E3 2011: Bodycount is Back!

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E3 2011: Bodycount is Back!

Bodycount is back and I’m here to divulge all the juicy intel. The Codemasters Guildford studio has been tightly clammed since last year’s E3 so you’d be forgiven for asking, what is Bodycount?

Bodycount is an adrenaline-inducing, explosive torrent of action, destruction and gun ecstasy. It’s an FPS that puts the fun back into firepower. But these words can barely do it justice, so here’s our brand new gameplay trailer from E3.

Right off the bat you can see the explosive boom-stick that is the shotgun, and it really sums up what Bodycount is. This isn’t just another shooter; this is a gun centerfold that gives you amazingly satisfying guns that you will never forget. The mantra in the team has been ‘gun, bullet, world’ – everything is focused on the experience of squeezing the trigger, hearing bullets tear through the air and watching them obliterate enemies and the environment. Every gun has been carefully crafted for your gaming pleasure. Bodycount has everything from a deadly pistol all the way up to super-charged futuristic weaponry used by your elusive enemies, ‘The Target’.


Bullets, naturally, are never in short supply and but it’s their effect in the world that completes this glorious firing feedback loop as you shred through enemies and the environment. Whether it’s wood, glass, body armor… it rips up and splinters as you unleash the pain on the world around you. It doesn’t just look cool and make you feel great, but it gives you the opportunity to rip through your enemies cover, and they in turn yours. It makes for an unstoppable river of pyrotechnics as you travel the globe you get to tear through warzones in Africa, city streets in Asia and mysterious bases as you hunt the ‘Target’ across the globe.


There’s only so much we can fit into one blog post, so this is where we hand the reins over to you. Have you got a question for the developers? Who are the ‘Target’? Perhaps you want to know what multiplayer modes are up for grabs? Whatever your question just put it into the comments and we’ll pick it up for a Community Q&A in the following weeks.

If you want to keep tabs on all things Bodycount don’t forget that you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You can even speak directly to the Games Director, Andy Wilson (@andygwilson) and Andrew Parsons our Experienced Level Designer (@AP_Codies) on twitter.

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  • Hmm, I recall when this game was announced, it was to be a 360 exclusive. Nice to know we’ll get to play it too :)

  • Uncharted 3 cant wait!

  • Going fail

  • Looks fun, I’ll wait to see more but I might get this. Then again I got alot of games I need to pick up, like FEAR 3.

  • Looks really good.

    Will there be a demo?

    Also, what song is playing during the trailer?

  • looks forgettable to me

  • It’s better than Call of Duty anyday.

  • *yawn* another FPS? Looks fun, but I have a full plate on that front and I could be happy not playing another one until PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, or PlayStation .

    Anyway good luck CM, you won’t get a sale out of me, but you do have a nice game shaping up here.

    FPS, next 12 months and last 12 months:
    Killzone 3, Bulletstorm, Crysis 2, Homefront, Duke Nukem Forever, Singularity, Halo Reach, Goldeneye 007, Call of Duty Black Ops, Red Eclipse, Conduit 2, Rage, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Resistance 3, Aliens Colonial Marines, …. The sad part is I know these are just the ones I know about…. I know the list is way longer and I’m leaving a few out. But because there are so d–ned many of them I can’t remember them all.

    Then you have Third Person Shooters which are also distracting from these games. How many RPG’s are coming out this year? I think the last WRPG I played was Dragon Age 2, not including Mass Effect 2 which I own the PS3 and PC version of.

    I like FPS, but please Something for Everyone. Isn’t that like a Mantra for Sony’s Console. If this was a 360 exclusive at one time I almost wish it still was.

  • PSV?

    Just have to ask…

  • game looks ok.

  • Eh, I’m more interested in Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, naturally.

  • @6: the song is called Kids by Sleigh Bells.

  • it looks alright, but one thing i dont get is why when is he aiming down the sites, u still see the gun from the side, and NOT ACTUALLY LOOKING DOWN THE SITES like in everyone other game…isnt aiming down the sites means u have to LOOK/SEE through the sites….


  • A lot of negativism here on the PS Blog, that’s a shame. How about asking questions to assuage your complaints?

    Just a thought.

  • I like what I see here. Something new and fresh. I hope I can make my own doors with that shotgun through walls!
    I always love destructible environments, and especially destructible enemies. Are the enemies destructible, or is it just the body armor? I think that it would be fun to have a kill count in the corner of the hud or a “body counter”. I would also like to know about the multiplayer modes capture the flag style conquest mode? TDM? DM? is there a mode called body count? thanks for reading :)

  • As I will keep saying add move sharpshooter support and I might consider………….like I said I will only play fps with move sharpshooter support from now on.

  • No ADS (iron sights) that bothers me. Why?

  • I think they went with no iron sights for the rapid pace of the game it looks like you couldn’t keep track of the enemies if you were ads. plus it doesn’t block your field of vision. i think it is a good move.

  • Another generic shooter, do people ever get bored of playing shooters?

  • Really? The best angle you could come up with to market this “fresh” fps is the emphasis on the gun? It looks like every fps ever made. Can’t wait for the MLB series to start focusing their development efforts into the wood used for the baseball bat. What are they teaching about game design these days? I’m sorry that Rage and every other fps is going to take your money and jobs. Thanks for playing.

  • @17
    Good suggestion. Maybe some external support for Move and the Sharp Shooter will help this games odds. Just as long as it doesn’t compromise the difficulty level in exchange for the ease of use of the Move. KZ3 was compromised as much as I love the game, you can feel it when compared to KZ2.

