Revisiting Hillys: Beyond Good & Evil HD Coming to PSN Next Week

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Revisiting Hillys: Beyond Good & Evil HD Coming to PSN Next Week

The time has almost come for you to join Jade on her quest to uncover a planet-wide alien conspiracy. For those of you that are new to Beyond Good & Evil, you will be able to partake in a hidden gem that 1UP says is “still a treasure today.” For the veterans of the series, you’ll experience the best version of Beyond Good & Evil HD that we have to offer, including updated visuals and audio. Still don’t believe me?! Well, check out our new trailer including a handful of our favorite review quotes:

As a quick reminder, we will be offering two free PlayStation Network avatars for all purchasers who pick up Beyond Good & Evil HD within the first two weeks of launch. I personally will be switching my avatar to Pey’j (he’s a pig with a wrench… what’s not to like?!).

Keep your eyes out for Beyond Good & Evil HD to hit the PlayStation Network next Tuesday for $9.99.

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  • Finally!

  • about time!

  • $10!!!! Awesome! Can’t wait!

  • about time

  • Is PlayStation Plus going to be getting the discount that was advertised before the network downtime?

  • Oh and they annoced a relase date for fallouts dlc as well but its missing june coming july 19th

  • Groovy. THis is a remake of the PS2 game correct? Nothing new added? Thanks and good luck with sales.

  • Can’t Wait!

  • I’ve been waiting for this… Already played through it on GameCube, but I’ll do it again.

    Sure wish you’d release BG&E2 this generation..

  • Good times

  • I played this game and beat it never understood what all the hype is about it though nothing that special.

  • Who’s birthday is it?

  • Shut up and take my money!!!!

  • Will this game feature copy protected saves? I hope not, because they are an annoyance.

  • I have a question that is rather critical to deciding my purchase. Not sure if it’s been answered somewhere but I thought I’d try here:

    Are the game-breaking glitches fixed? I mean the literally game-breaking ones with partners not following you that requires a complete restart?

    I believe this wasn’t present in the original Gamecube version (just PS2 and Xbox) so I suppose it depends on which code they used for the port (I find it unlikely the devs got off their butts to fix this, though they should).

    Anyway, I already own this game, and while $10 is a reasonable price for a resolution buff and trophies, I’m not paying it if the glitches are present. I would also recommend that everyone reading this does the same.

  • OMGOSH SAME DAY AS MY BDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • About time, my god….

  • Alright, so I just looked around some more and I found the answer.

    The Lost Partner Glitch (which is not the only game-breaking glitch present) was NOT fixed for BG&EHD on 360. I doubt it would be fixed here if it wasn’t there.

    My first recommendation (barring a surprise reply from the post author) to everyone would be do not give them your money. “Tis an excellent game to be sure but c’mon.

    If you’re set on playing it anyway, please keep a constant supply of backup saves.

  • Awesome, but I really would love to see Chrono Cross come back :)

  • Already got it since it came out here a couple weeks ago but why on earth is there no platinum? Just 12 trophies. Disappointing compared to other HD re-releases.

  • Thank god, people can finally stop bogging down every post asking when this is coming out. Hallelujah.

  • Demo? PS+ discount? Both of these are available in Europe so it’s not like I’m grasping at straws. And yes it was a great game though short with not a great ending, not exactly cliffhanger, more like you’ve just completed the first chapter and the game is about to begin.

  • Yay!!!

  • The long wait has put a damp in my decision on this game. I no longer want it. Don’t know why it took so long for it to appear on PSN? While XBL got it months ago.

  • So I see no PS+ discount that Europe got. That is disappointing. I’d rather have $2 off than 2 avatars. And I agree with @LiquidSnake that there should be a platinum for this. Also, the camera controls were finicky on 360, I assume this version will be the exact same (meaning either you can invert both axises or neither, but you can’t invert just the Y or X axis)

  • Echoing what #24 said, will there be an update to fix the camera controls? That’d be a great way to make up for the delay and the apparent lack of a PS+ discount =)

  • I remember playing this way back when. It truly was a great game. Totally under appreciated and over looked. I am tempted to pick this up and play, however… Aww what the heck, it will definitely be worth the 10 bucks to play again!

  • Thanks for the tip luiginut! I’ll at least be waiting for the discount.


  • FINALLY!!!!!

  • Yay, finally people will stop trolling the comments every single freaking minute!

    Wait, who am I kidding. They’ll find other reasons to troll.

  • Well that lost partner glitch must not happen to often if the reviewers give it such high praise and none of those glitches are ever listed…

    Also yes Id like to know if we get the Ps+ discount as well… EU got it after all and my whole spending plans literally revolves around saving that 2 dollars (especially since you cant just add two bucks to your ps wallet and have to do it in increments of 5 so yeah i needs that discount :p)

  • so the whole issue with the camera I hear ppl talking about is something as simple as you can only invert both x and y or dont invert either… you cant invert one and not invert the other? Thats all? I thought it was something more serious, come on Ubisoft how hard is it to fix something like that? I mean theres an online game I played… one of the quests had a bug that would render it unfinishable…

    there was one of three buttons you had to press to open a gate (the correct button was always random) but if you pressed button number 2, the game would act as if you pressed button number 3 instead… so the only way you could complete the quest is if the correct button was number 3 or 1.. well on my play I got stuck with number 2… i pointed out the bug to one of the mods, he looked at the code right then and there and saw that I was indeed correct… he fixed the code on the spot and told me once I rebooted the game everything would work properly… and sure enough i rebooted.. it gave me number 2 button again and it worked… less than 5 mins it was fixed right then and there… Im sure that camera issue is no different or harder to fix.

  • Played the PS2 version years ago, remember it as a fun, underrated adventure game with some cool gameplay mechanics like the photography missions. I do worry though that I may not find it as fun today, so I’ll probably pass and/or wait for a sale.

  • is there a reason this game don’t have a platinum? I think all PS2 HD re-makes have platinums up until this one & without a plat its a pass 4 me

  • Finally,

    Drops the day before my b-day, i have no excuse not to download this.


  • Pey’j = BACON !!!!!!! (:

  • About damn time!

  • Finally!!!!!!!

  • @ Jimmyfoxhound,
    Happy Birthday bruddah!!!

    @ luiginut
    Thanks for the heads up. I’ll buy it and play with cautioon. I gotta know what the big deal is.

  • WOOHOOOO!!!! I guess I have nothing to fuss about now LOL. Cheaper than Europe too!


    I played the UK demo and the camera is still bad. Not game-breaking but bad.

  • piece of ****,all I want is FF6 on US psn

  • Better late than never, only one month after it’s been out on 360…

    I passed on this game when it came out on PS2, and I’ll pass on it again on this “HD” remake.

  • After all the infantile whining about this game, it’s finally coming and this blog post is ranking a 3.93? It just shows that you freaks will never be pleased with anything. Embarassing…

  • But what will we whine about? It’s been 2 months of nonstop complaining about myriad playstation matters.
    Oh, yeah, cross chat….


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