MotorStorm Apocalypse: Free “After Party” Update Hits PSN Today

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MotorStorm Apocalypse: Free “After Party” Update Hits PSN Today

MotorStorm Apocalypse: The Rock

On behalf of the team at Evolution Studios, I’m here to bring news of the biggest update to MotorStorm Apocalypse so far! We’ve always known that feedback from players and continued development of the game post-launch would be a key ingredient, and we’re still committed to supporting this goal. Read on for an overview of the free After Party update that hits PSN tomorrow today. We hope will enhance and extend your enjoyment of the MotorStorm Apocalypse!

A New Day-and-Night Track: The Rock

The stage for this After Party is an abandoned prison island near the bay, known to the lunatic racers and ravers as The Rock. Multiple routes have been carved into the island’s varied terrain, so expect off-road racing action reminiscent of the legendary island in the Pacific Rift.

MotorStorm Apocalypse: The Rock - LunaticsuniteMotorStorm Apocalypse: The Rock - Jailhouse Rock

Expansion of ‘Special Events’

A heap of fresh single-player races, hand-crafted by the design talent at Evolution Studios, are being introduced via Special Events Packs. Each pack sees you play as a distinguished character from the Festival, offering the grand sum of 120,000 chips if you can take 1st place in six unique events. The first pack (Stone: Jack of Clubs) is included in the update. Further Events Packs will be available in coming weeks via PlayStation Store, for free.

Weekly Challenges

Weekly Challenges offer you a great opportunity to boost your chip total. There are 30,000 chips on the table every week and to claim them you’ll need to beat the specified target in a Rookie, Pro and Veteran challenge. Chips, if you didn’t already know, unlock new Ranks and rewards in the game, as well as several PlayStation Trophies.

The available races change at the same time every week (on a Wednesday), meaning that there are new challenges to take on and more chip rewards if you can beat them. Good luck!


Vehicle Performance Re-tuned

Feedback from the MotorStorm racing community, along with the game data and statistics we’ve analysed since the first day of online racing, highlighted that a number of vehicle types would benefit from a slight performance re-tune.

In response to this, changes have been made to several vehicle types to support more evenly balanced and competitive races. Most noticeably improved are the Supercar, Dirt Bike and Superbike classes. The Racing Truck, Muscle Car and ATV types have also been tweaked.

Game, Servers and Connectivity Improved

The update includes many ‘behind the scenes’ changes to the game and the online servers, to make the overall experience more robust and reliable. Important improvements have been made to online matchmaking lobbies, player profile records and leaderboard browsing.

The After Party is a healthy update to the game, which we hope will keep you entertained while we continue to develop another big update – which will include the Game Mode Editor, steering wheel support and several other surprises we’ve yet to announce. In the mean-time, enjoy the After Party, look forward to the free Event Packs on PlayStation Store and watch out for a refreshing change to the Matchmaking playlists soon.

Keep tabs on these along with upcoming community events on and follow @PhenomEvolution on Twitter for all the latest on Apocalypse.


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  • Motorstorm!!

  • So, is the entire pack free with the track as well? Or is this going to be an expansion pack and then the weekly events and stuff are free?

  • And I re-read the article to see it clearly states the After Party pack is free. Reading comprehension fail. My bad.

    • The After Party is a free update to the game, available to download right now. Simply fire up the game from the XMB while you’re connected to PSN and you’ll be prompted to join the party.

  • This is awesome. Love the support. Apocalypse still isn’t quite as good as Pacific Rift was, but damn, this game is more ambitious.

    If you couldn’t tell, I love me some MotorStorm.

  • wow !!!! nice !!! im like 4 or 5 trophies away from my Motorstorm Apocalypse platinum , amazing game !!!! love it !!! im rank 25 almost 26 online

    • Dive straight into the Weekly Challenges and Downloaded Events and you’ll earn the Rank 30 and Rank 40 Trophies in no time. ;-)

  • hey Paul is there any chance to bring Motorstorm to the playstation vita? that would be so kool!!!!


  • Motorstorm Apocalypse is a GOTY contender for me. I absolutely love it. Thanks for the post launch support.


    I also loved Pacific Rift but thought some of those jungle paths were a bit unfair. But it sure makes it fun driving through brush and trees and then wham, you’re toast. My fave racing series by far.

    • Thank you for *your* support – we really hope you enjoy everything that Apocalypse has to offer.

  • Thanks for the heads up Paul.

    Really love the game !

  • Does this update fix the issue where players who bet on players that quit mid-match lose out on the reward?

  • Thank you Sony and EVO!

  • Thanks for the updated Paul you guys rock at Evolution Studios! I love the game and can’t wait to see what you all do next! Keep up the great work!

  • “The Racing Truck, Muscle Car and ATV types have also been tweaked.”
    Oh no! I hope not for the worse. I thought they handled pretty well. The special events expansion sound almost like what I was hoping for in DLC. I was hoping for another festival story, but this time as one of the female lunatics, complete with motion comics. Is there anything like that in the works?

    • Tweaked means improved, slightly. You’ll get to play one of the free Event Packs as Dynamo in the coming weeks, but there isn’t any additional motion comic action planned. Hope you enjoy all of the new events anyway and thanks for your feedback.

  • Woah! this is awesome!!! thanks

  • Damn, I already passed the game to my dad.

  • Very nice, thanks for the free additional content :)

  • Well, that’s an unexpected addition. Thanks for giving some free updates. I’m well aware that the online portion needs some work. Betting what you win doesn’t work very well when you get disconnected from the server all the time and lose everything you had riding.


