Before I pay any of those… I want to find out if any videos like The Adjustment Bureau and others from PSN movie section here do they offer subtitles like Netflix does in some of movies that has subtitle?

  • @KingDubin It says in this post that 90210 was released in the US this week.

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