Amy is Survival Horror Evolved, Coming to PSN This Summer

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Amy is Survival Horror Evolved, Coming to PSN This Summer

If you’re into new survival-horror experiences, this post is for you! After recently releasing Red Johnson’s Chronicles on PSN, we’re excited to be publishing Amy on PSN later in 2011. Amy is the upcoming game from Paul Cuisset, who may be a familiar name for some of you; In the early 90s Paul created Flashback, a classic game that is credited today as a great source of inspiration by respected game designers.

With Amy, we’re now bringing Paul’s innovative concepts to PS3 owners with a new development philosophy that bridges the gap between innovative indie PSN games and very ambitious Blu-ray titles.

Amy for PS3 (PSN)

Dark Days

The story begins on a rainy December day in 2034. Global warming is in full swing, spreading diseases and natural disasters all around the world. You play as Lana, a character who regains consciousness following a comet impact in the small town of Silver City. Upon awakening, you discover that Silver City has descended into chaos. Violence, fury, rage, wreckage and death: the world you knew has been torn to Hell.

Struck by a mysterious virus, most of the townspeople have transformed into gruesome creatures and now prowl the streets as a wild horde. You’re wounded and you know you must escape, but you’re infected and the viral process has already begun: Hell is now pumping through your veins. There are only two ways to survive the infection. One is by locating special medical equipment found on the corpses of soldiers who have invaded Silver City. The other lies with Amy.

Amy for PS3 (PSN)Amy for PS3 (PSN)

Unlikely Alliance

By your side is a strange little girl named Amy, who can’t speak but whose face expresses both fear and sadness. While you’re fleeing and trying to protect her, you realize that being close to her stops the contamination and even temporarily heals you. That might be the reason why infected humans, grisly creatures, Special Forces combatants and even other survivors are after the two of you. To stay alive, you will have to help each other.

But contrary to many games with a secondary character, Amy is neither a super warrior nor a docile character that follows you. You can use her small size and weight to reach inaccessible areas and ask her to do specific actions. Being a child, Amy is also naturally curious and will explore the environment with you – sometimes she might even draw your attention to something you would have missed.

More importantly, Amy possesses several special abilities. By pressing R1, you can hold her hand. This enables you to heal, but also lets you feel Amy’s heartbeat through the rumble of the DualShock 3, which lets you feel her stress level while you explore dangerous locations. This might be very useful, even if holding her hand slows you down. Amy also has several other special abilities that I’m not going to detail now…but trust me, you will like them.

Amy for PS3 (PSN)

Survival Stealth

Your overall goal is to escape with Amy, and find a safe shelter to save her (we call this mechanic “exfiltration”). You’ll hide, run, fight, solve puzzles and use cunning, and you will often be free to choose your tactics. In addition, while you progress, you will meet different characters and explore the special bond between Amy and Lana.

One of our goals is to make you feel the fragility of Lana and Amy. Lana is not trained to fight; Amy is just a kid. But you can try to avoid your enemies, for example, by hiding in a closet or under a table. While hiding, you can spy on your pursuers…but be careful!

Another option is to use your infection to your advantage. When you show signs of infection, most of the enemies won’t attack you if you move slowly. But you will have to avoid the soldiers, who will shoot you on sight, and you’ll need to stop the infection before it‘s too late. Most of the enemies are able to communicate with each other so if one spots you, the others will rush in to attack. If you’re clever, you can exploit their intelligence to deceive them and trigger a fight between soldiers and infected humans.

But being smart won’t be enough. When cornered, you’ll need to gather your courage and fight back tooth and nail because your enemies are fierce. Although you have an inventory, you won’t be choosing between tons of items: You will have to make do with small weapons: clubs, crowbars and the like. Lana only carries light items with her and uses only one weapon at a time. In a pinch, you can sometimes use the environment to your advantage, for instance by attracting an enemy into a water puddle and electrifying it.

Amy’s Atmosphere

We’ve also worked hard on the script to provide you with a fully coherent experience. From a train station, to a hospital, going through a subway or the dark streets of Silver City, you will discover a unique atmosphere with Amy.

Finally, I’d like to share a worldwide exclusive video with you, a video we’ve just made to show off the game’s visuals and atmosphere. We will soon be releasing a new video demonstrating certain gameplay moments, so stay tuned! You can watch the video at the top of this blog post.

If you want to follow us, check out our Facebook page. See you soon!

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  • this game looks sick can’t wait to get it!!

  • This looks amazing! The video is a great way to show all the different ways to bring detail to a game. I look forward to more details soon.

  • I know this is off topic for this post but I was wondering if i could get a reply from a sony rep. Since the store has come back up I have been getting messages about 50 dollars added to my account and one about free escalation black ops map pack.

    I was wondering if there is any truth to this at all or will sony ever find some way to stop these messages of spam by finding out where they originate.

  • I think this is the earliest Blog post I’ve ever seen… The team must be busy!! Woot! Thx for the BLOG SCEA!!! Woot Woot!! BTW, game seems to have awesome detail, graphics and gameplay… I really wanna try it out! :)

  • Looks good. Can’t wait to play this.