  • nice i haven’t really played this game but loving the good support on it good job keep it up :)

  • Nice!! After the lackluster PS Store update yesterday this is a welcome bit of awesome news. I’ll def fire the game up tonight!!

  • Awesome, thanks guys, very cool!!! 8)

  • Now this is how you support a game! Thanks everyone at Evolution! Keep them coming.

  • Thanks Evolution Studios for the awesome support, can’t wait to try the new track, my (now teaked) supercar and the challenges! Looking forward to the Game Mode Editor too soon! : )

    Sony have some awesome devs that really care about the “after-release” support and it’s appreciated!

  • Lunatics Unite!

  • /۫ۚۨۘۜۢۨ۬۟ۙۖۧۜۧ۫ۨ۬ۗۗۡۙۨۡۖۚۢۖۚۜ۟ۢۚۡ۠ۖۗۚ۠۬۠ۙۙۖۙ۟ۧۡ۫ۖۘ

  • man I wish i could pick up this game. I loved Motorstorm 1, need to get back into it and i think Apoc is the ticket.

    Im so behind right now on playing games…sigh

  • Thank god the server stability is improved. I already have the platinum though. Are all of these extra chips opportunities only for single player?

  • Yeah party time !!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you Evolution Studios. The more I play MS:A I love it more and more, was a bit worried at first with no vegetation to race past but the concrete vegetation of MS:A works well in its own right. Digging the multiplayer, first time i got into mp for a Motorstorm title. Glad to hear some of the bugs are getting worked out and totally stoked for new maps which are free. Thank you again!!!!!

  • I love the support, great job guys! I’m pretty psychhed for the weekly challenges.

    I haven’t played this since infamous 2, I’ll have to dive back in!

  • Free content updates, now THAT’S GREAT SUPPORT!! Love it!!!

  • Excellent game, shame it seems to have slipped under the radar especially with the PSN attack.

    Any chance for an update that allows video/Youtube uploading? Or an optional install to cut back on loading times?

  • “but there isn’t any additional motion comic action planned.”

    Aw. I know I’m in the minority that prefer single player over multiplayer, and one of the few that actually liked the games story so thats a bit of a letdown. But it looks like some of this new stuff is playable in single so I’m not to upset. Keeping games alive via multiplayer-only is all to common these days, so props for giving us a little bit of both! :)

    On a different note, how about reducing the price and/or bundling the various Motorstorm & Pacific Rift DLC? :D

  • You guys need to make a Motorstorm World Tour for Vita. It would have classic tracks from the first Motorstorm, Pacific Rift, and the Arctic one combined.

    Please please make it!! :D

  • The code that comes with every new copy if the game says it comes with a free Dynamic Theme, but when I used it the theme was nowhere to be found! How can I get it?

  • Jamie Brayshaw

    Loving Motorstorm Apocalypse (playing it right now) and I want to thank you for supporting the Apocalypse and making easier to earn trophies (than it was on Pacific Rift).

    Hope you guys will bring the series to PS Vita and continue the franchise for home consoles as well.
    Is it possible to get a remastered version of Arctic Edge on PS Vita with trophy support?

  • Not completely related XD But could you put up the MotorStorm Apocalypse MiniPack DLC for Little Big Planet 2 on the US Playstation store PLLLLEEEEAAASSSEEE =D. It was suppose to be on there when MotorStorm Apocalypse came out XD.

  • I REALLY gotta pick this game up! Payday is so far away haha…

  • Still…haven’t bought this game yet…need…money.

  • we want Motorstorm on the playstation vita !!!!

  • I’m sorry, I know you guys worked hard on the game and I appreciate the updates but I thought MS:A was the worst of the series. The reviews would seem to agree. There is just too much clutter and annoying stuff on the tracks and screen and it detracts from the pure racing experience. The story and cutscenes were absolutely terrible and really cheapened the game. I hope this is not the continued direction of MS as it put me off a series I really loved.

  • The connection issue was the biggest problem. THANK YOU! I was finally able to be on long enough to see a race summary. The rest is a fantastic bonus. Many thanks!

  • Been a Motorstorm fan since the beginning, thank you for the new update. However, I am running into a problem. When I join a race in the Special Events section as soon as the race starts the sounds cuts off in the game. Anyone else having this problem? Maybe when the 3.66 firmware update comes out it might work out the problem. Other than that, keep up the great work and eager to see what other stuff you guys can whip up in the future.

  • I’m about to get this party started! Thanks for the update!

  • Well I guess I will need to play some Motorstorm in the morning, Awesome!

  • 43# Yeah same thing happend to me on chase(rookie) but it have only been ones.

  • I suck so bad online at this game. Im not dure if people are using psn cars that are overpowered or what. This is cool being free and all. Ill be giving you guys easy wins I guess on a different track for a change.

  • This game in 3d is complete insanity. Thanks for update!

  • honestly, I hate the new update. I think the addition of The Rock was fine but now every race is messed up. I hate being limited to the vehicle classes I can pick from. Second, why are big rigs faster than rally cars? big rigs are slow as hell. U people clearly dont know how fast a semi can go. Last of all, why is a bike able to push a car. obviously if u hit a car with the bike, the bike would be in shreds. When a wheel hits a bumper that wheel will stop because it loses speed. So please fix this or i am done supporting motorstorm because it is horrible right now.

  • PLEASE! i need help! I LOVE motorstorm, i own pacific and Apocalypse, i buy it since the first day it was here in mexico (i think is the same date in the US) but since i updated my game i cant play online anymore! please help! when i select multiplayer i cant select the search game thingy please help!!

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