E3 Replay: PixelJunk sidescroller Brings Retro Homage, Particles Galore to PSN

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E3 Replay: PixelJunk sidescroller Brings Retro Homage, Particles Galore to PSN

I’m back in Kyoto after a rip-roaring time at E3 where we revealed not one but two games: PixelJunk lifelike, which you can see a bit of in this previous blog post, and PixelJunk sidescroller — a title no one was expecting and took a lot of people by surprise just as we intended!

When we were wrapping up PixelJunk Shooter 2 a number of us here at Q-Games felt an undeniable urge to create a homage to the old school side-scrolling shooters that we grew up with…so we did and here it is! We went totally overboard on the special effects though and even threw in an incredibly realistic simulation of an old CRT monitor for good measure. The effect is so realistic that at E3 people’s heads were turning and we were questioned as to why we were using such an old TV! It looks really retro-awesome! :-)

Give the video a look to see it in action! We’ll be back soon to share more before PixelJunk sidescroller lands on PSN later this summer.

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  • It’s my birthday! ^-^

  • It’s hard not to like everything PixelJunk related if you grew up with 8-bit systems. This will be a nice addition to their great collection of games. I still think they should come out with a side scrolling platformer for their take of the mario-esque games.










  • Can. Not. Wait!!

  • Man I wish I could drop by and take a look while I’m in Kyoto next month :P

  • Where’s PixelJunk Dungeons? SideScroller has a cool look to it, but I’m done with that style of gameplay from PixelJunk games for awhile.

  • Thank you Dylan, Thank you Q-games.

    More Pixel Junk is always an awesome thing.

    Are you guys going to support any dlc for your current games? (Shooter 2) I’ve been trying to get on some more multi but I can never find a game…..I am at mercury so maybe everyone is afraid!!

    I can’t even get a game with Q-gamer….8-(

    OHhh and one more thing. I will assuredly buy sidescroller…..

    Will I have the chance to buy babies 2? (monsters)

    Lastly I love pixel junk radio Ariel is GREAT!!!! Please keep up all of the amazing work.

    • Hi there! All I’ll say at this time is hang in on the Shooter 2 love for just a little bit, because your patience will be rewarded. I see some awesome Online Battle matches in your future. Just keep an eye on the PS Blog and keep listening to PixelJunk Radio for more news!

  • As much as I like The whole ‘Shooter’ games, I would LOVE to see another PixelJunk game, or it would be awesome to start hearing about Series 2. Great stuff though!

  • Sorry for two posts but I also have a sidescroller question…

    It reminds me a lot of Gradius…..

    Will we have options for homing missiles and shields?

    • Yes, homing missiles and shields will indeed be included. We also have many more surprises up our sleeves!

  • oh yes…looks good.

  • Can’t wait for this.

  • I’m with comment #8 there. What’s up with PixelJunk Dungeons? That’s kinda what I wanted to see; the Q-Games take on the old-school dungeon crawlers. You folks already made a game where you shoot stuff. I don’t want to play another one, at least not yet.

  • THIS GAME IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SICK!!! DAY 1 for ME!! Please put SHOOTER 1 and SHOOTER 2 on SALE so I can pick them up too! Like a Combo Pack for $5 cheaper or something!!

  • I gotta say, all of Dylan Cuthbert’s work is amazing, I actually talked to him via Twitter DM on how appreciative I was of his AAA product with PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe. This is one that I will definitely be playing.

  • Heck yeah! Put it on my PSN tab. How bout giving us fans an incentive if we get this on day one? Oh n a shout out to my boy JesseHaysFL. Play on playa!

  • Looks absolutely amazing!! :D
    Love all the particle effects!!

  • When Pixel Junk first started making games for the PS3 I had doubts about the future of the company and whether or not it would be a benefit to the PlayStation over the long haul.

    But then you guys surprised me. Games like Eden, Monsters, Shooter, and now Side Scroller. I’m glad you guys are around, truly marvelous games and I get excited every time Pixel Junk appears in my RSS feeds. Keep up the good work guys, I can’t wait to get a hold of this game.

  • I love all things Pixel Junk!

  • I do like me some 2d shooters

  • what about any co-op?

  • Oh Snap, Whats up my friend.

    Amigo foreva!!

  • I’m loving all these pixel junk games! :)
    I still don’t own one yet though :(

    That will change soon! I hope to get them all hehe

  • Skipped Shooter 2, but definitely getting this. Particle effects and old school sidescrollers get me every time.

  • Love it. I’ll gobble up anything that reminds me of the old arcades. Turn a Vectrex on its side, add intense color beams, smooth controls, classic inspiration, and retro-modern gameplay with a PixelJunk twist and you have a winner! Sold.

  • Here’s a fun fact: I will by anything Q Games make.

  • I love this game already, but I want to be able to turn off this Old School CRT Monitor effect.

    I am not enamored with being forcefed such an effect in order to enjoy otherwise interesting games. Plz make optionz.

  • Game looks great! though now I am not sure if I should get Shooter 2 or wait for this. Keep up the good work with the podcast! You guys always have something interesting or funny to talk about that keeps me occupied while designing levels :P

    P.S Ariel > Dylan >_<

  • Shooter 2 and SideScroller will be very different games, so don’t let SideScroller dissuade you from having fun with Shooter 2!

    And I’ll keep that last comment a secret. Dylan will never know.

  • lostinplainsight

    you guys should totally add custom soundtracks to this game for that authentic arcade experience. there was nothing better then dropping in your quarter/token and saving the world while your favorite tunes blared from out the jukebox.

  • @3 Have to disagree with you there. I grew up with all the 8 bits (consoles from Atari, Nintendo and Sega and the home computers such as the Spectrum, CPC and C64) and I just haven’t found myself enjoying any of the Pixel Junk games at all yet so not sure where this ‘8 bit’ comment has come from. If they simulated the look and feel of old systems much the same way as say Mega Man 9 and 10 there might be something there that would hold my attention. God I’d love to see proper superb looking pixel art in games again (Scott Pilgrim doesn’t count cos the graphics were just not that good and would have got pretty poor reviews if released in the era of the actual 16 bit machines. I find myself spending a fair bit of time on the ported games like Gunstar Heroes, Final Fight and Streets of Rage 2 but I’ve played them so much I crave something brand new but like it was made back than and then lost for 20 years and only recently ‘rediscovered’. Although if Capcom read this and are considering ports of the arcade games The Punisher and Alien Vs Predator please do cos those games are still great :D

  • @32 The mention of the 8-bit console games in my first post was referring to gameplay and not actually about graphics. Sorry for the confusion, I should have clarified. The way these games play remind me of the endless nights sitting up in front of a tube in my room trying to get to the next level in a game for hours. Perhaps it’s the the difficulty more than anything.

  • It looks all kinds of awesome. I will purchase this.

  • Great interview. This game is in my check out page upon release.

  • How many times does he say retro in this video?

  • This looks amazing. Can’t wait.

    btw, when is the Pixeljunk Shooter soundtrack coming to EU PSN?

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