  • @#3 admiral2150 : R u getting the msgs from your “PSN friends”?? Gosh!! I really, really dislike ppl resending stoopid spam msgs… Grrr!! I usually alert my friends about participating on sending spam msgs… Some say they send them just in case… I usually delete those friends… LOL!!! I don’t know but I really don’t think SCE is going to simply give anyone $50 PSN Credit just for sending a spam msgs or cancel your account if you don’t send it… Silly…

  • @admiral2150 Its just Chainmail or people trying to spoof your account. If Sony were to give you anything like that they’d send you an email.

    Basically the same thing as going to Wal-Mart and someone telling you they are the manager and if you give them your SSN they’ll give you a $500 shopping spree.

    Best way to deal with this is to either delete the user (if on friends list) or block them. Not much different from getting spam mail in your email box. Just delete and move on.

  • WOW! This looks like it’s going to be good. Can’t wait to see some gameplay now… Like, RIGHT NOW!

  • I want this game.

  • @admiral2150
    100% fake. Delete them off your list, block them, or tell them to stop sending you spam.

    On topic:

    The graphics look really impressive. I guess we can expect Move support, too?

  • OMG, God rays?….day one!

    It looks great!

  • Lexis Numerique plus horror? Sign me up. They made one of the best PC horror adventure games ever in Missing/Missing Since November, so I’m definitely down for this.

  • @3 Its a GIANT SCAM it mostly has some with celebrating the anniversary of the PSN and giving $50. I know cause people send it to me. It should be more aware

    About the game

    Are there any other types of enemies instead of Zombies. I really what to fight other things like MASSIVE ENEMY CRABS and GOD RAYS whatever that is. Or even GIANT INSECTS

  • Well i’m sold. Everything looks gorgeous, PSN titles are moving on up! Is this a PSN exclusive?


  • This game looks very promising, what kind of modes can we expect as well as unlockables.

  • I’m very interested in this, but I’m kind of concerned if the entire game is one giant escort mission. Will Amy have her own life bar and it’s game over if enemies attack her? AI is generally terrible in pretty much every single escort mission game I’ve played and I think that could ruin a potentially great experience. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting a game over, not because of a lack of skill, but because your AI partner got stuck on a wall and was too stupid to go around while enemies are attacking them.

    I’m hoping that they’ll program her to stay out of combat altogether (like she’s really good at dodging with her small size or instantly goes to hide until a room is cleared) and you just use her to solve puzzles and explore.

    I’ll be interested to see what you guys post next.

  • If only this was PSN exclusive… smh. Xbox??? Come on? Really?

  • looking forward for this game!!

  • Dammit, Xbox will probably get it a few months earlier. Like Beyond Good and Evil.

  • You had me at Flashback…

  • Looks really cool.

  • Is this game coming to Vita too?

  • Hm… Maybe I’ll get it after I see some more trailers of it. It looks fantastic so far though.

  • is this a psn exclusive or what?

  • Looks like another game I will be adding to my collection..

  • Sounds great so far! Looking forward to hearing more!

  • Sounds goooooood!

  • You had me at survival horror. I can’t wait for this game!

  • I liked it the first time, WHEN IT WAS CALLED SIREN.

    Makin’ cop-ies!

  • So whatever happened to this guy after flashback? I mean, I played Fade to Black on PSone like 14 years ago and never ever heard of his work since! That game was very good, they should release Fade to Black on the PS Store.

  • You have my interest. There definitely isn’t enough horror games out there right now. Hopefully the gameplay vids will come soon.

  • @ #17 Zarxce
    I think this game is going to play like ICO with zombies. If you like ICO, I think you will like this one. As for me, I’ll be getting this game because it looks very interesting, and also because the guy in the video is so damn polite. I wanna show them my support lol.

  • 20# It’s a psn exklusive so i dont think xbla will get it first ;)

  • Looking forward to hearing more about this game. I’m liking what I’m reading/seeing so far.

  • Sorry guys, but AMY is definitly NOT a PSN exclusive!
    It will be released on Xbla and even on Steam. Look at Producer Eric Viennot’s Twitter if you don’t trust me…

  • wow definite buy for me.

  • looks great bye byee

  • Not sure what any of the Technical stuff means, But it looks good!

  • May have to grab this one up :)

  • they said nothing about the game .__________________________________.

  • Wont be a buy for me if its 1player……ps2 had some great games like this one that even had co-op take resident evil outbreak for example……… @zarxce you are 100% correct about AI and video games….Im really surprised that ps2 still continues to have better titles than the ps3 correct me if im wrong anyone? I bought a next gen system 2 play next gen games rite

  • Ever since this game got mentioned as ” ICO Survival Horror”. My interest peaked. I can’t wait to read more about this title.

  • This game remaind me silent hill…..Looks awesome!!!

  • Looking really good

  • this game looks interesting.. need to see more gameplay..

  • I’ll be looking into this one for sure. Fatal Frame 2 and Siren: Blood Curse are probably my two favourite survival horror games. I hope Amy will be as good as those games.

  • Will this include a platinum trophy?

  • wow. If it provides enough content and 20+ hours I’ll pay 20$ for this no problem. And maybe move support?

  • wow looking good

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