  • Dont know about the game…but the video mixed with the music was a hot mix. Keep who ever mixed your trailer around lol.

  • Sorry about that previous post. It really does break my heart to hear that talented and dedicated people lose their jobs or not get the recognition they deserve after the tireless effort put into these big titles. Decisions are made by someone at the top that isn’t you and it’s not your fault. We say the same thing after paying to see another hollywood let down. How could money be put out to make that or what were they thinking? Maybe the Duke has left a bad taste in my mouth. That being said, do you make these games with gamers and enjoyment in mind? I really hope this game has solid story, characters, plot etc. and has way more to offer than the weapon and ammunition depth I keep reading about.

  • “I am Bateman”

  • What am I supposed to be seeing in this game that’s going to make me want to play it over Killzone 3, Resistance 3, Call of Duty, Brink, Homefront, etc?

  • I mostly want this because of the explosions… so many explosions (just how I like my games)

  • For those not aware, this games lead developer was Stuart Black, the same guy that made “Black” for the ps2. Unfortunately something happened and he left the dev team some time ago. I was interested in this game until that happened. The thing with Stuart is he likes destruction and that always set Black apart from other shooters. Blowing holes in walls, breaking window, exploding cars, even knocking chunks off the corners of doorways. It makes a shooter feel way more realist, especially shooting away an enemies cover. One thing COD has always lacked. The grenade in Black was the most impressive I’ve ever seen, it would blow out all the windows in a rather dramatic way. BF2 is about as close as it gets to Black that I’ve seen.

    Codermasters decided to finish the project without its leader designer. I won’t be getting it though.

  • Ive got several questions since I was a big fan of BLACK. First and foremost, considering the name, it would be pure blasphemy if you didnt have ICE T and his band BODYCOUNT either do an original song or at the very least provide one of their original tracks for the game. Lady Gaga, perhaps not.

  • Please , oh please tell me this will run in FULL 1080p! If not some DTS love and 3D would be a nice touch.

  • Finally…perhaps, will there be any exclusive content or anything to wet our appetite for this orgy of bullets and guns. Yeah, I said it here first, BODYCOUNT will be an “orgy of bullets and guns”!

  • Just a quick comment to all the naysayers here. This game is sort of a spiritual successor to a little game that was released on PS2 and XBOX called BLACK. I suggest that you find this game and play it, it was pure fun and one hell of an adrenaline rush unlike anything else at the time. Something akin to BULLETSTORM on a different level. Consider yourself, enlightened.

  • Off topic but if I dl FFVI off the EU will it play on a U.S. PSP? I not complaining but I’ve been dying to play this game and I can’t wait for the mystery that is SCEA to announce a release date.

  • PLEASE make it have a BFG!!!!! ;)

  • Finally!!! I’ve been waiting for a game where you get to shoot stuff in a first person view! Man they don’t make enough of these games. Very original!!

  • Hey.. wow, just wow.

    I am in complete awe and utter shock !!

    I mean brilliant… and so “original” !!

    Who would have ever thought of making….

    A SHOOTER …On the PS3 !!???!???

    Hmmm, yes so original. The PS3 only has about 3,987 “shooter” games now!

    This one looks exactly like 800 others already on the PS3, lol.

    How about a massively multiplayer game (mmo) worth a darn on the PS3? Why don’t someone make that ??

    …Just saying.

  • The game looks awesome! Whats the song playing in the trailer?… I like

  • The trailer actually looked pretty good to me, but then again so did the ones for Brink…

    If I’ve finished up tearing through KZ3 multiplayer by the time this comes out, I may give it a shot.

  • don’t know why some guys left dice to make this game they would’ve been richer and happier.

  • As cool as it may look, I was out at the mention of Codemasters… it’s bound to be a glitch ridden turd with them developing.

  • lol bodycount as a title,

    idk they have a bodycount objective in KillZone 3 multiplayer so i thought bodycount was kind of funny to call that game as is.

  • @36 OMG I hated brink i wasted $60.00 on that piece of crap game i didnt like how the gameplay was for singleplayer

    like in single player you can choose any mission you want right away, WTH???
    then multiplayer i hated everything about it.

  • Yeah, there is a lot of shooters, but the majority of them fail to deliver a sense of realism. If I chuck a grenade or hit something with an RPG I expect it to do damage to the environment. If it don’t, then the illusion is ruined. You would have to have played Black to really get it. If a ps2 can do that, why do so many shooters suck on the ps3 with all that horse power? Makes you wonder. Probably more about making a quick buck as opposed to a proper good game. Its a shame Stuart left the project. What little you can dig up about him leaving is a bit sketchy.

  • “This isn’t just another shooter…”

    *watches video…


  • I’m going to play this game so “unbelievable” much … OMG … there goes my nightsleep ;c))

  • Funny i was thinking of black when i mentioned making your own doors with the boomstick.

  • It looks ok but that is one game i might not buy and i will buy almost any game.

  • It looks ok, I like the spectrum of the environment destruction but, i like better shooters with a more realistic feeling. that is just my opinion….. nice game thou…….

  • I loved the PS2 game “Black” seeing as I’ve heard that this game is considered a spiritual successor to that game, I thought I’d mention that. Totally loving that it’s not the typical modern day shooter, I’m getting sick of those. Give me Resistance, Killzone, Singularity…etc.. anyday. BTW, don’t do like “Black” did and not give any Multi-Player, give us a half-way decent, if not a great Multi-Player experience please, with split-screen goodness and couch co-op!

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